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Joy of the Lord

It’s an insight from Randy Alcorn, in his book Happiness. “If we did believe it, wouldn’t we be happier?”

It’s not that Christians don’t want God to be happy, it’s just that we are slow to understand the theology
that God is always, essentially, and completely happy. We may believe that he is sometimes happy —
that makes sense to us. But is God always, essentially, and completely happy at the core of his being?

That is a question that we have a hard time understanding, and one of the most common questions we
get in the Ask Pastor John inbox: If God is so happy, why does he seem so angry in the Bible?

It’s a legitimate question for us to deal with, but under the surface it reveals our weird theological
agnosticism about God’s happiness. How we answer the question will determine everything about how
we view the Christian life — and how we search for holiness.

If we do not embrace the happiness of God, we jeopardize three precious realities in our own lives.