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Medium Voltage Components

VCP-W medium voltage Contactor vacuum

circuit breakers interrupters
• Common platform: 5–38 kV, • Rated line-to-line voltages
16–75 kA, 600–6000A, (50/60 Hz) 1.5–15 kV
7000A F/C • Rated short circuit current
• Commercial to utility grade, (symmetrical) 1.5–12 kA
including VCP-W with K=1
• Rated continuous current
• Numerous product variations:
narrow design, extra capa-
• Offerings to meet IEEE/ANSI,
bility and generator breaker IEC and GB standards
• Built and tested to meet ANSI,
IEC and GB standards Load break switch vacuum
• Full line of OEM components
and accessories • Rated line-to-line voltages
(50/60 Hz) 4.76–38 kV
• Rated short circuit
breaking current 2 kA
• Rated continuous current
VCP-T medium voltage 200–1250A
circuit breakers
• Offerings to meet IEEE/ANSI,
• Common platform: 5–15 kV, IEC and GB standards
16–40 kA, 600–2500A
• Solid insulation for increased
• Compact: 60% smaller and external dielectric performance
50% lighter than comparable
• Spring and magnetic actuated Expulsion fuses
mechanisms are available • Applications: distribution,
• Accessories and OEM power and potential
components are available transformers, feeder circuit
sectionalizing, load interrupter
• Built and tested to meet ANSI switchgear, high voltage
and IEC standards capacitors, pad-mounted
• Designed for use where space transformers and switches
is at a premium • Up to 145 kV maximum rating
• ANSI rated

Circuit breaker/recloser Current limiting fuses

vacuum interrupters • Applications: power and
• Rated line-to-line voltages potential transformers, fused
(50/60 Hz) 4.76–40.5 kV switches, feeder circuit
sectionalizing, AMPGARDT
• Rated short circuit current motor starters, pad-mounted
(symmetrical) 6–80 kA transformers, station
• Rated continuous current service, power centers, load
630–4000A interrupters and mine rectifiers
• Offerings to meet IEEET/ANSI, • Up to 38 kV maximum rating
IEC and GB standards • ANSI rated
• Solid insulation for increased • Replacement/interchangeability
external dielectric performance with most brands

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