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Standard belt conveyors

HC series
Heavy Duty design for hard-rock applications.

Assemblies completed at work shop ensure trouble free start-up and good belt tracking.
Sandvik HC Series
Belt Conveyors
Fast delivery – quick installation
Standard components and modular
Complete set of HC standard belt conveyors
structures allow flexible assemblies.
for a typical crushing station can be delivered
Bolted connections minimize need
within 8 - 14 weeks. Installation at site is also
for site welding and reduce freight
fast. Again, thanks to modular light-weight
transporting volumes.
structures with standard components and
bolted connections, the number of staff and
Sandvik’s know-how of bulk materials handl-
cranage is limited to minimum.
ing is based on solid experience of various
materials and all parts of a complete convey-
Parts delivered are identified by dispatch
ing system. Expertise has gained depth from
specialists and the delivery is controlled
thousands of references all over the world.
from our premises to the final site assembly.
Continuous product development has resulted
It is essential to find the parts at site in good
in an exceptionally extensive selection of con-
time and the systematic part identification
veyor components, and you will get all parts
guarantees a reliable and fluent installation
and services rapidly and effortlessly from the
at site. Sandvik documentation, operators’
same supplier.
installation instructions in dominant language
ensure fast site activities.
Sandvik provides HC-range of belt conveyors
that meet users’ requirements of reliability and
Delivery of endless belt available for short
easy installation. Using standard components
conveyors – no need for time consuming belt
well available on aftermarket near customer
splicing at site.
ensures high availability and ease of mainten-
ance, contributing to higher productivity for
Fully assembled tail and head ends
Head end is fully assembled with geared
drive, diamond lagged drive pulley, carving
Typical applications
cleaner, inspection hatch, dust enclosure and
Conveyors can be adjusted according to your
lubrication piping.
needs thanks to the flexible modular frame
construction, bolted connections and standard
Tail end is assembled with tail pulley and
components. HC Belt Conveyors can be dis-
appropriate cleaners.
mantled and re-installed in a new location,
also in different lengths.

Thanks to adjustable leg position brackets,

HC Belt Conveyors can be supported from
their own legs or from other structures
available at site.

Certified Quality Management

System ISO9001:2000
Environmental Management
System ISO14001
Health and Safety Management
according to OHSAS18001
Belt cleaning device with replaceable multiple
scraper blades, easy to maintain from one side only.

Easy maintenance and servicing. All required maintenance points at

head end collected on the same side; inspection hatch, lubrication
piping, belt cleaner adjusting and scraper blade change.

Environmental protection has been considered, conveyor covers

and dust enclosures available to cover the whole conveyor.

Sandvik is a leading supplier of components for belt

conveyors used in the handling of bulk materials.
Heavy duty loading point ready assembled. Wide selection of Sandvik conveyor components
Easy replacement of wear parts. is available for fast delivery from stock.
Sandvik HC
Series features
• sizes available in belt width 500–1600 mm • skirt board with endless rubber side strips
• conveyor components dimensioned • belt scraper adjustable together with
for 25 000 hours replaceable multiple scraper blades
• rigid structure for fully assembled • self adjusting return belt cleaner with
option delivery replaceable scraper blades
• frame together with supporting • impact bars under feed point in
legs included HD-conveyors
• grease lubricated bearings • impact rubber/standard idlers in
• rubber lagging drive pulley together with Normal Duty conveyors
replaceable bearing and shaft assembly • screw belt tightening device for belt
• crowned pulleys - better belt alignment conveyors up to 50 m
• head and tail ends are fully assembled • safety nets at loading points and at tail end
in work shop • emergency stop wire system along belt
• all components are from reputable conveyor’s accessible area
suppliers, mainly from Sandvik • belt rotation detection bracket
Group companies
• loading points designed to suit application
(Heavy Duty/Normal Duty)

as options
• fully assembled, including endless belt • walkway
• Hot Dip Galvanized treatment • stockpiling conveyor supports
• skirt board extension and • mobile unit belt conveyors,
dust encapsulation slewing operation/machinery
• discharge chute • dust collection unit and brackets
• dust encapsulation at head end • belt scale/belt magnet/metal detector
• belt covers
Radial stacker conveyor in Northern Sweden.

85 m long heavy duty stacking conveyor type HC1085H.

Crushing and screening station in Norway.

Depending on the conveyor length, it can be delivered either in separate

modules or fully assembled and loaded on truck or container.
Specification of

Belt width
HC 500 HC 650 HC 800 HC 1000 HC 1200 HC 1400 HC 1600
Nominal capacity (tph) 100 250 400 700 1000 1300 1500
Belt speed (m/s) 1,25 - 1,8 1,25
Nominal power (kW) 3 - 7,5 3 - 15 5,5 - 30 5,5 - 60 7,5 - 90 15 - 90 22 - 110
Support spacing with walkway (m) 10 - 14
without walkway (m) 14 - 23
Overhang with chute and walkway (m) 2
without chute and walkway (m) 3-6
Frame width (mm) 800 950 1150 1350 1600 1800 2000
Pulley diameter drive (mm) 320 400 400 - 500 500 - 630
tail (mm) 320 320 400 400 - 500

Idlers carrying (mm) 89 108 133

return (mm) 108
shafts (mm) 20 20 - 25
Through angle (°) 25 30
Belt tightening screw (<=50m)
gravity take-up (>50m)
EP400/3 3-1,5 •
EP400/3 4-2 • • • •
EP500/3 5-2 • •
EP630/3 6-2 • • • •
EP800/3 6-2 • •
Sandvik is a high-technology engineering group with
world-leading positions in selected areas – tools for metal
working, advanced materials technology, and mining and
construction. We employ more than 40 000 people and
are represented in 130 countries.

Sandvik Mining and Construction represents one third of

the overall Sandvik Group and serves a broad range of
customers in construction, mineral exploration, mining
and bulk materials handling. Our construction expertise
covers quarrying, tunneling, demolition and recycling, and
other civil engineering applications. Our mining products
and services support customers on the surface and under
ground, including coal, copper and gold mining.