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Challenging the fact that humans cannot make any system fully efficient embarked me to work in a direction of proving

100% efficiency product. This goal led me to discover various processes and mechanism moving around me and
indeed fixed my stream as, ‘Mechanical Engineering’. After studying the core subjects and having an exposure to the
industry, I discovered that if we design, model, simulate using software’s and then manufacture or produce the
components working in the system accurately we can achieve maximum efficiency of product. Hence, I want to pursue
master’s degree in Management and Engineering in Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering and gain thorough
knowledge about the concepts of critical simulation processes which can be used for a strategic business development.
In the upcoming days I aspire to be best engineer who will possess futuristic problem-solving abilities. The dreams of
mine would be completed by gaining a well organised course in your well esteemed university.
Various developments and use of computers in the fields of concept generation, designing, modelling and digital
prototyping has invariably intrigued me. Hence to develop the Fusion 360 skills needed to create a digital prototype
to communicate our own product concepts and innovation is my aim. In my second year of bachelor’s I got an
opportunity to work as an intern in Mechatol Engineering Solutions where I learnt and used Solidworks Software for
modelling and simulation for a coal carrying conveyor. Designing via hand calculations, applying GD&T using the
Solidworks software, estimating the product costing, managing the project and manufacturing, was work performed
during the internship. Moreover, in my third year of engineering, I had an opportunity to work on India’s first ever
industrial robot TAL AUTOMATE which was manufactured by TATA Automation Limited. Torque analysis and
application of robot in pick and place operation was main domain of my project. Working on Catia V5 for modelling
parts of the robot and simulating the robot for an application where robot was to be set on assembly line for precise
operation which required repeatability of 20 microns was a handy experience gained during my internship period. Due
to this project I was keener on learning and developed even more interest in field of computer aided mechanical
My final year project was sponsored by TATA Motors Ltd., Pune. In the month prior to my joining there was a huge
issue of GB40 gearbox oil seal leakage from the front cover. With WCQ (World Class Quality) levels imbedded in
TATA MOTORS, it was a major problem and I was up for the challenging task. The exhausting assignment of
recognizing the reason for damaging Oil seal on the flushing rig was found by our concentrated contextual
investigation. Misalignment of the gearbox on the testing rig, caused the oil seal damage. Designing, Modelling,
Simulating, Manufacturing of the parts in the new structure was challenging. Modelling the newly designed structure
in Creo parametric 4.0 and performing analysis of the same in Ansys 16.0 software made me realise important role of
software’s in mechanical field making me more interested in computational mechanics. Not only we ensured
alignment but also, we made developments in the new structure such as noise reduction by using bearing housing,
reducing cycle time, reducing human effort by making an adjustment for easy shifting of the gear lever.
I am currently working as Service Engineer in D&G Machines Technology Pvt. Ltd., Pune which is a dealer of gear
tooth honing machine Fӓssler by Daetwyler Industries, Switzerland. In this job profile I am responsible for installation
and commissioning of Grade A manufacturing machine the HMX400 Gear Tooth Honing Machine which was to be
set in TATA Motors Ltd. machine. I also played a vital role in the development activities, simulating process for
optimizing process for much better-quality results and Poka-Yoke for ensuring zero error. In addition to it, I worked
on the latest controller that is Siemens 840 Direct Solution Line which includes the safety integrated systems and
interlocks for safety of the machine parts as well as humans. Updating technologies and ensuring that customer is
satisfied by making product user friendly is the quality of the Europeans which keeps me motivated to work hard in
my field. As being a part of a European machine, I had many opportunities to communicate with the European people
and work according to their standards and processes and impressed by it, I want to pursue my master’s course in
Germany. Not only in academics but I am an enthusiastic sportsperson and have represented my school and college
in various tournaments. TEXPHER 16 was one of glory in my footballing career. Further, hobby of photography keeps
me patient and helps to be focused on my target. In this rapidly growing industrial era, Germany has been at the core
in pioneering work in evolution of technology which will endeavour propelling my career. The course is a unique
course which would give me a different prospective of engineering and how the concepts of management will be
associated within the industries. Possessing qualities of being constant learner, developer and analyser keeps me
dedicated to be creative and smart in my work. Studying the course details and research opportunity ahead, I would
like to be a part of the same. I think that RWTH Aachen and Maastricht School of Management will lay a good
platform to fulfil my dreams and goal of being a smart engineer and entrepreneur who will play a vital role in
improving the society. Therefore, I request you to consider me as a competent candidate for the master’s program
from your renowned university.