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Deer Park Public Schools

Daily Lesson Plans

Teacher’s Name Date Subject/Grade Learning Unit
Lori Sullivan 12/18/17- Language Arts Picture Bride

Objective NYS Common Core Essential Question

SWBAT Students will CCSS.ELA- What are some ways to
demonstrate their Literacy.W.8.2.a analyze character traits
understanding of a Introduce a topic clearly, while reading? How can
character sketch by previewing what is to we tell if the trait is
creating a google slide follow; organize ideas, consistent for the
presentation, on the concepts, and information character?
chrome books, analyzing into broader categories;
a main character from include formatting (e.g.,
Picture Bride. headings), graphics (e.g.,
charts, tables), and
multimedia when useful to
aiding comprehension.
Develop the topic with
relevant, well-chosen facts,
definitions, concrete details,
quotations, or other
information and examples.
Establish and maintain a
formal style.
Provide a concluding
statement or section that
follows from and supports
the information or
explanation presented.
Scaffolded Learning Activities
Do Now – Please take a Chrome Book from the cart and sign on.

Teach/Model/Guide- Teacher will model how to get on to the

Chrome Books. Teacher will show an example of a finished
product of the given assignment. Students will be guided
through making a character sketch of a main character, of their
choice, from Picture Bride.

Activity– Students will choose a character trait, give evidence

from the novel supporting the trait. Students will also have to
give a detailed description of the character and find a
corresponding picture to support their description. Finally,
students will select a theme song that supports the traits and
description of their character.
Students will share their work through google docs with their teachers.
Work on Character sketch project.