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40, jnane Chedid, Sidi Boujida


30000 / Fez

06 73 22 36 66

Thursday 04, 2018

Subject: Application internship demand

Dear Mr….

Currently in industrial engineering sector studies at NSAS FEZ, I am looking for a company
that could welcome me as part of a contracted training period of two months as of 1/07 /2018.

It is therefore natural that I turned to your company whose line of business fits perfectly
with my future career aspirations. I will be honored to my knowledge by integrating your
team as an intern.

As an undergraduate, I have balanced a rigorous course load and a number of extracurricular

activities that have allowed me to enhance my skills relevant to this role. Specific to
engineering, I have developed abilities in 3-D design and modeling, an understanding of
materials, For example, in my Machine Design and Manufacturing course, I along with my
teammate created mechanical drawings and designs in CATIA V5. I have also developed the
strong interpersonal and communication skills. In addition to academic team projects that
require collaboration and strong writing and presentation skills, I have been selected by my
peers for a leadership role within JLM NSAS team the year ago, and am an active member of
our industrial club. Throughout all of my experiences, I have used my dedication to efficient
and creative problem solving and my ability to prioritize and manage competing demands to
positive ends.

Rigorous and versatile, I am delighted to bring my skills acquired during my studies and my
deep enthusiasm to work with you.

Thank you very much for your attention to this internship demand.

Pending your response, please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my deepest respect.