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You can set hex or time triggered events with the ‘event type’ flag. Not all events can be time
triggered, check the last column.

Type Event Duration Area Pars Remarks Timed Event

0 None - - - - -
1 Rearm titan Variable No 1 a) No
2 Rearmor titan Variable No 1 a) No
3 Lite fire Instant Yes 1 b) Yes
4 Set smoke Instant Yes 1 b) Yes
5 Enable Repair Variable No None c) No
6 Show Map Instant No None d) Yes
7 Disable text Instant No None e) Yes
8 Change hex Instant Yes 1 f) Yes
9 Give money Instant No 1 g) Yes
10 Release titan Variable Yes 1 h) Yes
11 Call titan Variable Yes 1 i) No
12 Toggle AI flag Instant Yes None j) Yes
13 Heal jock Variable No 1 a) No
14 Damage jock Instant Yes 1,2 k) Yes
15 Radiate jock Instant Yes 1,2 l) Yes
16 Damage titan Instant Yes 1,2,3 m) Yes
17 Force skill check Instant Yes 1,2 n) Yes
18 Switch team No 1,2 o)
19 Delete hex event Yes 1,2,3 p)
20 Explosion Instant Yes 1,2,3 q) Yes
21 Raise heat Instant Yes 1,2,3 r)

REMARKS (Pars stands for the available event parameters):

a) Par 1 sets the time in seconds a titan has to stay on the hex until completion. The titan has to be
inactive (both modes on wait) and not prone, otherwise the timer won't count. Note that in Armor
Bays only 10 armor points per location will be repaired each time.
b) You can define an area. If you don't, only the trigger hex will be affected. Par 1 is sets the
duration of the effect.
c) The attack repair button is enabled and the jock can repair as if his titan is equipped with super
D.C.S. and his damage control skill is excellent.
d) The map is revealed and will shade immediately afterwards as usual.
e) This is to be used as a text-display only event, when you have marked multiple hexes with this
and only want the text to be displayed once - this can happen if you don't know exactly which
route a titan will take, or when a squad takes multiple routes. It disables the text display and
sound of events that have the same text ID, not the whole event.
f) This will either work on an area or the trigger hex. Par 1 defines which hex type the landscape is
changed to. Try 1 (water), 61 (lava) or 81 (acid). Nice to fill depressions with liquid.
g) Give team1 a special money award. Par 1 defines the amount in k. (Expl: Setting Par 1 to 10 will
award 10.000 $ as bounty).
h) Release a titan set to stand ground (behaviour flag Par 1 set to 1). You have to use the event
area; each titan in this area set to stand ground is released regardless of other flags and will not
return to its duty. You can set the time for release in seconds with Par 1 (0 = immediately).
i) Same as h) but will call titans set with an arrival time that haven't yet arrived. Par 1 is again
setting the time offset.
j) The area is checked for the noAI flag, which will be inverted. The noAI flag is the one set with the
editor to mark hexes as forbidden to cross by AI controlled titans. So you can set hexes to noAI
that weren't set before and vice versa.
k) Any jock in the area gets damage. Par 1 sets the level. Valid settings are 0: Minor (4d6), 1: Light
(10d6), 2: Medium (20d6), 3: Heavy (30d6) or 4: Critical (instant death or 40d6). You have to
explain why the damage happened by text. If no area is set only the jock that triggered the event
is damaged. Par 2 defines which jocks will take damage. Valid settings are 0: ground + air, 1:
just ground, 2: just air. This is only valid for an area.
l) Any jock in the area is radiated like hit by a neutron blaster. Par 1 sets the radiation level
modifier from 0 to 100. Radiation will result in minor damage (4d6) and possible special effects.
The level set with Par 1 is only a slight modifier so 100 will not be a BIG difference to 0 as the
main effect will be random. The effect formula is random 1-80% + Par 1 divided by 5. You have
to explain why the effect happened by text. Notice that a no effect result is possible! If no area is
set only the jock that triggered the event is radiated. Par 2 defines which titans will get radiated.
Valid settings are 0: ground + air, 1: just ground, 2: just air. This is only valid for an area.
m) The amount of damage is set with Par 1 and applied in packages of 15. Expl: If you set Par 1 to
20, all titans in the area will get two hits in random locations: one of 15, and one of 5 damage. If
you set Par 1 to 15 or less only one hit will be applied. If no area is set only the titan that
triggered the event is damaged. Par 2 is optional and will set duration of smoke created in all
hexes of the defined area. Par 3 defines which titans will get damaged. Valid settings are 0:
ground + air, 1: just ground, 2: just air. This is only valid for an area.
n) Any jocks in the area may have to perform a move skill check, modified by the value in Par 1
(which can be positive or negative). Par 2 defines which titans must make such a check. Valid
settings are 0: ground + air, 1: just ground, 2: just air. If no area is set only the jock that
triggered the event must roll.
o) …
p) …
q) …
r) Any titan in the area will have its heat raised (positive value) or lowered (negative value) by the
amount set in Par 1 (though heat will never go below zero). Par 2 will determine if shield is
effective, 0: no protection, 1: normal heat protection. Par 3 defines which titans are affected.
Valid settings are 0: ground + air, 1: just ground, 2: just air. If no area is set only the jock that
triggered the event is affected.


1. You can define whether the trigger should stay active or be disabled if an event is triggered. You
do this with the ‘deactivate afterwards:’ selection box. It is independent of the number of charges,
so it will disable after the first time.

Deactivate Effect
All Disable event, text and sound.
Event Disable event; text and sound will stay active.
Text & Sound Disable text and sound; event will stay active.
Nothing No reset; event, text and sound will stay active.

2. You can restrict which titans and which condition can trigger an event with the ‘TRIGGERED: by:’
and ‘through:’ selection boxes. If the ‘through:’ flag is set to demolition, the event is triggered if a
building on the event hex is destroyed.


You can set a titan’s behaviour with its behaviour flags and/or the patrol path. Patrol moves will
generally override behaviour flags.


Par 1 defines the general behaviour.

Par 1 Move Attack Flags Remarks


0 Standard Standard - -

1 Stand ground Normal Par 3 a)

2 Standard Attack titan Par 2 b)

3 Move to hex Attack hex Par 2,4 c)

4 Standard Standard - -

5 Follow titan Normal Par 2,4 d)

6 Move to hex Normal Par 2,4 e)

REMARKS (Par 1 stands for the first behaviour parameter):

a) Stand ground titans will not leave their starting hex if not allowed otherwise by a release flag in
Par 3 (see below).
b) This will give AI lock priority for the target and will usually also affect movement, as the standard
AI move destination is the locked titan. Lock priority will not result in ignoring all other threats.
c) Titans will approach the target hex and try to destroy any building on it. If they succeed, they’ll be
released; otherwise they’ll stand ground. They will fight enemies on their way, according to Par 4.
d) Titans will follow their target but will fight enemies on their way.
e) This is the same move part as in 3, without the attack directive to destroy buildings. Titans will
linger at the hex or near it, attacking enemies according to Par 4.


Some of the behaviour flags either need a hex coordinate (3,6) or a titan number (2,5) to define their
goals. These are set with Par 2 of the behaviour flags.

The x/y position of a hex is decoded as a single value like this:

x/y position (as y * maxhex_x + x).

Expl. : 8/10 at 22x18 map = 10x22 + 8 = 228

The titan’s team and number is decoded as a single value like this:

titan number (as team * 8 + number). [team number 0 ~ 3, titan number 0 ~ 7]

Expl. : Titan 3, Team 2 = 1 * 8 + 2 = 10

Par 4 sets the distance threshold for enemy titans to override the move destination hex. This is
needed for the behaviours 3, 5 and 6 (set with Par 1).
A value 0 set here will ignore enemies as move targets, regardless of their distance.

Expl: We set our titan to move directly to hex 10/8 and to destroy any building on it. Any enemy
within 10 or less hexes should be dealt with first. The map is 40x30.
We set Par 1 = 3 (move to hex and attack building), Par 2 = 330 (8x40 + 10), and Par 4 = 10
(enemy distance).


A titan that is either on patrol or set to stand ground (Par 1 set to 1) can be released with a release
flag. This flag is the behaviour Par 3. A patrolling titan will act as set in Par 1; a stand ground titan will
act as Par 1 is reset to 0.

Par 3 Release Condition

0 None
1 Any enemy in LoS of titan
2 Any enemy in LoF of titan
3 Any enemy in LoS of titan or any ally
4 Titan under attack during the last 100 seconds
5 Titan or any ally under attack during the last 100 seconds
6 Nearest enemy in LoS is 3 hexes or closer
>10 Time based release at game second defined in Par 3

Note that a titan will return to its patrol, or to its starting hex in case of stand ground, if the release
condition is no longer valid!
You can permanently release a titan on stand ground with ‘event type’ set to 10 (see above).


You can set these in the Phase set-up with VICTORY and/or DEFEAT.

Par 1 Condition
0 Normal end, survivor wins.
1 Reach exit area, number of titans is defined with Par 2.
Par 2 = 0 means ALL team titans must enter. Area can be displayed with 'E'.
2 Reach target area, number of titans is defined with Par 5.
Par 5 = 0 means ALL team titans must enter. Area can be displayed with 'T'.
3 Disable enemy titan. Set it in the TARGET column.
Par 1 will define the team (1-4).
Par 2 will define the number in the team (1-8).
Par 1 = 2, Par 2 = 2 is the second titan in team 2.
4 First reach target area, and then exit area. Number of titans that must reach target
area is set with Par 5; number that must reach exit area can be different and is set
with Par 2. 0 again means ALL team titans must enter.

5 Destroy building defined as x/y with Par 1/Par 2 (victory) or Par 3/Par 4 (defeat) in
the TARGET column.

6 Destroy ALL buildings in target area.

7 Achieve victory condition in a time frame set in DEFEAT Par 3. This can be checked
during battle with F10.

8 Jock killed. Set it in the TARGET column.

Par 1 will define the team (1-4).
Par 2 will define the number in the team (1-8).

These flags can be used either as victory or defeat conditions, except for 7 which can only be used as
defeat condition.

Par 3 in VICTORY will determine whether the player squad will advance to the next mission in case of
defeat. Par 3 = 0 will allow advancing, Par 3 = 1 will not. If the map is set to no advancement on
defeat and the player loses the battle, the squad file will not be updated.

Par 4 in VICTORY is used to disable the 'standard' victory condition, which is met when all enemy
titans are disabled. If you set Par 4 = 1 then you must have set a VICTORY condition, which will be
the only one which is checked.


You can set special titans in the Phase set-up with TARGET.

With Par 1 and 2 you set which titan to disable for victory. It is defined as above, under Par 1 = 3 in
In case you have selected an area for victory condition and set the number of titans to 1, you can
specify a titan to trigger the condition with Par 1 and Par 2. You can also define which team should
trigger a victory condition with Par 1.

With Par 3 and 4 you set which titan, if disabled, causes defeat. It is defined as above, under Par 1 =
3 in DEFEAT.
In case you have selected an area for defeat condition and set the number of titans to 1, you can
specify a titan to trigger the condition with Par 3 and Par 4. You can also define which team should
trigger a defeat condition with Par 3.

Expl: You want to trigger victory when the player squad (team 1) will enter the exit area with 1 titan.
You set VICTORY Par 1 to 1 (reach exit area), VICTORY Par 2 to 1 (with one titan), and TARGET Par 1
to 1 (team 1).
You can also set the x/y coordinates of a special building to destroy if the victory condition Par 1 is set
to 5. These coordinates are set with Par 1 and Par 2 of the TARGET column.

If defeat condition Par 1 is set to 5, the coordinates of the building that will cause defeat on
demolition are set with Par 3 and Par 4 of the TARGET column.

Standard titan reward is disabled in missions/campaigns. The designer can define a titan as reward,
which will only be awarded in case of a win. TARGET Par 5 will define its team (2, or 4 if applicable);
Par 6 will define the titan in that team (1-8).

REWARD Par 1 defines global rewards rules concerning money:

0 : Normal as in random battles (start money + salvage + bounty)
1 : As in 0 + additional salary in Par 2 + success bonus in Par 3
2 : Normal salvage, bounty (no start money) + Par 2 + Par 3
3 : Only Par 2 + Par 3 (no start, salvage, bounty).
4 : Normal start money, bounty (no salvage) + Par 2 + Par 3

REWARD Par 2 should not be set in maps where ‘advance on defeat’ is set to no, it will have no effect
on a defeat since the squad will not be saved. Par 3 should be used for the total amount.

REWARD Par 4 sets the amount of DPs (in each category) given as reward in case of a win only.

Hex definition flags:


Add 20 for Savannah, 40 for Polar, 60 for Core and 80 for BioChem.

Mission text placeholders:

&leader (name)
&manager (name)
&mechanic (name)
&jock (callsign)
&player (player_name, defined in the Options section of the Command Center)
&charge (number of charges left for a given event, before entering hex)

&w, &r, &g, &b, &y text tags to control the colors mission texts are displayed in (white, red, green,
blue, yellow). The rest of the text is displayed in the tag’s color, so reset with &w if you want it white

The Battle module only reads the first 40 lines (38 in briefings, [33 - nr of jocks] in debriefings) and
255 characters per line of user-defined texts.

The editor does not allow multiple events in one hex.

Events don't work in network games.

Events break automove.

Timed events set to trigger at second 0 will not happen. Also, if these are set to repeat, they will
never occur. So always set them to start at second 1+.

If you don't set an AI titan’s start position it will not get allocated! So if you just set one enemy
position it will only be one enemy available!
Mandatory stands for 'must show up', not for 'is the only to show up'.

Arrival type is only evaluated when time is set to > 0. Titans set to airdrop at second 0 will start the
game on the ground. So always set them to airdrop at second 1+. Also, make sure they have jump
ports, or they’ll start the battle on the ground.

'Difficulty level' in Global settings works as a level requirement. It is displayed during mission
selection. No game effect, just an indicator.

The average rank of team1, not sideA, is taken and modified by the number chosen with 'average jock
rank'. So ranks for team2 to team4 are modified, not just for sideB teams.
There is an editor option 'random' for individual jocks’ rank setting. This is not random; the rank will
be calculated as (team1 average + global modifier).

The editor keeps templates during a session so you have a wider choice after loading maps with
custom jocks/titans.
The editor supports adding titans and jocks from 1.tos - 5.tos, 1.tms - 5.tms as well as squadA.dat -
squadD.dat, squadA.tms - squadD.tms.
Note that you can rename fixed titans to obscure them.
So if you want to add special jocks to a map, create a special squad in the hq, rename squadX.dat to
squadX.tms and you can select them. These titans/jocks will now be saved into the mission data file.

Battle module always uses HeightTexture2.bmp for 3D display of maps created with the Map Editor.

ALL so-called nurbs are displayed as rubble stones in 3D. They will only have effect in 2D!

When changing hit points for woods/cover, only the original type will be affected. Next step after
reduction will have full hit points. If a designer wants woods with low total hit points, he should set
them to light in the first place.

Multiplayer map victory/defeat text is currently NOT displayed by battle. Nevertheless you should add
a short text for both as future battle versions might display them and our old maps should display
standard text then.

Timed events set to occur during the same game second are evaluated from lowest slot to highest
(left to right).

ALL IDENTICAL field events with the EXACT same area of effect (ie. area = 4) behave as if they are all
the same event. Tripping one of these identical events will deactivate them all (assuming the event
only occurs once).

‘0: patrol or chase enemy' is either patrol or the standard AI behaviour of looking for enemies as in
random battles. The leave position flag is ONLY valid with patrols and stand ground, not with any
other behaviour. So setting 6 with Par 1 will ignore it.
Patrol - fight - patrol is possible.
Patrol paths aren't just patrols but can also be used as fixed ways for different mission types.
Use of intelligent release flags for patrols should work this way:
1. Set a patrol path
2. Set a release on X flag
3. Optional you can set an additional behaviour too.

Game works like this in Missions with Team1 = Player

2 Teams
Weight2 = Weight1
3 Teams
Weight3 = Weight1
Weight2 = Weight1 + Weight3
4 Teams
Weight4 = Weight1
Weight3 = Weight4
Weight2 = Weight3

balance < 0 => Weight3 = [(Weight2 + Weight4) * (1 + balance/100)] - Weight1 (was >0)
balance > 0 => Weight2 = Weight4 = Weight1 * (1 + |balance|/100) (was <0)

Added flexibility to release titan flags for 'under attack during last X seconds' and for 'enemy visible
and within X hexes'. X can now be set with behaviour PAR4 but this has to be coded in the editor too!
Default for X is 100 seconds/3 hexes if not set.

A titan with destroyed engine is flagged as disabled and can do nothing. A destroyed heatreg does not
automatically flag as disabled. This will happen if heat rises to shutdown level.

Being able to set a titan's engine to destroyed (or the heat reg), to place already destroyed titans in a
battlefield (wreckage). Nice for salvage too. It is possible, by setting the titans to prone, and
destroyed engine and heat reg. It'll probably result in the AI ejecting, which is a nice touch.

Allocate non-mandatory titans. Battle will fill up slots if the player team is stronger than the
mandatory slots. You should always set all slots in missions/campaigns to stay as flexible as possible.
Only if you *really* want just mandatories you should stick to them.
As far as I remember battle will always try to balance teams according to the weight balance as long
as there are slots open and not set to mandatory.
Expl. :
You set 3 x 40t as mandatory and only one additional slot as random. The player uses his team of one
assault and one heavy. Battle will fill the only open slot with an assault to come as close as possible.

> 2) Release titan, does this only effect titans that are under orders to
> 'hold position' or can it be used to clear other orders.

Release is ONLY for hold position AND patrols! Note that you can have both a patrol and hold position
for the same titan. In this case a release will cancel the hold and activate the patrol. If a release
condition is no longer available a titan on hold will return to its start position and a titan on patrol will
continue his patrol.

> Was thinking of using 'release titan' in combination with 'approach hex'
> *IF* the approach hex command attempts to stand ground once it reaches that
> location..... Basically I'm trying to get a titan to move to a certain hex
> then act 'normally'.

Isn't this what a standard patrol path is doing? Have you ever used a patrol? If not you should, it’s on
of the best features of the editor

Note that patrols take priority to all other move settings! So you can have patrols + other behaviors.
A patrol can either stop at the end, completely releasing the titan to other behaviors or free combat.
They can circle so the titan will return to the start point from the last point. Third option is to return
the same path from end to beginning and so on.

You can set the release flags to release a titan from patrol but he will return if there are still points left
and the release isn't valid any longer. So a bit more complex setting would be a titan patrolling along
a river, being released by enemies in LOS and starting to attack a build with the corresponding
behavior but reacting to enemies with PAR4 behavior 3.

If a titan with 'hold position' is released it will act according to the common free combat rules as if it
has no behavior set. If the release condition is no longer valid it will return to its start position and
'hold position' again. If the release condition does occur again during its return to the start position it
will again be released on its way back and act without restriction, facing the threat immediately.

> Question: what happens when an AI titan has a patrol path defined that crosses
> hexes with the noAI flag on? In at least one of Kai's maps this happens.
Titans just use the original pathfinding routine to go from one patrol point to the next. So its not
guaranteed that the use the shortest distance in hexes. If there is a NOAI hex between patrol points
they will go around if possible. If a NOAI is ON a patrol point there will be a big problem. I don't think
they will enter so they will hang around there.
> I've used 'approach hex' where I just want the titan to run to the hex and ignore everyone (range
0) but I'd still like it to take pot-shots at the enemy. I used 'approach hex' instead of a patrol path
since the terrain can change along the way (triggered by the player, and 'approach hex' seems to be
able to recalculate a path where patrols can not) and due to an undocumented 'feature' that the titan
with 'approach hex' will NOT enter it's destination hex IF an enemy titan is active in that hex.
I hope it is working this way now:
1. Lock an enemy if it isn't in range to damage the building but still approach the building.
2. Relock the building if it is possible to damage it and try to destroy it.
3. Relock the titan if it is within minimum range and move towards it if necessary. Same if the
building is destroyed.

> A question about titan behaviour. What's the difference between setting a titan
> to 'approach hex' with an attack threshold, and a patrol path with the same
> threshold? The exact difference. I want the titan to move to the hex, but engage
> enemies within the threshold as being more important than reaching the hex.
'approach hex' will choose its own path and adopt to changes of landscape/fire etc. Regarding the
threshold there should be no difference. If the reason for leaving the path is gone a titan on patrol will
return to his next patrol point.


58. Added event TYPE 18. A jock can be set to switch to a different team.
PAR1 is the encoded jock number. Its encoded as follows :
team number * 8 + titan number.
team number from 0 to 3, titan number from 0 to 7.
Expl. : titan 3, team 2 = 1 * 8 + 2 = 10 !
PAR 2 is the team the titan is switching to. Team number from 0 to 3.

I added a new event 18 which does allow jocks to switch teams. The titan switching will be defined
with PAR1, the team he will switch to is defined with PAR2. The formula for PAR1 is as follows : 8 *
team number + titan slot number with

team number from 0 to 3 and titan slot number from 0 to 7.

Expl. Titan at slot 3 of team 4 will set with 8 * 3 + 2 = 26 with PAR1.

Some restrictions to make this work ok :

1. The team the titan is switching to must have a free slot.

2. No titan should switch from/to the player team 1.
3. The titan switching must be mandatory of course and should be defined with the editor in a slot
that has no non-mandatory titans at lower slot numbers.

To Christian:
We must find a better solution for point 3. We already have the same problem with some of the
behavior flags that use the same single value titan/team coding scheme. Or do you already encode as
defined below?

We are currently using this formula for the single titan/team value:

8 * team number + titan number

with team number from 0 to 3 and titan number from 0 to 7.

This is what battle will use BUT the titan number set with the editor is not necessarily the same
number in the battle module. Reason is that there can be non-mandatory titans that are not used by

Expl. :

Editor Slot Team1

1: Mandatory
2-7: Non mandatory
8. Mandatory.

If the editor now encodes titan 8 as PAR1 it can happen that he will be the titan at slot 2 in battle, as
the non-mandatory ones aren't used. Or is this already evaluated by the editor?
It has to work as battle, first the mandatory slots are taken, afterwards the other ones.
So for this example the encoded number is 8 * 0 + 1 = 1.

> Can someone send me the info/text Larkin send out with the 1st patch with
> the swap titan event.. the one that mentioned non-mandatorys being bad. Was
> there a warning that the swapped titan should be the last titan in the teams
> 'order of battle'? Also wondering about the area that can be assigned with
> the swap titan event, not sure how this plays into the event (currently
> using it to link together a bunch of field events, so they all turn off once
> the 1st is triggered) is there another use?
Area is not used for titan switching. There was no warning that a swapping titan should be last, there
was a warning that there shouldn't be a non mandatory titan with a smaller slot number.

> Did find out that if you 'accidentally' try to swap the same titan twice (say
> titan 3 on team2 is the target both times) That the 1st time it works, the
> correct titan swaps (team2 titan3) If that same event is triggered again
> (oopps) then you'll actually swap what was originally titan4 on team2. It
> appears the titans identification numbers 'collapse' when a titan leaves a
> team, so that titan #4 collapses into titan#3's slot. Not a problem, just
> an observation and something to be aware of, could potentially be used to a
> benefit.
Yes. Swap back shouldn't be used as long it is coded with slots !

> Not sure how 'clean' Larkin can make this event with all the possible things
> that COULD come into play. I suspect the map designer's will just have to
> be extra careful on how they use this event so that oddball things don't
> happen.
If we code a better ID for titans to tag instead of slots the event should get more stable.


59. Added event TYPE 19. You can disable hex events with it. If this event
has an area defined ALL hex and time events with the same area are
disabled if PAR3 is unset. Enter an event number with PAR3 and only
events with this number AND the same area are disabled.
In addition you can encode the hex coordinate of a single hex event to
disable with PAR1. The formula to encode x/y into PAR1 is :
y * mapsize in x direction + x.
Expl. : 8/10 at 22x18 map = 10x22 + 8 = 228
You can encode the number of a single time event to disable with PAR2.
PAR1 and PAR2 are independently evaluated from any additional events to
be disabled by area.

Here is another event 19, delete hex event. Up to now the event is capable of deleting a single hex
event and/or all hex events using the same area. It can be defined as hex or timed event. Does it
make sense to allow this event to delete timed events too, either by second or area?

Christian, please check that players can select a titan (for event 18) or a hex (for event 19) by
clicking on it so the encoding of PAR1 is done by the editor and the player don't have to do the math.

This would allow such things as 'turning off a minefield' if a certain hex is entered, to have events that
can only occur within the 1st X amount of secs of the game, or to even stop reinforcements from
entering the game (if combined with creative use of the 'call titan' event and non-standard victory

71. Event 19 will delete ALL single hex events without areas in its own area.
This is in addition to deleting all events with the same area !

72. Added time/hex event 20. It will trigger a big explosion animation and
damage buildings/titans/cover within PAR2 hexes radius with decreasing
effect. PAR2 set to 0 will only affect the center hex.

This event can be set over an area (number of hexes), and when triggered, will cause a massive
explosion in all those hexes and the surrounding hexes, damaging Titans and buildings and cover.
Damage is cumulative for explosions set at the same time and with overlapping areas of effect.

* set smoke/fire/heat as default in battle, in engine explosions

* Par 2 sets area of effect radius (no limit), damage is same as battle default (dam/2 at 1 hex, dam/4
at 2, …).
[100 pt expl : Par 2=0 -> 100/0/0(/...); Par 2=1 -> 100/50/0(/...); Par 2=2 -> 100/50/25(/...); ...]
* Par 3 can then be used for radiation.

Explosion event 20 will damage all titans in range, air and ground.

79. Engine explosions or event 20 will NOT trigger hex event when building is

Note that there are reasons why it is NOT possible to trigger hex events set to demolition when the
corresponding building is destroyed by engine or event 20 explosions. Now the building is destroyed
nevertheless, disabling the event as a consequence.

Event 20 doesn't trigger 60+ damage pushing titans out of hex.

86. Event 20 will cause heat equal to damage modified by shield.

Event 20 damage will NOT be reduced by shields but heat will, with heat = dmg.

Titans get full damage but heat is reduced by (20 + shield_level * 10)%. They're treated like
NM/FT/fire for heat purposes, not like engine explosions.

119.Event 20 PAR3 will trigger radiation (1=on/0=off).

Radiation will be modified by damage as in engine explosions.


74. Added time/hex event 21. It will cause heat set by PAR1. PAR2=0/1 will
disallow/allow shield protection. PAR3 is the ground/air trigger (see 13.).

Heat is reduced by (20 + shield_level * 10)%. They're treated like NM/FT/fire for heat purposes, not
like engine explosions.

Event clarification:
Battle won't evaluate the PAR2/PAR3 ground/air flags for hex events without an area. ONLY the titan
triggering the event will be affected. The standard event ground/air trigger will be used, not
PAR2/PAR3. Only area events will evaluate PAR2/PAR3 to check who is affected.
Summary: Hex only events ignore PAR2/PAR3 flags as it is assumed that the titan triggering the event
will take the effect. Area events will check for valid titans according to PAR2/PAR3.

Events 1/2/5/9/13 are disabled when the building on the hex is destroyed. So if you set a hex event
trigger to destruction it does not make any sense to use any of these events, as they will be disabled
before the event is checked.

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