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wwwOHP JEFF MAUTE 9lBl20I0B:21AM Fwd:Records Request Buton Death Investigation

>>> Jason <> Haap 914120t0 AM>>> 6:41 Public Records Officer OhioStateHighway Patrol To whomit mayconcern:

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Thisis a public records request filedunder OhioOpenRecords Open the and Meetings andall otherapplicable laws laws. -RE: Thisitemfromthe Cincinnati Enquirer *Excerpt from article: "*xDeters declined seekfelonycharges to against Polk,he said,afterthe OhioStateHighway Patrol, called to investigate in police because Cincinnati a officer wasinvolved, concluded did not act Polk 'recklessly,'That's standard the in seeking felony."x o Therefore, seeka copyof all records I responsive the OhioStateHighway to Patrol's investigation Cincinnati of Police Officer MartyPolkandthe incident leading the deathof Joanne to Bufton Washington in Park. provide with any and all related Please me records. I believe theserecords be provided can via electronically email.If you estimate therewill be photocopying mailing please that and charges, inform justifyby me first.If my request deniedin wholeor part,please is reference specific to exemptions the act, of Thankyou for yourassistance I lookforwardto receiving requested and the records. Sincerely, Jason Haap A. 5528Ruddy Ct. Cincinnati, 45239 Ohio (s13)484-8s7B


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OhioStateHighway Patrol

PublicInformationRelease Report

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Admin Section
photo pouch: Case Number: 10-010062-0813 Report Taken: 08/10/2010 18:28 Occurred From: 07/27/2010 11:43 Occurred Tot 07/27/2010 11:43 Type: Incident Nature Code: 901 (INDEPTH CRASHINVESTIGATION) Clearance Code: I (INVESTIGATION PENDING) Geo Code:PP(PRIVATE PROPERTY) K-9 Used: No Type Search: BlueMax: No Location: 1230 Elm Street City: CincinnatiState: OH Zipt 45202 Ref Point:

Offense Section
No Information Available

Victim Section
r No.: 1 (Victim)Victim Type: I Name: Joann Burton State Employee:No DOBI 07/20/1962 Race: B Sex: F Injury Type: Suspect Section No Information Available Summary Section Thesuspect, on-dutyCincinnati an Police Officer, wason patrol, driving across grassy a areaof Washington Park. Thevictimwas lyingon the ground, concealed blankets, suspect by The attempted drivearound to the
blankets,but drove over the blanketsand the victim,

Reportinq Officer Section
No.: 1 Unit Number: L7L4 MJH (Sgt. MATTHEW HAMILTON) J No.: 2 Unit Number: 1040 CCW (Sgt, COREY WRIGHT) C ReportGenerationDate: 9lB/ZOLO8:38:18 AM

Type: Reporting Type: Approving

http:llweblrims/reporVPlRelease.asp?Incident_NO= 08I 3& I 0 010062


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