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Ministry Category: Ministry of Environment, Forest Problem Code: #MEF4

and Climate Change

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Problem Statement: Developing vehicle speed
warning system and wildlife detection systems to
avoid wildlife-vehicle collisions.
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To avoid a wildlife-vehicle collision, our idea is to alert the vehicles if there is an animal in the
proximity of the road. We will be monitoring the presence of animals by the use of motion sen-
sors. We will be keeping the sensitivity of motion sensors sufficient enough to detect any ani-
mal and at the same time avoiding the movement of leaves due to the wind. We will be dividing
the length of the road into blocks, for example, say if the road is of 500 meters, then one block
may be of 30 meters. On both sides of the road, we will be setting up road studs. All the road
studs in one block will go on or off together. We will be setting up the motion sensors 6-10 me-
ters away from the road in the forest and each sensor will be in aligned to be in the center of a
block. Whenever an animal comes near to the sensor, it will be detected and an alert will be
shown by glowing the corresponding road studs to indicate the driver that an animal is some-
where nearby and may jump on the road so please slow down. If there is no movement de-
tected by the sensor it may indicate that animal has moved away from the road and after 10
minutes of any movement lights of road studs will go off. These sensors and road studs will be
connected to an Arduino Board which will give automation by using the concept of IoT. For
monitoring speed, we will be using proximity sensors which will be on the boundary of road,
one in the center of each block, then we will be using “speed*time=distance” , since distance is
constant and time will be calculated by the difference between sensed data timing between
two adjacent proximity sensors, then speed can be calculated if is more than the limit an alert
can be easily sent by the Arduino Board through the line connecting it to the control room
which may be wired or wireless connection. Proper Imaging devices can be connected to these
boards to capture and transmit image to control room in case of over-speeding. To give alert
through a device inbuilt in cars, an Arduino board can be embedded in car which catches mes-
sage transmitted by nearby Arduino boards that transmits motion sensor signals. The Arduino
boards can be packed and sealed in boxes and buried on roadside corner sufficient enough so
that they are not destroyed by animals.
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1 / 10
Database System: MySQL
Development Platforms/Languages: Java, C, JSP, PHP, Arduino IDE
Presentation Technologies: Android, HTML, CSS
memebrs to
collision location
Gets alert when an
animal is near

Views Location where

help is needed

Gets alert when

overspeeding Get Notified in case Performs
of Collision Monitoring

Vehicle Create Alert For

Driver Help Views Wildlife
Overspeeding Officer
Vehicle Time and

Create Alert of
Collision Views Overspeeding
Vehicle Image

Use Case


 The connection link i.e., the medium through which information can be sent to the con-
trol room needs to be specified.
 The data about what size of animals can be encountered also needs to be specified for
setting up the sensitivity of the motion sensors.