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www. © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian.5 Peter Muster Page 3 Contents Introduction Overview Personal Style Interacting with Others Decision Making Key Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths Possible Weaknesses Value to the Team Communication Effective Communications Barriers to Effective Communication Possible Blind Spots Opposite Type Communication with Peter Muster's Opposite Type Suggestions for Development Effective Selling Chapter Selling Style Overview Before The Sale Begins Identifying Needs Proposing Handling Buying Resistance Gaining Commitment Follow-up and Follow Through Sales Preference Indicators 5 6 6 6 7 9 9 10 11 12 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Insights Group Deutschland: www.insights. All rights reserved.Insights Discovery . Scotland. Insights.

Dundee.Insights Discovery © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian.insights-group. All rights reserved. Insights.insights.5 Peter Muster Page 4 The Insights Wheel Insights Colour Dynamics Jungian Preferences 27 28 29 Insights Group Deutschland: www. www. .

All rights reserved.5 Peter Muster Page 5 Introduction This Insights Discovery profile is based on Peter Muster’s responses to the Insights Preference Evaluator which was completed on 26. Jung’s work on personality and preferences has since been adopted as the seminal work in understanding personality and has been the subject of study for thousands of researchers to the present day. The Insights System is built around the model of personality first identified by the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav .2007. Using Jung's typology. This model was published in his 1921 work “Psychological Types” and developed in subsequent writings. Ask for feedback from them on areas which seem particularly relevant for you and develop an action plan for growth personally and interpersonally. That is. Modify or delete any statement which does not apply. The origins of personality theory can be traced back to the fifth century BC. both strengths and weaknesses. Insights. Share the important aspects with friends and colleagues. Use this profile pro-actively. this Insights Discovery profile offers a framework for self-understanding and development. © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian. identify the key areas in which you can develop and take action. It reports statements which your Evaluator responses indicate may apply to you. when Hippocrates identified four distinct energies exhibited by different people. Dundee.insights.05.insights-group. Research suggests that a good understanding of self. Insights Group Deutschland: www. Generated from several hundred thousand permutations of statements. enables individuals to develop effective strategies for interaction and can help them to better respond to the demands of their environment. but only after checking with colleagues or friends to identify whether the statement may be a “blind spot” for you. this profile is unique.Insights Discovery 3. Scotland.

Sociability. He assumes that everyone else should share his desire for advancement and may be disappointed when others appear to lack his strength of character. www. as these occasions are important to him.Insights Discovery 3. He is seen as a powerful leader as he is able to think on his feet. Not keen to Insights Group Deutschland: www. Peter Muster is logical and © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian. it would seldom occur to him not to be present. He enjoys work that allows him to get his teeth into new projects. Peter Muster enjoys work that involves moving projects forward. making him practical. relationships and decisions. Scotland. Use this section to gain a better understanding of his approaches to his activities. He tends to be realistic and matter-of-fact about work issues. He then acts upon the basis of his judgement. Peter Muster is a highly practical person whose agile mind and skills combine well to generate fast results. Personal Style Because he lives by principles and rules. Peter Muster is very consistent and dependable. All rights reserved. Dundee. He expects his goals to be attained. he needs to be constantly in control and get things done without wasting time. He is alert to what is happening around him and concerned primarily with the here and now. He resists being labelled by others and is engaged in a never-ending search for self-knowledge and self-identity. Insights. Peter Muster is passionate about researching significant new subjects that capture his interest. Peter Muster systematically sets about achieving his scheduled goals on time in an efficient and effective manner. Interacting with Others Although Peter Muster may protest about the pressure of attending family events. and good at anything that requires rapid reasoning. and he wants to be recognised for his own . To manage his tensions. he capitalises well on available resources. He is at his best when planning ahead and launching those plans into action. Practical and repetitive mundane work does little to satisfy him as he needs to make a personal contribution. Eager to add to his knowledge. with a good sense of timing. an ingenious thinker and long-range planner. whether or not this appears well-founded to others.insights-group.5 Peter Muster Page 6 Overview These statements provide a broad understanding of Peter Muster’s work style. He sees himself as having rigorous standards that typically take precedence over his own and others' personal needs. He is usually more effective when he takes time to consider how he really feels. He works to see ideas and systems translated into realities. combined with a solid work ethic can result in the setting of high performance standards in both himself and the others who work or interact with him. Peter Muster strives to make things better rather than simply accepting them as they are. Peter Muster is a pragmatic individual who can be as tough as the situation warrants. As he lives by a rather strict set of rules he may expect others to do so as well. Because he is a realist. He likes structure and systematic processes.insights. He constructs a code of rules embodying his own judgements about the world.

Peter Muster is alert to changing situations and will act quickly to get results. He becomes frustrated if he is side-tracked by others' needs. Peter Muster's many accomplishments are achieved mainly through determination and perseverance in reaching or exceeding his high standards. His outgoing nature may lead him to misinterpret the significance of some issues. objective and analytical with great reasoning power. giving direction or instructions to others as he thinks is necessary. he tends to seek consistent and stable relationships. He has a tendency to blame other people for difficulties he encounters and may sometimes dismiss others' opinions as of relatively little or no value. Peter Muster can rise to meet any challenge. he may tread on other people's toes without knowing it. He needs to make a special effort to remain open to the ideas and views of others. Using past experiences to help him solve current problems and get things done is one of his strong points. Sometimes seen as blunt and forthright. analytical and highly organised thinking. Decision Making Peter Muster is seen by many as a natural leader and decision maker. Peter Muster is extremely realistic and relies on and trusts what his senses tell him about his world. flexible and fearless. critical and often persistent questioning. www. This can sometimes prove embarrassing when challenged by a more qualified expert. In his mind there must always be a good reason for doing something and people's feelings alone aren't normally sufficient to influence him. He prefers action to conversation and enjoys dealing with difficult situations the moment they arise. Scotland. Seen by most people as outgoing. Although his emotional and social life may not seem as important to him as other aspects of life. He dislikes being told what to do or how to do it and may irritate others by insisting on doing a thing his way. He is adaptable but constantly needs to get . He is logical. other people may be surprised to discover that Peter Muster is quite devoted to his family and friends. He seeks realistic and satisfying solutions to challenges. he runs the risk of dismissing it out of hand. He may frequently rebel against the rules and in so doing will strongly resist attempts by others to regulate his behaviour.insights. He may at times make others feel defensive due to his incisive. All rights reserved. His effectiveness depends on how much personal fulfilment he receives from the current task. even if it is a critical issue. If something does not seem © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian. He may sometimes present himself as an “expert”. He always tries to decide as much as possible through logical. fully knowledgeable on a subject and eager to educate others about it. and avoid shutting other people down. He may appear dismissive of decisions made on “gut-feel” rather than objective analysis.5 Peter Muster Page 7 respond positively to views which differ from his own. Dundee. and may show impatience with those who don't carry out their designated tasks or work by the rules. Insights.Insights Discovery 3. negotiator. Because of his apparent work focus.insights-group. and manager. Insights Group Deutschland: www. He is a good innovator. rules and regulations. he may jump to incorrect conclusions as he is often without the benefit of an alternative opinion. He would often rather make any decision than no decision at all. He is outstanding at establishing and implementing orderly procedures.

Scotland. . All rights reserved.insights-group. www. Insights.Insights Discovery © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian.5 Peter Muster Page 8 Personal Notes Insights Group Deutschland: www.insights.

Dundee. Self disciplined. Forceful negotiator and vocal decision . Sees decision making as a challenge. Sensible and matter of fact. Peter Muster’s key strengths: Forward looking. Scotland. confident and convincing.insights-group. All rights reserved. Peter Muster has abilities.Insights Discovery 3.5 Peter Muster Page 9 Key Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths This section identifies the key strengths which Peter Muster brings to the organisation.drives for results. www. skills and attributes in other © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian. Personal Notes Insights Group Deutschland: www. Sets precise goal oriented objectives.insights. quick thinker. Confident and forthright. Outgoing and direct. Rapid organisational skills. Insights. Enthusiastic leader . but the statements below are likely to be some of the fundamental gifts he has to offer.

Becomes defensive or dictatorial if challenged. Dundee. particularly when challenged on shortcomings. All rights . Scotland. Exhibits impatience with disorganised individuals. Insights. It has also been said that a weakness is simply an overused strength.insights-group.Insights Discovery © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian. May ride rough-shod over others' feelings.insights. Sometimes unaware of others' feelings. www. Blaming and judgmental. High sense of urgency can create stress for others. Peter Muster's responses to the Evaluator have suggested these areas as possible weaknesses. His confidence can sometimes be interpreted as arrogance. Should avoid china shops. Personal Notes Insights Group Deutschland: www.5 Peter Muster Page 10 Key Strengths & Weaknesses Possible Weaknesses Jung said “wisdom accepts that all things have two sides”. Peter Muster’s possible weaknesses: Judges strangers on first impressions. May be reluctant to ask for assistance.

5 Peter Muster Page 11 Value to the Team Each person brings a unique set of gifts. Peter Muster: Likes being in the thick of the .insights-group. Personal Notes Insights Group Deutschland: www. Is a forthright advocate for the team. skills or other attributes which Peter Muster brings. Brings direction and realism to every project. Keeps others on track. Encourages others to compete. Communicates clearly and © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian. All rights reserved. Dundee. Challenges existing methods if he feels they are inadequate. Add to this list any other experiences. attributes and expectations to the environment in which they operate. and make the most important items on the list available to other team members.insights.Insights Discovery 3. Breaks down barriers to completion. Scotland. Encourages down to earth realism. Insights. www. As a team member. Will drive others to achieve greater things.

Insights. www. Use humour in moderation.insights-group. This section identifies some of the key strategies which will lead to effective communication with Peter Muster. © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian. Be frank. Personal Notes Insights Group Deutschland: www. Listen to him . Leave personalities out of the discussion.don't ask him to repeat himself.insights. For each person certain communication strategies are more effective than others. Be ready to leave quickly. earnest. Be aware of his becoming defensive by watching his body gestures.5 Peter Muster Page 12 Communication Effective Communications Communication can only be effective if it is received and understood by the recipient. Look for signs that say “I'm losing interest”. Dundee. Stick to business at all times. Strategies for communicating with Peter Muster: Show respect for his ideas and opinions.Insights Discovery 3. Identify the most important statements and make them available to colleagues. Be receptive and open minded. Match your own assertiveness to his pace. All rights . Keep it brief and to the point. decisive and confident.

5 Peter Muster Page 13 Communication Barriers to Effective Communication Certain strategies will be less effective when communicating with Peter Muster. DO NOT: Show disagreement with or disrespect for his . This information can be used to develop powerful. www. Criticise his ideas too harshly or personally. Waffle. Try to manipulate him towards your viewpoint.Insights Discovery 3. Some of the things to be avoided are listed below. All rights reserved. Appear slow or unambitious. Try to pin the blame on © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian. Personal Notes Insights Group Deutschland: www.insights-group. Scotland. When communicating with Peter Muster. Insights. Be too informal or waste time on social trivia. Dundee. Wait for praise or recognition. Impose your feelings onto him unless he shows willing. effective and mutually acceptable communication strategies. Come unprepared and disorganised. Be vague or imprecise. Stand or sit too close to him.

intimidation to achieve his aims.5 Peter Muster Page 14 Possible Blind Spots Our perceptions of self may be different to the perceptions others have of us. He would much rather engage in quick intellectual banter than complete some mundane task or consider spending quiet time on his own. particularly if they are not prepared to follow his lead. These less conscious behaviours are termed “Blind Spots”. We project who we are onto the outside world through our “persona” and are not always aware of the effect our less conscious behaviours have on others. All rights reserved. Dundee. He needs to look beyond the current moment and his pressing interest in the practical world and consider ways of completing tasks with less . Peter Muster may seem indifferent to people who appear to be less of an extraverted achiever than himself. His preference for living in the moment and adopting an “emergency” style of responding to crises can generate a rather chaotic environment for others around him.insights. While appreciative of good work. he doesn't always consider the impact of his decisions on others. Seen by many as a smooth talking persuader. Sometimes rather closed minded. It is difficult to know what to expect from him next. Insights. Personal Notes Insights Group Deutschland: www. efforts and contributions of others and to more regularly offer compliments and praise for good performance. As a logical and impersonal analyst. He may rely on personal forcefulness and. strong willed and needs to get his own way or he may become rebellious. he is practical. if necessary. Perhaps best thought of as one of life's natural organisers. he may believe that someone else's ideas will not work as well as his own. He may sometimes come across to others as somewhat boastful and selfish. Peter Muster’s possible Blind Spots: Peter Muster needs to try to become more aware of the talents. He sometimes has difficulty in absorbing other peoples' points of view. Highlight the important statements in this section of which you are unaware and test them for validity by asking for feedback from friends or © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian.Insights Discovery 3. critical glances may reveal Peter Muster's impatience with errors or poorer quality output. www. Peter Muster has a strong active conscience and may not be prepared to even consider others' values and opinions. Scotland.

Peter Muster will see the Supporter’s efforts being directed at retaining the familiar and . Supporters are cautious. Supporters are easy going and low key people and like to feel needed and significant in other peoples’ lives. we have most difficulty understanding and interacting with those whose preferences are different to our own. If the conflict in the workplace becomes too great they may become restless and uneasy. Disagreements or opposing views can be stressful to Supporters.insights. Even if a mistake has been made by someone else the Supporter may spend a lot of time sympathising and attempting to diffuse responsibility. amiable. loyal individuals who get on well with others.insights-group. Personal Notes Insights Group Deutschland: www.Insights Discovery © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian. becomes stubborn and defiant. diplomatic and sincere and may avoid decision making until many of the facts and details are available to them. Recognising your Opposite Type: Peter Muster’s opposite Insights type is the Supporter.5 Peter Muster Page 15 Opposite Type The description in this section is based on Peter Muster's opposite type on the Insights Wheel. They build a close relationship with a small group of associates in the work environment. All rights reserved. Insights. Peter Muster may suspect the Supporter requires assistance in eliminating the old and embracing the new. The Supporter is intent on maintaining a low profile. Peter Muster will experience frustration when the Supporter. steady. often withdrawing to avoid further conflict. Dundee. Supporters are affable. Often. if challenged. Scotland. the Supporter needs specific and detailed instructions before starting a job. In order to perform well. Supporters look for constant appreciation from others and may be slow to adapt to change. www. Jung’s “Introverted Feeling” type. Recognising these characteristics can help in developing strategies for personal growth and enhanced interpersonal effectiveness. conventional. They will often go the “extra mile” to help someone they consider as a friend.

Exert unnecessary .insights-group. Insights. Gaining obedience is not enough . Ask him to make a group presentation without ample preparation time.ensure you have co-operation. Mirror his normally calm and even-tempered nature. All rights reserved.5 Peter Muster Page 16 Opposite Type Communication with Peter Muster's Opposite Type Written specifically for Peter Muster. Scotland. Ignore his authority for the sake of it. Peter Muster: When dealing with your opposite type DO NOT: Assume he knows he has chosen well.Insights Discovery 3. this section suggests some strategies he could use for effective interaction with someone who is his opposite type on the Insights Wheel. Personal Notes Insights Group Deutschland: www. www. Listen to and value his suggestions and contributions. Assume passivity is tacit © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian. Give him time to reflect inwardly. Peter Muster: How you can meet the needs of your Opposite Type: Seek confirmation of willingness to undertake new tasks. Allow time for him to respond to your requests and questions.insights. Dundee. Question his loyalties or genuine interest.

Identify the most important areas which have not yet been addressed. Allowing people to do their own thing. However. Personal Notes Insights Group Deutschland: www.insights-group.insights. Peter Muster may benefit from: Reducing the level of activities in his life. www. Sitting back. Respecting ways of doing things that differ from his own. saying little and observing.5 Peter Muster Page 17 Suggestions for Development Insights Discovery does not offer direct measures of © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian. Exploring work that gets in touch with the inner self. Being more prepared to acknowledge his mistake. listed below are some suggestions for Peter Muster’s development. These can then be incorporated into a personal development plan. Dundee. intelligence. Scotland. Not constantly demanding perfection of self and others. education or training. Gently asking some quieter people to express their point of view. Remembering that he is also vulnerable.Insights Discovery 3. Insights. Arguing the opposing position to recognise the value of . All rights reserved.

insights-group. These distinctions need to be appreciated and respected. Dealing with Buying Resistance 3. Follow-up & Follow-Through 5. Use the Effective Selling Chapter to develop strategies for improved customer relationships. the salesperson must learn to adapt his or her behaviour to relate to. Customers will often have opposing needs.who are different. This chapter is designed to support the development of each of these requirements at each stage of the sales process. Insights. All rights reserved. the salesperson must understand others .com . and influence.particularly customers . Dundee. Thirdly.insights. Secondly. Scotland. desires and motivations than those of the salesperson. 6. and how to build on strengths and develop any areas of weakness. the salesperson must understand him or herself. expectations. The model below illustrates the conceptual overview of each of these different stages and the corresponding sections explored in this chapter. Before The Sale Begins Insights Group Deutschland: www. www. Gaining Commitment 4. Identifying Needs 1. connect effectively with. Proposing The Solution 2.Insights Discovery 3.5 Peter Muster Page 18 Effective Selling Chapter Effective selling has three main requirements: First. the customer. greater self-understanding and more & greater sales. aware of how different customers perceive him or © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian.

He may take issue with both colleagues and customers when his expectations are not met. He is able to respond to others' emotions and interests and finds little difficulty in handling emotional customers. he should first listen to others' . because he needs freedom to explore new opportunities that creativity in selling brings. He needs to constantly work at taking the feelings of others into account. www. Insights. talkative manner. but will sometimes forget to wait for the answer! Personal Notes Insights Group Deutschland: www. Peter Muster is a verbally skilled communicator who can present appealing images to people. able to persuade others of the value of his vision.Insights Discovery 3. He is very effective in an assertive role. Peter Muster relates to colleagues who appreciate his outgoing.insights-group. All rights reserved. Dundee. Although he can take issue with a customers' view.5 Peter Muster Page 19 Selling Style Overview These statements provide a broad understanding of Peter Muster's selling style. During all stages of the sale.insights. Learning to express more readily his genuine appreciation for his customer may be of benefit in altering their perception of him. Use this section to gain a better understanding of his approaches to his customer relationships. He may benefit from being more open to calling on the team for their help when the going gets tough. Peter Muster's ingenuity allows him to proceed through the sales process with great confidence. Routine account management may not hold his © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian. he is unlikely to bear a grudge. although he may tend to take criticism personally. and then make an effort not to be defensive or reject feedback that he perceives to be critical or irrelevant. He likes to lead rather than manage day-to-day aspects of the sales process. but is unlikely to bear a grudge for long. excelling in bringing future or intangible benefits into the present. He will ask good questions. Scotland. He is not usually perceived as a person who is likely to "hide his light under a bushel"! He is adept at handling complex or difficult people.

Avoid being too single-minded about immediate results. and seek to adapt and connect .insights-group. Here are some of the key ideas that Peter Muster needs to be aware of in the initial stages when planning and approaching the customer. slow down. Peter Muster's key strengths before the sale begins: Thinks quickly in adapting to changing situations. All rights reserved. Insights.insights. Identifies key priorities at the planning stage. Dundee. without pre-judging outcomes. www. Before the sale begins Peter Muster could: Be less critical of the customer's position if he disagrees with it. Uses his imagination to create high value leads and opportunities. Scotland. Listen carefully. Has a high closure rate in securing appointments. Consider the best ways to build a deep relationship with the © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian. Is tough.5 Peter Muster Page 20 Before The Sale Begins The sale begins long before the formal sales process starts and continues long after it ends. thorough. Take a flexible approach.Insights Discovery 3. strong-willed and persevering. Personal Notes Insights Group Deutschland: www. Adopts a positive mental attitude. Involve others in preparation more often.

Challenges prospective customers to recognise the need for imminent change. When identifying needs Peter Muster could: Avoid asking closed questions during the discovery process. "I don't understand. Dundee. All rights reserved. Avoid the temptation to identify the answer before the question is asked. Make fewer assumptions about knowing what's best for his customer. Peter Muster's key strengths in identifying sales needs: Motivates his customers to extend his or her horizons.Insights Discovery 3. Can use a direct questioning style to progress quickly.insights.5 Peter Muster Page 21 Identifying Needs In identifying needs. Insights. Recognises and adapts well to the customer's buying style. Persists until the real problems are rooted out. Occasionally ask. can you clarify that please?". the goal is to find out what the customer's real problems . Personal Notes Insights Group Deutschland: www. Spend more time developing trust with potential customers. www. Scotland. Determinedly pursues his needs-analysis strategy. Here is an overview and some advice relating to how Peter Muster may identify customer needs. Step out of his head and into his heart from time to © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian.insights-group.

Dundee. the proposing phase should close the gap between their needs and the current situation. Creates imaginative and innovative ways of © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian. Here are some of the keys for Peter Muster to develop a powerful and effective proposing style. Doesn't let more trivial matters divert his focus on the preferred solution. All rights reserved.insights-group.insights. Exhibits a certainty that he has the right solution. When proposing Peter Muster could: Limit the options that he presents. Maintains his high standards in telling it like it is. Peter Muster's key strengths in proposing: Maintains control throughout the proposal process. Ask for regular feedback around how the customer is "feeling". Displays an intelligent and authoritative demeanour. Support his statements with written evidence. Personal Notes Insights Group Deutschland: www. rather than his own. Occasionally "Ask" rather than "Tell" when proposing. Scotland. Rely more on emotional content as well as logical argument. www. Insights. Reflect on his customer's values.Insights Discovery .5 Peter Muster Page 22 Proposing Having identified the customer's needs.

this section suggests strategies for Peter Muster to deal effectively with buying resistance. All rights reserved. Modify his approach to sympathise with less rational customer concerns.insights. Avoid attempting to score points over the customer! Personal Notes Insights Group Deutschland: www. Peter Muster's key strengths in dealing with buying resistance: Reacts in a direct and quick-thinking way when questioned. When dealing with buying resistance Peter Muster could: Remember the importance of asking more questions and really listening to the answers. Scotland. Relishes the opportunity to demonstrate his speed of thought.Insights Discovery 3. Dundee.5 Peter Muster Page 23 Handling Buying Resistance If the customer relationship has been built effectively. Investigate the emotions behind the objection before dealing with the objection itself. Takes personal responsibility to handle objections and progress the © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian.insights-group. Stick with the issues in hand and avoid generalisations. buying resistance should be low. Insights. Prepares for and plans responses to likely objections. www. However. Controls his emotional responses well. Presents logical and sensible responses to . Be less controlling to avoid being seen as arrogant.

5 Peter Muster Page 24 Gaining Commitment The close should be the natural progression of the sale. Insights. you are ready to propose commitment. rather than spontaneously. closing the sale. Minimise any perception of risk by the customer. Give concessions graciously and willingly. Respect that certain customers need more time to reflect before deciding. Seek clarification even when he thinks it may not be . is clear about what they are buying and needs what you have to sell. Here are the strengths and suggestions for development in Peter Muster's closing style. Highly confident in asking for the business. Is alert to buying signals and responding to them. All rights reserved. Enthusiastically and assertively leads customers to the sale conclusion. When gaining commitment Peter Muster could: Concentrate on progressively. Closes sales with a positive expectation. not the conflict at the end! When your customer trusts you. www. Tough and persistent in closing on needs. Peter Muster's key strengths in gaining commitment to the sale: Drives for results and speedy outcomes. Personal Notes Insights Group Deutschland: www. Scotland.Insights Discovery 3. Dundee. Review what has been agreed before © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian.

Insights. Be relaxed about the fact that things go wrong.Insights Discovery 3. Adheres to tried and tested systems and procedures. Leads throughout the servicing process. Scotland. to continue that relationship and to be of service to your customer beyond the initial sale. Remains constantly aware of further sales opportunities. When following-up and following through Peter Muster could: Agree the next step clearly with the customer.5 Peter Muster Page 25 Follow-up and Follow Through It is your job. Here are some ideas which Peter Muster can use to support. All rights reserved. Moderate his sometimes brusque verbal style. Allocate more time to the face-to-face aspects of the follow-up process. having built a relationship with your customer. www. Be particularly sensitive to differing customer © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian. Send customers thank-you letters more often.insights. Personal Notes Insights Group Deutschland: www. Peter Muster's key strengths in sales follow-up and follow through: Strongly commits to the value of the product or service. Transforms customer needs to new business opportunities.insights-group. inform and follow-up with the customer. . Will take action quickly to resolve service issues.

5 Peter Muster Page 26 Sales Preference Indicators Before The Sale Begins Researching Building Trust Clear Objectives Getting Appointments Identifying Needs Listening Questioning Encouraging Creating Opportunities Proposing Focused & Relevant Enthusiastic Presentation Shows Understanding of Needs Organisation & Accuracy Dealing With Buying Resistance Direct Handling of Objections Persuasion Clarifying Details Meeting Concerns Gaining Commitment Closing Flexibility Minimising Risks Meeting Clients' Needs Follow-up And Follow Through Maintains Contact Account Planning Relationship Maintenance Developing the Account 3.4 5.6 Insights Group Deutschland: www.6 4.insights.3 3.6 2.7 6.7 5.4 .6 6.2 2.7 6.Insights Discovery 3.insights-group.3 © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian.4 4.2 7.6 6. All rights reserved. Scotland.2 3. Insights.6 5.8 3.5 6.7 5.7 3. www. Dundee.1 6.8 3.4 7.

Dundee.2007 BLUE R V E R 116 15 R E F ORM E R RED D 101 2 16 1 I R E S B O E 36 136 14 35 34 21 121 3 22 23 C T O R 113 55 156 54 153 56 41 141 42 43 144 44 45 145 46 104 124 C O O R D I N A T O R 133 13 33 53 52 152 24 4 12 32 25 5 M O T I V A T O R 132 112 31 30 11 51 50 149 49 48 148 47 125 105 26 27 6 S U P P 129 29 10 28 128 7 O R T E 109 108 9 8 R I N S P I R E R GREEN HE L PER YELLOW Conscious Wheel Position 42: Reforming Director (Accommodating) Personal (Less Conscious) Wheel Position 2: Reforming Director (Focused) Insights Group Deutschland: www.05. Scotland.Insights Discovery 3.5 Peter Muster Page 27 The Insights Wheel Peter Muster © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian. www. All rights reserved.insights-group. .

2007 Persona (Conscious) 6 BLUE GREEN YELLOW RED Preference Flow 100 6 Persona (Less Conscious) BLUE GREEN YELLOW RED 50 3 0 3 50 0 3.48 41% 4. Insights. Scotland.96 33% 3.insights.1% 0 2.insights-group. Dundee. www.5 Peter Muster Page 28 Insights Colour Dynamics Peter Muster © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian.68 45% 1.Insights Discovery 3.05.52 59% 1.68 78% 100 28.04 67% (Conscious) (Less Conscious) Insights Group Deutschland: www.32 22% . All rights reserved.32 55% 4.

com .5 Peter Muster Page 29 Jungian Preferences Peter Muster 26. Insights.Insights Discovery 3.insights. All rights reserved. Dundee.2007 Attitude/Orientation: 100 0 100 Introversion (I) Extraversion (E) Rational (Judging) Functions: 100 0 100 Thinking (T) Feeling (F) Irrational (Perceiving) Functions: 100 0 100 Sensing (S) (Conscious) Intuition (N) (Less Conscious) Insights Group Deutschland: www.insights-group. Scotland. © Copyright 1992-2009 Andrew Lothian.

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