I wish U Happy Ganesh Chaturthi and I pray to God for your prosperous life.

May you find all the delights of life, May your all dreams come true.


Ganesha, Ganapati, Vinayaka, Vigneshwara are the countless
names of the visible manifestation of the essence of the words ‘That Thou Art’ – Tat Tvam Asi.…the elephant-headed remover of all difficulties in life indeed represents the highest and the best that have ever been given in our scriptures. ….on the spiritual pilgrimage, all the obstacles are created by the very subjective and objective worlds in the seeker himself; his attachment to the world of objects, emotions and thoughts, are alone his obstacles. Sri Vigneswara chops them off with the axe and holds the attention of the seeker constantly towards the higher goal with the rope that He has in this left hand. En route, He feeds the seeker with the modaka – the joy of satisfaction experienced by the evolving seeker or reality) – and bless him continuously with greater and greater progress…. (Swami


Lord Ganesha represents Om or the Pranava, which is the chief
Mantra among the Hindus. Nothing can be done without uttering it. This explains the practice of invoking Ganesha before beginning any rite or undertaking any project. His two feet represent the power of knowledge and the power of action. The elephant head is significant in that it is the only figure in nature that has the form of the symbol for Om. The significance of riding on a mouse is the complete conquest over egoism. The holding of the ankusha represents His rule of the world. It is the emblem of divine Royalty. (Swami


ganananh tva ganapatim havamahe kavim kavinam - upamashravastamam | jyeshhtharajam brahmanan.h brahmanaspata A nah shrivnvannutibhih sida sadanam ||
(Rig Veda 2.23.1)
We invoke You, O Ganapati of the ganas (Lord Shiva attendants), Who are Brahmana-spati of the brahmas (prayers), the wisest among the wise, Who abound in treasure beyond all measure, the most brilliant one. Do listen to our prayers, come with Your blessings and assurances of protection into our home, and be seated. (Rig Veda 2.23.1)

ni shhu sida ganapate ganeshhu tvamahurvipratamam kavinam | na rite tvat.h kriyate kinchanare mahamarkam maghavan.h chitramarcha ||
(Rig Veda 10.112.9)
Sit down among the worshippers, O Ganapati, the best sage among the sages. Without You nothing can be done here or far. Accept with honor, O wealthy One, our great and variegated hymns of praise.(Rig Veda 10.112.9)

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