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Tales from the Journey

Oracle Cloud ERP : Customer Stories

Nicole Mackew Sales Director Gary Patterson Practice Director .

“Technology is not valuable in itself.Safra Catz .” . it must make your enterprise better.

Why Cloud? .

The tipping point is now .



…but there is more than one path Big Bang Quick-hit Hybrid .



Common Threads .

Different Methodology & Mindset Old New • Long projects 12-36m • Short projects 3-12m • Heavily customised • No customisations • Legacy business practices • Modern best practice • Version lock • Continual improvement • IT-driven • Business user driven • ”Waterfall” methodology • Agile methodology .

Things you won’t love No Customisations! .

Things you won’t love Shift happens .

Things you won’t love Less feature-rich .

Things you will love Mobile Expenses .

Things you will love No Customisations! .

Things you will love Continuous innovations .

Things you will love Employee Enablement .

Things you will love Planning & Budgeting integration .

Things you will love Speed & Cost .

Things you will love SmartView / Dashboards .

Things you will love Fewer Outages .

Why it doesn’t matter If you’re not at the table. you’re on the menu.Michael Enzi / Safra Catz . .

Three questions: Where are you now? Current State & Key Business Drivers Where are you going? Target Application Footprint How (and when) will you get there? Roadmap Driven over time by FSG Better Supports OLR Growth • Ability for OLR employees to Higher Maturity of FSG Business Processes request supplies Extend Automation of FSG Responsibilities • Better visibility of spending and allows for negotiation of better prices with vendors Accounting Foundation • Accounting Automation • Sales and Marketing variable Established – Transformation eliminates need for majority of compensation easier to track and Begins manual processes and Access pay. regardless of sales databases headcount • Confirm application footprint to • Consolidated Receivables gives 2008 2009 support FSG and Account Sep Oct one view Nov of customer Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Services Account Services • Consolidated Receivables • Detailed Design of Accounting Roadmap facilitates supporting shared Automation ensures elimination responsibilities by FSG and Software of unnecessary manualSelection Account Services processes and Access databases Accounting Automation Design Implement 2008 H1Process 2009 H2 2009 Transformation Budgeting & Cash Accounting Process Transformation Procurement Process Transformation Sales & Marketing Accounting Process Transformation . Gary Patterson Practice Director gary. Q&A Nicole Mackew Sales Director 07901 510 770 +1 803 445 7722 Please remember to complete your UKOUG speaker evaluation form.patterson@fronteraconsulting. Thank you! .