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Instructional Model Date: 9/13/17

Whole Group CCCS Standards:
Focus/Strategy: SL.2.1- participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about grade
10-15 minutes 2 topics and texts with peers and adults in small and larger groups.
SL.2.3- ask and answer questions about what a speaker says in order to clarify
- Text: Today I Feel comprehension, gather additional information, or deepen understanding of a topic or
Silly, and Other issue.
Moods that Make My
Day by Jamie Lee Objective: SWBAT explain that people have different types of emotions and that
Curtis we can help each other realize their emotions are normal by listening with
- SWAG anchor chart understanding and empathy.
-empathy definition
- copies of showing State the purpose of the strategy, skill or task
empathy hand outs Today we are going to read a text called Today I Feel Silly, and Other Moods that
Make My Day by Jamie Lee Curtis. This story will teach us about all different
emotions that we can feel throughout our day and that it is okay to feel those
emotions. After we complete the story we will talk about what they word empathy
means and how we can listen to each other about our feelings and show them both
understanding and empathy.

Begin by defining the word empathy as the ability to understand and share the
feelings of others. Show them the picture that illiterates this definition and where it
will be posted in the room for students to refer back to.

Model Beginning (You Do)

Before reading the text refer back to the SWAG poster which illustrates how we
position our bodies to support listening with understanding.
S-sit up straight
W- watch the speaker
A- Ask and answer questions
G- give a hand signal to agree or show a connection
Once all students are sitting with “swag” begin reading the text aloud.

Begin to read the text aloud to the students. Stop on the page where the character is
angry and model how to make a connection to the text. Share to the class about a
time when I felt angry in my life and what I did to calm down at that time.

Turn and Talk Middle (We Do)

Read aloud the next few pages and stop at the pages where the character feels quiet
and happy. At these stopping points have the students turn and talk with a partner
using the procedure posted on the wall to share about a time when they felt both of
these ways in their own life. Then have the students share out about what their
partner said to foster listening for understanding.

Independent Practice Independent Practice: End (You Do)

and or Reading
Focus/Strategy: Have students return to their seats and complete the Showing Empathy handouts.
10 minutes Students will be able to choose which emotion they want to focus on and will be
provided 5 different choices. Allow students to work for 15 minutes. Then they will
discuss their thoughts with a partner who chose a different emotion.
After 5 minutes lead the class in a discussion about how to show empathy. Make
sure to connect showing empathy while we listen to each other speak! Explain that
this is a critical habit of mind that we will be practicing for the rest of the year.

Formative Assessment:

Have students ask a grownup at home about a time when they felt one of the
emotions from the story. Have the students listen to their grownups experience and
paraphrase what they heard the next day during morning meeting to show

Accommodations and A.F. give explicit instructions multiple times with frequent checks for progress and
Modifications understanding.
J.D. give explicit instructions multiple times with frequent checks for progress and