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........ is Your Encoder Company vertically integrated to design and manufacture state-of-the-art electronic First level of Customer Care products.............. GM.... © Copyright 2011......................... General Fax: 630-668-9480 Warranty & Limitations......... Autotech Distributor Phone: 630-668-3900 Mon . Consult factory for details of products............. to successfully introduce and apply encoder Autotech History in Encoders ..... All rights reserved. A25 Smart-EncoderTM with Network Application HOTLINE: 1-800-832-3647 • ♦ Extensive hardware....... 25 technology in the metal stamping industry.............. for the & Technical Support: best “Return On Investment” for our Contact your Local Factory Tech Support customers. so many Fortune 500 companies rely on Autotech All Product names......... 14 NETWORK RESOLVERS WITH BUILT-IN DECODERS ........ cost M10 & M10A RESOLVER DECODERS based Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) in 1975............. 7 Part Number & Specifications ...... 12 companies such as DM2 RESOLVER DECODER ... 29 solver and PLS technology • Highest Reliability products A15 Mini•EncoderTM............Fri 8:30am ............ HALT-HASSed products............................ AVG’s Autotech division Table of Contents nois & Iowa.......... • Highest processing speed..................... Part Number & Specifications ... Email: sales.... 28 • Highest processing power and features Part Number & Specifications . to shock and vibration............. 30 signed to operate in harsh industrial Autotech’s products are “built like a tank” to RESOLVER WITH REMOTE DECODERS perform in some of the harshest working Resolver with Remote Decoders ..... Autotech Controls division of AVG Automation...................... White Paper on Interfacing Absolute Encoders Programmable Decoder for Multi-Turn Resolvers............. 26 world. Resolver and ♦ Hold 25+ Patents & 5 new PLS technology............................avg........ • Simplest Human 8:30am ......... starting at. high re- Digisolver.......... 10 M1150........ 31 environments....... AVG has Fax: 630-668-9480 Warranty Policy introduced more than Mon ................ for Encoder and controls 3 ..................... ♦ Has an installed Encoder Basics....5:00pm Central Std Time Significant Highlights & Core Factory Customer Service/Sales General Fax: 630-668-9480 Competencies.................. 26 lion in fortune 500 With over 200.............. Miller........... starting at ................ 27 ♦ PCB fabrication...... 28 ♦ One of the larg- est semiconductor FABs..... Ab- A25 SMART ENCODER position sensor and control technology............... ♦ Known for “Uticor Tough”........... Since the early 1970’s....................... 3 DM7 PROGRAMMABLE RESOLVER DECODER ones pending............................... Autotech is famous for its five traits: A40 SMART ENCODER A40 Smart-EncoderTM with Network Connectivity..... 8 Autotech invented the world’s first microprocessor- base of over $1 Bil- Encoder Selection. 20 DMM Multi-Axis Multi-Turn for rugged applications......... 2 Application HOTLINE: 1-800-TEC-ENGR • www..................... de- ENCODERS SPECS AND COMPARISONS . 5 DM7 Programmable Resolver Decoder ........... DMS Multi-Axis Single turn ♦ Pioneers in Encoder. Phone Orders: 1-800-832-3647 Email: support..................5:00pm Central Std Time Autotech Controls offers a 1 year limited warranty 500 innovative new on its products.......... & ♦ Established in Phone: 630-668-3900 1968.. starting at .................. trademarks and registered trademarks including but not limited to BEI and Dynapar are the property of their respective manufacturers or legal holders... Re............ an American Group of companies........ SMART ENCODER PART NUMBER & SPECS RL501 “Pancake” Resolver...... 23 environments on the planet ranging from extreme ♦ In the forefront of High Technology temperatures.............. • Highest immunity to a hostile DIGISOLVER resolver decoder .autotechcontrols........... 24 Introducing Smart EncoderTM................................. 16 RL500 Hollow Shaft Resolver ..... 21 liability......................000 systems installed throughout the to PLCs............ It’s no wonder high density board products....................... A15 Mini Encoder Resolver Decoders .. 22 accessories ...... AVG..... Autotech disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks or names of others...... In fact.. P&G...... per cubic inch.......... bot.... Table of Contents About Autotech Important Information A Brief Overview........ Autotech has become an industry leader in Ford............................................. 29 environment including electrical noise............... and software design capability in Illi.............. firmware.......... coolants and solvents.............. Autotech was the first company About Autotech...... has been a pioneer in Encoder. 18 ♦ Thick Film Hybrids.................................... to exposure such as BGA and controlled impedance to oil mist..............

dairy. drag lines. IL First integrated digital disc and shock mounted optics to be able to withstand the shock Established 1975 resolver. Uticor has been consistently Uticor “Built Like a Tank” rated as one of the top three Touchpanel names in message displays in a Coal in the last two decades. Komatsu Transfer Press Line welding controls. In fact Autotech was the Moving on from automotive metal stamping presses. tire. farm machinery. oil drilling. The durability of this product is evident from the fact Encoder & PLS that there still are thousands of these presses in operation worldwide still using this Clearing Metal Products product introduced more than 35 years ago. stamping. Autotech first company to coin the phrase “PLS” for replacing electro. in fact. Autotech has always lived by its tradition version presses used in the 2pc aluminum can manufacturing of being the most innovative company in the field of Automation industry. semiconductor PLSs remain the exclusive to Uticor on manufacturing. use of programmable merous other industries. tion caused by these presses was so much that even the plant floors had to be reconstructed every couple of years. and vibration of the press at its pinch point. It employed a metal Carol Stream. printing. was one of the early inventors of PLCs back in 1968. techniques utilized in its PLSs to achieve For more than quarter of a century now. 1450 series 3. assembly. Uticor. message displays and operator interface technology since 1968. dam/gate control. 5 . can manufacturing. Uticor became known as the premier supplier of Message Displays and Marquees in North America. About Autotech Autotech Encoder Applications “Innovation by Design” Autotech’s Rich History in Encoders since 1975 AVG’s Autotech division was the first company to introduce & AVG’s Autotech division introduced its First Encoder product apply encoder technology to metal stamping presses that became a back in 1975 that became a standard on USI Clearing presses. Mine Conveyor Control Dam Control 4 Application HOTLINE: 1-800-TEC-ENGR • www. Uticor applied it’s PLC technology to welding controls and became one of the top suppliers of this technology to the Automotive industry. steel. in metal 1° accuracy at even 3000 RPM. 1973 verting. next addressed the need for a reliable encoder on the end con- mechanical cam-banks. memories in PLCs In 1985 General motors chose Autotech to be its exclusive Bettendorf. cranes. formerly Struthers Dunn Systems division.000 setpoints Stolle End Conversion Press & patented DMA than 0. It’s large LED marquees became an Automotive standard. In fact. Autotech encoders provide an accuracy of better for 20. standard in the automotive industry. plating lines. This was First microprocessor an absolute encoder application which was not possible through a metal based modular PLS with Due to the disc. con- Sept 25. ware-house control and nu- standard for two piece can Describing the first time lines throughout the world. Uticor provided university research grants in collaboration with Ford in this area. so Autotech first used a shock isolated traditional glass disc. The encoder was used to determine the angular position and speed of the ram in a typical press Application HOTLINE: 1-800-832-3647 • www. palletizing. Encoders per line Uticor.882 issued conveyors. DigiSolver. tank-turrets. earth moving machinery. 92 Autotech Established 1968 solvers on each of its 100 Transfer press lines. IA supplier for 92 resolver based encoders. Autotech has supplied encoders for rugged applications. This turned out to be a bigger challenge as the vibra- controls. packaging. medical. food processing. It held numerous patents on PLCs. then a an incredible scan-time ruggedness of plastic disc with maximum separation from optical readers and eventually a of 57 microseconds Autotech encoders resolver based encoder.avg.1 deg at 3000 rpm on can manufacturing lines through out the world. In the 1970’s. textile. has been in the forefront of PLC. Subsequently this Standard of the MS650/MS670 product line became an automotive standard in MS Series Encoder tire industry the industry. Autotech’s M1250. then called Process Control Computers. Assembly Dairy Plant Uticor always had a very conservative design philosophy and it showed in its products Machine Earth Moving and thus earned worldwide recognition as Equipment “Built Like a Tank” or “Uticor Tough”. Uticor PMD Products have worldwide name recognition In the 1980’s. US Patent No. Stamping Press Autotech was also the inventor of the first microprocessor based Programmable Limit Switch. known as Digi.

H42 and EPC 725N. in seconds. Dynapar application and all budgets. the number of different models and coder comes with many different mechanical configu- Textile Industry Semiconductor part numbers remains a headache for the industry. without needing a laptop or any Medical Steel Plant Equipment encoders. Smart-encoder product line cuts this down Printing Plant Food Packing Tire Plant plants. Autotech intends to become Drop-in Replacement your single source for every for BEI H25.avg. ent part numbers with unacceptable delivery times. Further. Smart-Encoder. rations to cover the vast majority of applications. 6 Application HOTLINE: 1-800-TEC-ENGR • www. 725I Your Encoder Company Note: Smart-Encoder feature is available on all models size 25 and above. This patent pending feature comes at no special cables to program them. is to have a programmable encoder that can by at least a factor of ten. es in the plants where its products get used. catalog and a totally new and innovative concept of the Quadrature Smart-encoder product line. HA25. HR25. Smart-encoder has a built-in Plant be easily configured without a computer and soft. Manufacturing NEW Tank Turret Automated Warehousing 25+ Years of Experience Automated Case Packer Plating Configure Smart-EncoderTM right on the machine in seconds without needing a laptop or software in supplying encoders to a wide variety of industries The Most Innovative and Broadest Line of Encoders for Smart-EncoderTM every application and all budgets Family With the introduction of this Size 25 Flange 7 . And one requiring suppliers to offer “express service” for addi- of the most common requests we have seen from the tional cost. Autotech Encoder Applications Introducing Smart-EncoderTM Autotech Encoder Applications With Smart-EncoderTM You will Never Look at Encoders the same way Again ! Autotech has always prided itself in listening to its There are literally thousands and thousands of differ- customers while spending serious time in the trench. Smart-en- Oil Drilling Platform last two decades. You will find that Smart-en- tionality as well as reliability of encoders from most coder is quite price competitive with your current fixed major suppliers has consistently increased over the count/type and inflexible Application HOTLINE: 1-800-832-3647 • www. additional cost either. display and an extremely simple user interface with ware. and you don’t have to lug a laptop and software. so that the plant’s stock room is not having just two buttons to configure your encoder right on the to contend with tens of part numbers for different machine. Whereas the func.autotechcontrols.

Therefore. See figure 2. The rotor is usually a metal or glass disc mounted on called the “quadrature”. “fresh”. The stator has an LED block and phototransistors arranged so that the LED light shines through the transparent sections of the rotor disc and received by phototransistors on the other side. The size. be converted internally to binary or BCD. whereas if it was an absolute encoder that read mental as well as Absolute outputs. This section is written to provide a reference tracks on the disc and corresponding phototransistors depend on guide to selecting the right encoder for your application. The optical encoders used Absolute Encoder Incremental Encoder with resolution. are also available.autotechcontrols. whereas Absolute encoders typically have 12 270° 90° If you lost power to tor voltages are frequency and temperature are no longer factors in a ratiomet- outputs. it is much more complex than the simple disc Autotech offers one of the broadest lines of encoders in the industry. electrical characteristics and communication options. And with the introduction of cost effective Smart-Encoders by Autotech. The resolvers could offer better resolution and accu- increased number of bits. Typically. of VS1 and VS2. having one ro.) slotted rotor disc alternately interrupts the light beam between The circuit features a Type II servo-loop that the LED & phototransistor and thus produces a pulse output. the photo- Basics: transistor output is modulated in a gray-code 9 . Encoder . The amplifier together with phase sensitive demodula- pulses are then fed to a counter. generates pulses. to explosion proof encoders and everything in between including built-in gear trains. and are generally more expensive. the encoders consisted of potentiometers. such as. The basis of determining encoder. 2 or 3. voltage controlled oscillator position information. voltage at a frequency ranging from 400 Hz to several KHz. The stator windings are an analog output proportional to the shaft RPM to eliminate 0° located 90° apart. from a tiny size 15 (housing diameter to be 1. the output. the output voltages of the stator windings From this relationship it can be noted that the angle is no longer retains actual shaft position even if power fails and the shaft pulses to be counted vary as the sine and cosine of the shaft angle. outputs. you need 12 tracks on the disc. but rather the ratio moves. from each other are generated. Many different pulse 8 Application HOTLINE: 1-800-TEC-ENGR • www. when it rotates. Optical encoders from other vendors can be either incremental or absolute whereas resolver encoders are typically absolute. Some models also provide a marker pulse output. the shaft angle in a ratiometric converter is the ratio between the give position information relative to a known point. Today optical encoders and Resolver Encoders called upon to “catch-up” or “track” and eliminate the error. An (VCO) and an up/down counter. Ratiometric Tracking Converter Incremental Optical Encoder (A typical block diagram for a Ratiometric Track- The incremental optical encoders uses a simple disc pattern. This results in a highly accurate and repeatable point and assuming resolver-to-digital converter. the resolution sought and number of bits used. Since the absolute encoder needs dard size 25 ( Application HOTLINE: 1-800-832-3647 • www. 210° upon restoration of power. complexity brush encoders. Resolver encoders from Autotech are available both as Incre- built-in gear trains suitable for linear applications where it position now is 210°.5” dia). Since the VCO additional phototransistor can also determine the direction of ro- is controlled by an error integrator. industry stan. used in incremental encoders. which are counted to 150 counts clockwise. Depending upon the shaft position. 180° external device would in resolver-to- Absolute encoders are also available as multi-turn units with not know that the shaft digital decoder. magnetic encoders and rarely optical encoders and resolvers. The comprises of sine/cosine multiplier and an error number of pulses depends on the number of slots on the disc. whereas an Incremental Encoder two stator signals: absolute encoder provides a unique value at each position and would have given 150 As the shaft rotates. where they are counted to give tor. the greater the tation. the encoder at this a measure of the ric converter. error processor. the rotor winding is driven by a reference pulse applications. The brush encoders required frequent maintenance. Incremental Smart-Encoders are either optical or Choice of Optical or Resolver: resolver based whereas absolute Smart-Encoders use resolvers only. Incremental encoders are less complex and have fewer by an external device. Incremental encoder applications typically require a reset input shaft angle and Shaft position the encoder moved to zero out the count and start a fresh cycle whereas absolute after power loss another 60° before are converted to encoders do not need a reset input as the output is always unique 210° 150° it came to a stop the a digital signal and absolute.Basics Encoder . Optical disc for Optical disc for and cost of absolute optical encoders increases exponentially eters and magnetic encoders had limited resolution. Each device had certain limitations. along with wide variety to encode a unique value for the shaft position. two induced sta. which were large in size and had limited life expectancy. there will Resolvers. takes several revolutions of the encoder shaft to complete one shaft position and provided a unique value for this position. Types of Encoders: Asssuming 360 count tor winding and two stator windings. tions are by far the most rugged position transducers available. where two square wave pulses 90° apart its shaft. which is lag between the actual shaft angle and the digital generated once every revolution at a fixed shaft position and can angle in the counter. for a 12 bit absolute encoder with resolution of 4096. additional outputs. This ing Converter is shown in figure 3. variations in the rotor voltage Vr. as the pattern gets increasingly complex with incandescent lamps. the number of of position sensing technologies. The potentiom. but were very expensive due to the decoding electronics required. The pulse rate indicates shaft speed. being continually updated and always available at Resolver is essentially a rotary transformer. For example. racy. it will read machine or process cycle.Basics Selecting the Right Encoder for Your Application Absolute Optical Encoders As you can see from the picture of the disc used in an absolute optical encoder. The recent technological developments have brought significant improvements in the initial models. In the initial stages. Optical Encoders The Optical Encoders typically consist of a rotating and a station.avg. The information produced by this type of converter is always be a paradigm shift in the selection and use of encoders. resolvers are more commonly used in industry. configurations are available.5”). The disc has an optical pattern. but the most commonly known is ary member. invented during World War II for military applica. As an added bonus. Either rotor or stator winding can be used as external tachometers and a busy signal pulse for incremental resolution the encoder Absolute and Incremental: The incremental shown has moved primary. faster will the counter be be used to mark a zero reference point. The a function of the induced rotor voltage Vr. which can Many industrial control systems need position and speed feedback.

Class 1. coolants and solvents.5” diameter encoder with 3/8” shaft with dual bearings having shaft seals. and the envi. Absolute between -67 °F to +248 °F. It is also sometimes referred to as Resolution which is somewhat of a 90° Vibration 20 g to 2000 Hz 15 g to 2000 Hz misnomer as the total resolution available from an encoder is 4 times the term Enclosure NEMA 4X (Div. On the other hand. Especially.4 x 10-4 4 x 10-4 2 x 10-4 shifted to each other by 90 degrees.09° or 5. Ether. the true position is restored when multi-turn application. whereas Abso. and D) Thus an encoder with a Resolution or PPR of 1000 will resolve the encoder shaft to 4000 counts per revolution or 360/4000= Application HOTLINE: 1-800-832-3647 • www.0" dia. NEMA greater noise immunity and longer cable lengths power is lost. A mine the direction of rotation. Incremental Quadrature Encoder? 360°/one revolution Max.07 (5. Typical application examples for Incremental that built-in gear trains are available in only size 40 encoders. The encoder can be either a Flange mount or Servo mount unit. In an incremental encoder the pulses generated are 4 size 15 from Autotech with 50 pound load strength would be between the encoder and the interface device. Remote Decoder ronment in which the encoder shall be operating. P type (current sourcing) for each position. output under noisy conditions. has two 90° 8 (576. In extremely hostile environment Power supply for both the Optical and Resolver Can you afford to lose position in case of power failure? If the such as continuous mechanical shock and vibrations. Encoders used in the industrial environment answer is no. if you can false counts with revolutions to complete one machine cycle. If A leads B (that is A transition occurs before Max. is typically 12 or 24 VDC. 15 lb. 8 Pin or 10 Pin MS connectors. Built-in vs. Slew Speed (RPM) 5000 5000 5000 5000 B). The outputs can be mental encoder simply generates pulses proportional to the either single ended N type (current sinking) position. 7272 outputs are short circuit Encoders are “Cut to Length”. one cycle of A and B has four signal transitions. If B begins to lead A. dia. if the operating temperature is below Other Encoder Specifying Options: Z (Once Selection of Encoders per rev) B leads A. 120 lb. Profibus. counted in a counter and at power loss it will lose the count and ideal where space is a constraint. either Shaft Size 5/8" 5/8" 3/8" 1/4" B clockwise or counterclockwise. B Factors to be considered for much more abuse than optical encoders and exhibit no significant wear or aging. and aluminum housing. Shaft is made of In resolver based encoders Autotech offers a choice of built-in Stainless Steel and the housing is either Aluminum or Stainless Steel. you We recomend 24VDC power and 7272 outputs for highest reli- Pin.04) 0. clockwise 2 x 109 2 x 109 2 x 109 2 x 109 (Rev.4 minutes of rotation. Z (Once Radial: which provides a pulse once per revolution that can be used to synchronize zero per rev) value in the counter. Encoder is moving freezing or above 150 °F. Size 40. A third channel called Z ( for Zero) is an optional signal 120 lb. such as a Press or Assembly machine or a Dam control or an Oil Valve control.5" 4. Please also note in today’s encoders is a semiconductor chip start the operation. and machines that use lead screws for mo. Size 15 1. humidity. whereas an absolute encoder generates a unique code with pull up resistors.) channels called A and B. the resolvers can take the control panel.) 200 g for 11 ms 50 g for 11 ms 360°/one revolution PPR is the number of pulses per revolution of a single channel. Starting Torque @ 25 °C A typical Incremental Quadrature encoder. These electrical outputs from the encoder are phase Moment of Inertia (oz*in^2) 6.autotechcontrols. A leads B. applications where temperature could be extreme as well as appli- IP66 Size 25 or 2. See the Table The environmental integrity of a brushless resolver is unchal. 10 Application HOTLINE: 1-800-TEC-ENGR • www. Conveyor Control. Shaft Loading Axial and changed direction. lute encoders are available in either 10 Pin (for SSI used when the machine/process has to know the true position all protocol). Essentially. lenged. with an absolute encoder Mechanical ratings the machine operation will pick up from where it had left off Choice of encoder size and NEMA rating also depends on the with pull down resistors. the counter can determine which direction the encoder is moving. C. Encoder is moving Bearing Life at Max. called “7272” which can be used as single ended or differential output. which allows a counter to be able to deter.The workhorse of the industry is the Flange mount NEMA 4/ Optical Encoder vs. An incre. Absolute multi-turn protocols and networks allow the use of standard network cables in these applications. After a power outage. have to re-sync the controlled apparatus. the Absolute Smart-Encoder can also have SSI output. water submersible and One of the more common output drivers used consequently you will have to home the machine before you can explosion proof encoders are self explanatory. Encoder package selection is based upon the application need of mechanical stress on the encoder shaft and housing. resolver is the best choice. Operating temperature range of resolvers is typically Power Supply and Types of Output Signals: Incremental vs. Multi-Turn Also.avg. Resolver decoder inside the encoder housing or remote decoder. Encoder Selection Encoder Selection How do you Determine direction of rotation and resolution in an Housing Size 40 4. Augur Control. Size 40 explosion-proof Size 25 2. therefore. In outdoor This decision is primarily based on the operating environment. oil mist. The absolute encoders are ratios. for example A Shock output. then you must use an absolute encoder. the encoder shaft makes one revolu- Higher Level Communication Options: electrical noise.0" dia. Single-Turn vs. or Ethernet I/P. the bad count would encoders and resolvers are available with various built-in gear remain there until reset or re-synced. in.4 x 10-4 6. remote decoder is the best choice. Whereas absolute encoder may give you a false tion for one complete cycle of machine operation.5" dia. but to go for counter clockwise resolvers. These noise is gone. Absolute Encoders are abilty and imuunity to electrical noise. 80 lb. A NEMA 4/IP 66 NEMA 4/IP 66 NEMA 4/IP 66 Groups B. the time and re-sync is not allowed. 7 tion control such as a milling machine. more expensive than the incremental encoders. both optical and resolver. Additionally. where as size 25 is the work force of the TTL totem pole or differential line driver for is very typical as the encoder shaft will coast to a stop when industry due to its ideal size and mechanical strength. 17 or 19 Pin MS connectors. Mfr. proof and have an automatic thermal shut down. Being simple rotary transformers. a price/ Mechanical Configuration Options: feature trade-off may be worth considering. an incremental encoder is generally more susceptible to In a single-turn encoder. T type for standard even if the encoder shaft had moved during power down which operating environment.1) 5 (360.04) (oz. metering equipment. the encoder shaft makes more than one net Modbus TCP/IP or Ethernet UT/IP or Ethernet SRTP. 11 . Upon power down. it means the encoder has Max. PPR or Resolution. where as in a All Autotech absolute encoders have the option to directly interface to networks such as Devicenet. Spec. noise when using an incremental encoder. Electrical ratings: Incremental encoders can be ordered in 5 Pin.1) 8 (576. there is no other choice. cations where the encoder is located far away(up to 2500 ft) from below.

This feature is particularly use- The expression “garbage in. whereas it is operation of a PLC. and also the limited current drive input modules of the PLC and when the PLC com- the Central Processing Unit (CPU) according to the capability of the decoder outputs. The data are frozen for when the PLC reads the decoder input during the 100 µs +/. . the a) PLC Reading the Changing Bit Pattern: An I/O scan during this time (2 to 10 ms in typical software approach is usually not a viable approach. 80. though The problem of synchronizing BCD data to a The system resolution and permissible decoder to a lesser degree. During the I/O the most fresh data to the PLC. for this 1° change of position.. have lengthy and inconsistent time delays when they transfer and read commands might be 12 ms and say puts based on the lad. a BCD.. In microprocessors the TS is in PLC can also be addressed by software filtering. White Paper. or gray code number installations) will read false data to the PLC. all these bits gives a data transfer command and a predeter- proceeding to the next do not change state at the same time. and 1 bits Whenever the PLC scans the decoder input. even the TTL compatible ones. to PLCs and Microcomputers Microcomputers and PLCs are sequential logic to 200°. is invalid.67 ms (One ignore inconsistent data. of 100 µs and it automatically unlatches.10% after a delay of 10 µs from either I/O scan. on the I/O module reaction time. due to the see stable data. the 1.).. it must which can perform many operations at the same time. 12 Application HOTLINE: 1-800-TEC-ENGR • www. time feature. microcomputer can read stable data during these 13 . PLC. This inconsistency gets further the time delay is set at 5 ms.. the hardware synchronization described below 1. Let us consider Even dedicated microprocessor controls with faster scan Software Filtering: does not result in faster machine operation. can be used to provide nature. Interfacing Absolute Encoders to PLCs Interfacing Absolute Position Decoders . change their logic state. which two must agree before data is accepted. in Gray Code only 1 bit changes decoder information as seen on the PLC side is 0. the corresponding machine operation will this case the decoder position data is continuously also be incorrect. The Microfreeze can also be called as transparent PC-Handshake. while in BCD or Binary data more than one bits may 2. the PLC looks b) Reaction Time of Input Modules: at the input terminals PLC I/O modules. In incorrect. If new position is outside of of built-in handshake. In the above example. etc. a PLC with 16. the next I/O scan. because only one bit changes state at a time. After 5 ms of the data der logic. The figure when PLC reads the data. when available. the output may stay at 000 for a Application HOTLINE: 1-800-832-3647 • www. Inherently. The variable which is cyclical in to read a wrong number. of the decoder. During the compounded by long wiring runs between the de.avg. 100 µs.. 100. transfer command the stable data is available to the processor scan.. this window. The solid is composed of various bits that change state when line is the field side of the I/O module and the dashed Notes: decoder position passes from one number to the line is the PLC side. There are two main inherent characteristics of electronic devices that could cause wrong decoder Either of these approaches will increase the scan data into the PLC: time of the PLC. Since scan time is an impor- tant factor in system speed and resolution. the decoder data is valid and free of any transition edge of data transfer command. During the switching time (TS). mands the data to be read 12 ms later. binary. And. scan. This cycle repeats again and 200°. 6 bits will change state. the example of changing decoder position from 199° times are faced with the above two problems. This time is adjustable on describes the logical LOW while others may still be HIGH. garbage out” fits very ful when interfacing data directly to a microcom- well with the PLC. The synchronization process described above change for each number change. Therefore. PLC Synchronization (PC-Handshake): devices. As we all know. microseconds (µs) and software can be designed to Software filtering is usually done in one of the As a rule of thumb. A window is created around the last correct 3. the time interval between the data and activates the out. In a BCD code. In order to ensure this. it is stable ladder program and the outputs are updated during when the input to the I/O modules goes from 199° to and valid. In contrast to a real-time hardware logic. the new input data is processed by coder and the PLC. The ambiguities. reading the above changing bit pattern the PLC is liable fixed on others (50 µs. If your microprocessor does following two ways: AC cycle) scan time will permit 1° resolution at not have this software provision or if you are using a 10 RPM (The rule of 10:1:1). speed will still be limited by the PLC scan time. it is very important that updated at full speed. 8.autotechcontrols. i. The synchronization problem does not exist next. while some Autotech units (2 µs to 30 ms). If the input data is invalid or puter where speed of operation is much higher. For example. which when using Gray Code absolute decoders state when changing from one number to the next. At a given time mined time later the PLC synch circuit stabilizes the logical step. depending Microcomputer Synchronization (Microfreeze): again. Therefore. go LOW and 200 bit will go HIGH. some bits might have gone data for the PLC to read. the data is rejected.e.. 10. the PLC a PLC can perform only a single operation before reaction time of electronic components. The Synchronization issues do not apply to must be used to assure the integrity of the incoming reading based on the known operating speed Networkable Resolvers/Encoders because decoder data. Three samples of position data are taken.





where as the water Rockwell’s Ethernet IP. Gray code Field Programmable Options 5/8” Stainless Steel Shaft Programming Absolute 120 lb. or Software. 8-pin. connectors GE SRTP protocols) Smart-Encoder Absolute models are available with high level networking capability such as SSI protocol. BCD. Incremental Housing Optical or Dual row bearing Program in seconds while Resolver with Shaft Seal A40-RA installed and connected Resolver • NO laptop Absolute Explosion • NO Special Cable Choice of Stainless Steel. Simple to Program without PC Size 40 The Most Rugged Construction. Profibus or Ethernet • NO Unplugging/plugging Water Submersible or Explosion Proof (Rockwell Ethernet IP. Aluminum or Stainless Steel Housing Field Programmable All-in-One or A40-RA 5-pin. tons. DeviceNet. are available in stainless steel.3 Size 40 Smart Encoders. 17 . Uticor IP and GE submersiblle model has a visible display and programming but- SRTP. 5000 RPM Resolver 4. water submersible housing as well Profibus or even Ethernet with multiple protocols such as as an Fm approved explosion proof housing.avg. Proof • NO Software SSI. A40 Smart-EncoderTM A40 Smart-EncoderTM Intuitive. The explosion proof unit needs to have its back end housing unscrewed to allow field programming First Encoder with built-in Ethernet Your Encoder Company Stainless Steel Water Submersible 16 Application HOTLINE: 1-800-TEC-ENGR • www. Modbus TCP/IP.0” dia. Conformal Coated Incremental boards. DIV II. DeviceNet. NEMA 4.2 . 17-pin or Resolver 19-pin MS connectors compatible Incremental: 1 to 1024 counts per revolution Absolute with BEI and Dynapar Encoders Made in America 4096 Pulse Transitions with Quadrature 4x Absolute: 1 to 4096 counts per revolution Binary. Encoder attributes Position/RPM axial and Display radial shaft load Optional built-in A40-RI gear train Max. Modbus TCP/IP. Simple as 1 .000+ in operation 4 digit LED Display Resolver Application HOTLINE: 1-800-832-3647 • www. Shows Position/RPM on A40-RI 250.autotechcontrols. Uticor IP. Class I. both Incremental as well as Absolute. 7-pin.

54) 30V/V .0" dia. Water submersible. C.80:1 100 . Spec.) 2 x 109 2 x 109 2 x 109 Shock 150 g for 11 ms 100 g for 11 ms Vibration 20 g to 2000 Hz 20 g to 2000 Hz Enclosure NEMA 4/IP 66 NEMA 4X (Div.8pin Differential Incremental High voltage: Vcc -0.7) 1.Explosion Proof.03 (26.5) RI for Resolver Incremental 8.25 (31.32:1 038 .5V @ 20mA sink current 10DM . Starting Torque @ 25 °C (oz.XX .) 2.70°C SSIC .Output follows power voltage (all models) L 0.7) 8.5V @20mA source current 10DL .50 (63.5:1 008 .30VDC 5.XXX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 MEASUREMENTS (inches & mm) A 5.19pin Single line Absolute Low voltage: Max.8) A for A40 Models 040 .4:1 F 10-32 UNF 4-40 UNC 3.0) 2.5" dia.XXXX .0 dia size 25 or size 40 C 19 .) 4.5pin Single line Incremental Encoder Output Signals: 07SL . Explosion Resolver Encoder Models Size 40 Size 40 Size 25 Size 25 Optical proof AXX .10pin Differential M18 Incremental Low voltage: 0. Smart-EncoderTM Smart-EncoderTM Part Numbers and Specifications Smart-EncoderTM Dimensions & Mounting Table How to select Part Numbers and Order ? Encoder Mounting Table The primary selection here is the mechanical configuration and MS connector compatibilty with BEI and Dynapar.avg.X .100:1 K — 0.56 (217. Choice of Size: 7.50 (139. Electrical parameters are mostly field programmable. current/output: 40mA 07DL .Output voltage 5V. Groups B.04) Moment of Inertia (oz*in^2) 6.10:1 G — 1. in.20:1 H (sq.85°C Size 40 Mounting Bracket Dimensions NWET .DeviceNet connector Absolute Temperature Specifications: NWPB .625 (15.22 (5.3) S for Servo Mount (A25) 024 .60 (193.Sinking (absolute models only) Input power voltage: Optical models 10VDC .38 (9. size 25 or size 40 D (dia.5) 3.65 (67.2:1 003 . Input power/Output driver (ET7272): 064 . Choice of Incremental/Absolute/Optical/Resolver: EX . Mfr.4 x 10 -4 6.8) 40 for size 40 or 4.Profibus connector Absolute Operating: -10°C .9) ??????? 30V/5 .64:1 080 .06 (52.4VDC TTL compatible NWDN .5) 25 for size 25 or 2.6) 4.60:1 J (sq. Size 25 2.48:1 060 .87 (98.) — 2. and D) NEMA 4/IP 66 18 Application HOTLINE: 1-800-TEC-ENGR • www. size 40 Flange Mount — PI for Optical Incremental AL .0" dia.50 (63.625 (15. I.3) 3.8pin Single line Incremental “N” model: Sinking side of ET7272. no pull-up needed 08DL .X . Max.18 (30.6) 2. 2.0 (101.9) 0.Ethernet connector Absolute Housing Size 40 4.1) 5 (360.12:1 016 .17pin Single line Absolute High voltage: Min.Stainless steel.1) 8 (576.3:1 004 . Output MS connector/Network connector: Reverse voltage protection: YES 05SL .7pin Single line Incremental Max.) 0.Standard Aluminum case. TTL compatible (all models) Electrical Specifications: M 7.32VDC * Size 40 is not Servo mount E for End mount Input power current: Optical 100mA exclusive of load S for Side mount Resolver 250mA exclusive of load Zero Reference-Size 40 Encoders Zero Reference-Size 25 Encoders 6. Class 1. 0. voltage 30VDC.7pin Differential Incremental Line driver device: ET7272 08SL .XXXX .XX .2) F for Flange Mount (A25) 012 .10pin Differential M12 Incremental Encoder Input Signals: 17SL .) 8 (576. Slew Speed (RPM) 5000 5000 5000 Shaft Size 5/8" 5/8" 3/8" Max.5) 2.40:1 048 .autotechcontrols. Shaft Loading Axial and Radial: 120 lb. Special Construction B (dia.0 (50.24:1 032 .4VDC TTL compatible 19SL . Servo Mount *1. 120 lb.16:1 020 . Mounting: 005 .0) — — 30V/N . Size 40 explosion-proof 4.4 x 10 -4 4 x 10-4 Max.8) RA for Resolver Absolute 002 . Gear Trains (Applicable only for size 40 encoders): E (dia.) — 2.8:1 010 . (Rev. 80 lb.33 (33. Bearing Life at Max.5 dia SS . max.38:1 I — Application HOTLINE: 1-800-832-3647 • www.SSI connector Absolute Storage: -40°C .57 (90. Output connector location: Resolver models 18VDC .

bearings with Resolver and Potted Electronics. (Rev. high Logic TRUE Optional Outputs a) SS . Built-in gear train of 64:1 or 32:1 High level: 3. Line drive outputs short outputs. 4:1. Binary (B): 1024. Mechanical Dimensions A15-XXXX-XX-XX-XXX 32:1. Spec. 512. 12-bit per revolution.0 inch NEMA 4 cable • 8-30 VDC volt- age range.1% Repeatability. Single-turn. Cable Length: (in ft. 0. the encoder output is Logic FALSE: Transistor OFF. Special Construction T: Tristate (Multiplexing): TTL (74LS 645). 36:1. in. 18-bit Binary Temperature 1.2 mA leak.4 mA leakage when tristated RPM) or 100 RPM/1.35 V @ 24 mA.Standard Aluminum case MUX input: Low active. • Flexible options of 2 Single row circuit proof • No optics. (Nonretriggerable during timing period) Shock 100 g for 11 ms Storage: -40°C . Cable Type: 4. 2. Low level: 0 to 1 VDC b) 30V/5 . b) AL . 005. edge-triggered. Slew Speed (RPM) 5000 Output Format and Number of Words/Counts: Logic FALSE: Transistor ON.) 2 x 109 Temperature Specifications: BCD (D): 360. Housing Size 15 Application HOTLINE: 1-800-832-3647 • www. width 0.TTL. Automotive. 5-bits for 32 turns. the DigiSolver reads the TRUE position. low Logic TRUE Voltage: 5 VDC ±5%. A15 Mini•EncoderTM Digisolver Mini•EncoderTM Jewel of an Encoder DigiSolver No. or 8-30 VDC Reverse voltage protection: YES Current: 0.1 Absolute Resolver Encoder for Rough World’s Smallest NEMA4.70°C (Custom Counts available consult factory) PLC. @ 50 V needed Max. 80:1. pulse a) C4 . Multi-turn (Sprague ULN-2803A) Mechanical & Environmental Specifications Encoder Output Signals: Power-on Settling Time: Logic TRUE: Transistor ON. • Built-in Synchronization shaft seal 1. 20:1.6 conductor shielded 030.7 V drop @ 100 Ma *Refer to Autotech Encoder price book on How to Order 20 Application HOTLINE: 1-800-TEC-ENGR • www. 1024.Stainless steel. 0. Enclosure NEMA 4/IP 66 (Consult factory for higher accuracy models) (Microfreeze) for 100 ±10% μs within 10 μs of either How to Order transition edge of data transfer command. high Logic TRUE Max.The data is frozen output. max. Servo or Face mount NEMA 4/4X Hosedown Stainless steel model Potted -20 °C to 85 °C 15 lb.5 inch or 15-bit BCD and Gray Code absolute output. 4096. 8:1.1 mA leak. and others.) P: Source Transistor: Vmax = 30 V. a) 30V/V .5" dia.050. 48:1. or BCD 1/4” SS Shaft 10-30VDC Power ET7272 • Short-circuit-proof absolute output. Axial/Radial construction Operating shaft load Electronics • Multi-turn. command is not required if Microfreeze is not needed.Output voltage follows power input voltage revolution.5 to 30 VDC.5V @ 20mA sink current P: PLC Synchronization Option: Encoder position data is Gray Code (G): 256. 0. 24:1. 15-bit BCD or Gray Code over 32 turns.0 μs (Sprague UDN-2981A) b) C6 . 60:1. TTL compatible Output Drivers Pulse width: Minimum 10 μs 2.2 K½ internal pull-up to 5 V. Line driver device: ET7272 frozen as follows:T & N: all zeros. Heavy Duty Encoder Environments such as the Tire Industry. 1.6 mA for 4-20 mA (4 mA = 0 RPM).5V @20mA source current Output Timing a) Single-turn and Geared Single-turn Units: Shaft Size 1/4" Low voltage: 0.1 V drop @ 100 mA. MIL-grade counts-per-turn. voltage 30VDC.100 Logic TRUE: Transistor ON. 100:1 Data Transfer Command: b) Multi-turn Units: 1 2 3 4 18-bit Binary over 64 turns. 13-bit Bi- nary. 0.85°C Analog (A): 4-20 mA (sinking or sourcing) or 0-10 VDC O: Transparent/Microfreeze Option: Encoder position data is Vibration 20 g to 2000 Hz continuously updated at full speed.TTL level Direction Output: TTL. for PLCs.3. Brick Presses.1 mA leak.Data transfer Built-in Gear Ratios: 2:1. 20 mA leakage when tristated Analog Tach Output: 100 RPM/Volt for 0 to +10 VDC (0 Volt = 0 Logic False: 0. High voltage: Vcc -0. and 8192 latched 50 μs to 3 ms (factory set at 3 ms. P & C: all ones C: Sink Transistor: Vmax = 30 V.30VDC Input power current: 100mA exclusive of load Input Power: rated 20 mA @ 50 VDC N: Sink Transistor: Vmax = 30 V. Shaft Loading Axial and Radial: 15 lb. no pull-up After 130 ms. Moment of Inertia (oz*in^2) 2 x 10-4 Position Output Logic TRUE: Transistor OFF. 1. current/output: 40mA For 130 ms after power is turned ON. 003. 010. count/rev Electrical Specifications: Electrical On ES the P-type outputs are short-circuit-proof and are resolution Input power voltage: 10VDC . 1000. 6-bits for 64 TTL compatible. high Logic 1.75 A. HIGH = CCW. 0. 16:1. 4096.4 conductor shielded 1. 12:1.Output voltage 5V.autotechcontrols. • Choice of mounting styles and enclosures. 1% Accuracy of full scale. 020. and 3600 after either transition edge of data transfer command from Operating: -10°C . 10-bits per TRUE. • Single-turn. 40:1. fitting Up to 720 Digisolver Specifications Logic FALSE: Transistor OFF. 21 .1 V drop @ 100 mA Max.) 2 (Sprague ULN-2803A) “N” model: Sinking side of ET7272. Input power/Output driver (ET7272): turns. 3:1. @ 50 V.avg. LOW = CW 3.55 A. Gray Code. Mfr. @ 50 V. Water submersible Logic True: 2V @ 15 mA. field-adjustable) Bearing Life at Max. high Logic TRUE Revolution Count (Marker Pulse): Negative pulse. 64:1. 3. 0. Starting Torque @ 25 °C (oz. and 8192 Max.5.

0. Size 11 1. 2 x 109 2 x 109 2 x 109 2 x 109 (Rev. and D) Size 40 Dual Single-Turn Single-Turn Gear Ratios (Multi-Turn) Geared Resolvers 2:1 Resolvers Single-Turn Most Rugged Resolvers 3:1 4:1 Encoders in 5:1 Size 40 8:1 10:1 Use from 12:1 Multi-Turn 16:1 20:1 Arctic Tundra to Size 40 Submersible Resolver Gear Ratios 24:1 to 150 Feet Geared 32:1 4:1 38:1 Mojave Dessert!! Absolute Size 40 8:1 Size 40 40:1 Explosion 16:1 48:1 Proof 32:1 60:1 64:1 64:1 128:1 80:1 Size 40 Explosion Proof *Refer to Autotech Encoder price book on How to Order 100:1 22 Application HOTLINE: 1-800-TEC-ENGR • www.1" dia.05 mm) Resolvers Size 25 Max. (18.1) 5 (360.04) °F: (gm/cm @ 25 °C): Flange Mount Moment of Inertia (gm/cm2): 45 45 45 3.14 kg) 0.1) 8 (576. Weight: 6 lb. in. NEMA 13 Class 23 .120" (3.88 mm) 3/8" (9.5 mm) mm) (101. (0.25 lb.33 kg) Bearing Life at Max.88 mm) 5/8" (15. (45. away from Decoder Resolver Specifications Mechanical: SAC-RL100 E8R-RL101 Resolver E7R-RL101 SAC-RL101 SAC-RL210 E8R-RL210-xxxMC Housing Size 40 explosion- Size 40 4. (0. (22. I. Spec.53 mm) 0.72 kg) 8 lb.5" dia.6 mm) Size 40 Max.62 kg) 1 lb.04) 0.(0.0" dia.32 kg) Radial: 100 lb.11 kg) Environmental Shock: 200 g for 11 ms 50 g for 11 ms Hollow Shaft Vibration: 20 g to 2000 Hz 15 g to 2000 Hz & Pancake Size 40 Temperature: Operating: -67 °F to +248 °F (-55 °C to +120 °C) Storage: -85 °F to + 302 °F (-65 °C to +150 °C) Enclosure: NEMA 4X (Div.07 (5.) Size 10 Approx. can be 2500 ft. Mfr. (22.0" dia. Resolvers with Remote Decoders Resolvers with Remote Decoders Resolvers with Remote Decoder -55°C to 120°C.avg.3 Single-Turn Max. (2. Size 40 (101. (3. (27. (16. Starting Torque oz.3 lb. Shaft Loading Axial : 50 lb.45 kg) 0. Size 25 2. Submersible Your Encoder Company Work in Boiling Water! under water.36 kg) 100 lb.68 kg) 40 lb.36 kg) 36 lb.94 proof 4.68 kg) 50 lb. (45. Groups NEMA 13 NEMA 1 Application HOTLINE: 1-800-832-3647 • www. C.6 mm) (63. Slew Speed: (RPM) 5000 5000 5000 5000 Servo Shaft Size: 5/8" (15. 200g Shock.7 lb. @ 77 Explosion Proof Size 25 8 (576.

The data is latched for 100µs +/. Single-Channel: The Most Versatile 16384 Counts Per Turn.0 ms max.0 VDC @ 0.1 mA leakage @ 50 V and Self-Diagnostics Logic FALSE: Transistor ON. 1.e. For N-type units: Built-in PC synch circuit permits interface to or Gray Code Enable or TRUE: 1.8 V Full-scale programmable zero Logic FALSE: 2-5 V P: PNP source transistor: offset for easy setup and Logic TRUE: Transistor ON.4 V @ 0.0 VDC @ -3. For P-type units: Enable or TRUE: 11. E7R.8 V @ 3. active high Direction output and Direction Output: Logic TRUE for increasing position Marker Pulse: Zero crossing pulse 200µs min. Gray Code. and Data Transfer Logic of inputs determined by Uticor IP. DM7 Programmable Resolver Decoder DM7 Programmable Resolver Decoder Single-Turn. N. Logic TRUE: 2 VDC @ 15 mA. to 1. 20 mA leakage when tristated verter Logic FALSE: 0.4 mA Minimum pulse width: 30µs resolver wiring with Timing: Depends upon the PC synch option selected from keyboard: PC Synchronization mode: Updates position output within 150µs of a transition broken wire detector edge (LOW-to-HIGH. 1. 7 VA. 0..2 mA max. 1.8 VDC to 28 VDC Max @ -0.autotechcontrols. Optional 220. E8R. 0.avg. Binary. Motion Outputs: Two. 100 mA (typical) exclusive of load Operating Temperature: -10 °F to + 130 °F (-23 °C to +55 °C) reliable resolver as 1/8” DIN Package Position Transducer: AVG Automation’s series RL100. or open circuit.35 V @ 24 mA. Binary SSI. over/under-speed switch Data Transfer Input: 0-24 VDC logic: Edge-triggered (i.0 mA max. Modbus TCP/IP. 24 Application HOTLINE: 1-800-TEC-ENGR • www.4 mA leakage when tristated MUX Input: Low active TTL level Logic TRUE: 0-0. GE SRTP protocols) output option. P. Output Enable. or tied to Vs+ Front panel selectable output Disable or FALSE: 2. or tie to Vs- any PLC along with built-in digital tach and Disable or FALSE: 3. data transfer on both rising and falling edges) Low-Level: 0 to 0. Interbus or Ethernet options zero marker plus Output Isolation: All outputs optically isolated up to 2500 Volts (Rockwell Ethernet IP.2 mA max. or RL101 resolvers position transducer Signal Resolution: 4096 counts/turn.1 V max @ 100 mA with fault output Position Output Format: Front Panel selectable BCD. Outputs: only 9 square-inch (All outputs have to be the same) Type of Outputs: panel space Output Interface: T. Logic FALSE: Transistor OFF. programmable Output Update Rate: 200µs Programmable Offset: Full revolution Decimal Point: Programmable after any digit Resolver Cable Length: 2500 ft. 0. Inputs: Program 25 . DeviceNet. or C Highly noise-immune T: LS TTL (74LS645): ratiometric tracking con. Transparent Mode/Microfreeze: Output data is continuously updated at full speed. All Inputs/Outputs Optically isolated DM7 Specifications Input Power: Fully absolute position means no loss AC: 105 to 135 VAC. or HIGH-to-LOW) at data transfer input. 16384 optional Scale Factor: 20 to 4096. 0.0 to 28.10% wiithin 10µs of a transition (HIGH-to-LOW *Refer to Autotech Encoder price book on How to Order or LOW-to-HIGH) at data transfer input. Over-speed & Under-speed.1 V max @ 100 mA Logic FALSE: Transistor Application HOTLINE: 1-800-832-3647 • www. Absolute Ratiometric Decoder Small Footprint Resolver-to-Digital Decoder Highest Immunity to Elctrical Noise..1 mA leakage @ 50 V NEW Optically isolated outputs C: NPN sink transistor: Logic TRUE: Transistor OFF. Profibus. 240 VAC Extremely rugged and of position under any situation DC: 11 to 28 VDC. (762 m) max. or open circuit formats: BCD.0 VDC @ mA max.7 V drop @ 100 mA programmable resolution. shielded Incredibly small size.2 mA leakage @ 50 V 20-16384 counts-per-turn N: NPN sink transistor: Logic TRUE: Transistor ON.2 mA Short Circuit proof High-Level: 2.

M10. calibrate. Power 11 . and COS modes.5” diameter) and 40 (4” diameter). and Gray Code. Class 1. Single and Geared Models. no mechanical gear Lowers Installed Costs absolute position encoder. Single and Size 40 frame only. counts per turn over Network. dual resolver input. 128:1 Dual-geared Resolvers. the control system in terms of hardware outlay. 10-30 VDC DeviceNet Resolvers (slave) powered from Network. and M10 Model: Programmable semi- Prescalable. gram tampering. 6-digit output. Network Resolvers are a slave on the network so they 9. Strobe. 2:1 Two built-in PLS outputs 3:1 Tachometer and and Motion output. 4:1 5:1 • DeviceNet • Profibus Self-Diagnostics. 16-32 VDC Power. Programmable counts per turn over Network. BCD. Ratios Explosion-Proof Housings.6 kbps to 12 Mbps transmission speeds. or 500K Power. Resolver model. Gray Code). 8:1 10:1 • Modbus Plus • InterBus No batteries. 12 Bit (4096) resolution up to 2500 RPM. *Refer to Autotech Encoder price book on How to Order *Check for availability of Multi-Turn DeviceNet and Profibus resolvers. 17-Bit. formats (Binary. Resolver model. resolver trains. M10A Model: Very easy-to. Master or Slave switch selectable on dual units. pulse train output on single indication and short-circuit-proof mable formats Binary. 1024 counts/turn Gray Code output. 20:1 integrity under noise 24:1 conditions and System 32:1 Security to prevent pro.autotechcontrols. Interbus Multi-turn Resolver Programmable counts per turn over Network. 16-28 VDC Power. output update method DIP Network Programmable DeviceNet Resolvers 10-30 VDC Power. Complimentary quadrature Broken resolver cable Profibus Resolvers (DP slave). 26 Application HOTLINE: 1-800-TEC-ENGR • www. and Gray Code. & M10A | DM2 Resolver Decoders Network Resolvers with Built-in Decoders Programmable Decoder for Multi-Turn Resolvers Putting Resolvers on a Device-Level Network Includes three Programmable Limit Outputs Increases Reliability. resolver interface. Polling.28 VDC 5 Pin DeviceNet miniconnector. One resolver analog output (mil connector). Baud Rates. NPN sinking or hardware requirements are substantially reduced = cost Application HOTLINE: 1-800-832-3647 • www. Div. P and N outputs savings! Frame sizes 25 (2. Gear Ratio. Adds Diagnostics. 128-Turn. 12 Bit (4096) resolution up to 2500 RPM. short-circuit-proof. BCD. nonvolatile EEROM 12:1 Optically-isolated outputs memory as well as PC-handshake 16:1 provide high system for PLC synchronization. output code.1 Single-Turn gear 27 . and Solid-state replacement for Simple. Programmable do not effect network speed. Output format binary 360 only.5” diameter) & 40 (4” diameter). front panel programming of counts-per-turn. BCD. Geared models. Available in NEMA13 submersible electromagnetical Selsyn systems. Extremely small 1/8” DIN package. PLC I/O formats Binary. Two Frame sizes 25 (2. Presettable. no calculations required for NEMA4X. Network Program. Redundant Single-Turn Dual Resolver 2 Frame sizes 25 (2. 250K. Single and Geared PNP sourcing. Second resolver Modbus Plus Output. M1150. and 6-digit output. Gear input. 38:1 40:1 Operating 48:1 temperature 60:1 -10 °C to 70 °C 64:1 Snap Track Mount Models DM2-STRAK-xxxx and DS2-STRAK-xxxx 80:1 100:1 Attributes Programmable over Network Decoder for single or Device-Level Networks reduce the complexity of Interbus Resolvers Network Programmable dual resolvers.avg. Modbus Plus Resolver 12 Bit (4096) resolution up to 2500 RPM. Two TTL outputs. 36:1 reliable under extreme environments. 125K. M10A Model: Fully Absolute.5” diameter) and 40 (4” diameter). 19-bit Resolution splash-proof oil-tight front plate.

BCD.500” (12. Logic FALSE: 0 to 0. Display: 3 or 4 digits. Spec.1 mA leakage @ 50 VDC Height: 1.8 V @ 3. (3.) available at the point where the user 8 Resolvers for Single-Turn and 4 Dual wishes to take rotational readings.4 V @ 3.autotechcontrols.062” (52. In the input • Position display for easy setup and troubleshooting Open Circuit Zro: 180+j256 ½ Bearing Life at Max.062” (26. 3600 or 4096 counts-per-turn Gear Select Timing: 15 μs from gear ratio select input stead of having to make provisions to install Gray code: 256. an external power supply is needed only for Logic FALSE: 3. (3.avg. °C) P: PNP Source Transistor (Sprague N: NPN Sink Transistor Low TRUE C: NPN Sink Transistor High TRUE DC Resistance (Rotor): 18.2 mA able at the point where the user wishes to (762 m).5 mW Radial: 100 lb.1 V @ 100 mA Collector Open 0.4 mm) Output Format and Resolution: Input Multiplexing: 100 ms from channel select thick. (22. double-ended motor shaft.35 mm) LEDs Optical Isolation (Optional): 2500 Volts. the RL500 can be mounted ed to the output digital format by a tracking resolver-to-digi- tal converter. RL500/RL501 Resolver DMS/DMM Resolver Decoders RL500 Hollow Shaft Resolver DMS/DMM Multi-Axis Single/Multi-Turn Cost Effective Resolver Decoders The RL500 Hollow Shaft Resolver is in- tended for those applications where there is a projecting 5/8” (15. as long as there is a Resolver shaft speed: 3600 RPM (max. (45.e.5 mW Radial: 100 lb. Shaft Loading: Vibration: 20 g to 2000 Hz Input Current: 6 mA Axial: 50 lb. °C) multiplexing versions.18 kg) -85 °F to +302 °F (-65 °C to +150 2 VDC @ 15 mA 2.4 V @ 3 mA Transformation Ratio: 1. The binary code at the input selects a particular controller Input Voltage: 1. Shaft Loading: Vibration: 20 g to 2000 Hz resolver for output. With input multiplexing.8 V @ 0. etc. Spec.4 mA. Only 1” (25.4 V @ 0.2 mA. The resolver analog signals are convert- shaft projection. Logic TRUE: 0-0. multiplexed to a single digital converter. exclusive of load (without using N-type: C-type: optical isolation. Position Transducer: AVG Automation’s RL100. or Gray Code output formats Output Voltage (Stator): 2. 3600. Weight: 7 lb.2 mm) input multiplexing. Logic FALSE: 0 to 0. PNP outputs) Logic TRUE: 0 to 0.400:1 Diameter: 2. as well as the gear ratio for the selected • Optically isolated outputs available Input Current: 6 mA Axial: 50 lb.36 kg) -67 °F to +248 °F (-55 °C to +120 Open Circuit Zro: 180+j256 ½ Bearing Life at Max.2mA. 0. 1000. In.8 V @ 3. Output multiplexing allows for a fast response and • High-resolution: Up to 4096 counts/turn Input Power: 6.97 mm) Enclosure Rating: NEMA 13 Logic FALSE 0. Weight: 7 lb. Gear Select): AC: 105-135 V or 210-270 V.7 mm) Transistor ON 1. Mfr. Logic FALSE: 0 to 0. for up to eight resolver directly to the machine. Logic FALSE: 2 VDC) 28 Application HOTLINE: 1-800-TEC-ENGR • www. 1024. the RL501 can be installed in applica. Natural Binary: 1000. 512. multiple decoders are multiplexed to the parallel digital • Reduce cost and save space by interfacing multiple axes to one Frequency: 2250 Hz Max.88 V Max. Application HOTLINE: 1-800-832-3647 • www.88 mm) diameter shaft (machine shaft. Binary.1 mA leakage @ Internal Diameter: 0.25” (6.7 mm) diameter shaft (machine RL101 single-turn resolvers. on all I/Os except resolver Electrical: Mechanical: Environmental: Frequency: 2250 Hz Max. Mfr.2 mm) Enclosure Rating: NEMA 13 Internal Diameter: 0. 360. PLC Sync.3 ½ (Rev): 2 x 109 Storage Temperature: a change in resolver selection before the data is stable. double-ended motor shaft.) 1” (25.0 mm) Input Power: Input Logic (Channel Select.2 mA leakage @ Collector Open 29 .36 kg) -67 °F to +248 °F (-55 °C to +120 is recommended for high-speed operations.4 mm) shaft projection.4 mA The RL501 Pancake Resolver is intended for Operating Temperature: -10 °F to +130 °F (-2 °C to +55 °C) 0 to 5 VDC Logic: those applications where there is a project.63 V ±5% Approx.37 mm) °C) Logic TRUE (20 µA leakage when Tristated) Transistor ON 1. or T-type: P-type: ing 1/2” (12.8 V.8 V @ 3.18 kg) -85 °F to +302 °F (-65 °C to +150 output multiplexing has only 15 μs settling time. which has to be installed Principle of Operation with a bracket and coupled to a shaft on the The DMS/DMM decoders are available with either output or machine. as long as there is a 3” (76. • Fast: Operation to 1800 rpm Transformation Ratio: 1.8 V @ 4 mA.708”(18. (45.8 V @ 0. inputs Electrical: Mechanical: Environmental: ing. 50/60 Hz. BCD: 360.35 V @ 24 mA (0.2 mm) °C) • Decoder sharing for multiple resolvers reduces cost Height: 3” (76. the RL501 can Resolver-to-digital decoder tracking speed: 1800RPM be mounted directly to the machine. Transistor OFF 0. shaft.400:1 Diameter: 3” (76.4 mA leak. 1000.) avail. 5 W 28 VDC Max: RL501 “Pancake” Resolver DC: 8 -30 VDC @ 0. there is a 100 msec settling time after • Variety of outputs and PC-handshake allow interface to any PLC or DC Resistance(Rotor): 18. Maximum Cable Length between Resolver and DMS: 2500 ft Logic TRUE: 2. (22.25 A..7 V drop @ 100 mA Transistor ON 1. Slew Speed: 5000 RPM Shock: 200 g for 11 ms output port.68 kg) Operating Temperature: Input Power: 6.68 kg) Operating Temperature: resolver. etc. Slew Speed: 5000 RPM Shock: 200 g for 11 ms Input Voltage: 1. the analog signals are • 8-axis single-turn & 4-axis multi-turn. shielded twisted-pair Channel Select Timing: take rotational readings. E8R.88 V Max.4 mA Logic TRUE: 2. or 3600 counts-per-turn Output Multiplexing: 15 μs from channel select tions where space is very constricted. Instead of having to make provisions to install a Resolvers for Multi-Turn Decoders traditional resolver. 1024. In output multiplex.3 ½ (Rev): 2 x 109 Storage Temperature: Output Type T:TTL * (74LS645) UDN-2981A) (Sprague ULN-2803A) (Sprague ULN-2803A) Output Voltage (Stator): 2. The embedded controller.63 V ±5% Approx. or 4096 a traditional resolver which has to couple to countsper-turn a shaft on the machine.1 V @ 100 mA age when Tristated) 50 VDC 50 VDC * Note: Multiplexing or Tristating Input = Low active TTL level (i.2 mA Logic TRUE: 3.

60W and 90W Din mount com. 120 80 Size 25. or Quadrature Quadrature Code. Please consult the Encoder price book for details. available in various cable lengths. 5/8” 8-digit Smart-CounterTM features two encoder Encoder Shock Rating: 150g for size 40 150g for size 40 150g for size 40 100g for size 25.avg. depth excluding cable 6. Please turn) Incr: 1024 Up to 720 Programmable Programmable consult the Encoder price book for details. 120 80 Size 25. 15 µs option for output mux Resolution: (counts/ Programmable Programmable Up to 8192 (13 Mounting brackets for size 40 Encoders in this catalog are available. <1 µs.1”. See price book for details. Single. 4. Size dia. Please consult the Encoder price book for Resolver for DM7 Dual Multi-Turn Re. Binary. or Size 40–4” dia. 1. or NPN TTL. Program- NA latch Control NA Yes. 2. Resolver for DMS.4ms for M1150. Up to 8 digit No No DMM & 7 digit for DMS Output Format: Incr: Quadrature. hardwired ing: 100ms for when using this work speed M10/M1150-M10A input mux.. 5/8” 3/8”. 30 Application HOTLINE: 1-800-TEC-ENGR • www.11”. in. NEMA 13 for NEMA 13 coder. Binary. Smart counter can be configured using PC and 20g to 2000 Hz Rating: pact switch mode power supplies from Autotech a simple computer software or it can also be Encoder Operating -10°C to 70°C -10°C to 70°C -10°C to 70°C -55°C to 120°C -20°C to 85°C -10°C to 70°C -55°C to 120°C feature adjustable voltage. Gray BCD. Size 25–2. details. Gray Absolute: BCD. or Analog. Optical Isolation No No No Yes No Yes No Smart-PowerTM Smart-CounterTM Integral/Remote Integral Integral Integral Remote Integral Integral Remote Decoder: PC-Synchronization: Yes. 50g 11ms 200g 11ms 200g 11ms 200g 11ms 100g for size 25. solver for Interbus. Ambient display. 5/8” 3/8”. 5/8” 3/8”. DigiSolver Network Resolver DMS/DMM optical Resolver Resolver M1150-M10A Mateing connectors with or without cable for all encoders in this catalog are Single-Turn. 30W. or 3. depth 40 4” dia.12” depth model depth model 8. 2. & NPN TTL. PNP. 120 80 Size 25. or NPN TTL.. 5/8” 3/8”. Gray or or Network format Gray 0-10 V or 4-20 mA Network format Output Type: ET7272 ET7272 or Net- ET7272 TTL.. BCD. 5/8” flexible helical couplings for all Encoders in this catalog are Incremental Absolute Incremental as shaft does not Absolute Absolute Absolute move over 1/2 turn available in different sizes. a 3-digit voltage programmed using two push buttons and an temp. 3/8”. or NPN Autotech will be glad to provide you with any custom accessory needs. Programming both ways Field-Selectable CW/ CCW NA YES NA YES YES YES YES signal. Size 25–2. Encoder Vibration 24V DC. programmable Yes. 5/8” 1/4” 3/8”.net Application HOTLINE: 1-800-832-3647 • www. is as easy as 1-2-3 Page Pg 14-19 Pg 14-19 Pg 20 Pg 22-25 pg 21 Pg 27 Pg 29 play hours of operation as well as expected life expectancy. 120 80 Size 25. 1024 bits) 18 bits Up to 4096 per turn 4096 with X4 2880 with X4 4096 per turn 10-4096 4096 with X4 (multi-turn) Absolute: 4096 Display Yes. These smart power supplies also dis. Binary.5” Size 40–4” dia. with power off for M1150-M10 Output up-date rate: <1 µs for normal <10 µ 31 . Custom Accessories BCD. Encoder Specifications and Comparisons Accessories Summary of Encoder Specifications Connectors and Cables Smart-EncoderTM Smart-EncoderTM Mini•EncoderTM DM7. Size 25. Singe-Turn Incremental or & M1150-M10. a 2-digit current display and an alarm alphanumeric display. PNP. Resolver Resolver Resolver Flexible Couplings Absolute as long 1/4”. 120 15 Radial: Size 40 Size 40 Size 40 Size 40 Size 40 Size 40 Shaft size 3/8”. 120 80 Size 25. Application: Incremental Incremental Absolute Dual Multi-Turn Turn Resolver Single-Turn for all Dual Multi-Turn for Resolver for Others DMM M1150-M10A Position Input Device: Absolute: Fully Absolute Optical Resolver Optical Resolver Absolute for DM7 and M1150-M10A. Pease consult the factory or work format your local distributor.5” dia.62” 40 4” dia. Switch- on Network speed Depends on Net- <10 µs <10 µs 1.125” model dependant model dependant connector dependant dependant Max shaft load: Axial/ 80 Size 25.or Multi. depth <1” 2. 5 digit for 4-digit LED 4-digit LED No Yes. inputs and multiple operating modes for most 11ms 11ms 11ms common encoder applications in the industry. optional mable Networking: NA Optional NA Optional NO YES NO NEMA Rating: NEMA 12 face NEMA 1 for De- NEMA 13 or NEMA 4/4X NEMA 4/4X NEMA 4/4X plate. Size depth <4”. optional Yes. Network format Binay.autotechcontrols. NEMA13 for explosion-proof Resolver Resolver Physical Size.19”. PNP. operation.5” dia. M1150-M10. 100g for size 25.5” He ight: Width: Depth: depth <3. 7.. Size 15. Size 25.5” dia. PNP. depends Mounting Bracket 200 µs for DM7..5” dia.

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