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Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor

KDS-011-DS-Rev 4.3 - August 06, 2013

General Description
The KDS-011 is a smart sensor for the measurement of air
temperature and humidity. The measurements are by way of
a single-substrate integration of temperature and humidity
sensors. Offering multiple analog and digital connectivity
options, the sensor can be easily integrated into new as well
as legacy data loggers or other data acquisition hosts.

Hardware Features
• PRT and Capacitive Humidity Sensor
• Precision Ratiometric Bias
• Self-calibrating Electronics
• Very Low Power Operation

Measurement Process
The sensor uses a PRT and a high-stability capacitive
humidity sensor as the measuring front end. The bias
generation is ratiometric to the quantization electronics to KDS-011
ensure stable performance over a period of time. XXX-INS
The measured quantities are converted to engineering units Block Diagram
by the microprocessor inside.
Averaging '&6XSSO\ $QDORJ9WR92UP$
Internally the measurements are performed twice a second,
but the samples are retained in a ring memory for a length 3RZHU (6'3URWHFWLRQ
of time that depends on the averaging value set. Normally 0DQDJHPHQW

the temperature and humidity values read contain a fast

varying component that depends on local conditions riding 'DWD)ODVK /LQH'ULYHU :DWFK'RJ
on a stable background level which needs to be measured.
The KDS-011 allows the user to average the readings over &RGH)ODVK
a time that is appropriate for the application in question. &38

Every Sensor undergoes a multi-point post-production 6HQVRUZLWK3UHFLVLRQ ELW4XDQWL]HU
calibration, and the calibration coefficients are programmed
back into the sensor. These are used by the sensor in
Processing Flow
normal measurements to send a corrected reading out in
engineering units that is ready-to-use. Multi-point calibration
ensures that the accuracy of measurement remains within
specified tolerance limits all over the measurement range,
rather than being valid at one point only. (Application Note 5DZ7HPS 5+5HDGLQJV
KAN-1000 gives details of the process and comparison with
a single point calibration). )ORDWLQJ3RLQW&DSDELOLWLHV
Calibration traceability offered is IMD / NPL / NIST.

The sensor is designed for continuous outdoor application 8SGDWH,QVW5HJLVWHUV

with weather shield. Very long cable lengths are supported &RPPDQG,QWHUSUHWLQJDQG
in the RS485 (digital) and 4-20mA (analog) output formats.

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Specifications of KDS-011 - Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Parameter Conditions Min Typical Max Units
Type of Sensor PRT
Measurement Range -40 +85 °C
Accuracy 0.05 0.1 °C
Resolution 0.01 °C
Response Time Constant 3 s
Type of Sensor Capacitive
Measurement Range 0 100 %
Accuracy 5% to 95% RH +/- 2 %
Resolution 0.1 %
Response Time Constant 3 s
Response Time 0.5 s
Settling Time on Power-On 2 s
Latency on Power-On 1 s
Update Rate 0.5 Hz
Averaging Aperture User/Factory Settable 0.5 600 s
Mass (With Weather Shield) <1 Kg
Size (With Weather Shield) 150 x 150 x 280 (typ) mm
Materials Engineering Plastics, SS316L
Cable 4 / 8 Core Sensor Cable
Location Outdoor / Indoor
Operating Temperature Range -40 +85 °C
External Interface
The sensor is available in nine standard output configurations as detailed below.
Output Option Interface Level Baud Rate Protocols Max Cable Length Power Supply
3V Digital (D00) UART 3V Digital 9600-115.2k KomBus/Modbus 5 to 10m 4-28V (<1mA)
RS485 (D01) UART RS485 9600-115.2k KomBus/Modbus 250m 4-28V (<1.5mA)
RS232 (D02) UART RS232 9600-115.2k KomBus/Modbus 10m 4-28V (<1.5mA)
Voltage Output 1 (A01) Voltage 0-1 to 0-3V - - 10 to 20m 4 – 30V (1.5 mA)
Current Loop (4-20mA) (A02) Current 4-20mA - - 250m 4 – 40V (4-20mA)
Voltage Output 2 (A03) Voltage 0-3 to 0-10V - - 20 to 40m 4 – 30V (<2.5 mA)
Radio 1 (R01) Radio 433 MHz
Please See User Please See User Internally
Radio 2 (R02) Radio 930 MHz 9600-115.2k
Manual for Details Manual for Details Lithium Powered
Radio 3 (R03) Radio 2400 MHz
Calibration Facility KAL Sensor Calibration Facility
Traceability Offered IMD / NPL / NIST
Mounting Accessories, Readout and Setup Software (for Windows), Mating Connector (Wired
Included With Sensor Versions), 10m Sensor Cable
To Be Separately Ordered Extra Cable, Readout, Connectivity Adapter for USB, R232, Radio etc.
Notes. 1.The - D01 is the reference version. 2. Resolution specified is as applicable to DXX versions with digital output. In the Case of -AXX Analog Outputs this represents the
minimum (it may be higher) encoding resolution and the resolution available to user may actually depend on the host data acquisition system. 3. All sensors typically undergo a
post-production multi-point calibration. 4. Settling Time / Response Time specifications are with averaging set to minimum and with a transverse air draught of 1 m/s is better.
5. The current consumption of the -A02 circuit is included in the 4-20mA signaling current; there is no current demand except the signaling current. 6. Cable length
recommendations may be site-condition dependent. 7. Many parameters above may be customizable for OEM Customers, please contact factory with requirements. 8. Some
specifications may not be applicable to analog output options. 9.Extended temperature range sensors version (KDE-011) available. 10. Current sunk by external host systems
not included in supply current specifications.

Komoline Aerospace Limited KDS-011-DS-Rev 4.3 - August 6, 2013