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September 11 - 17, 2010

Aquino to meet with Obama
in U.S. during week-long visit
Boxer’s rant angers Fil-Am group
Mayweather apologizes, but
WASHINGTON – Philippines President Aquino cats and formance-enhancing drugs.
will meet with U.S. President Barack Obama dogs.” “We are outraged by May- COMMENTARY
P a c - weather’s racially offensive
NaFFAA calls for censure
during a week-long visit to the United States Greg Macabenta: If
q u i a o remarks,” said NaFFAA Na- Pacquiao’s ring prowess has
from Sept. 20-26. The visit will be Aquino's had chal- tional Chair and Filipino had a positive effect on our
first overseas trip as president since recently lenged Press columnist Greg Maca- people, Mayweather’s insults
cancelling traditional first visits to Southeast Compiled from news reports ny Pacquiao in a YouTube M a y - benta. “This disgusting di- have also had a negative
Asian countries. video released last week. In weath- atribe against Pacqiuao is effect.
WASHINGTON — The the video, Mayweather called er to a a racial slur against all Fil- SEE PAGE 7
The president has a full
agenda for the visit, the National Federation of Fili- Pacquiao a “whore,” a “little Mayweather fight in ipinos and Filipino-Ameri-
pino American Associations yellow chump” and a “midg- the ring, cans and an embarrassment ly-laced profanities brazen-
highlight of which will be
(NaFFAA) has strongly con- et” several times. He also said but so far Mayweather has not only to the boxing com- ly crossed the line of decency
his address to the 65th
demned boxing star Floyd that he will force Pacquiao to refused. Instead, he has munity but to all Americans. and respectability. Pacquiao,
United Nations General Mayweather Jr.’s racist and “make some sushi rolls and defamed and slandered Talking trash may be com- on the other hand, has taken
Assembly on Sept. 24. In homophobic attack against cook some rice” and “we’re Pacquiao with baseless mon between boxing rivals,
addition, Aquino will meet Filipino boxing champ Man- going to cook him with some accusations that he uses per- but Mayweather’s racial- See mayweather on 15
with Obama and other
world leaders during a

Facebook, Filipino-Style
gathering of the Associa-
tion of Southeast Asian Nations hosted by
Obama on the same day. Aquino is coordina-
tor of the meeting.
While a one-on-one meeting with Obama has
not been scheduled publicly, Ernie Z. Bower,
former president of the U.S.-ASEAN Business
Council based here, thinks a meeting will Filipinos, Fil-Ams embrace Definitely Filipino creator and administrator Ben Totanes works
take place.
“The leaders will meet with the president
social networking, stamp on his Facebook page from his home in Tracy, Calif.

over a luncheon from noon to 2 p.m. I’m sure

Obama will also hold bilaterals (one-on-one own brand on Facebook
meetings) with them,” he told a Philippines
newspaper. By Bill Ramsey
Aquino will arrive in New York on Sept. 22 Filipino Press Staff Writer

from Vancouver, Canada. He will stay in New
hen Malacañang in August decided to
York for three days and then fly to San Fran-
launch a full-force, triple-threat online
cisco, Calif., where he will meet with business
presence to create a forum for Filipinos
leaders and attend the Ayala Foundation’s to interact with the government and President
Philippine Development fundraiser in San Aquino, the initiative — which includes a pres-
Jose, Calif. idential website, Facebook and Twitter accounts
A complete review of Aquino’s visit and — was greeted enthusiastically and quickly be-
schedule will appear in the Filipino Press next came a favorite destination for Filipinos in the
week. Philippines and expatriated Filipinos around the
world. And while many lauded the administra-
Salonga among seven in tion’s leap into the world of social networking, the
government — as governments everywhere tend
magazine's ‘Wonder Women’ to be — was seriously behind the power curve in
MANILA, Philippines — Town and Coun- joining the social-media revolution.
try  magazine has named seven distin- Filipinos in the homeland and around the Photo: Courtesy Ben Totanes/Photo illustration by Bill Ramsey

guished and world are reported to be among the heaviest us-

ers of social-media platforms such as Facebook
and Twitter. Earlier this year, comScore, a firm
Filipino women
that tracks and measures digital media trends,
as “Wonder issued a report ranking the Philippines as having
Women of Style the highest social-networking usage in the Asia-
and Substance,"
according an See facebook on 20
Recognized for
achievements Facebook hot in RP, but texting is king FILIPINO PRESS ON FACEBOOK
The Filipino Press' own Facebook page
has been online for some time, but was
in their respec- MANILA, Philippines – Despite the But a revolutionary idea may just accidentally launched as a personal
tive fields are Cheche Lazaro for media; Gina advent of social-networking sites like drive Filipinos to establish new re- page. We recently created an official
Lopez for philanthropy and public service; Facebook, text messaging remains a cords in texting. This new idea gives business page to better interact with
Lea Salonga for music and theater; Margarita favorite activity of Filipinos. No won- the usual person-to-person SMS the our readers. On the new page, we
Fores for entrepreneurship; Isabel Caro der the Philippines is considered the functionality of a social network update
Wilson for diplomacy and arts; Bea Valdes, undisputed texting capital of the world. such as Twitter and Facebook. news,
A recent study by U.K.-based Portio Called SMS Reply-All events and other information
for fashion; and, Carmen Guerrero-Nakpil for
of value every day. In addition,
literature. Research showed that each Filipino mo- Chat, this new idea enables
we've created photo galleries,
bile phone user sends as many as 788 mobile phone users to
The honorees are featured in Town and Coun- special events and polls. To find
text messages per month, more than 40 simultaneously com- us on Facebook, search "Filipino
try's September issue and will be honored on percent more than their counterparts in Press" and click on the page
Sept. 14 at White Space in Makati City. the United States. See texting on 15 with the logo shown above.
— Compiled from news reports

Story of ‘forgotten’ Fil-Am War

told in new Sayles movie ‘Amigo’
By Lito B. Zulueta to a select audience that included National Art-
ist for Literature and film critic-historian Bien-

ANILA, Philippines – A new feature venido Lumbera and Mayor Leoncio Evasco Jr.
film by renowned American indepen- of Maribojoc, Bohol, where the movie was shot.
dent filmmaker John Sayles brings Fresh from overnight post-production work
back the “forgotten” Philippine-American War but lacking subtitles to guide an international
at the turn of the 20th century, depicting it audience through the movie’s polyglot dialogue
as the seed of the disastrous U.S. ventures in in English, Tagalog, Spanish, Chinese and Lat-
Vietnam and Iraq. in, the version shown was more or less complete,
Writer-director John Sayles on the
set of "Amigo," his new film about the Filmed entirely in the Philippines with a cast according to Sayles and producer Maggie Renzi.
Filipino-American War. and crew of Americans and Filipinos, the first The movie will have its world premiere this
composite print of “Amigo” was shown by Sayles
on Aug. 25 at the Rockwell Power Plant cinema See movie on 18
Photo: John Sayles
2 THE FILIPINO PRESS September 11 - 17, 2010

Homecoming for Filipinos aboard BIR may miss revised yearend goal of P860 billion

U.S. carrier as it docks in Manila MANILA, Philippines — The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) may miss its
revised yearend goal of P860 billion but is nonetheless struggling to meet
the target, its top official said.
BIR Comissioner Kim Henares said it is difficult to meet the higher target of
MANILA, Philippines — sailors on board the giant war- P860 billion, noting that the shortfall has already widened to P21 billion as
Aboard the United States’ ship, some of those interviewed of end-July. However, she nonetheless noted that the BIR is likely to meet
100,000-ton nuclear-powered laughingly said there is, in fact, the original 2010 goal of P830 billion.
aircraft carrier the USS George what some of the crew from oth- “The P830 billion is manageable. We can reasonably achieve that but P860
Washington, which was recent- er nations tagged as “Filipino billion is difficult,” Henares said.
ly docked in Manila for a four- mafia” not for anything else, When asked why, the BIR chief said the collection shortfall that the Aquino
day port, is a “Filipino mafia.” but because of the strong broth- administration has inherited from the previous administration is already huge.
This, in light banter, is how erhood that exists among them.
Henares said that the agency is also likely to miss its August collec-
Filipino sailors described their Aviation Ordnance expert
tion goal as the reforms that the Aquino administration is trying to
bond as part of the 5,000 crew Gza Ione Larican, a petite sail-
implement will not bear fruits instantly. He said that she expects the
of what is known as one of or from Isabela province, said
agency not to miss its monthly targets until September. The BIR has
the world’s largest warships, Filipino sailors on board USS
a target to collect P87 billion in August.
dubbed “City at Sea.” George Washington “stick to-
Commanding Officer Capt. gether, that is why they call us In July, the agency collected P63.813 billion, or a shortfall of P3.57 bil-
David “Too Tall” Lausman told ‘Filipino mafia.’ ” lion against the monthly goal of P67.388 billion. Compared to the same
a group of reporters given a tour “It doesn’t matter if someone period last year in July 2009, when the BIR collected a total of P57.606
of the ship as it docked at Ma- says something bad or good, we billion, this year’s performance showed an improvement of more
nila Bay their visit also serves just stick together,” Larican said, than P6.2 billion or a collection growth of about 10.8 percent.
as a homecoming for its Filipino adding while they support one In contrast, the performance in July 2009 showed a negative 10-per-
sailors, who comprise about 30 another, they also blend with fel- cent drop compared to the collections in July 2008. Collections in July
percent of the crew. low sailors of other nationalities. brought the BIR’s end-July revenues to P467.28 billion, an improve-
The USS George Washington She also described how Filipi- ment of P34.06 billion or 7.9 percent from the P433.22 billion collected
and embarked Carrier Air Wing Photo: Petty Officer 2nd class Summer Anderson, U.S. Navy no sailors show their friendliness in the comparative period a year ago.
5, along with guided-missile de- An F-14B Tomcat launches from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS George
as they say hi to everyone they
However, compared to the agency’s cumulative goal for the period of
stroyers, the USS John S Mc- Washington. The warship recently docked in Manila for a four-day port.   see or meet along the hallway
P488.38 billion, the BIR’s performance fell short by P21.1 billion or by
Cain and the USS McCampbell, and resiliency as they just go on
about -4.3 percent.
arrived before dawn recently was a lot of unique family re- as they also shared their life on even in some instances they ex-
near Corregidor Island where unions” and there are some the ship and how they anxiously perience a bit of discrimination. Henares nonetheless vowed to make up for the shortfall by continu-
she was met by the Philippine again this year. await their chance to see or vis- “We always try to be happy,” ing and further strengthening the BIR’s Run After Tax Evaders (RATE)
navy ship BRP Leopoldo Regis “I know there’s a lot of fami- it their families, relatives, and she said. program. The RATE has so far filed four cases against tax evaders
and escorted her to the vicinity lies that’s going to be welcomed friends even for t a brief time. But aside from the Filipino since July 2010. (
of the SM Mall of Asia. aboard for a personal tour while “I am glad that I get this op- sailors, the rest of the crew of
This is the warship’s second we’re on port and some of them portunity to visit my family and the warship, according to Laus-
port call to Manila, the last be- (sailors) are going on leave,” friends,” said Olongapo-born Avi- man, are also excited to come RP foreign reserves reach U.S.$49.6B in August
ing in August 2009, when its said Lausman, even recounting ation Ordnance Airman Steven to Manila, having fully enjoyed MANILA, Philippines — Philippines dollar reserves further went up in
sailors also took the time to en- that some of the returning Fili- Hoffman of Strike Fighter Squad- their first visit last year. August to U.S. $49.58 billion, data released by the Bangko Sentral ng
joy Philippine culture. pino sailors talked about a spe- ron 28. “It has been six years He said the first area of inter- Pilipinas (BSP) showed recently.
“As you know from last year, cial family gathering or reunion since I was in the Philippines, so est of the sailors is a trip to the The latest level of gross international reserves (GIR) is higher than the pre-
about 30 percent of the crew in their neighborhoods. it would be nice to see how things SM Mall of Asia, the fourth larg- vious month’s U.S. $49.04 billion and year-ago’s U.S. $41.5 billion.
have direct ties to the Philip- Asked how he would rate the have changed and to talk with my est shopping mall in the world.
pines either through aunts, un- Filipino sailors’ performance on family about the things I have “They are ready to go shop, BSP Governor Amando Tetangco Jr. traced the expansion from foreign
cles, brothers, sisters, fathers, the ship, Lausman quickly re- done in the U.S. Navy." shop, shop and eat. Eat. eat. exchange operations and income from investments abroad.
mothers, great uncles, great sponded, “I don’t need to say For Chief Aviation Support And they enjoyed that last year, “Revaluation gains on the BSP’s gold holdings on account of the increase in
grandmothers, etc., and this is anything, this is a great war- Equipment Technician Carlo and I think some of the shop gold prices in the international market (also helped boost the GIR),” he said.
really a homecoming of families ship, they did it.” He added, Roberto Toledo, a port visit to owners are waiting for them to The dollar reserves as of last month is already at the upper end of central
and cultures because they are “This is great. I’m very proud to Manila is the chance of a life- return as well,” said Lausman. bank’s U.S. $48-49 billion forecast for this year. Last year, the reserves
waiting to come back to their be their shipmate.” time for sailors who are from The sailors will also get totaled to U.S. $44.24 billion.
homes as well,” Lausman said. Meanwhile, the Filipino sail- the Philippines. the chance to tour Corregi-
Tetangco, on the other hand, said these inflows were offset by the
He noted that during their ors expressed their excitement With the big number of Fil- dor, go scuba diving, among
central bank and the national government’s (NG) payment of their
last port call in Manila, “there in coming home to the country ipino and Filipino-American others. (
maturing foreign obligations as well as foreign currency withdrawals
by authorized agent banks (AABs). He said that dollar reserves last Au-
gust were enough to cover 9.2 months of imports of goods and payments
of services and income.
“It is also equivalent to 9.5 times the country’s short-term external debt

Maguindanao Philippines bus driver recounts based on original maturity and 5.1 times based on residual maturity,” he said.
BSP defines short-term obligations based on residual maturity as the

massacre trial horror in rear view mirror

“outstanding external debt with original maturity of one year or less, plus
principal payments on medium and long-term loans of the public and
private sectors falling due within the next 12 months.”

begins MANILA, Philippines — The

driver of a Philippine tourist
(was) shooting again at the pas-
sengers sat there," he said.
The standoff, which played
out live on global television,
The rise was accompanied by the same development in net interna-
tional reserves (NIR) that included revaluation of reserve assets and
reserve-related liabilities, the central bank said. BSP data showed
bus hijacked by a sacked police- "He was on the aisle, by the came to a bloody end when
that end-August 2010 NIR, which is the difference between central
MANILA, Philippines man told a public inquiry Tues- middle. I saw him by the rear- police stormed the bus in a
bank’s GIR and short-term liabilities, amounted to US$ 49.6 billion
— The trial of the suspects day how he witnessed the gun- view mirror. He was shooting botched attempt to rescue the
and was US$ 6 million higher than the previous month.
in the gruesome murder of 57 man shoot more than a dozen left and right. Afterwards he hostages. A police sniper even-
people in Maguindanao prov- Hong Kong visitors one by one went into a crouch," he added. tually shot dead the gunman. “The NIR level has been approximating that of the GIR ever since the BSP set-
ince in Southern Philippines as talks broke down. Lubang said he managed Lubang said he did not re- tled its outstanding short-term liabilities in September 2009,” it added. (MNS)
began on September 8. Bus driver Alberto Lubang to unpick the handcuffs using call any crying or shouting by
After being postponed sev- said his left hand was handcuffed a nail file and jumped out of the victims, but conceded it
eral times, the lower court to the steering wheel and he saw the window beside the steer- was possible his hearing had Bank lending accelerates on strong manufacturing
set to hear the case formally the horrific scenes unfold at ing wheel shortly before po- been deadened by the gunshot MANILA, Philippines — Bank lending grew at a faster pace in July amid
opened the trial Wednes- the back of the bus through the lice launched an assault on blasts inside the vehicle. the global economic recovery, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) said.
day morning and called on the rear-view mirror as the day-long the bus. President Benigno Aquino In a statement, the BSP said outstanding loans of commercial banks, net of
plaintiff's first witness Lak- standoff ended in a bloodbath. Sacked policeman Rolando has taken responsibility for the banks’ reverse repurchase placements (RRP) with the central bank, grew 11.7
mudin Suliya. "I heard the first shot and Mendoza took the busload of tragedy, which has damaged ties percent in the first seven months of the year from 9.6 percent at end-June.
The trial was supposed to then I saw a hostage cuffed to tourists hostage on August 23 with Hong Kong and hurt the Inclusive of RRPs, bank loans also picked up by 8.9 percent from 5.5
start on September 1 but the the stairwell fall down," Lu- in a desperate bid to clear him- country's tourism industry. percent the previous month.
lower court judge granted bang, a shaven-headed middle- self of extortion charges and The public inquiry is expected
the motion to postpone the aged man, said. get his old job back. to wind up the hearings Wednes- On a month-on-month seasonally adjusted basis, commercial banks’ lend-
hearing to give time for one "Seconds later he (the gun- Eight of the tourists were day before writing a report to be ing in July rose by 0.2 percentage points for loans net of RRPs, but went
of the defense lawyers to file man) had reached the back and killed. submitted to Aquino. (MNS) down by 0.2 percentage points for loans inclusive of RRPs.
his comment. According to the BSP, the growth of loans for production—compris-
It involved a powerful po- ing 85.5 percent of the total loan portfolio—stepped up by 12 per-

Philippine Airlines
litical clan from Maguindan- cent in July from 9.3 percent the prior month. Loans for household
ao. Former Maguindanao gov- "This will affect Philippine consumption also continued to rise albeit at a slower pace of 12.5
ernor Andal Ampatuan Sr. tourism and our financial po- percent from 13 percent in June. Household consumption includes
and his sons former Datu Un- sition," Villaluna said. credit card, auto loans and others.

cabin crews file

say Mayor Andal Ampatuan The cabin staff are seeking a The growth of production loans was driven by increased lending to manu-
Jr. and Zaldy Ampatuan, the raise that would put their pay facturing, which grew by 23.4 percent; real estate and business services,
former governor of the Au- on par with that offered by for- 15.7 percent; agriculture, 13.5 percent; electricity, water and gas, 17.6
tonomous Region in Muslim eign carriers. They are also de-

strike notice
percent; financial intermediation, 12.6 percent; wholesale and retail trade,
Mindanao, are among those manding paid maternity leave 5.2 percent; and public administration and defense, 18.3 percent.
charged with multiple murder. and an end to a company policy
Similarly, lending to construction grew at a faster pace of 22 per-
A total of 197 people were that forces female attendants
cent in July from 18.7 percent in June. The central bank, however, said
implicated for the massacre of to retire at the age of 40.
lending to fishing contracted by 32.2 percent; transportation, storage and
at least 30 journalists, and the MANILA, Philippines — tween the airline and employ- There was no immediate
communications, 2.3 percent; and other community, social and personal
wife, sisters and supporters of Philippine Airlines' cabin staff ees to prevent a shut-down. comment from the labour de-
services, 24.1 percent.
Maguindanao Governor Ismael formally advised the govern- "Once we go on strike, no partment.
Mangudadatu, the rival politi- ment they would go on strike at flight will take off," said Bob The planned strike is the lat- BSP Governor Amando Tetangco Jr. said the robust growth in bank
cal clan of the Ampatuans. the end of October, saying the Anduiza, president of the Flight est in a string of labour prob- lending, especially to productive activities, is in line with the ongoing
On Nov. 23, 2009, the group move would ground all flights Attendants Association of the lems to hit the national flag- overall expansion in domestic economic activity.
was on their way to the local by the loss-making flag carrier. Philippines. "This will ground carrier. Last month, 25 pilots “The BSP believes that given the strong demand and ample liquidity
Commission on Election office The 1,600-member cab- PAL's entire operations." and first officers of PAL's short- in the economy, bank lending will continue to rise. Going forward, the
to file Mangudadatu's certifi- in crew union said it had filed a PAL spokeswoman Cielo Vil- haul aircraft suddenly quit for BSP will continue to monitor unfolding economic and financial devel-
cate of candidacy for governor strike notice with the labor min- laluna appealed to the union higher paying jobs abroad, opments to ensure that the monetary conditions remain conducive to
when they were ambushed by istry, which by law has 30 days to reconsider and return to the forcing the abrupt cancellation growth while at the same time consistent with its price stability objec-
the suspects. ( to try to find a compromise be- negotiating table. of several flights. (MNS) tive,” Tetangco said. (
September 11 - 17, 2010 THE FILIPINO PRESS 3


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4 THE FILIPINO PRESS September 11 - 17, 2010

How financial Jerry

overhaul Soto joins
changes the McMillin
By Nick Timiraos Jerry Soto is the newest
real estate agent at McMillin
The financial-regulato- Realty, South County’s lead-
ry overhaul promises some ing real estate sales organi-
big changes concerning how zation.  Soto brings with him
Americans go about getting ten years of real estate experi-
a mortgage. ence and is focused on provid-
The bill will offer more ing clients with the informa-
protections for consum- tion and analysis they need to
ers against risky or com- make decisions, whether it’s
plex mortgages, but bankers for an investment, short sale,
say that with fewer choices foreclosure or traditional real
and more safeguards, loans estate transaction.
could be slightly more ex- “Building relationships
pensive. The upshot, said is what life is all about and
Howard Glaser, an indus- I love being able to put that
try consultant and Clinton skill to work for me every day

Paying off the house

administration housing offi- in my career,” said Soto.
cial, is that consumers will A San Diego resident since
have “safer” loans, but few- the age of 12, he has spent al-
er of borrowers will qualify. most a lifetime building local

in 15 years
Some of the provisions of relationships, which has re-
the bill will take effect imme- sulted in his selling more than
diately, but many of the ef- 100 homes in the area, most of
fects won’t be noticed right those sales based on referrals.
away. That’s partly because Soto has represented an array
many of the exotic mortgag- of buyers and sellers, includ-
es that fueled the subprime ing income property investors,
bubble were swept away By Amy Hoak What's prompting the shift Mac's weekly survey of con- Thomsen, chief executive of and second-home buyers.  His
when the market melted to shorter loans? Historical- forming mortgage rates. Mortgage Master, a privately track record for success has

down three years ago. growing number of hom- ly low interest rates for fixed- A change in thinking owned lender, given that the led him to be ranked number
Mortgage bankers say that eowners are choosing to rate mortgages. The financial situation of higher payments help a bor- three worldwide among all
lending standards are tighter pay down their mort- Homeowners are doing the those capable of refinancing to- rower pay down the principal residential agents according
today than at any time in the gages at a faster rate--even if math and realizing that rates day is a factor in the shift, Wal- at a quicker clip. to Prudential California.
past two decades, and most it means a substantial jump in have fallen enough so the in- ters said. These people typi- This is a huge shift in bor- “Jerry is widely respected
loans being made today are their monthly payments. crease in payment between cally are homeowners with the rower thinking. "There was a among his peers for his ne-
conventional fixed-rate loans Between January and June, a new 15-year mortgage and best credit and the most equi- drive a couple of years ago to gotiating proficiency and tal-
that are backed in some way 26% of homeowners who refi- their current loan is no longer ty -- and, therefore, most suited take out the biggest mortgage ent for problem solving,” said
by the federal government. nanced chose a 15-year fixed- unbearable for their budgets, for a shorter-term loan. that you could and use all of Scott McMillin, president of
Here’s a look at some of the rate mortgage, according to said Bob Walters, chief econ- But there might be some oth- the money you would have oth- McMillin Realty.
main changes for mortgages: data from CoreLogic, a provid- omist at online lender Quick- er psychology at work. "We're erwise had in the house and Soto’s professional experi-
* The bill requires lenders er of financial, property and en Loans. seeing a different view on debt put it into stocks and bonds--to ence includes more than ten
to have “skin in the game” on consumer information. Dur- The average rate on a 15- than maybe we've seen in the think of your house and mort- years with Prudential Real-
certain loans that are bun- ing all of 2009, 18.5% of bor- year fixed-rate mortgage was past," he said. Today, homeown- gage as part of your entire in- ty where he specialized in
rowers who refinanced opted 3.86% for the week ending ers are saying, "I really want to vestment portfolio," said Amy resale transactions, and in-
See overhaul on 5 for a 15-year term. Aug. 26, according to Freddie pay this off. I'm going to bite Crews Cutts, deputy chief econ- vestment properties.  He
the bullet and take the pay- omist for Freddie Mac. attended San Diego City Col-
ment and work toward pay- "That worked for people who lege where he studied busi-
ing this down." do investment finance for a liv- ness administration.
A 15-year mortgage ing and are good at managing Soto can be reached at the
also acts as somewhat of accounts," she said. "But for McMillin Realty Bonita office
a forced savings account at 4210 Bonita Road, suite B,
for homeowners, said Leif See paying off on 5 or by calling (619) 572-7724.
September 11 - 17, 2010 THE FILIPINO PRESS 5

based on steering the custom- The bill, he argues, also will full contours of these rules


overhaul er to a particular type of loan favor the big banks over small- won’t be issued by regula-
Continued from p­­­­­age 4 or rate. er lenders: tors for 2-3 years—extending
Other changes will modify Thus risk retention re- a period of uncertainty that
dled and sold to investors as new appraisal regulations that quirements, compensation has dissuaded private inves-
securities. The provision have been put in place in the rules and licensing standards tors from restarting the flow
requires lenders to retain at aftermath of the mortgage cri- are all tilted toward large of mortgage capital. Mean-
least 5% of the loans that are sis. Lenders will have to com- banks. The result is that the while, the federal footprint in
securitized. The bill exempts pensate appraisers at a “cus- big will get bigger—and the mortgages will become deep-
certain “safe” classes of mort- tomary and reasonable” rate, level of mortgage risk will er and deeper in order to keep
gages, such as fixed-rate loans and new appraisal manage- concentrate further—though the housing market from the
that require borrowers to fully ment companies that facili- the administration argues dreaded double dip—and
document their incomes. tate the ordering of appraisals that more competent regula- making the unwinding of fed-
* The bill sets stricter lim- will have to be registered with tors and safer mortgage prod- eral intervention that much
its on prepayment penalties, state agencies. ucts alleviate the concern more difficult.
or fees charged when borrow- The upshot of these rules, about “too big to fail.” An Obama administra-
ers pay a loan off early. said Glaser, is a smaller mort- But the biggest “winner” tion official recently called
* Lenders will have to take gage market that exercises far could be the government, the mortgage provisions of
greater steps to ensure that greater caution: which during the first quarter the bill an important “first
borrowers have the abili- The new law places signif- backed or bought more than step” but said that addition-
ty to repay the loan they’re re- icant hurdles to offering any nine in 10 new loans: al measures were needed to
ceiving. That means consum- mortgage products outside the Private securitizations ensure better oversight of ar-
ers will be required to show “plain vanilla” category. Regu- will be helped by new rules eas that had been at the root
lots of paperwork—pay stubs, lators must define what is in- that create transparency and of the foreclosure crisis, such
bank account statements, tax side or outside the plain-vanil- requirements that rating as nonbank lenders.
forms—to prove that they can la box. Clearly, firm regulation agencies do their homework And of course, the bill is
afford the loan. (That could of mortgage products is neces- before rating a mortgage se- largely silent on how to re-
cause problems for some self- sary in light of the subprime curity. But other parts of the make the broader mortgage
employed borrowers). meltdown. But exactly where bill impose new liability on market, including what to do
One key provision tries to regulators draw the line will securitizers for the under- with Fannie Mae and Freddie
improve transparency of com- have a substantial impact on lying mortgages originated Mac. Stay tuned—the bill re-
pensation for loan officers and what kind of mortgages are by third parties, and re- quires the administration to
mortgage brokers. Brokers available and which borrowers quirements to retain capital outline its plan by early next
and loan officers can’t be paid will qualify for a mortgage. when transferring risk. The year. (

paying off their home for an extended pe-

riod of time," Thomsen said.
ried about future loss of in-
come, might be better served
For instance, if you refinance
a $200,000 mortgage into a 30-
Continued from p­­­­­age 4
Walters said you shouldn't taking a longer-term mortgage year loan with a 4.5% rate, and
the average person, debt is a take on a 15-year fixed-rate but making extra payments then apply $100 of the savings
drag on their psyche as well mortgage unless you have sub- on the principal to pay off the to the principal payment each
as their overall budget." Many stantial savings, including at loan faster, said Walters. month, you'd save $31,700 in
Americans have reverted to least a year's worth of living interest over the life of the loan,
the goal of paying off their expenses in liquid accounts. Cutts said. And you would pay
house and getting rid of their Also, he recommends hav- off the mortgage in 25 years,
mortgage, Cutts added. ing a debt-to-income ratio be- instead of 30, she added.
Doing the math low 35%. So if you have a gross What's more, you would
Refinancing into a shorter- salary of $5,700 per month, for have the flexibility of not pay-
term mortgage isn't a strategy instance, your monthly debt- ing that $100 in months when
for everyone, however. -including any mortgage pay- money gets tight. "Maybe to-
Choosing a shorter term ments, taxes, insurance, ho- day you're feeling flush with
usually means you'll get a meowners-association dues as money. Maybe you're worried
better rate--and you'll pay well as auto and student loans in the future that income might
much less interest over the and credit-card debt--would change," Cutts said. With a 30-
life of the loan--but a shorter have to be a max of $1,995 to year mortgage, you have more
time frame ramps up month- get a 35% ratio. flexibility. "Shortening to 15
ly mortgage payments. Borrowers who don't meet years is a pretty big bump in
For example, with a 4.5% in- those standards, or are wor- payment." (
terest rate on a 30-year fixed-
rate mortgage of $200,000,
you would have a monthly
payment of $1,015, including
principal and interest, Cutts
said. The monthly payment
jumps to about $1,480 with a
4% interest rate on a 15-year
fixed-rate loan.
Of course, if the refinanc-
ing borrower's current 30-
year loan has a higher rate,
the difference between the
monthly payments could
be lower. Still, you should
count on some increase in
monthly payments.
In general, Walters said,
those who choose 15-year
fixed-rate mortgages are
older and have more equi-
ty and less debt than other
folks. They also earn high-
er incomes and don't have
some of the added expenses
that younger homeowners
typically do.
"People who are taking
these loans are financially
stable and can afford the pay-
ments, but at the same time
are planning on staying in
6 THE FILIPINO PRESS September 11 - 17, 2010

fying what tasks take priority.

Of course, with time and expe-
rience, you learn, and since there
is always a learning curve in-
volved in every project, it helps
to be surrounded by people who
have the passion, skill and de-
sire to do a great job — resource-
ful people who see solutions, not
problems that overwhelm them to
the point of paralysis.
Over the years, I’ve been for-
tunate to have worked on proj-

Discovery of delegating
ects where fun is one of the key
elements, working with people
who believe in the value their
expertise offers the participants,

enhances teamwork stakeholders and the communi-

ty. After all, with all the details
and pressures involved in work-

long time ago, I happened their time and not on deadline. ing with different deadlines, dif-
to be involved in a proj- It was a period of frustration. fering views and approaches to
ect for the first time. I was But while I brought a lot of work any given situation, it certain-
tasked with being in charge with upon myself, the upside of the ly helps to have people who are
a particular aspect of the project experience was a sense of self- committed to a common goal. It
– and had people working for me discovery about what I expect is that kind of teamwork that
— but chose to accomplish the from myself and from others. ensures a positive result.
whole thing myself. I felt then In other words, I realize there For comments and suggestions,
that when something needs to is much to be learned about ones’ e-mail me at susands4@yahoo.
be done, instead of delegating, it own ability, skill (or lack there- com. Visit us online at www.
would be best to do it myself. of), the need for effective com- and Facebook.
This, of course, led to oth- munication and rallying on the Also, check out our most recent
er problems. When I finally did team from the outset to achieve event at www.filipinofamilyday.
ask an associate for help with a common goal by setting stan- com and our next project at www.
the project, things were done on dard of performance and identi-

You can bet they’ll aim their vices. And they’ve responded, cre- of our economy that has steadily nities for a Better Environment as
Co m m en ta r y bogus “protect jobs” pitch at com- ating over 500,000 new jobs, ac- gained jobs during the recession. “a clear example of environmental
munities of color, whose unem- cording to the state Employment And the Texas oil giants and injustice, where a community of col-

Prop. 23 wrong ployment rates have been run-

ning three to four percentage
points higher then whites.  
But the Texas oil initiative,
Development Department, includ-
ing over 93,000 in manufacturing
and 68,000 in construction.
And A.B. 32 is written to ensure
the rest of the dirty-energy in-
dustry don’t like it. They wrote
Prop. 23 to kill the law before it
gets any farther.
or in a lower socio-economic bracket
is disproportionately impacted by a
multiple polluting facilities.”
By strangling efforts to move

for California Proposition 23 on the November

ballot, won’t protect jobs in our
communities; it will take them
that our communities get our fair
share of these jobs. It specifically
instructs the state agencies to “di-
Prop. 23 claims to only “sus-
pend” our clean energy law, but
in fact makes it nearly impossi-
away from oil and other dirty en-
ergy, Proposition 23 guarantees
that our children will continue to
away. It will strangle the fastest- rect public and private investment ble for the law to ever take effect. breathe polluted air for decades.
By Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Jr. thick and fast, and remember growing segment of California’s toward the most disadvantaged Many of these new clean energy Between now and November,
and Orson Aguilar who is behind them. economy, green energy and clean- communities in California and pro- jobs will simply disappear. Big Oil will try to convince us to
The very words “Texas oil” tech, just as it’s beginning to soar. vide an opportunity for small busi- But it’s not just about jobs. It’s vote against our own communities

hey’re at it again: Once should send chills up Californians’ The clean energy economy is nesses, schools, affordable housing also about our neighborhoods — with phony claims of “protecting
more, special interests spines. We’ve all seen the sick- growing faster in California than associations, and other communi- the air our kids breathe and the jobs,” and will spend millions of dol-
are trying to hijack ening pictures coming out of the any other state, thanks in part ty institutions to participate in and environment we all live in. lars to do it. The real way to protect
California’s state ballot to en- Gulf Coast — the dead birds, the to A.B. 32, the Global Warming benefit from statewide efforts to re- It’s well known that minority our jobs — and our air, and our kids
rich themselves at the expense oil-stained beaches, thousands in Solutions Act that commits our duce greenhouse gas emissions.” neighborhoods often have the dirt- — is to say a loud NO to the Texas
of our communities. the seafood industry and other state to moving towards a health- Since the law was enacted, iest air, in part because highly pol- oil companies and NO to Prop. 23.
Two big Texas oil companies businesses thrown out of work. ier and cleaner economy. clean-tech investment in Cal- luting facilities like oil refineries Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Jr. is senior
are spending piles of money to And now Big Oil — with San For businesses that want to ret- ifornia has skyrocketed, and now and fossil fuel-burning power plants pastor at the Allen Temple Baptist
kill California's fast-growing Antonio-based Valero Energy rofit homes for energy efficiency, greatly exceeds all of the other have clustered in these areas. Such Church in Oakland. Orson Agu-
clean energy economy and the and Tesoro Corporation in the make solar panels or build electric leading states combined. A new clusters appear in several parts of ilar is executive director of The
hundreds of thousands of jobs lead — is claiming to want to pro- cars, the law has provided assur- economy that can boost all of our the state, including the Wilmington- Greenlining Institute,
that economy has already creat- tect us and save jobs in our com- ance that there will be a growing communities is being born, here Carson area of Los Angeles County The Filipino Press wel-
ed. Get ready for the lies to fly munities. Yeah. Right. market for their products and ser- and now. This is the only sector — singled out last year by Commu- comes opposing viewpoints.

the tone for the renewed inter- Chinese defense official said ed States and emerging world in fact, the southernmost tip of
est in the group of mostly unin- that Clinton’s remarks were power China in Southeast Asia. Palawan is just 136 miles off
habited islands and coral reefs, an unwelcome attempt at the During the period, the U.S. con- Mischief Reef, where the Chi-
which are being disputed by six “internationalization” of a ter- ducted joint military and na- nese have built a military in-
countries, including China and ritorial issue involving the val exercises with South Korea stallation. And although of-
the Philippines, when she told Spratly and Paracel chains. and Vietnam, the latter a most ficially the U.S. has no bases
a conference of Southeast and Even as the Chinese spokes- unlikely but now willing ally, in the Philippines, it can use
East Asian ministers that the man made the statement, Chi- while China staged their own either the Mutual Defense
United States had a “national nese news media reported a with North Korea. Treaty or the Visiting Forces
interest” in seeing the territo- large-scale military exercise The conflict between the Agreement to launch any coun-
rial disputes resolved through near the disputed islands. Americans and the Chinese in ter-attack against the Chinese
a “collaborative diplomatic pro- The official said that Chi- the region is expected to es- from the country.
cess by all claimants.” na will push for resolution of calate in the coming years as AFP Chief Lt. Gen. Ricardo

The RP and the While stressing that U.S. re-

mained neutral on which coun-
try has a stronger claim to the
the issue with “relevant coun-
tries,” but reiterated that Chi-
na has “indisputable sovereign-
China builds up its military
presence in Asia to gain con-
trol of the important South
David Jr. admitted last week
that the country has no military
might to stop foreign aggres-

U.S.-China conflict islands, Clinton said that the

U.S. has an interest in free
shipping on the South China
Sea and would help facilitate
ty” over the islands. Parts or all
of the two chains — which are
believed to have oil and gas de-
posits — are also claimed by
China Sea shipping lanes, the
rich fishing grounds in the
area and the vast oil deposits
(estimated at 18 billion tons
sion in the disputed islands.
But the general made the ad-
mission in the presence of Ad-
miral Willard, as if hinting that

fter a long layoff, the dis- back in the news again.  multilateral talks on the issue. Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, the underneath the disputed ter- the American troops would be
puted Spratlys Islands in Last month, U.S. Secretary As expected, China was out- Philippines and Taiwan. ritory) as the world’s second- on hand to help the country de-
the South China Sea are of State Hillary Clinton set raged by Clinton’s remarks. A Admiral Robert Willard, com- largest economy prepares to fend its claim to the islands in
mander of the U.S. Pacific Com- become a military power, too. case of any foreign attack.
mand, followed up Clinton’s re- The Americans, on the oth- It must be stressed that the
marks during a visit in Manila er hand, need to reestablish brewing U.S.-China conflict in
last week by saying that while their domination over South- the region comes at a time when
Washington does not take sides east Asia, which is fast be- the country is looking to both
in the disputes, it will oppose coming a very important focal the U.S. and China for assis-
Email Address: • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2226, NationaICity, CA 91950
any use “of force or any forms point in both world economy tance in putting the Philippine
Office: 600 E. 8th St. Ste. #3, National City, CA 91950 • Telephone: (619) 477-0940 • Fax: (619) 477-1024 of coercion to stake these claims and politics. economy back on track. The
Website: • Email: for sending ad materials on the part of any single nation In this brewing conflict, the Philippines needs the billions of
at the expense of the others.” Philippines is certain to be dollars that China is willing to
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Contributing Writers: JENNIFER ANARETA-BURMAN • FE SELIGMAN • ALICIA TORRES DE LEON tween the superpower Unit- pines is nearest to the islands; See abelgas on 7
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September 11 - 17, 2010 THE FILIPINO PRESS 7

left my bed” was all we needed children and spouses. Out of earn him a modest profit. tions, the personal column is
to inflame our imaginations. this came such matter-of-fact These practical applications surely one of the most egalitari-
Contemporary personals are blurbs as “Seek used brass have their value, but the main an, embracing all races, creeds,
often euphemisms for what bedpost to match my mattress fascination of the personal ads colors, ranks, occupations and
is everyday behavior, some- spring.” When someone insert- is the fresh view they give us of sexual preferences. I know
times brutal expressions of ed an ad, not for something the human condition: “Ordinary that some of us, dear readers,
need and, more often, they are lost, but for an object sought, man, nearly 40, seeks unas- have been instilled by the un-
outrageously funny. Leaving it was a relatively easy — suming woman for serious com- usually large number of college
all or nothing to the imagina- though long-delayed — pas- panionships,” makes us wonder professors from the most pres-
tion, they are a most tantaliz- sage to the contemporary form what kind of fellow is this who tigious institutions, who use
ing form of most private wishes. of the personal: “Have bed- is willing to lay his life on the personal columns as a ticket to
They are the creatures of that post and spring mattress, seek typeset line. We have overheard spicy sabbaticals away from
cultural upheaval of the late compatible partner to share.” his plea for help and, whether a family setting. Doctors and

A brief history of 20th century which has swept

all inhibition into the dustbin.
Advertisers in the personal col-
Although now mainly used
for romantic and erotic purpos-
es, the personal advertisement
desired or not, we have been
drawn into a drama of loneli-
ness and desperation, a song-
lawyers, no Indian chiefs, but
several nuns, are to be found in
the columns alongside desper-

the personal ad
umns now enjoy complete free- has proven to be a versatile ve- and-dance act that is played out ate housewives seeking not-
dom to express their desires (or hicle for making other connec- over and over again in the per- so-occasional love in the after-
groins, as someone with an odd tions as well. It is, for example, sonal columns with a surpris- noon. Corporate executives
sense of humor might write), not uncommon for espionage ing variety of moods and styles. lay out their business trips to

ome time ago someone answer these columns. but they must work within the agents to insert cunningly cod- The female advertisers in correspond with their male/
placed this ad in a news- Connoisseurs of person- limitations of a given form. ed messages in the personal col- the personal columns are no female/bisexual/transvestite
paper: “I will listen to you als have in recent times been From this point of view, the per- umns as a way to transmit vital shrinking violets, either. One paramours they have procured
talk for 30 minutes without struck by their candor and sonal ad can be appreciated as state secrets. Kidnappers have lady seeking a mate sees herself through the personal columns.
comment for $5.00.” Sounds ingenuity. Personal classi- a unique literary genre with a used the personal columns to this way: “Gorgeous, witty, wil- Airline pilots seek carnal re-
like a hoax, doesn’t it? But fied ads are the telltale sign distinctive typographical look convey ransom demands and lowy, willing, and acrobatic, if lief from jet lag, and bus driv-
the person was serious. Did of a brazen if not golden age and contextual tone. other instructions to the kin called upon.” Thus the demigod ers from boredom. Catholics,
anybody call? You bet! It wasn’t of self-revelation that burst As art forms go, the person- of their victims. Among oth- meets his demigoddess, often in Protestants and Jews, whites
long before this individual was upon us after a dreary epoch al ad is very young. It may take er malefactors have been those the very same personal column. and blacks are all here — some
receiving 10 to 20 calls a day. in which the personal columns some time for it to achieve the writers who have used the per- But while Adonis and Aphrodite anxious to cross all lines, oth-
The pang of loneliness was so rarely offered more than legal literary standing of the English sonal columns as a central plot may or may not go off together, ers insistent on carrying on
sharp that some were willing to notices to the curious reader. sonnet, the Irish limerick, or device in their fiction. we continue to wonder why she only with there own kind.
try anything for a half hour of Indeed, we have come a the Japanese haiku. It is, how- The personal ad has also had failed to score long before For all of these individuals,
companionship. long way from those person- ever, a unique and unusually el- been shaped into a hand tool her ad appeared. We readers the personal column is an are-
Classified personal ads are als whose agonies were rare- oquent voice from the heart of for panhandling, as in the fol- shall never know just how amo- na of fantasy where they can
the most public way of express- ly masked behind such formu- contemporary America — from lowing: “Up to my ears in debt. rous this gymnast is unless we reach out for love and freedom.
ing our need for love, friendship las as, “Bill, come home, all is California to the New York, Need a helping hand for any risk a response to her designat- But, as illustrated by Craig-
and even sex. As one contribu- forgiven, Hillary,” or “My wife, grass widows to machos. amount and I’ll repay you with ed address, that Pandora’s box- slist’s recent self-imposed ban
tor asks, “Ever get the feeling Jennifer, having left my bed The origins of the person- my gratitude and prayers.” number from which may pop up on its “Adult Services” section,
that half of the world is lonely and board, I am no longer re- als are murky, but their pre- Here is a fellow who has appar- not the vision of loveliness, as it’s also a theater of the abyss,
and the other half doesn’t care?” sponsible for her debts. Brad.” cursors are the lost-and-found ently risked his last fistful of clearly advertised, but a harpy a bizarre rendezvous for all
Millions of people feel the same Like an exposed ankle on a Vic- columns that were used for dollars on the gamble that his with delusions of grandeur. extremely dangerous) charac-
way, and they read, write and torian damsel, the phrase “has the recovery of stray pets, message is touching enough to Of all Americans institu- ters beyond the fringe.

necologist, questioned the doc- his tail between his legs after ence between right and wrong. boxing rivals, but Mayweath-
tor’s credentials and quipped, his ward got knocked out in NaFFAA has, once again, tak- er’s racially-laced profanities
“Can I check those diplomas? two rounds. At least, the Briton en up the cudgels for our commu- brazenly crossed the line of de-
Because I want to make sure fought like a man. Mayweather nity. It has released a statement cency and respectability. Pac-
they're not from some med Sr. spewed trash like a sewer. strongly condemning Foulweath- quiao, on the other hand, has
school in the Philippines.” And now comes his son, Floyd er’s racist and homophobic re- taken the high road and acted
The Filipino-American com- Mayweather Jr., trying to outdo marks and has also asked civil like the gentleman that he is.
munity immediately protested his old man in bad manners. For rights organizations, including “We call on the National Box-
the insult and more than 50,000 a pugilist who claims to be “the the National Association for the ing Association and state athlet-
signed an online petition, initiat- best,” Mayweather is an embar- Advancement of Colored People ic commissions to censure May-
ed by Kevin Nadal, condemning rassment not only to boxing but to (NAACP), the leading African- weather for behavior that is
the show and ABC Network. The sports in general. In case that ju- American civil rights group, to both abhorrent and demeaning

National Federation of Filipino- venile brain of his hasn’t figured censure the boxer. to boxing fans and to the whole
American Associations (NaFFAA) it out yet, the essence of sports is Below is the official world of sports. We also call on
organized protest demonstra- sportsmanship. And in case his NaFFAA statement: the National Association for the
tions at the offices of ABC and re- potty mouth hasn’t learned to ver- NaFFAA condemns racist Advancement of Colored Peo-

Foulweather tail outlets of its parent company,

Disney, and demanded an apolo-
gy. ABC apologized and vowed to
balize it yet, the essence of sports-
manship is fair play.
Mayweather subsequently
and homophobic rant against
Filipino boxing champ.
ple (NAACP) to reprimand the
boxing star for insulting people
of color. We are further asking
be more ethnically and culturally “apologized” for his tirade tional Federation of Filipino all civil rights organizations to

s if the hostage tragedy   Back in the mid-1980s, a sensitive in its programs. and claimed he was “just hav- American Associations (NaF- stand in solidarity with us in
hasn’t tainted the im- disc jockey at KMEL-FM radio Mayweather’s verbal attacks ing fun.” The idiot can’t even FAA) has strongly condemned denouncing this racist and ho-
age of the Philippines in San Francisco simulated a require a similarly vigorous and tell the difference between be- boxing star Floyd Mayweather mophobic rant. Mayweather’s
enough in the eyes of the world, Pinoy ordering “dog sandwich” angry response from our com- ing insulting and being funny. Jr.’s blatantly racist and homo- apology is unacceptable and he
along comes boxer Floyd May- in the course of his show. This munity. While his obvious in- He can’t tell the difference be- phobic attacks against Filipino must be made accountable for
weather Jr. unleashing a flood was reported by an irate Fil-Am boxing champ Manny Pacquiao his damaging statements.
of trash talk on Manny Pac- radio listener to the office of Ad- in a YouTube interview released “At a time when immigrant
quiao. If you think that’s strict- vertising & Marketing Associ- two days ago. In the vitriolic communities are being viewed
ly Pacquiao's business and does ates, USA, which, at the time, “This disgusting diatribe against Pacqiuao is video, Mayweather called Pac- with increasing suspicion and
not effect the rest of us as Fil- was producing a weekly maga- a racial slur against all Filipinos and Filipino quiao a “whore,” a “little yellow mistrust, Mayweather’s cru-
ipinos, think again. The world zine show, “Manila, Manila,” on chump” and a “midget” several el, abusive and hurtful remarks
has a bad habit of going by ste- KTSF-TV Channel 26. I hap- Americans and an embarrassment not only to times. He also said that he will can only stoke more hostility, de-
reotypes, and if Pacquiao’s ring pened to be the recipient of the force Pacquiao to “make some rision and resentment against
prowess has had a positive ef- complaint and I promised to do
the boxing community but to all Americans.” sushi rolls and cook some rice” individuals who look foreign by
fect on our people, Mayweath- something about it. and “we’re going to cook him virtue of their looks, their size
er’s insults have also had a neg- I reported the slur to the with some cats and dogs.” or the sound of their names.
ative effect. Federal Communications Com- tention was to demean and di- tween fair and foul. Indeed, this Pacquiao had challenged May- Coming from a boxing celebrity
I’m reacting as any self-re- mission and was informed that minish the stature of Pacquiao character should, from now on, weather to a fight in the ring, but with millions of fans around the
specting Filipino should. While the radio station could be held as the best pound-for-pound be known as Foulweather. so far Mayweather has refused. world, Mayweather ’s shame-
Pacquiao’s calibrated response accountable for it. I then called boxer in the world, Mayweath- Floyd Foulweather Instead, he has defamed and less and reckless conduct un-
was proper — he being the up the KMEL station manager, er also demeaned the rest of us. aka Potty Mouth slandered Pacquiao with base- fairly paints an entire racial
champion with the record and told him of the FCC’s opinion Of course, the tirade mere- In case Foulweather’s father less accusations that he uses per- and ethnic group with a broad
the title that Mayweather cov- and demanded an on-air apol- ly served to expose Mayweath- hasn’t told him yet, Pacquiao’s formance-enhancing drugs. brush and seriously undermines
ets — the rest of us cannot sim- ogy. The offending disc jock- er as a mean, envious, frus- patronizingly civilized descrip- “We are outraged by May- America’s core values of inclu-
ply let the slur pass. When vile- ey, who was doing his show at trated and completely insecure tion of his insults as “uneducat- weather’s racially offensive re- sivity and racial tolerance.”
tongued individuals are allowed the time, was forced to publicly juvenile delinquent whose par- ed” was as devastating as a left marks,” says NaFFAA Nation-   We urge every Pinoy who
to get away with slandering Fil- apologize for the insult. ents failed to imbue with man- hook to the chin of Hatton. The al Chair Greg Macabenta. “This does not relish being called
ipinos, onlookers and kibitz- In late 2007, Filipino doc- ners. Small wonder. Floyd May- contrast between Foulweather’s disgusting diatribe against Pac- the names Floyd Foulweather
ers tend to get into the act and tors were insulted in an episode weather Sr. set a record for below-the-belt attack and Pac- qiuao is a racial slur against all inflicted on Pacquiao to pass
join in the insulting spree. We of the ABC series, “Desperate profanity and Barnum and Bai- quiao’s matter-of-fact dismissal Filipinos and Filipino Amer- on this protest statement. Re-
can’t allow them to make virtu- Housewives.” In one scene, Teri ley quips in the weeks leading of it told a glaring tale of who icans and an embarrassment member, Potty Mouth didn’t
al punching bags of us. Slander- Hatcher, one of the stars of the to the Pacquiao bout with Ricky the better man is. It certain- not only to the boxing communi- just insult Pacquiao. He in-
ers must realize that there’s a show, while discussing her on- Hatton. Of course, Mayweath- ly isn’t the one whose punch- ty but to all Americans. Talking sulted the rest of us. (gregma-
price to pay for their insults. coming menopause with her gy- er Sr. ended up like a dog with drunk brain can’t tell the differ- trash may be common between

abelgas U.S., its long time ally, with-

out losing China’s own affec-
ous dubious deals. While get-
ting billions from China, Ar-
"This is treason because
the pact has the effect of giv-
royo’s state visit to China in
2004, the two countries signed
fisheries and agriculture proj-
ects totaling $4.9 billion and
Continued from p­­­­­age 6
tion, which could mean the loss royo allowed U.S. troops to ing away Philippine sovereign- the "Agreement for Seismic many more dubious deals.
other hand, it also needs the of billions of dollars in grants, virtually maintain a military ty to a foreign country. In re- Undertaking for Certain Ar- These highly inconsistent
usual economic and military as- loans and assistance to put base in Mindanao in the guise turn, Chinese-owned firms eas in the South China Sea By deals were exposed one by
sistance that the U.S. normally the country back on its feet. of anti-terrorist training or provide the Philippines with and Between China National one, and China remained qui-
doles out to allies. On the other hand, the Philip- military exercise. overpriced loans for numerous Offshore Oil Corporation and et amid the furor.
Obviously, the U.S.-Chi- pines can not just turn its back In February 2008, Malaya projects," he said. Philippine National Oil Com- Aquino can play his cards as
na conflict would create a di- on more than a century of close publisher Amado “Jake” Ma- In the same month, Far pany," which, Wain said, an- deftly as Arroyo did. But even
lemma for Philippine national ties with the United States. casaet accused Arroyo and Eastern Economic Review’s gered Vietnam. without the accompanying cor-
leaders, particularly President President Aquino will be former Speaker Jose V. de Barry Wain accused Arroyo of The articles of Macasaet ruption, he can get burned as
Aquino, who is scheduled to tiptoeing as he traverses the Venecia of having commit- selling out to China the Philip- and Wain should explain why did Arroyo. In any three-way
visit the U.S. this month to at- difficult path of maintaining ted treason in entering into a pine and regional interests in Arroyo was able to obtain bil- love affair, the one in the mid-
tend both the United Nations relations with the world’s two so-called "Spratly Deal" with the South China Sea. lions of dollars in loans to fi- dle — the one who plays with
General Assembly and a sum- biggest economies in the com- Beijing in exchange for loans Wain argued that Arroyo vi- nance various projects, in- fire — always gets burned.
mit meeting of leaders of the ing months. attended by bribery and cor- olated a 2002 regional agree- cluding the highly anomalous The conflict between the U.S.
Association of Southeast Asian During her time, Gloria Ma- ruption. Macasaet said he was ment that called on ASEAN $329-million NBN deal, the and China will someday come to
Nations with President Obama capagal Arroyo deftly played told by a source that under the member-states to deal with questionable $460-million cy- a head. Where the Philippines
in New York on Sept. 24. the emerging power struggle "Spratly Deal," China would China as a bloc on the six-coun- b e r- e d u c a t i o n p r o j e c t , t h e would be when that time comes
The country can not openly between the U.S. and China to be allowed to explore territo- try Spratly Islands dispute. $500-million North Rail proj- will depend on how Aquino plays
show its affection for the obtain funding for her numer- rial waters of the Philippines. Wain said that during Ar- ect, the disadvantageous 19 his card. (
8 THE FILIPINO PRESS September 11 - 17, 2010

Register cell Research

Health insurance can help needed on
phones for
your child succeed in school heart
alerts DALLAS, Texas — There
are marked differences in
heart disease risk and occur-
The County of San Diego is rence among Asian-American
launching a campaign during Na- subgroups, but data on these
tional Preparedness Month in subgroups is limited, prompt-
September to urge residents to ing the American Heart As-
register their cell phones for Alert- sociation to call for more
SanDiego and encourage fami- research on this fastest-grow-
ly and friends to do so. Currently, ing racial/ethnic group in the
about 200,000 cell phones are reg- U.S., according to a scientific
istered, which exceeds other com- statement published in Circu-
munities that use the system but lation: Journal of the Ameri-
is still far short of the number of can Heart Association.
residents in our county. “Available research shows
Registering gives the County that subgroups of Asian-
Office of Emergency Services an- Americans are at increased
other way to alert residents with risk of complications and
emergency messages and evacu- death from cardiovascu-
ation notices in their area during lar disease; however, Asian-
a wildfire, earthquake or other Americans are often studied
disaster. The County will work as a group, which masks the
through its community, emer- differences within this het-
gency response and media part- erogeneous population,” ac-
ners as well as use social media cording to Latha Palaniap-
and the web to spread the mes- pan, M.D., M.S., chair of the
sage during the campaign. Reg- American Heart Associa-
istration is quick and simple; tion’s Scientific Advisory on
visit Cardiovascular Disease in
AlertSanDiego expands be- By David Sayen number of reasons. You lost your no fault of their own, don’t have can’t afford the necessary phys- Asian-Americans.
yond the reach of Reverse 9-1-1 job, your employer doesn’t offer or can’t afford private health ical or their parents worry they Asian-Americans rep-

by including cell phone numbers, ne of the best ways insurance, or you simply can’t af- insurance. The youngsters get couldn’t pay the doctors’ bills if r e sent 25 percent of all for-
VoIP phones and e-mail addresses to help your children ford it. Whatever the cause, the regular check-ups, dental care, their children were injured. eign-born people in the U.S.
to the regional registry. Reverse have a good year Children’s Health Insurance Pro- shots and prescription drugs. Obviously, allowing as many They are projected to reach
9-1-1 only contacts listed and in school is to make sure they gram, or CHIP, may be able to They’re less likely to miss class students as possible to get cov- nearly 34 million by 2050.
unlisted land-line telephones. have health coverage. Young- help. More than seven million and fall behind. erage and get in the game is im- Major federal surveys have
By registering with AlertSanD- sters with insurance generally youngsters now receive low-cost Children with health insurance portant to the children, who are only recently started to clas-
iego, you would receive notifica- enjoy better health. They can medical care through CHIP. are also better able to participate eager to play sports. But it’s also sify Asian-Americans into
tion when the home or business focus on their studies and par- The federal and state program in organized school sports. With- valuable to a country facing an seven subgroups: Asian In-
address associated with your ticipate in sports. has been a lifeline for children 18 out coverage, youngsters some- epidemic of childhood obesity. dian, Chinese, Filipino, Ko-
cell phone number is impacted Your children may not cur- and younger whose parents don’t times must pass up the chance to
by a disaster or an emergency. rently have coverage for a qualify for Medicaid but, through join a team because their families See insurance on 9 See disease on 9
September 11 - 17, 2010 THE FILIPINO PRESS 9

disease to improve health dispari- insurance for either program. Others may ilies can usually complete their children’s health coverage. The
Continued from p­­­­­age 8 ties among Asian-Americans,” Continued from p­­­­­age 8 not even realize the help exists. applications over the phone, on- goal now is to find and sign up
Palaniappan said. “We need Income guidelines vary by line or through the mail, without each of the five million eligible
rean, Japanese, Vietnamese changes in data collection.” One in three American chil- state. In California, for example, taking time from work. youngsters who aren’t enrolled.
and Other Asian. The first six Among the suggested dren is now overweight or obese. a family of four with an income Once your child is enrolled, Children deserve good health
subgroups together consti- changes: Instead of group- That should be as startling as up to $55,128 a year can get their you’ll be able to pick a physician for care to reach their full poten-
tute more than 90 percent of ing Asian Pacific Islanders if one in three youngsters were children covered. In Arizona, a your child and see that doctor when tial. Parents shouldn’t have to
Asian-Americans in the U.S., together, separate them into found to have cancer. Unless we family of four may qualify with an your youngster falls sick. You won’t choose between paying for gro-
according to the statement. the appropriate groups for reverse this trend toward early income of up to $44,100. Even if have to worry about how you’ll pay ceries and affording a doctor’s
Palaniappan and her col- more accurate disease char- obesity and the health problems it you’ve been turned down before, for the visit, and you won’t have to visit. CHIP gives families con-
leagues reviewed published re- acterization. This is already creates, we will have the first gen- you may be able to have your chil- sit for hours in an emergency room trol over their health care and
search on Asian-Americans and done in the U.S. Census, ac- eration of Americans with a short- dren insured now, since a number when your child could be easily the peace of mind that comes
cardiovascular disease, then cording to Palaniappan, but er lifespan than their parents. of states have recently broadened treated in the doctor’s office. Your from knowing they’ll get high-
identified gaps in knowledge it is not done commonly in Getting all youngsters in- their eligibility for CHIP. children will also have access to quality care when they need it.
and made recommendations. hospitals and clinics. sured is an important first step CHIP has softened the blow prescription drugs and dental care.- Sayen in the San Francis-
“We found many dispari- Other recommendations to keeping them fit and conquer- when breadwinners have lost A year ago, President Obama co Regional Administrator
ties among subgroups,” Pa- for improving the quality and ing childhood obesity. With their their jobs during the recession. and Congress added money to for the Centers for Medicare &
laniappan said. “If you group quantity of data include devel- children covered, families can But the program has also helped the CHIP program to expand Medicaid Services.
all Asian-Americans togeth- oping standard Asian-specific develop standing relationships working parents when an em-
er, you do not detect these measurement tools for things with doctors who can teach their ployer has scaled back or end-
differences.” such as acculturation, which young patients healthy lifestyles ed group health coverage.
The statement cites some indicates how well a certain and tackle medical problems ear- A phone call is all it takes to
of the following risk differ- population has adapted to the ly, before they become serious. determine if your children are
ences between Asian-Ameri- U.S. culture, as well as diet. Still, as many as five million eligible for low-cost health in-
can subgroups: “In Mexican-Americans children are eligible for CHIP or surance. Call 1-877-KIDS-
• Asian Indians and Filipi- and Spanish populations Medicaid but not yet enrolled. NOW (1-877-543-7669) to talk
nos are at greater risk of cor- we often use language as a Many families may think they with a representative or visit
onary heart disease compared marker as acculturation. We make too much money to qualify Fam-
to the other subgroups. say: Do you speak English
• Japanese- and Chinese- at home? This is not such a
Americans have lower rates great marker in Asian popula-
of coronary heart disease but tions because English is often
higher rates of stroke. taught in the home countries.
• Chinese-Americans have In India, for example, English
lower rates of peripheral ar- is a national language,” Pa-
terial disease, or clotting dis- laniappan said. “Giving many
eases of the leg arteries, than Asian-Americans the typical
other groups. American diet questionnaire
The statement identifies re- does not lead to accurate data
search showing that risk fac- collection because these ques-
tors for Asian-Americans dif- tions do not reflect culturally
fer compared to Caucasians. specific foods.”
For example, body mass in- The committee also recom-
dex, a common tool for de- mends that researchers should
termining risk for cardiovas- “over-sample” Asian-Amer-
cular disease, is considered icans in population-based and
normal when it’s less than 25 clinical trials to ensure that
kg/m2 for Caucasians. How- they are well-represented.
ever, a BMI under 23 kg/m2 “We’ve done an excellent
may be more appropriate for job in researching dispari-
Asians, she said.  ties in other minority groups,
Some studies also show that but great gaps remain in
Asian-Americans metabolize our knowledge about Asian-
drugs, including those used to Americans,” Palaniappan
treat heart disease, differently said. “We are making a call
than Caucasians and other ra- to action for national funding
cial/ethnic groups. organizations that the study
“Looking at this more close- of Asian-Americans should
ly gives us opportunities be a priority.”
10 THE FILIPINO PRESS September 11 - 17, 2010

Handsome? I call them Miss

AURORA SORIANO-CUDAL Beautiful or Mr. Handsome
b e c a u s e I d o n ’t r e m e m b e r DANNY HERNAEZ
tians - when they are som-
ber and joyless, when they
their names.” What a keen are self-righteous and smug

My Personal sense of humor!

When she said thank you From Whom All
in complacent consecration,
when they are narrow and

to Congressman Bob Fil- repressive, then Christianity
ner for proclaiming Sept. 4
as “Regina Idos Day” in the
Blessings Flow dies a thousand deaths.”  No-
body likes lukewarm. Nobody
51th Congressional District, wants to be lukewarm.
she added, without missing a If you're not a Christian

The blessings
beat, “There are 135 voters in and that's the only Christian-
my family.”
Dona Regina said, “People
ask me what is my secret for
A water problem ity you've seen, then I'd urge
you to look again. There are
Christians who have overcome

of a long life a long life. I tell them, it is

God’s will.” Claiming God’s
this perpetual state of apa-

Will for our longevity means he ancient city of Laodi-
that we have devoted our life cea had a water prob-

hat is the key to How I wish I’ll grow old to doing what God wants us lem. The problem was If you are a Christian, but find that lukewarm
a long l ife? This as gracefully as the cele- to do as we raise our chil- there was no water. At least
question remained brant and how I wish I could dren, as we take care of our- not in the city itself. There describes your faith, let me encourage you to
in my thoughts as I joined the speak as coherently as she selves and as we share our were hot springs 6 miles
Idos Clan and their relatives did when she delivered her talents for the good of others. away near the town of Hier-
go back to the basics. Focus on Bible study and
and friends in celebrating speech. Of course, there were Dona Regina was a teacher, apolis. That water wasn't prayer. Find a church and make yourself an active
the 100th birthday of their times when she repeated her- albeit a very good teacher. In drinkable and would lose its
grand matriarch, Dona Re- self, when she paused to re- fact, she grew up in a family soothing warmth by the time part of it.
gina Camacho Salcedo vda. call a word, but for me it was of top educators in the Phil- it was taken to Laodicea. At
de Idos. It was a remarkable all right. I could listen to ippines — the late Daniel about the same distance in
event held at the Norman Se- her forever, if only the time Salcedo, the first director of the opposite direction, there
nior Center in Chula Vista was not of the essence. That private schools and the late were deliciously cool sourc- translated "spit" is more accu- thy. They know that Christi-
last Saturday, Sept. 4. was a sacred moment — lis- Benigno Aldana, the director es of water around Denizli. rately translated "vomit." It's anity isn't just about showing
I was awed by our amaz- tening to someone who had of public schools, her brother These waters would also lose an unpleasant image for an up at church at certain times.
ing celebrant. There she was reached the age of 100. She and cousin, respectively. their cool temperature when unpleasant condition: Chris- It's a way of life. As Vanuaken
wearing a long-sleeve fus- acknowledged her caregiv- But most of all she is a transported to Laodicea, re- tians who have lost their pas- said, such Christians are the
chia gown with enlaced gold ers, her children, mentioning very good mother and ma- sulting in an unpleasantly sion, who have compromised best argument for Christian-
thread and matching hat, all their names and their as- triarch. Her nine children, warm drink. The only water their loyalty to Christ. ity that exists.
amiably greeting her well- signed days, her medical doc- 62 grandchildren, 58 great- available to the Laodiceans Unfortunately, the world If you are a Christian, but
wishers. She exuded the tor of almost 46 years, Dr. grandchildren and eight was lukewarm at best. has seen too many Christians find that lukewarm describes
priceless beauty of a life well- Renato Masilungan, and all great-great-grandchildren When Jesus addressed the just like this. Mahatma Gan- your faith, let me encour-
lived. Her children and grand- those who have made a dif- (and still counting), at- Christians of this city in the dhi said, "I like your Christ, age you to go back to the ba-
children were around to make ference in her life. tests to her love and devo- book of Revelation, he used I do not like your Christians. sics. Focus on Bible study and
her birthday a day of thanks- There was a portion of tion, her firm hand in rais- an illustration they would un- Your Christians are so un- prayer. Find a church and
giving and celebration. Their her speech when everybody ing them and her generosity derstand: "I know your deeds, like your Christ." The agnos- make yourself an active part
warm hospitality reflected laughed. She said, “When a and kindness to all the peo- that you are neither cold nor tic Sheldon Vanuaken wrote, of it. Reconnect with God each
the love and devotion they woman comes and give me a ple around her. Her life is a hot. I wish you were either one “The best argument for week by participating in the
have for this grand lady who kiss, I would kiss her back lesson for all of us who as- or the other! So, because you Christianity is Christians: Lord's Supper.
has maintained her charm and say, how are you Miss pire for longevity. are lukewarm - neither hot t h e i r j o y, t h e i r c e r t a i n t y, Nobody likes lukewarm.
and friendliness, her wit and Beautiful? When a man “O Lord, teach us to num- nor cold - I am about to spit their completeness. But the Nobody wants to be lukewarm.
humor and her resonant voice kisses me, I kiss him back ber our days that we may get a you out of my mouth" (Revela- strongest argument against And nobody wants Jesus to
through all these years. a n d s a y, h o w a r e y o u , M r. heart of wisdom.” (Psalm 90:12) tion 3:15-16). The Greek word Christianity is also Chris- "spit them out."

Chapel of Roses

Glen Abbey Memorial

Park & Mortuary
Nature Garden
September 11 - 17, 2010 THE FILIPINO PRESS 11

SDG&E makes enrolling in

bill-assistance program easier
SAN DIEGO, Calif. — San SDG&E estimates there are $52,000.
Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) some 70,000 customers who • Add $7,600 for each addi-
has made enrolling in the state- are eligible but have yet to en- tional household member
sponsored California Alter- roll. Applying for the program is
nate Rates for Energy (CARE) The new phone enrollment easy and customers may use
bill-assistance program even system is not only good for the any of the following ways to
more convenient for custom- customer, it is good for the en- apply:
ers thanks to a toll-free phone vironment as SDG&E contin- • A toll-free automated en-
enrollment system. Customers ues to look for more ways to rollment line (877) 646-5525
who enroll in the CARE pro- incorporate environmentally • Online at
gram may be eligible for a bill responsible business practices care
savings of up to 35 percent on into day-to-day operations. Re- • Requesting an application
their SDG&E bill every month. ducing paper is one such way. from SDG&E’s customer ser-
“We recognize that during Customers may qualify for vice at (800) 411-7343
these tough economic times not the CARE program one of two In addition to the CARE pro-
all of our customers have easy ways: through their partici- gram, SDG&E offers a variety
access to a computer or want to pation in certain public assis- of other assistance programs
wait for their paper application tance programs, or based on that save energy and money,
to be processed,” said Hal D. their household’s size and in- such as no-cost home improve-
Snyder, vice president of cus- come. For customers who are ments and energy-efficient ap-
tomer solutions for SDG&E. recently unemployed, house- pliances for income-qualified
“By providing more enrollment hold income is calculated from renters and homeowners, re-
options and making the pro- the date of unemployment. All duced energy costs for custom-
cess as easy as possible, we other provisions on determin- ers with certain medical condi-
hope to reach all of our custom- ing income still apply. tions/equipment, and payment
ers who may be eligible for the Qualification criteria: extensions for those who need
program.” • Regardless of income, cus- extra help:
Using a touch-tone key pad, tomers may be eligible if they • Energy Team: Will make
customers can enroll in the are currently enrolled in any of your family more comfortable
CARE program in a few min- the following public assistance and secure by sealing your
utes by calling 1-877-646-5525; programs: Women, Infants, place from the heat and cold
all they need is their account and Children (WIC) program, and upgrading old inefficient
number. This is in great con- Medi-Cal, Healthy Families A appliances;
trast to the several weeks it & B, CalWorks/TANF or Tribal • Neighbor-to-Neighbor:
can take to mail and process TANF, Head Start Income El- This fund provides a grant to
paper applications. igible (Tribal Only), Bureau of help customers pay their gas
“The economy’s slow recov- Indian Affairs General Assis- and electric bills;
ery is putting many of our cus- tance, Food Stamps/SNAP, Na- • Family Electric Rate As-
tomers in unchartered territo- tional School Lunch Program sistance (FERA): Provides low-
ry,” said Snyder. “We believe (NSLP), Low Income Home er rates for households of three
there are a number of custom- Energy Assistance Program or more persons;
ers who may be unemployed (LIHEAP), Supplemental Se- • Medical Baseline: Reduced
for the first time and don’t real- curity Income (SSI). energy costs for customers who
ize they are eligible for the dis- • Customers may qualify have medical conditions/equip-
count. If customers are strug- if their current annual house- ment that impact their bill;
gling to pay their bill, we urge hold income meets the latest • Level Payment Plan: Al-
them to call us to discuss all of threshold. The income guide- lows for monthly payments to
their options.” lines below will be in effect be spread evenly throughout
More than 280,000 custom- from June 1, 2010 - May 31, the year.
ers throughout SDG&E’s ser- 2011. Additional information on
vice area are currently en- • Number of people per these assistance programs is
rolled in the CARE program household, 1 or 2= $31,300; available from SDG&E’s Web
and benefit from the discount. 3= $36,800; 4= $44,400; 5= site,

Mark Your Calendars!

I-805 South Project Public Hearings
September 21 & 22

Caltrans has scheduled two

public hearings for the I-805
South Project on September
21st and 22nd. The purpose
is to gather public input on
the 11-mile project from
East Palomar Street in
Chula Vista to the I-805/
SR-15 interchange.

Tuesday, September 21 Wednesday, September 22

5 – 8 p.m. 5 – 8 p.m.
Loma Verde Recreation Center Jackie Robinson Family YMCA
1420 Loma Lane 151 YMCA Way
Chula Vista, CA 91911 San Diego, CA 92102

Please call (619) 688-6670 or visit the I-805 Corridor section

of or
for more information.
Check us out: The

www. .com
12 THE FILIPINO PRESS September 11 - 17, 2010

Airship ride donated to fundraiser GET LISTED: To have your event listed in Save the Date, e-mail your
SAN DIEGO, Calif. —
information (include date, time, location, cost, and phone) to filpress@
Farmers Insurance Group of Keep in mind we publish on Saturdays, so ensure your event
Companies lent is support to
happens on the day of publication or during the following week.
the Girl Scouts San Diego’s Ur-
ban Campout Feelin’ Groovy
fundraiser on Friday, Sept.
10, at Girl Scout’ Balboa Park
September 18
campus with a ride in the sky. Iluminada 2010: Celebrating our heritage
Farmers donated a Farm- The San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce invites community
ers Airship ride during the live members to attend the Annual Gala Event honoring member acheivements.
auction that evening, which The event will take place Saturday, September 18 at the Sheraton
also included gourmet food, Mission Valley.
games, live music and dancing.
“Farmers is proud to be a The silent auction begins at 6:00 p.m. with a Mariachi concert following at
part of Girl Scouts 13th annual 7:00 p.m. The dinner and awards pressentation will take place at 8:00 p.m.
‘fun fundraiser for grown-ups,’” with dancing following at 10:00 p.m. The gala is a black tie event.
said Kevin Kelso, Farmers chief To reserve tables, call the SDCHCC chamber office at (858) 268-0790 or
marketing officer. “Communi- call (619) 808-8250.
ty support is top of Farmers’
September 18
list when it comes to the Farm-
ers Airship, and we are very Reunion of Filipinos who joined the U.S. Navy
pleased that a ride on the air- The celebration will be held at the Filipino American Veteran’s Associa-
ship will be auctioned to help tion located at 2926 Market Street, San Diego on Saturday, September
the 30,000 girl and 11,700 adult 18, at 10:00 a.m.
local members of Girl Scouts.” Veterans widows are very much welcomed. Seats are limitied so please
Stretching 15-feet longer Photo: Courtesy of Farmers Insurance
RSVP as soon as possible. Videos of past reunions will be shown. Nita Bar-
than a 747 and 50-feet longer The Farmers Airship, Zeppelin Eureka, is the world’s largest airship, stretching 15-feet longer than a 747 rion’s band will perform.
than the largest blimp, the and 50-feet longer than the largest blimp and is one of only three Zeppelins currently operation in the
world. Farmers Insurance donated a ride in the airship that was auctioned during the Girl Scouts San Di- For more information, contact Bert Andrade at (619) 470-8039.
Farmers Airship, the Zeppe-
lin Eureka, is the world’s larg- ego’s Urban Campout Feelin’ Groovy fundraiser on Friday, Sept. 10, in San Diego. SEPTEMBER 19
est airship. One of only three
Zeppelins currently operating lifelong leadership skills,” said selves, connect with others, and For information or to pur-
AUP Ambassadors to perform at
in the world, the Farmers Air- Jo Dee C. Jacob, CEO of Girl take action to make the world chase tickets for Urban Cam- National City church
ship offers passengers spectac- Scouts San Diego. “We expect a better place. Girl Scouts, San pout, visit www.sdgirlscouts. The Adventist University of the Philippines’ Ambassadors choir will
ular 360-degree views of the bidding for this exciting oppor- Diego-Imperial Council pro- org or call Annie Revel at perform at the First United Methodist Church of National City on
sights on flight-seeing tours tunity to be fast and furious!” vides activities for 40,000 girl (619) 610-0807, Sunday, Sept. 19.
“Proceeds from auctioning Girl Scouting provides the and adult members, offers For more information about The Ambassadors, returning to San Diego on their fifth U.S. Goodwill
the Farmers Airship ride will world’s best leadership experi- training for volunteers, and Farmers, visit Concert Tour, will perform twice that day. The choral group, conducted by
support programs that help ence for girls. Through Girl maintains three camps and four com or Ramon Molina Luauco Jr., will first perform during the church’s morning
Girl Scouts develop valuable, Scouts, girls discover them- program and service facilities. FarmersInsurance. worship service at 10:00 a.m. The Ambassadors’ Gala Concert begins at 2
p.m. There will be no reserved seating for the concert.
Tickets for the concert will be sold in advance and at the door. Cost of
tickets are $20 (adults), $10 (children 5-12). Admission is free for children

Hispanic Chamber hosts Iluminada Gala 4 and under and senior 62 and older.
Advance tickets can be purchased at FUMC’s administrative office Mon-
day to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The church is located at 242 E.
SAN DIEGO, Calif. — The States Hispanic Chamber of members and the Latino busi- tive members and affiliates, 8t St. in National City.
San Diego County Hispan- Commerce Entrepreneur of ness community’s accomplish- it is the largest and fastest- To purchase tickets or for more information, call (619) 477-2741 or e-mail
ic Chamber of Commerce will the Year Roy Perez will be the ments,” said Jesseca Saenz- growing business organiza-
host its annual Iluminada keynote to join our 2010 Busi- Gonzalez, chair of the San tion in the region. The cham-
Gala, a black-tie event that ness Awardees. Diego Hispanic Chamber. ber works with its members
will take place at The Shera- Each year the Ilumina- This year’s supporters in- to provide valuable servic- CANDIDATES FORUM 2010
ton Mission Valley on Sept. 18 da Gala brings together more clude Sycuan Resort and Ca- es for economic development Candidates Forum 2010 will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 22, from 5:30
at 6:00 p.m. than 300 attendees. Support- sino, San Diego Regional Port and growth. to 7:30 p.m. at Mission Valley Public Library, 2123 Fenton Way in San Diego.
Formally known as the In- ers include Hispanic leaders, Authority, Aetna, Anheuser- The SDCHCC was found- Come listen and ask questions of several local candidates, so that you will
stallation Dinner, the Ilumi- community leaders, elected Busch, Vic Salazar Communi- ed in 1989 to promote the be informed this coming election. Candidates attending so far are:
nada Gala was created to rec- and appointed officials, and cations, Wells Fargo, to name interests of local Hispanic
Board of Supervisors: Supervisor Ron Roberts and Stephen WhitburnSan
ognize outstanding business leaders from nonprofit organi- a few. For more information businesses. The chamber
DiegoCity Council
leaders within the San Di- zations, executives from For- or to reserve tickets or spon- has developed an expansive
ego Hispanic Chamber and tune 500 companies, academi- sor the event contact Paula network and provides District 6: Howard Wayne and Lorie Zapf
supporters of Latino busi- cians, small business owners Martinez at (858) 268-0790. its members resources, District 8: David Alvarez and Felipe Hueso
ness in greater region. Award- and others with a connection The SDCHCC represents tools, and information
County Assessor, Recorder, Clerk: David Butler and Ernie Dronenburg
winning television news an- to Hispanic America. the business communi- t o s u p port the San Diego
c h o r Vi c S a l a z a r w i l l h o s t “The Iluminada is a show- t y both in San Diego and Ti- economy. For more informa- Chula VistaCity Council: Pat Aguilar and Larry Breitfelder
this year’s event and United case and celebration of our juana. With nearly 1,000 ac- tion, visit National City Mayor: Mayor Ron Morrison and Vice Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis
National City Council: Luis Natividad, Mona Rios and Ditas Yamane
Please RSVP by Sept. 16. For more information, contact Vince Bumanglag, or (760) 224-4635; Mitz Lee, or

Asian Business Association seeks scholarship applicants (858) 689-9462; or Willie Racelis,
September 26
The Asian Business Associ- Tom Fat Scholarship, in mem- students attending colleges/ the Westin Gaslamp Quarter.  21st Annual AIDS Walk San Diego
ation of San Diego (ABA), the ory of the prominent business- universities are encouraged to The scholarship awards will be San Diego County’s largest one-day HIV/AIDS fundraiser will take place on
largest Asian business organi- man and co-founder of ABA.  apply.   presented at the Gala. Sunday, Sept. 26 at Balboa Park. The 21st annual event will raise funds for
zation in San Diego, announced Three scholarship awards will ABA is celebrating its 20th For additional information more than 20 San Diego County HIV/AIDS service organizations.
that it is accepting scholar- be made by the ABA Founda- Anniversary at an Awards contact Erica Oyama at erica@ AIDS Walk San Diego is a program of The San Diego LGBT Community Cen-
ship applications.  One is the tion.  High School seniors and Gala on November 18, 2010, at or (858) 277-2822. ter. More information is available by calling (619) 291-WALK.
COV 28897 Filipino Press_SD_MECH:Layout 2 6/10/10 12:02 PM Page 1

Don’t slip
Fiesta of Flavors coming
up when to Old Town Sept. 18
choosing a
The Fiesta of Flavors dor, Jose Cortes, ambassador and The Spirits of Mexico Main
event is coming to Old Town spokesman for El Jimador Tequi- Event, including dinner, sem-
this September as a part of la, Mexico’s No.1 selling tequila. inars, guest talks, tastes and

the largest agave festival in The event also features a demonstrations from more
the United States, the Spir- free Everything Agave exposi- than 100 agave distillers from
its of Mexico Festival. tion, featuring agave products throughout Mexico, will be held
Hosted by the Old Town for sale from a variety of mer- at The Cosmopolitan Hotel &
Chamber of Commerce, Pol- chants. Participating vendors Restaurant on Saturday eve-
ished Palate and Fiesta de include Tienda de Reyes, Fies- ning, Sept. 18, starting at 6:00
With as little as $2,000 down, you can own a commercial Reyes, Fiesta of Flavors fea-
tures non-stop entertainment,
ta Cocina, Hot Licks, El Agave
Tequileria, Urban Seed, Bazaar
p.m. The main event will wrap
up the official Spirits of Mexico
cleaning franchise.* live demonstrations, a tequila del Mundo, Amore Cheese- Festival Day in San Diego.
Join one of the leading commercial cleaning service franchise companies in the world, with over garden and samplings from 14 cakes, Acapulco Restaurant and Tickets to the Fiesta of Fla-
9,000 Franchise Owners servicing more than 50,000 customers through a network of 90 Support Centers. restaurants in Old Town. The Royal Palm Nursery. vors event are $25 per person.
• Financing available event takes place Saturday, Participating restaurants in Tickets to Fiesta of Flavors
• Comprehensive training Sept. 18, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. the Fiesta of Flavors event in- plus general admission to the
• Initial customer base The Fiesta of Flavors event clude Barra Barra Saloon, Old Spirits of Mexico Main Event
will include performances by Town Mexican Café, Café Coyote, are $65. VIP early entrance
• Billing & collection services
Chunky Sanchez y Los Ala- El Agave Tequileria, Rockin’ Baja, to the main event plus Fies-
San Diego Support Center cranes, the Calpulli Mexihca Casa Guadalajara, Acapulco Res- ta of Flavors is $85 per per-
7801 Mission Center Court, Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92108
Dance Ensemble, the Gutier- taurant, Cold Stone in Old Town, son. To purchase tickets, visit
* This offering is made by prospectus only. Franchise opportunities range from $2,000–$27,000 down. See disclosure document for details. Limited guarantee. rez Family Andalusian Horses Crazee Burger, Viva El Café, Zo- www.OldTownSanDiegoguide.
and a live ‘harvesting’ of aga- calo, El Fandango, Pizza Bella com or call (619) 291-4903 for
Call 619-866-3078 today. ves by third-generation jima- and 25 Forty Bistro & Bakehouse. more information.
September 11 - 17, 2010 THE FILIPINO PRESS 13

Stop IRS Collections

IRS Audit Representation
Tax Settlements
Franchise Tax Board Collections
Criminal Tax Representation
Business Planning
Estate Planning
Foreclosure Analysis
Personal Injury

2496 E. Street, Suite 2A, San Diego, CA 92102

Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Fax (619) 955 - 5395

Inter-Global Travel Solutions

3130 Bonita Road Suite 204 Chula Vista, CA 91910
We offer the best rates and we are cheaper than online booking!
We are open Monday to Friday
8AM – 6PM

619-425-2273 • 619-425-0648
We accept all major credit cards. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Advertise with us
Call: (619) 477-0940

$450 a month
Shuttle Services Family Owned and Operated

Close to
(5 and 805)
Near bus stops
Please call
(619) 423-6436
14 THE FILIPINO PRESS September 11 - 17, 2010

Something out of nothing GET LISTED: To have your concert, club or event listed in What's

San Diego Artist Organization formed under unusual circumstances

Happening, e-mail your information (include date, time, location,
cost, and phone) to Keep in mind we publish on
Saturdays, so ensure your event happens on the day of publication

hree years ago, Frederick or during the following week.
Aguinaldo, was serving ART SHOW
as the only active duty The San Diego Artist Organization
serviceman aboard a civilian presents its art show on Saturday,
contractor ship in Southeast Sept. 25 from 6-9 p.m. at Market
Asia. He spent 372 days, most- Street Village Clubhouse, 699
14th St. in San Diego.
ly in isolation, forward deployed
in an imminent danger zone.
Armed with nothing but an
M-4, Sig 227 and steady vigi-
lance, he stood watch halfway The Greatest Hitmakers perform Sept. 26 at Pala Casino.
around the world while San
Diego, his future home, was IN CONCERT
threatened by record-break- NATIONAL CITY BAYFRONT
ing wild fires that covered the CONCERT 2010
city in ash. The Fabulous Pelicans, Street
He returned stateside in Heart
August 2008 and had trou- When: Saturday, Sept. 18,
ble re-adjusting to regular 2-6 p.m.
military routine. Fortunate- Where: Pepper Park, National City
ly, a co-worker recognized his
Tickets: Free. Online: www.
symptoms — Aguinaldo was Phone: (619)
referred to health care pro- Frank Agostino, Bryan Palacios
fessionals and was diagnosed Photo: and Carl Raymond Schmidt.
with Post Traumatic Stress The book is on sale now on THE GREATEST HITMAKERS
Above: Works by San Diego artist Frederick Aguinaldo. Right: "Brushstrokes," a
Disorder (PTSD) late Febru- new art book by Aguinaldo and other San Diego artists. the group’s website, just in time Rico J. Puno • Marco Sison • Rey
ary 2009. He underwent many for the San Diego Artist Organi- Valera • Nonoy Zuniga
months of treatment. ist or an art collector should be zation’s public art show debut. When: Sunday, Sept. 26,
In July 2009, Aguinaldo interested in San Diego Artist Aguinaldo has recently been 3 p.m. Julius Obregon
discovered his ability to paint “It's amazing how Organization,” Aguinaldo said. notified he will be on perma- Where: Pala Casino
after an inspirational visit to my final military “There are two main reasons, nent retirement from active Tickets: $38-$98. Online: www. MCDINI'S DINER & EVENTS
the Getty museum in Los An- both of which are financial in duty as of Oct. 28. Phone: Filipino food every Saturday
geles, Calif. He visited a lo- deployment has nature. The first reason is that “It’s amazing how my fi- 1-888-874-1719. Tickets also avail- with live Filipino Bands
cal art store in downtown San artists can sell paintings with- nal military deployment has
Diego and decided to try his
transformed my mind. out paying the unofficial indus- transformed my mind”,
able at Pala Casino. Where: 105 E. 8th St., National

hand at painting, under the It's almost as if my try-standard 50 percent com- Aguinaldo said. “It’s almost THEATER City, (619) 474-6771

guidance of established San mission. This savings is directly as if my entire military career TROPHY LOUNGE
Diego artist Ric Gomez. The entire military career related to the second reason: never even happened.” Rising Star
duo went on to publish “Two never even happened." An art collector can now pur- The transformation is amaz- When: Every Thursday at 8 p.m.
San Diego Artists Making chase the same fine art they see ing. From forefront to home- Where: 999 National City Blvd.,
Something Out of Nothing,” a in traditional galleries without front. Frederick’s past and pres- National City, (619) 477-9862
21-page hardcover book. promoting the fine art of local paying high retail prices.” ent are like night and day. KARAOKE
One year later, Aguinaldo artists through Internet mar- For their second art book, Interested readers can check
founded the San Diego Artist keting, book publishing and “Brushstrokes,” Gomez and out the San Diego Artist Orga-
Organization, an artist-mar- art show venues. Aguinaldo are joined by estab- nization online at www.SanDi-
keting business dedicated to “I’m often asked why an art- lished local San Diego artists
When: Saturday, Oct. 23
Where: Seafood City, 1420 E.
Plaza Blvd., National City,

Filipina bests competition to win ‘Star Factor’

(619) 477-6080
Eric de Leon one-man band
By Bum Tenorio Jr. and how beautiful the lyrics 13 student at the South Is- Sri Lankan, Portuguese, Tai- Jennifer Paz
When: Every Thursday beginning
 meant to me and everything land School, part of the Eng- wanese, mainland Chinese Sept. 16 from 6-9 p.m.
MANILA, Philippines – just flowed from there,” Orte- lish School Foundation in and Filipino. MOONLIGHT AMPHITHEATRE
Where: 2316 Highland Ave.,
Here’s a piece of good news ga said. Hong Kong. She wants to Songs were as varied and Jennifer Paz stars as Kim in
National City, (619) 477-6262
from Hong Kong: A 16-year- In the light of the recent study law in college. performances ranged from solo “Miss Saigon”
old Filipina bested over 2,400 tragic hostage-taking inci- “The hostage-taking in - to duets, trios, quartets and When: Nightly through Sept. 25, GAPORESTION & KAROKE
singing contestants to win the dent, Ortega said she hopes cident in Manila last Aug. 23 full bands. 7:30 p.m. When: Tuesdays to Sundays,
grand prize in this year’s “Star to be a voice to aid in healing was a sad day for mankind. To get to the finals, the con- Where: 1200 Vale Terrace Drive, 7-Midnight
Factor,” the Hong Kong equiv- the wounds between the Phil- This should not happen to any testants had to pass the fol- Vista Where: 933 S. Harbison Ave.,
alent of “American Idol.” ippines and Hong Kong as race, creed, color, religion or to lowing guidelines: prepara- Tickets: $22-$45. Online: www. National City, (619) 267-3746
Margaret Marie Necio Orte- she is set to perform for Hong anyone in particular. It is not tion and the execution of a Phone: JASMINE
ga, in an elimination that ran Kong-based charity events about being Filipino or about performance level presen- (760) 724-2110. Also available at When: Wednesdays, 9 p.m -1 a.m.
from May to July, won first for the Chinese and Filipi- being Chinese. This incident tation, enthusiasm, singing box office.
place for the English section no audiences as part of her was against mankind. I want ability, age, discipline, confi-
in the age category 15 to 21 in commitment for winning the to take part in healing the dence and entertainment lev-
Star Factor. “Star Factor” title. wounds,” added Ortega who is el to captivate the audience.
Singing “Terrified” by Kara “With my singing at the also fluent in both Mandarin The final set of criteria in-
DioGuardi (an American Idol charity events, it is my fervent and Cantonese. cluded: technical ability, stage
judge), Margaret bested the wish that I could somehow Ortega said the Star Fac- presence, audience rapport
remaining 23 finalists as she help in mending the wounds tor finals saw two age groups and overall presentation.
played her acoustic guitar and between Hong Kong and the — 8-14 and 15-21. The contes- Ortega won HKD 3,000
“sang from the heart.” Philippines as a result of the tants were of various nation- cash, a recording session at
“I was terrified, literally, hostage-taking incident,” said alities — French, Indian, Chi- Mad Max and a trophy. (phil-
but I thought about the music the eloquent Ortega, a Year nese, American, British, Irish,

Kick off healthy habits with the help of Bally total Fitness
Local man helps
youth have ‘blast’ Bayanihan Dance Company
Bayanihan Philippine National
Where: 4609 Convoy St., San
Diego, (858) 268-0888
SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Local
When: Sunday, Sept. 26, 2 p.m. SHOW ROOM
engineer Steve Austin is or-
Where: 750 B St., San Diego When: Every Friday at 7 p.m.
ganizing the “Baseball Blast
for Kids” community event Tickets: $15-$65. Online: www. Where: 1325 E. Plaza Blvd., Phone:
PlenTy of TonS of AnD loTS AMAzInG to provide inner-city children National City, (619) 477-2590
(619) 235.0804. Also available at
THeSe THoSe of THIS DeAl and children of deployed mil-
itary personnel the opportu- box office. SPORTS
nity to attend a professional CLUBS TOP GUN FLAG FOOTBALL
Try us out today! baseball game. CAFE LA MAZE STEAKHOUSE Register now for five-man, all-

FREE 7-dAY guEst pAss

“Baseball Blast for Kids” is Julius Obregon and Friends passing flag football leagues in
scheduled for Sunday, Sept. Show Chula Vista, Mira Mesa, North
26 at Petco Park when the When: Every Sunday at 7 p.m. County/San Marcos and Santee.

to Bally Total Fitness

® Padres take on the Cincinnati Where: 1441 Highland Ave., Evening and weekend leagues
Reds game at 1:05 pm. National City, (619) 474-3222 begin in late September. Inter-
The Padres Foundation league playoffs with neighboring
Bally has everything you need to help you shape up without downsizing your wallet:

is helping to make it possi- LUCKY STAR counties. Call toll-free (877) 846-
• Group Exercise classes that make fitness fun - from Yoga & Pilates to Boot Camp and Hip Hop 1 ble to purchase game tick- Wednesdays Filipino Night with 3178 or visit TopGunFlagFootball.
ets and a meal (hot dog and Eric de Leon com. Must be 18+ to play. Refer-
• State-of-the-art cardio and strength equipment designed to burn and firm
small drink) for each child at Thursdays: Moonlight Serenade ees needed.
50 percent off gate pricing, Orchestra Big Band
Call 1.800.34.BALLY (342.2559) or visit for a club near you. $10.50 per child. Fridays: Ballroom dancing/ UPDATES
Must be at least 18, sign guest register, & take club tour & presentation prior to using club. Must be resident or employee of local/metropolitan area where redeemed. Limit 1 pass redemption per person in any 6-month period. For more information, con- Karoke FILIPINO PRESS FACEBOOK
7-day pass must be redeemed by a Bally Total Fitness representative by 9/30/10. Membership is valid for 7 consecutive days from date of redemption. Limited to club where redeemed. Cannot be sold, reproduced, or redeemed
for cash. This pass cannot be listed for sale on online auction sites such as ebay or craigslist. Some restrictions & club rules apply. Services, hours, prices & facilities may vary. 1Additional charges for some services including Personal tact Austin at (858) 775-8290 Where: 3893 54th St., San Diego, Check our our Facebook page for
Training, Specialty Classes & Kid’s Club (max. 2 children, 2 hrs. per day). ARV: Standard daily guest fee $10. Offer valid in participating CA clubs only. ©2010 Bally Total Fitness Corp.
or e-mail (619) 229-8228 new listings and updates.

FM1008071_FilipinoNews_2.indd 1 8/31/10 1:49 PM

September 11 - 17, 2010 THE FILIPINO PRESS 15

mayweather weather for behavior that is texting was then that he chose to devel- downloads, no data connectivity er, everyone in a group can up-
Continued from p­­­­­age 1 both abhorrent and demeaning Continued from p­­­­­age 1 op products for the mobile mar- nor a change in handset. date everyone else at the same
to boxing fans and to the whole ket, with special attention to text TECHNEWS: How useful will time. In fact, reply-all conversa-
the high road and acted like the world of sports. We also call on municate with multiple peo- messaging which is used by more this service be and who are the tions become so engaging that it
gentleman that he is.” the National Association for the ple using SMS. It is ini- people in most parts of the world. people who will most likely avail becomes hard for any participant
In a new video, Mayweather Advancement of Colored People tially available through Globe Here’s an excerpt from the of this service? to stay out of the discussion.
apologized for his remarks. to reprimand the boxing star for Telecom but expected to be of- TECHNEWS interview: BEERUD: I expect virtually ev- TECHNEWS: Will the Internet
“I do want to apologize for insulting people of color. We are fered also by other carriers TECHNEWS: So what is SMS ery user of basic P2P SMS to also render text messaging obsolete?
what happened the other night. further asking all civil rights or- The developer of the service is Reply-All? use Reply-All. We're all social an- BEERUD: The Internet will
I want to apologize to everybody ganizations to stand in solidar- a company called SMS GupSh- BEERUD: The SMS Reply- imals. Texting one person at a not render text messaging ob-
because everybody thought that ity with us in denouncing this up, based in Mumbai, India. Its All Chat service extends the time just isn't social enough. The solete. Just as radio did not kill
it was a racist comment that I racist and homophobic rant. founder and CEO, Beerud Sheth, capabilities of SMS from ba- early adopters of this service are print, TV did not kill radio, the
said. I don’t have a racist bone Mayweather’s apology is unac- was in Manila recently and Tech- sic person-to-person or P2P likely to be the youth and college Internet will not kill text messag-
in my body. I have nothing but ceptable and he must be made news had the chance to inter- messaging to many-to-many students, who are always hang- ing. Text messaging will remain
love for everybody,” Mayweath- accountable for his damaging view him. Born in Mumbai but messaging. It is similar to the ing out with friends. They can use the most popular way of commu-
er said. statements.” raised and educated in the Unit- commonly used “CC” and “Re- it whether they are just chit-chat- nication since it is the most sim-
The apology hasn’t appeased “It’s an uneducated mes- ed States, Beerud (pronounced ply-All” features on e-mail. ting or organizing social events ple and most affordable and it
Macabenta, who said the boxer sage,” Pacquiao, 31, told the Bei-rud) was initially focused on TECHNEWS: What makes it — be it parties, meetings or any doesn’t discriminate. It is used
should be censured for his com- sports website bleacherreport. the Internet for his business in unique? other activity that requires co- by the young as well as the old,
ments. com. The Boxing Writers Asso- Silicon Valley — until he realized BEERUD : SMS Reply-All ordination among multiple indi- and with the most affordable
“We call on the National Box- ciation of America named Pac- that 80 percent of the world’s pop- Chat works on every handset viduals. Instead of relaying and as well as the most expensive
ing Association and state athlet- quiao the “Fighter of the De- ulation has never accessed the and is very easy to use. It re- forwarding messages from one handset. Text messaging will be
ic commissions to censure May- cade” for the years 2000-2009. Web, but they do use mobiles. It quires no training, no software person in the group to the oth- here forever. (

– Open 365 Days –

Oriental Buffet
The Finest Asian Gourmet
542 Broadway • Chula Vista, CA 91910 • Tel: (619) 427-8472
Try Our Famous
Crispy Pata, Sisig, Pancit, Seafood,
Best Buffet in Town
Summer Promotions:

Dinner Special $ 9 .99

All You Can Eat & Drink BBQ, Pasta and More
Mon-Fri. 4pm-9pm only. Not valid Sushi Bar, Snow Crabs, Garlic Crab, Oysters, Mussels, Crawfish,
with any other discount offer

Lunch: $ 7 .99 Mon-Fri. 11am-4pm

Salmon Fish, Cocktail Shrimp, B-B-Q Pork Rib, Korean Beef Rib, Karaoke Filipino breakfast –
served all day
Dinner $ 11 .49 Pork Chop, Roast Beef, Fry Chicken, Fried Rice, Soup, Salad Bar, Tuesdays thru Sundays:
Sat. Sun, Holiday All day 7pm - 12pm
Fruits, Ice Cream, Bakery… more. Party trays to go
Lunch Coupon
(Free delivery orders of $400 or more)
10% OFF Senior Citizen Per Adult. Buffet Dine in Only.
Closed on Mondays
Coupon good for up to 1 person.
(62 Years old) Not valid with any other offer.

Dinner Coupon
542 Broadway St. Serving Filipino and International Cuisine
Chula V ista, Ca 91910 $ 00 off
(619)427-8472 933 S. Harbison Ave., National City, CA 91950
Per Adult. Buffet Dine in Only.

Come and visit us also at : 5541 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. , CA 92117*** 6901 Walker St La Palma, Ca 90623
Coupon good for up to 1 person
Not valid with any other offer. (619) 267-3746
16 THE FILIPINO PRESS September 11 - 17, 2010

to begin listing the things for

which we should save up for,
like holiday trips and gifts.
Child, adult food program opens
Though it should be filled with The Hope Adult day Health San Diego. Office of Civil rights, 1400 Inde-
joyous celebrations, the holi- Care Center announces the In accordance with Feder- pendence Avenue, SW, Washing-
Francine Maigue day season is notorious for be- sponsorship of the adult day al law and U.S. Department ton, D.C. 20250-9410 or call (800)
ing one of the most stressful care component of the Child of Agriculture policy, this in- 795-3272 or (202) 720-6382.
times of the year, mainly be- and Adult Care Food Program. stitution is prohibited from (TTY). USDA is an equal opportu-

The Pampered cause of money. Frugality is a

fine art, but it is one which we
Meals will be available at no
separate charge to persons en-
discriminating on the basis of
race, color, national origin,
nity provider and employer.
For more information, re-

can all learn to master. rolled at the Hope Adult Day sex, age, or disability. garding enrollment at the cen-
Tips: Keep your list of holi- Health Care Center located at To file a complaint of discrimi- ter contact Teresa H. Lucas at
day items to save up for near- 11239 Camino Ruiz, Suite A, nation, write USDA, Director, (858) 653-5916.
by and view it often. A daily re-
minder will keep you mindful

Falling for Fall

of holiday spending. Do your

Unilab-USA to celebrate
research, and make reserva- tors and children of former
tions as early as possible. Last- Unilab employees.
minute options are almost al- The highlight of the cele-

he temperature is top to a perfectly layered out- ways the most expensive. bration will be a dinner-show
heading south. Stu-
dents are heading
back to school. Layered ensem-
bles are heading out of the clos-
fit. Express your emotions with Planning carefully and
thicker eyeliner or more deeply staying motivated to save
colored lips. Sultry scents get funds will empower you later
the green light when there is on this year. You will be able to
27th anniversary entitled "A Dose of Laughter,
the Best Medicine" featuring
entertainers from Los Ange-
les and and Orange County's
et. Sure as leaves fall, I fall in a chill in the air. Without go- travel, attend holiday parties The Unilab-USA of South- ganized due to that draw- communities.  To cap the eve-
love with autumn every year, ing overboard, test out more and wrap up presents without ern California will celebrate back of the Filipino persona ning will be raffles and ball
my pampered friends. There’s rich aromas like rose, vanilla guilt, without conflict, without its 27th anniversary on -- crab mentality, pride ego, room dancing.
something irresistibly inspir- or amber for autumn. stress. Imagine entering 2011 Sept. 18 at the Los Coyotes self-centeredness. But mem- Unilab-USA president Aris
ing about a season named for with a bank account and finan- Country Club at 8888 Los bers of Unilab-USA may be Reyes and the officers spread
the shedding of what was once cial habits you can be proud of! Coyotes Drive, Buena Park, of a different genre. They are the mat of welcome to all
new and blossoming. It is as if Enjoy the emerging beau- California. bred by the storied B a y a n i - United Warriors and their
nature means to remind us that ty of autumn, my pampered Unilab-USA is an organiza- h a n v a l u e o f m a g tulungan. families in California and Ne-
some things come to an end to friends. Let the cool breeze tion of former employees and This must be the reason that vada to attend this celebration
allow for more beautiful, satis- breathe new life into new retirees of United Laborato- Unilab-USA has gone this far. and reunion.
fying beginnings. projects, new goals. See you ries in the Philippines who To ensure Unilab-USA con- For more information call
Fall fashion next week, when we dive have settled in Southern Cal- tinued growth the organiza- F e l i x ( 6 2 6 ) 8 3 9 - 0 7 3 6 , Va l
Blazers and baubles and into Fall fitness! ifornia. These former United tion is open for membership (818) 439-3695, or Aris (951)
boots, oh my! Don’t be afraid — Francine, The Pam- employees were instilled the to close friends and benefac- 201-7075.
to layer on pieces from your pered Pinay Filipino concept of working to-
wardrobe with color, courage Wanna keep in touch and gether that has evolved into
and charisma. There couldn’t a join in on fun weekly chats a credo called Bayanihan
more forgiving season in which with other Pampered Pinay -- the glue that has bonded
experimenting with eclectic fans? Simply check out www. them together in the orga-
style is not only allowed but or www.Twit- nization borne of that con-
strongly encouraged., and search “Francine cept -- the Unilab of South-
Tips: Pair up vintage with A glamorous, designer handbag Maigue.” See you online! ern California USA, fondly
trendy. Boldly incorporate pops like the "Fabiana" from Corazon de Check back every week for called "Unilove."
of color, even with standard Melon is a fabulous investment and ways to pamper yourself and We have heard of many
pieces like coats. Be willing to addition to fabulous Fall fashion. those you love. Why? The an- Filipino organizations in
step out of your comfort zone, swer is simple: You deserve it! the United States that have
particularly with accessories. Fall finances Got a business or event I disintegrated no soon-
Have fun playing with the size In a blink of an eye, we’ll be should know about? Wish to er than they have or-
and shape of your jewelry and caught in the middle of the holi- agree or agree to disagree
purses, for example. day season. It’s important to en- with me? Want to send me a
Don’t forget that make- sure that we won’t be caught in love note? (I love those.) E-
up and fragrance are like the the middle of a personal finan- mail me at thepamperedpi-
whipped cream and cherry on cial crisis as a result. It’s time
September 11 - 17, 2010 THE FILIPINO PRESS 17

L01_Fishing_BW_F_13x21_outlined.indd 1 New Master SCG Legend 4/5/10 4:18 PM Page 1 7/30/10 5:40 AM
18 THE FILIPINO PRESS September 11 - 17, 2010

33rd Annual Bonitafest Anakbayan loved ones to alleged military

abductions under the Glo-
ria Macapaga Arroyo regime.
has flatly rejected responsibil-
ity and denied complicity in
these heinous crimes, profess-

Melodrama opens Sept. 17 San Diego

Directed by Joel Lamangan. ing adherence to the Bill of
Written by Bonifacio Illagan. Rights and to all international
Starring Allen Dizon, Iza Cal- protocols on human rights.
zado, Snooky Serna and Gina Dukot could very well be the

Beauty is only skin deep,

maybe even less if you are the
Melodrama institution Tim-
othy Paul Evans returns for his
Glennalie Coleman, Corky Mi-
ser, Loren Tarantino, Marga-
to screen Alajar.
Extrajudicial killings and
enforced disappearances of
first full-length film that gives
the lie to the claim.
In this horrid sojourn in

evil villains Cadwell von Fowl 30th production as Lickpenny. ret Frank and Jane Fitch. It militant activists, crusading search of the missing, the story
and Lickpenny trying to ruin Gabriel Orendain-Necochea is features original musical-com- journalists and government of Junix and Maricel and the
the region’s premier pageant.    back again to play the bum- edies based on South Bay his- critics constitute one of the seething unrest and its conse-
South Bay’s favorite bad bling villain Cadwell von Fowl.  tory. Its multicultural, fami- more disturbing phenomena quent social movement in the
guys return to wreck havoc Talented 15-year-old singer/ ly-oriented shows are known SAN DIEGO, Calif. — A spe- in recent years in the Philip- Philippines unravels, giving
and provide laughter in the actress Natalee Nordfelt plays for their tuneful songs, comi- cial screening of “Dukot” will pines. light to true stories and actu-
33rd Annual Bonitafest Melo- the leading lady Lindsey Mag- cal villains and uplifting story- be shown on Saturday, Sept. Since 2001 when Gloria Ma- al events to victims who have
drama “Ms. Sweetwater Val- nuson. Chantal Marie Brans- lines. The Melodrama has been 18, 2010 from 6-9 p.m. at the capagal Arroyo became pres- been silenced.
ley,” Sept. 17, 18, 24 and 25 at comb plays her little sister, Pau- honored by the San Diego The- Centro Cultural de la Raza, ident, over a thousand cas- A panel discussion will fol-
the Bonita Vista High School lette. Chloe Yantis plays the atre League, National Endow- 2004 Park Blvd. es have been recorded by the low the film screening with
Bolles Theatre. All perfor- spacey but good-hearted Melody ment for the Arts, Chula Vista  Tickets are $10 if purchased human rights organization special guest speakers includ-
mances begin at 7:30 p.m. Sue McGuire and Ginny Mabrey Commission for Arts and Cul- before Sept. 17, or $12 if pur- Karapatan. Philip Alston, the ing Dukot filmmakers and hu-
Written and directed by plays the shy singing sensation tural, San Diego County Board chased at the door. United Nations Special Rap- man rights activist and torture
Sunnyside playwright/song- Shannon May. Also featured of Supervisors and California From the director of “Mano porteur, indicted the govern- survivor Melissa Roxas.
writer Max Branscomb, “Ms. are Lianne Brannon, Lauren State Senate for its work to el- Po” and “Pacquiao the Movie” ment for the culture of impuni- Part of the proceeds from
Sweetwater Valley” was in- Grey, Dayna Hill, Ciarlene Cole- evate the community. comes a landmark film for in- ty now reigning in the country this event will be donated to
spired by a controversial local man, Daniela Margolis and Tay- T h i s y e a r ’s p r o d u c t i o n dependent Philippine cinema. after completing his own re- a human rights group in the
pageant. Branscomb’s musi- lor Webster. Kerie Muller is the opens with its traditional Pic- Dukot dares to tell the story search. Philippines and to the Melissa
cal-comedy is a tuneful and up- stage manager and Tom Lord is nic-on-the-Green on Sept. 17 of families who have lost their The Philippine government Roxas medical fund.
lifting story of a young woman the music director. at 6:00 p.m.  For $15 theatre-
who draws from a strong up- San Diego County’s longest- goers receive a catered dinner
bringing to overcome tragedy running theatre production, by Chick-fil-A and tickets to
and disappointment to encour- the Bonitafest Melodrama was the show. For ticket informa- movie Low-intensity warfare Brave, provocative, and in-
age others by her example. founded in 1978 by Branscomb, tion call (619) 850-7126. Continued from p­­­­­age 1 Since the Americans know sightfully funny, “Amigo”
that the village is the lifeblood weaves a complex tale that
month at the Toronto Interna- of the rebels, providing the un- does not simplify the issues
tional Film Festival in Cana- derground with food and mate- involved in the war and tries

Ethnic health journalists sought da and at the San Sebastian

International Film Festival in
Spain, where it will be in the
rial supplies, they “hamlet” the
village and define its boundar-
ies, impose a curfew, restrict
to give voice to the Filipinos’
yearning for freedom.
It shows that even while sub-

for media fellowship program competition. It will be commer-

cially released in the Philip-
pines next year.
the movement of the villag-
ers and, to ensure that no food
reach the rebels, kill off the ca-
jugated, the Filipinos continue to
resist through little acts of defi-
ance, such as exploiting the lan-
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — media outlets, including The Fil- perts will break down the new Set in Luzon in 1900, “Ami- rabaos and put a stop to the guage barrier in order to curse
The New America Media Fel- ipino Press, and selected stories healthcare reform law and its go” opens with an inscription of tilling of the fields. the Americans and call them
lowship Program on Health will be published on NAM’s web- impact on ethnic communities. how the Americans, in prosecut- The movie implies that to- tsonggo (monkey) and multo
and Environmental Health for site. Fellows will receive a $2000 The organization is particular- ing their war against Spain in day’s low-intensity warfare (ghost), a reference to their pale
Ethnic Media Journalists is stipend at the completion of the ly interested in stories that ex- Cuba, chose to extend it to an- and hamletting originated and ghostly complexion.
seeking applicants for its 2010 fellowship program. plore how the new health care re- other Spanish colony, the Philip- from the American policy to Complex, authentic
scholarship. Deadline for en- In addition, fellows will par- form law — which pumps more pines, “half a world away.” constrict the Philippine resis- Sayles said he tried to cap-
tries is Friday, Sept. 17. ticipate in a mandatory two-day money into community health “They chose to stay (there in tance in the early 1900s. ture the complexity of the war in
The fellowship will support workshop hosted by the Univer- clinics and requires insurers to the Philippines),” the inscrip- But the American detail is the movie while tracing Amer-
ethnic media journalists to re- sity of California Sacramento offer such preventive services as tion laconically adds. also directed to “win the hearts ica’s conflicted policy in Iraq to
search and write at least one in- Center from Oct. 19-20, where cancer and asthma screenings — Balancing act and minds” of Filipinos. Try- its original imperialist venture
depth story, documenting the they will meet state-level policy will impact efforts to address en- The movie (formerly titled ing to settle down with the na- in the Philippines.
human impact of a health care is- makers, leading health report- vironmental health and justice “Baryo”) tells the story of a vil- tives, the Americans find the “It’s the same in Iraq as it
sue, or policy issue, or the impact ers, advocates and researchers. issues in your communities. lage in the middle of the Phil- locals hospitable and the sur- was in the Philippines 100 years
of environmental toxins on hu- As a part of the two-day work- For more information, please ippine-American War as its roundings bucolic. ago,” Sayles said about the U.S.
man health. The story, or series, shop, fellows will also partic- contact: Ngoc Nguyen, nnguy- people try to pick up the piec- An American soldier barely occupation policy. “Now it’s win-
will be published or broadcasted ipate in a special NAM news, or call es from the Philippines’ war of out of his teens falls in love with ning the hearts and minds of
in the fellows’ respective ethnic briefing on Oct. 19, where ex- (415) 503-4170. independence against Spain, a barrio lass; another soldier dis- the people, the next moment —
while confronting the threat of covers the joys of the local wine, finish them off!”
further disintegration as Amer- tuba; and the lieutenant (Gar- His films have become not-
ican troops invade the country. ret Dillahunt) allows certain lib- ed for their ensemble cast and
When the Americans take erties, such as elections and the the actors who have been iden-
over, they force the village head, holding of the traditional fiesta tified with him include such
Rafael Dacanay (played im- in honor of the patron saint, San fine thespians as Cooper and
pressively by Filipino actor Joel Isidro de Labrador. David Straitharn.
Torre), to cooperate. When the commanding of- Only in the Philippines
“Soy muy amigo (I am a ficer returns already incensed In “Amigo,” Filipino actors
dear friend),” Dacanay tells the by guerrilla raids in other who got an opportunity to be
Custer-looking American com- towns, he explodes at the pol- part of Sayles’ ensemble in-

manding officer (played equal- icy of rapprochement village clude, aside from Torre, Bem-
ly impressively by Oscar-winner and orders Dacanay water-tor- bol Roco, Rio Locsin, Ronnie

with us
Chris Cooper). From then on, the tured to force him to reveal the Lazaro and Pen Medina.
Americans refer to him as “Ami- rebel lair of his brother. “I felt I could only make
go,” as if it were his real name. “It’s their country” this film here,” Sayles said in
But Dacanay’s brother is a When the village chief leads an Inquirer report published

GET RESULTS leader of the “insurrectos,” what

the Americans call the Filipi-
no revolutionaries who fought
the Americans on a wild goose
chase to protect his brother and
son, the commanding officer or-
last summer while shooting
“Amigo” for six weeks in Bo-
hol. “Plus the Philippines has
Spain successfully and are now ders his execution. a real movie industry. Our cast
trying to stem the U.S. invasion. The lieutenant, who is oth- and crew are film professionals
Dacanay’s teenage son has erwise conscientious and who’ve experienced working in
also disobeyed him and run would like to see Dacanay get every type of movie.”
off to join the Filipino freedom off the hook, wonders aloud Filipino film professionals in-
(619) 477-0940 fighters in the jungle. He is thus why the resistance fighters just volved in “Amigo” include cine-
forced to walk the tightrope, do- wouldn’t give up despite their matographer Lee Briones-Meily
or visit us ing a dangerous balancing act irreversible losses and the im- and production designer Rodell
online at between the American conquer-
ors and the Filipino resistance
pending American victory.
“Why should they?” his
Cruz, who capture the mood, col-
ors and setting of a turn-of-the- in order to protect the interest
and safety of his people.
subordinate tells him. “It’s
their country.”
20th-century Philippine village
in the movie. (
September 11 - 17, 2010 THE FILIPINO PRESS 19

Young Fil-Am killed in Mira Mesa

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — St. Joseph’s School-
College, Olongapo City batchmate (Batch 80)
Abdon Pugal recently lost his son to a tragic
killing in San Diego.
Pugal's son, Aris “AJ” Elijah Pugal, 20, was
shot dead at a party in the 10900 block of Mar-
tinque Way in Mira Mesa on Sept. 4.
The family is facing a devastating challenge.
In addition to losing their son to a senseless
killing, the family’s home is now in foreclosure.
AJ was born on Sept. 7, 1989, and died on
Sept. 4, just days before his 21st birthday.
The funeral service will be held Saturday,
Sept. 11 from 2-3:00 p.m. at El Camino Memo-
rial-Sorrento Valley Chapel, 5600 Carroll Can-
yon Road.
The interment will take place Saturday,
Sept. 11 at 3:15 p.m. at El Camino Memorial
Park, 5600 Caroll Canyon Road.
In lieu of flowers, the family requests dona- For more information, pictures or memories
tions to be sent to Pugal’s godmother, Iit Pena- of AJ Pugal, visit a website dedicated to him at
flor, at 14378 Augusta Drive in Valley Center.

Music, food, fun on tap for

N.C.’s free Bayfront Concert
NATIONAL CITY, Calif. Greg was the lead guitarist for City. Miss National City and
— World-class riffs on a bay- The Steve Miller Band at the her court will be selling bever-
front stage are what you’ll find peak of their popularity and ages and tasty treats. For the
at this year’s annual National has five platinum records to his little ones, the National City
City Bayfront Concert at Pep- name. He has played with stars Community Services Depart-
per Park, Sept. 18 from 2-6 p.m. such as Van Morrison, the Doo- ment will host kids’ activities
Free to the public, classic rock bie Brothers and Creedence during the concert.
and oldies bands, Street Heart Clearwater Revival. The Fabu- The event is made possi-
and The Fabulous Pelicans will lous Pelicans are guaranteed to ble with the financial support
provide one of the most rockin’ put on an unforgettable show. of the Unified Port District of
family- friendly events of the Street Heart has been in San San Diego, City of National
season. Diego for the past 14 years play- City Community Services De-
The Fabulous Pelicans are ing classic rock on some of Cal- partment, El Juan Mexican
comprised of some of San Diego’s ifornia’s finest stages.   Since Restaurant in National City
best local artists, such as Caro- 1987, Street Heart's vocally and the Walrus 105.7-FM. 
line Martin on vocals and Greg driven classic rock variety show For more information, vis-
Douglass on lead guitar. Caro- has been featured regularly at it  or
line sang for MTV, “Entertain- major venues and events. They call  (619) 336-4290. Pepper
ment Tonight” and “PM Maga- will rock the stage and dance Park is located in National
zine” as well as countless clubs floor. City at the South Terminus of
in Las Vegas, Miami Beach and After dancing a jig to classic Tidelands Ave. To get to the
New York City. Her smoky voice oldies, attendees can enjoy deli- Park, exit the I-5 west on Bay
will light up the stage as Greg cious Mexican fare from El Juan Marina Drive to Tidelands
Douglass pumps up the tunes. Mexican Restaurant of National Ave. and turn left.

Community gathers for State of

City Address in National City

Photos: Bill Ramsey

Top: National City Mayor Ron Morrison speaks to an
audience attending the State of the City Address on
Thursday, Sept. 9, at Cornerstone Church. Above:
Morrison speaks to guests at a mini-Taste of National
City prior to the address. Left: Congressman Bob Filner
greets Filipino Press publisher Susan delos Santos. Lop
left: A server from Tita's Kitchenette serves a long line
of hungry guests prior to the address.
20 THE FILIPINO PRESS September 11 - 17, 2010

facebook ers, placing it among, if not the

DEFINITELY FILIPINO: FACEBOOK EMPIRE? Key to the success of Defi- Filipino is now the largest Fili-
Continued from p­­­­­age 1 first page anyone searching “Fili- nitely Filipino, said Totanes, is pino cultural group on the Inter-
pino” on Facebook will encounter. These are the Facebook pages Ben Totanes has created under the Definitely its forumla for taking advan- net.
Pacific region, with more than 90 Definitely Filipino is a bonafide Filipino umbrella, their URLs, his role in each and number of followers: tage of the evolving technology, Being Definitely Filipino
• Definitely Filipino
percent of its population with on- business, featuring its own store a passion for what they do and Given the varying interests (Creator/
line access visiting a social-net- and numerous tabs enabling it to avoiding the burnout that has and geographical separation of
Admin) Followers: 890,576
working site during the month meet the qualifications of a “busi- • Benigno "Noynoy" S. Aquino III plauged so many blogs and now its followers, maintaining Defi-
of February, followed closely by ness” page as defined by Face- (Creator/ Facebook pages that are created nitely Filipino — and its grow-
Australia (89.6 percent) and In- book. But its popularity and suc- Admin) Followers: 1,987,808 then abandoned. ing “empire” 11 pages (see side-
donesia (88.6 percent). cess is largely the result of the • Filipino NURSES “This is bascially one of the bar this page) has been, Totanes
Clearly, the Philippines, as direction and enthusiasm of the (Admin) reasons why I came up with the said, a remarkably simple task.
does most of the world where so- team of bloggers, administrators Followers: 143,168 concept of an ‘interactive wall,’ ” After creating the page and
cial-media sites are not blocked and moderators who form the • Santo Nino said Totanes, who is a technical posting content to the blog him-
by governments, has embraced Definitely Filipino team. (Creator/ writer for a Silicon Valley firm. self at first, Totanes monitored
such social-networking sites as The “wizard” behind Definite- Admin) Followers: 3,443 In early 2009, Totanes joined the site for potential recruits. Of
• Efren Penaflorida, Jr.
Facebook — which recently not- ly Filipino is founder Ben To- a Facebook group called “I am the 20 who were initially offered (Creator/Consultant) Followers: 14,635
ed its dominance with more than tanes, 47, a native of Kamuning, proud to be a Filipino,” which, a position as an (unpaid) admin-
• Filipino Youngsters
500 million active users world- a suburb of Quezon City, who (Creator/Admin) Followers: 7,387 at the time, had the largest istrator or moderator so far, only
wide — as its primary means of came to the U.S. in 1983. • Gel Santos Relos amount of followers of all Fili- one has declined. And their geo-
interacting online, though not “I was first exposed to com- (Creator/Consultant) Followers: 3,745 pino-related pages. “After join- graphical separation means the
replacing text messaging in the puters around 1978 when I took • The 21 Missions of California ing,” he said, “I remember say- site is updated almost around
Philippines (see sidebar on Page summer courses in data process- (Creator/Admin) Followers: 417 ing to myself, ‘OK, I am proud to the clock with a wide variety of
1). ing,” said Totanes. “At 18, I be- • Filipino be a Filipino … now what?’” news and updates.
The level of engagement by came a working student during (Creator/Admin) So many visitors of these “Our administrators and
Filipinos is no surprise given the college as a mainframe program- Followers: 189,879 Facebook pages, said Totanes, moderators scour the Internet
country’s and the region’s histo- mer at the Intelligence Service • Juana Change joined and then dropped off, ei- and read the wall for trending (Consultant) Followers: 2,335
ry of quickly adopting websites of the Armed Forces of the Phil- ther due to lack of direction or topics and items that would up-
• Definitely American
as a means of communciation ippines around 1981. I came to interest by their creators. But it lift Filipinos as a whole. We’ve (Creator/Admin) Followers: 815
and interaction, and is perhaps the United States in 1983 and al- was the lack of interactivity that also cooperated with writers
only eclipsed by the use of Face- most immeditately started tran- bothered Totanes most. If he such as Balitang America’s Gel
book in the United States. A sitioning my computer knowl- were to create his own Filipino Santos-Relos to help us spread
quick search of Facebook for “Fil- edge to PCs, which had just been Netscape,” he recalled. joy in knowing that even though Facebook page, it would not suf- U.S.-based issues to our mem-
ipino” or “Philippines” reveals introduced by IBM.” The pre-Web Internet exist- I am physically far from the Phil- fer from the same apathy. That, bers,” he said.
more than 500 dedicated person- Anyone old enough to be fa- ed only as bulletin boards and fo- ippines, Filipinos are still only he said, was the birth of the con- The nonprofit operation is still
al, business, organization and so- miliar with the evolution of per- rums known as the Usenet, pre- within a keyboard’s reach.” cept of an “interactive wall.” growing, but Totanes said the
called “fan” pages devoted to all sonal computers and the birth of cursors to social-media platforms “For example,” Totanes said, “Around May 2009, I was (main) Facebook page is, hands
things Filipino. And as Filipinos the public Interent — created by such as Facebook, but without “in 2001, I thought browsing Facebook’s other Fili- down, the most popular. Citing
in the U.S. have become the fast- the U.S. Defense Department as the bells and whistles. But there (which later became Yahoo!’s Ya- pino groups and pages,” Totanes August statistics, Totanes said
est-growing Asian-American mi- an internal network, or Intranet, was already a plethora of forums hoogroups) was the best thing writes on the Definitely Filipino Definitely Filipino had 458,166
nority, it’s no coincidence that as a means of communicating devoted to specific interests and since sliced bread, since it could website. “I realized that there active users with 129,102 dai-
the Filipino-American presence and transferring information be- cultures, including at least one do whatever Usenet did, but in wasn’t really a place on Face- ly post views. In contrast, he
on social-networking sites has tween various military agencies started by Totanes. a graphical environment — and book where Filipinos can mingle said, the the blog logged a re-
become a crucial, if not manda- — will be familiar with Totanes’ “My earliest experience with more. Little did I know that that and meet others. These groups/ cord 22,000 views in one day and
tory, method of communication initial encounter with the what social networking was with the was just the beginning. Later pages, though promoting Fili- around 200,000 views in August.
between both fellow immigrants would become many cite as the Usenet forums such as soc.cul- came Friendster, MySpace and pino culture and pride, did not Clearly, Facebook is the cata-
and families and friends back defining technological phenome- ture.filipino and now Facebook.” have interaction between its lyst for Totanes’ success in build-
home. non of the 20th century. no,” said Totanes, adding that he Generation Facebook members. Their members would ing the network’s most popular
Top of the heap “My introduction to the Inter- created the latter in 1996. “These Beyond the ability to instant- simply visit the group in the be- Filipino page.
Among this moveable feast of net came around 1994, when the forums were where the now-clas- ly and cheaply connect with ginning, then forget about it af- “It has improved tremendous-
serious and satirical pages exists company I was working for start- sic ‘You know you’re Filipino if …’ friends and relatives a world terwards and seldom return.” ly,” he said. “For example, my
perhaps the most-followed Fil- ed using e-mail addresses” said thread was born.” and several time zones away, Becoming the antithesis of other Facebook page (devoted
ipino-American page, Definite- Totanes. But it would be anoth- Like his fellow Filipino immi- Facebook has enabled Filipinos these pages was the guiding to President Benigno “NoyNoy”
ly Filipino, heaquartered in the er year before Totanes would be grants, Totanes had a deep in- with a thirst for news and in- force and philosophy behind the S. Aquino III), currently with
northern California city of Tracy. exposed to the true power of the terest in connecting to his home, formation from home and here creation of Definitely Filipino around 1.96 million members,
Anchored by its parent web- Internet when a co-worker ex- family and friends, and the In- in the U.S. an unfiltered plat- and its growing stable of pages has been credited with bringing
site,, and plained to him the wider advan- ternet provided that quick, inex- form that combines the ability to (there are now 11 pages, includ- together Filipinos online, help-
blog, Definitely Filipino’s Face- tages of the system — namely pensive link. comment in and connect in real ing the latest, Definitely Amer- ing in disseminating informa-
book page has skyrocketed since browsing text pages through ear- “The desire to connect with time. Facebook, Totanes said, ican). A combination website, tion and sending out our sup-
its debut in July 2009. Since ly dial-up modems. people through networking has has changed the way he and his blog and Facebook page to vis- porters to the streets during the
then, Definitely Filipino has “The graphical browswer Mo- stayed with me since the Usenet fellow administrators and mod- it, learn, interact and belong, as campaign.”
gathered almost 900,000 follow- saic came after that, and then days,” said Totanes. “It brings me erators approach their task. Totanes describes it, Definitely Now that’s definitely Filipino.
September 11 - 17, 2010 THE FILIPINO PRESS 21
22 THE FILIPINO PRESS September 11 - 17, 2010