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=SCHEDULE FRIDAY, @eeee Filmy —_Studlio_-—“Science/ Professional General FEBRUARY 23 = SS = 4PM- 5:30PM Broadcast Engineering | Room 234 Kirk Harnack, Greg Shay, and Ben Majchrzak Explore the many sides of this unique branch of the audio industry. Adventures in Compression | Studio A Jonathan Pines, Tony SanFilippo, Chris Garges, and Ben Kesler ‘A hands-on demonstration showing applications of dynamic processing, 5:45PM - 7:15PM Classical Recording | Room 236 Paul Hennerich, Margaret Luthar, Libby Meyer, and Dr. Ian Corbett ‘Techniques on how to capture the best representation of classical music. ‘Vocal Recording | Studio A Jonathan Pines, Chris Garges, Tony SanFilippo, and Adam Chesi Learn about different mic techniques for vocal recording. Audio Codecs | Room 238 Kirk Harnack and Greg Shay ‘The importance of file formats in the audio industry. Navigating a Career in Freelance | Room 239 David Kerins, Ben Majchrzak, and Ben Kesler ‘The benefits of working in freelance and how to get a gig. 7:30PM -9PM Mastering | Room 236 Jonathan Pines, Margaret Luthar, Rob Schlette, and Frank Oglethorpe Insight on the final product before it goes on the album, radio, and more. Studio Maintenance | Room 239 Dr. Jeffrey Tackett and Kyle Snyder How to upkeep and maintain your home or professional studio, SATURDAY, System Networking | Room 238 Greg Shay, Lee Buckalew, Casey Hunter, and Rusty Wandall ‘Up-to-date communication between audio devices. Now Is the Best Time to Be in Audio|Room 240 Dan Ruder and Ben Majchrzak ‘Why is it so exciting to be involved in the world of audio today? FEBRUARY 24 OAM - 11:30AM How to Work with Creative Talent | Studio A TL45AM - :15PM Carl Nappa, Jonathan Pines, and Dr. Jeffrey Tackett ‘Talk about building effective relationships with artists. Audio Facility Design and ‘Troubleshooting | Room 238 ‘Lee Buckalew and Kyle Snyder Insight into how to design your facility and keep it operational. ‘Mixing in the Box | Room 240 Justin Fisher, Paul Hennerich, and Brian Scheffer ‘Learn tips and tricks to mixing with DAWs. Your Career in 10 Years | Room 236 ‘Margaret Luthar, Dan Ruder, and Chris Finney Career advice for forging your professional path. Other Opportunities in Audio | Room 236 David Kerins, Bob McCarthy, and Greg Shay Explore the many different career options in the audio industry. Workflow - Building a Routine for Your Sessions | Studio A ‘Tony SanFilippo and Rob Schlette ‘See how professionals work through their projects and learn how to build your own pattern, fe P1T) SCHEDULE 1:15PM - 2:30PM 2:30PM - 4PM 4:15PM - 5:45PM Raw Tracks | Room 102 Paul Womack Join Paul as he presents to you his mix from one of his sessions. Gear Talk | Room 238 Brian Scheffer, Jonathan Pines, and Casey Hunter Geek out and learn about what audio gear the pros use. Roles in the Studio | Room 239 Bill Schulenburg, Chris Garges, Dan Ruder, and John Merchant Discuss Producer, Engineer, Assistant, Intern, Manager; what do all of these people do? Analog to Digital to Analog | Room 234 Paul Hennerich Examine the distortion and anomalies that occur because of the audio conversion process. LUNCH ‘Communication Between Mixing and Mastering Engineers | Room 236 Margaret Luthar, Justin Fisher, Rob Schlette, and Chris Finney Discuss how better communication can lead to better results. In-Ear Monitoring and Hearing Loss Prevention | Room 238 Dr. London Glughorn, Thomas Lund, and Dr. Jeffrey Tackett ‘Talk about protecting the most important assets you have. Producers Panel | Room 239 Paul Womack, Carl Nappa, and John Merchant Insights into how music is produced & interactions between producers and engineers. ‘Hybrid Mixing | Studio A Paul Hennerich, Jonathan Pines, Chris Garges, and Tony SanFilippo ‘Talk about recording with analog and digital gear at the same time. Drum Workshop | Studio A ‘Tony SanFilippo, Jonathan Pines, and Chris Garges ‘Microphone types, techniques, and how to use them and get a great sound. Breaking and Entering: Getting the Job You Want in Pro Audio | Room 234 David Scheirman ‘The President of AES shares his knowledge on how to break into the industry. 6PM - 7:30PM Hero's Journey | Room 236 Paul Womack, Chris Finney, Margaret Luthar, and Carl Nappa Stories on how they got to where they are now in the industry. Approaches to Critical Listening | Room 238 Dr. Ian Corbett, Dr. Tim Ryan, and Dr. Sean Olive Discuss how recording engineers and scientists discuss varying approaches to skill development and mix deconstruction. ‘Theater Sound | Room 239 Rusty Wandall, Casey Hunter, and Bob McCarthy From Drama to Musical Theater: Creating content and designing sound systems. Raw Tracks | Room 102 John Merchant John Merchant shows you his mix from one of his sessions. Recording with Gear Under $200 | Studio A Jonathan Pines, Tony SanFilippo, Adam Chesi, and Chris Garges Discuss how better communication can lead to better results. Recording Critiques | Room 234 Carl Nappa, Dr. Ian Corbett, and Margaret Luthar Bring your recordings to have in-depth critiques from professionals. Film Sound and Sound Design | Room 239 Kyle Snyder, Justin Fisher, and David Kerins ‘Exploring techniques used in audio for film, Sound System Design | Room 240 Bob McCarthy and Lee Buckalew Understanding what goes into an effective live sound system. Loudness-Based Production | Room 236 ‘Thomas Lund A controversial topic that is involved in broadcast, gaming, and streaming (Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) CRASS 2018 9m SUNDAY, SCHEDULE FEBRUARY 25 TOAM - 11:30AM TI45AM - 1:15PM 1:15PM - 2:30PM 2:30PM - 4:30PM 4:30PM - 6PM Sunday Morning Story Time | Room 102 Bill Schulenburg, Tony SanFilippo, Bob McCarthy, Chris Finney, and Carl Nappa Award-winning professionals tell their stories about their careers and the influences that shaped their path. Which Mic to Use, Where | Studio A Dr. Ian Corbett, Jonathan Pines, and Chris Garges Microphone technique and how to utilize each mic to its fullest potential. Production Sound Mixing Equipment Showcase | 234 David Kerins Advice on production sound equipment, including improvised gear, and the best practices to use on the job, How to Run an Audio Business | Room 236 Lee Buckalew, Ben Majchrzak, Rob Schlette, and Casey Hunter Pointers on how to run a successful business in the audio industry. LUNCH - -- --------------------------------. Keynote Address with Bob McCarthy | Browning 160 Bob McCarthy ‘Webster AES presents Bob McCarthy as the honored Keynote Speaker. Mix Competition and Closing | EAB Commons Dr. Ian Corbett, Bill Schulenburg, and Ben Majchrzak Student mixes are reviewed by a panel of judges where they receive feedback and prizes. ioe PAE:

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