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Electronic Articles of Incorporation —_N18990001944 For Eebruary 21, 2018 Sec. Of State cmwood AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR JOURNALISM OPENGOV RIGHTS & NEWSGATHERING INC. The undersigned incorporator, for the purpose of forming a Florida not-for profit corporation, hereby adopts the following Articles of Incorporation: Article I ‘The name of the corporation is: AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR JOURNALISM OPENGOV RIGHTS & NEWSGATHERING INC. Article II The principal place of business address: 9630 F, BAY HARBOR DRIVE, CiO MORNINGSIDE MORTGAGE, BAY HARBOR ISLANDS, FL. US/ 33154 The mailing address of the corporation is 9630 E. BAY HARBOR DRIVE C/O MORNINGSIDE MORTGAG!I BAY HARBOR ISLANDS, FL. U! 3154 Article IIL The specitic purpose for which this corporation is organized is: TO ADVANCE THE CAUSE OF NEWSGATHERING, ASSURE OPEN GOVERNMENT: TO OBTAIN PUBLIC RECORDS & PUBLISH THEM: TO ADVOCATE UNFETTERED EXERCISE, FREE SPEECH; TO SUPPORT JOURNALISTS & PROMOTE OPEN Article IV ‘The manner in which directors are elected or appointed is: AS PROVIDED FOR IN THE BYLAWS. Article V The name and Florida street address of the registered agent is: MORNINGSIDE MORTGAGE CORPORATION 9630 E. BAY HARBOR DRIVE, BAY HARBOR ISLANDS, FL. 33154 I certify that I am familiar with and accept the responsibilities of registered agent. sd Agent Signature:. MORNINGSIDE MORTGAGE 18000001944 February 21, 2018 . -ebruar' . Article VI Sec. Of State The name and address of the incorporator is: emwood GRANT STERN 9630 E. BAY HARBOR DRIVE. C/O MORNINGSIDE MORTGAGE, BAY HARBOR ISLANDS FL 33154 Electronic Signature of Incorporator: GRANT STERN Tam the incorporator submitting these Articles of Incorporation and affirm that the facts stated herein are true, Tam aware that false information submitted in a document to the Department of State constitutes a third degree felony as provided for in s.817.155, F.S. [understand the requirement to file an annual report between January Ist and May Ist in the calendar year following formation of this corporation and every year thereafter fo maintain “active” status, Article VII The initial officer(s) and/or director(s) of the corporation is/are: Title: P GRANT STERN 9630 E. BAY HARBOR DRIVE, C/O MMCORP. BAY HARBOR ISLANDS, FL. 33154 UN Title, SEC FAUDLIN PIERRE ESQ. 9630 E. BAY HARBOR DRIVE, C/O MMCORP BAY HARBOR ISLANDS, FL. 33154 US Title: DIR ALLEN DROZD 303-B ANASTASIA BLVD #159 ST AUGUSTINE, FL. 32080 Title: VP JLERIC MCDONOUGH DR. 32320 SW 199TH AVE. HOMESTEAD, FL. 33030 Article VII The effective date for this corporation shall be: 02/15/2018