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Show Report

Thursday, 1/11/2018
Artist/Event: Ticketed Time:
Kim Maresca: Taking Off 7:00PM
Start Time: 7:05PM End Time: 8:11PM Run Time: 1:06
Show Notes: Approximate Attendance: 134
Adam D on lights, Jeff on sound. Kim's show was fun and entertaining with requisite
stories of finding love and striving for dream roles on Broadway. She and her band put
on a great show for a good house.

Artist/Event: Ticketed Time:

Chorus Girls: A Drag Cabaret 9:30PM
Start Time: 9:30PM End Time: 10:42PM Run Time: 1:12

Show Notes: Approximate Attendance: 146

Adam D on lights, Jeff on sound. A raucous and unfiltered night of drag queen
entertainment with the Chorus Girls. The crowd was on board every step of the way.

Artist/Event: Ticketed Time:

Start Time: End Time: Run Time:

Show Notes: Approximate Attendance: