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1 Sexual harassment comes under the article

a 14 & 15 b 16&17
c 18 & 19 d 12 & 13

2 Every employer of a workplace shall, by an order in writing, constitute a committee to be known as

a the
External complaints committee b Local complaints committee
c Internal complaints committee d State complaints committee

3 Incharge of Local complaint committe

a Collector b Deputy collector
c Ollector
District officer d District magistrate

4 The employer shall act upon the recommendation within __________ days of its receipt by him.
a 52 b 60
c 65 d 70

5 Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women ratified on

a 1993 b 1992
c 1995 d 1991

6 How many members from NGO committed to sexual harassment

a 4 b 2
c 3 d 1

7 Members of internal committee shall hold office for such period from the date of their nomination

a Not exceeding 4 years b Not exceeding 2 years

c Not exceeding 5 years d Not exceeding 3 years

8 How many officer shall designated in every block, taluka and tashil

a One nodal officer b Three nodal officer

c Two nodal officer d Four nodal officer

9 In which state “ the scheduled tribes & forest dwellers act 2005” shall not extend

a Tamil Nadu b Kerala

c Karnataka d Jammu and Kashmir
10 “Pattas and Leases” means
a Temporary leases on forest land b Permanent & Temporary leases on forest land
c Permanent leases on forest land d None of these

11 Who will be the chairperson of the local committe

a Asst tribal welfare officer b Asst project officer
c Sarpanch /DySarpanch d Range forest officer

12 All decision taken by the local committee will be forwarded to

a District level committe b State level committee
c Asst tribal welfare officer d Asst project officer

13 Which one is not correct, The District level committee consists of

a Dy collector b Asst Project Officer
c Asst Divisional Forest Officer d Local committee

14 Max period for approval of district level committee proposals by central government
a 2 b 1
c 3 d 4

15 Under which act all families and rural poor will not be eligible for endowment of rights,
a Act at 4(1) to 4(9) b Act at 6(1) to 6(9)

c Act at 3(1) to 3(9) d Act at 2(1) to 2(9)

16 Documentary evidence from any prior or documentation of a reputed institution including

a Drawing b Survey map

c Plan d Estimation

17 The Duties of public servant refers:

a To register a complaint under an act b Against a person(or)property
c Knowing the member of SC/ST d Carrying an occupation

18 In which year the prevention of atrocities amendment act was established?

a 2011 b 2012
c 1988 d 2015

19 “Social Boycott” means:

a To permit a person to render to other person b Schedule appended
c Receive from him any customary d Both (a) and (c)
20 “FIR”Refers
a First International Report b First Injury Report
c Full Investment Report d First Information Report

21 The case taken by this act will disposed within__months.

a One and half b Two
c One d Three

22 POA Act extends to the whole of India except:

a Jammu &Kashmir b Tamilnadu
c Gujarat d Kerala

23 Who has authority to issue the notification?

a State Government b Central Government
c Supreme Court d High Court

24 The person who falls within definition of the SC/ST is known as

a Victim b Witness
c Manual Servenger d Schedule

25 The Insertion of new schedule in Unlawful assembly under the Indian penal code are

a 120A b 120B
c 141 d 142

26 What will be an duties of the Public servant in this amendment?

To correctly prepare,frame and translate any
a b To record statement of the Victims
c To register a Complaint d All the above

The main law dealing with sex work or prostitution in India. It punishes certain actions related to
27 sex work (though not sex work itself).
the scheduled castes and the scheduled tribes
a Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956 b
amendment act, 2015
the sexual haraeement of women at
c d None of these
workplace act, 2013
28 The person who has not completed the age of sixteen is
a Child b Major
c Minor d None of these
29 A person who has not completed the age of 16 but not completed the age of 18 is
a Child b Major
c Minor d None of these

30 When is Human Rights Day observed?

a 10 December 1948. b 11 December 1948.
12 December
December each
c d 14 December 1948.

31 Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956deals with---------

a Rescue and Rehabilitation b Sex
c Women’s problem d None of these

32 Making a child (less than 16 years) do sex work

a Between 3 years and life imprisonment b Between 5 years and life imprisonment
c Between 4 years and life imprisonment d Between 7 years and life imprisonment

33 Can a Magistrate shut down a brothel?

a Yes b No
c None of these

34 To value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture is a

a Fundamental duty b Citizenship
c Constitution of India d Women rights

35 who was born in the territory of India is a

a Women rights b Citizenship
c Constitution of India d Fundamental duty

36 Where was the Universal Declaration adopted?

a At the Palais de Chaillot, in Paris, France. b Paris
c France d None of these

37 Who were the key contributors to the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
a Charles Malik b Nehru
c Modi d Gandhiji

38 How many articles does the Universal Declaration of Human Rights contain?
a 28 b 27
C 30 d 26

39 How many countries are members of the Commission on Human Rights?

a 53 b 43
c 63 d 33

40 Where does the United Nations Commission on Human Rights meet?

a Geneva b Paris
c China d India

1 a 16 b 31 a

2 c 17 a 32 d

3 c 18 d 33 a

4 b 19 d 34 a

5 a 20 d 35 b

6 d 21 b 36 a

7 d 22 a 37 a

8 a 23 a 38 c

9 d 24 A 39 a

10 b 25 c 40 a

11 c 26 d
12 a 27 a
13 c 28 a
14 b 29 c
15 c 30 a