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Data Driven Biking Project Proposal

Design Project 3, January 2018

Assistance System
for Travel
Biking is more than transportation method or hobby, it is a way To make a better resolved system to explore the city, using bike
of life. There is this progressive movement happening around as medium of conveyance and to help people to get wise to the
the world to promote cycling, as it is easy to adopt, environ- city, which has recently got the recognition as a world heritage
mental friendly and cost effective. city by UNESCO.
With bike as medium of conveyance, it becomes a great fun
to move around exploring the city, but often it is slipshod and
inexact, as we lack a proper system that can guide us through
the city.


1. The need is to promote biking culture, which is not very 1.The Work involves analyzing various aspects of the city rang-
much in place and could be promoted as more efficient means ing from architecture and heritage, to food and drinks.
conveyance to explore the city which has been recognized as 2. Studying roads and connections to develop system of loops
world heritage city. and routes.
2. There is need to make the travel enthusiasts independent, 3. Navigation system that would guide through the city.
while they are exploring places around the city. A system is Develop visual language for the system.
needed to bring down the increasing cases of harassment and
attacks on tourists by locals and guides.

Week 1 Week 2
Problem Identification Design brief and project proposal

Week 3 Week 4
Research and data collection Research and data collection

Week 5 Week 6
Analysis of data Ideation

Week 7 Week 8
Prototyping Prototyping

Week 9 Week 10
Execution Documentation


Anupam Garg Tridha Gajjar Tridha Gajjar
M.Des, 2016 Associate Senior Faculty Associate Senior Faculty
4 th Semester Discipline Lead Graphic Design Discipline Lead Graphic Design