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42 INTO THE WEST Performed by Annie Lennox Words and Music by HOWARD SHORE, FRAN WALSH and ANNIE LENNOX Moderately J = 92 cs P (with pedal) Verse 1: aa your sweet and wea - Night is Into tho West-0- 1 Prous ‘© MN New Line Tunes (ASCAP)YEMG Song Ine, (ABCAP) obo La Lecnoxa Limite/BMG Muse Pushing Lid/South Fifth Avenue Publishing (ASCAP) ‘AL Fighs Reserved B G Dm Am You have come to jour-ney’s end. - Dream of the ones who came be - They are call Dm Am SS : v a see from a-cross the distant shore. Why do you weep? tro tho West--2 PeMasoe Am ci F 3 a Soon you will see. all of your fears_ ~ ° will. pass Safe in my arms F GD c you're on - ly let the West-9-3 roa Int the West -9-5 PRMOs08 the world of night - through shad-ows fall - out of mem-o = ry and Dm Am c we have come now {0 the end. ‘White shores are Info the West -0-6 PrMos08 - ‘You and I willmeet a - gain, ‘And you'll be ci Chorus: mf Into the West -9-7 PrMosoe, pale moon, to car - ry you ma f Ino the West 9-8 Prnosos Dm GB AmE — A light’ on the ino the West -9-@ Prioso8