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Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionaries to Taguig City, Philippines sent by Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Brogue, PA
Feb. 2018

Praise Reports:
A Ladies' Prayer Meeting and Day Out:
1. Praise God for saving souls. We rejoice that a
Marcia and some of the
man came to faith in Christ after the AM ser-
ladies that have been faithfully
vice. Pray that he would grow in grace and
attending our church-fellowship
follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. Addi-
were able to spend some time to-
tionally, a young girl who sought to be bap- gether praying and enjoying some
tized was lovingly confronted and led to the time in town. God is good and we are Left to right: Lot, Mona, Bambi, Mercy, and
Lord. Now, she is able to get baptized along thankful for good friends. Marcia - Mercy came to know the Lord as her
with her mother. God is good! Saviour two weeks later! The rest of the ladies
all profess to know the Lord as their personal
2. Praise the Lord for believers who desire to Saviour.
grow and obey the Lord Jesus Christ. A lady Our First-ever Drunk Visitor:
we led to the Lord back in April, started faith- I remember reading missionary letters back when I was associ-
fully attending all the Sunday services and has ate pastor about certain folks interrupting the service due to drunken-
also expressed a desire to follow the Lord’s ness. Well, I can now join the club! Seriously though, it is a heart-
command to get baptized. breaking experience to see such a sad and sorrowful manifestation of sin.
But there is hope because God is in the changing business. Please pray
3. Praise God for new friends who love the Lord
that the man would return sober (just as he promised) and that he would
and can speak a good heap of English.
find the LORD to be the answer that his soul is looking for.
4. Praise the Lord for opening up for us a new
A Baptismal Meeting Turned to an Evangelistic Meeting:
supporting church. Praise Him for Tabernacle
Baptist Church, Quincy, IL and Pastor Gary We carefully go through at least two weeks of meetings with
Zdziarski. We are amazed at how God pro- each baptismal candidate partly to go over each individual’s questions
vides all things for us at just the right time. and testimony of faith among many other things. A 10-year old girl could
God is good! not share a clear and certain word of testimony during our first meeting.
Her mother, thankfully, testified of her faith in Christ, and she was willing
5. Praise the Lord for a sweet time of fellowship
for me to talk to her daughter about salvation. Afterwards, the girl re-
and study with Pastor Thomas Strouse and
ceived Jesus into her life. On our second meeting, both of them gave a
the good folks of Cornerstone Baptist Church
clear testimony of salvation and both of them are able and willing to get
in Quezon City, and many more brethren
baptized. We have our second baptismal service scheduled for Sunday,
from other cities and islands.
April 15. Pray that a couple more prospects would commit to following
Prayer Requests: the Lord in obedience to His mandate.

1. We conducted our first in-home evangelistic LV Put His Trust in the LORD:
Bible study of the year. Two attendees be-
He was contemplating converting to
lieved in Jesus. Please pray that they would
Islam but he came to our AM service a
continue with us. Pray also that a husband and
few weeks back and got saved. Now he
wife would be willing and able to come.
attends our fellowship. Pray for Bro.
2. Please pray for the Lord to bless our first year LV to continue to grow.
anniversary services to be held on March 11.
Pray for souls to be saved and for God to be We now have two videos featuring Bible Question & Answer in Tagalog specifically
glorified in our special Sunday services. for Filipinos. You may visit to view them.

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