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Today kids are obviously different from kids who were born before 1998. This different
between kids nowadays who also known as millenials can cause some kind of bad issue. Such as
westernization life, children’s lack of playing outside, and also children as a generation Z. This main
problem of kids today can cause other brances problem.

Westernization along the kids today is become common issue. Westernization is a process of
someone to follow western style (Huntington, 2011). Westerinization was became an epidemic for
anyone include kids. Furthermore, globalization factor make’s no border between any other countries
– from west to east, south to north – it become reachable due to the effect of globalization (Waluya,
2012), so it makes westernization happen easier. Westernization also makes kids have a different
fashion style. Kids mostly follow fashion trend from Hollywood artist they adore, and this kind of
fashion style sometimes have a different culture from eastern like us. Also ignore their own traditional
culture because of new culture from western can occur due to this westernization issue. From the
sociologycal view, this westernization can have a negative impact for our local culture if the process
of cultural absorption is too excessive with no attention to aspects of the local culture itself,
westernization with a mere imitation and without consideration will be very hazardous for our future
local culture (Idham, 2016).

Kids today have a new habit that they more enjoy playing inside their house and lack playing
outside. In accordance with research results Sandra L. Hofferth (2006), Ph. D, Professor in the
Department of Family Science, University of Maryland School of Public Health, USA who mentioned
that the average outdoor playing time of children has decreased more than 9 hours per week from
1981 to 2003. This habit can make them lazy to do activity like sports and other activities, so it can
cause obesity problem. Also, outside play isn’t only important in combating childhood obesity, and
too much “screen time” does more than just make kids fat. Lack of playing outside makes kids less
move and its unhealthy for kid’s life. Spending prolonged periods in front of screens isn’t only bad
for weight management in kids, it has also been shown to be detrimental to cognitive
development, psychological health and sleep (Carter, 2014). If kids enjoy playing inside their house
also make them have no friends too except from school. They’ll be hard to socialize, knowing each
other and get along with their friends. In fact, providing play opportunities that increase physical
activity, alongside promoting both competence and autonomy, will result in genuine skill
development, as well as creating an enhanced sense of self-efficacy and psychological well-being.

Kids who are born between 1998 to 2004 also known as millenials, born when the world
warming up a digital era with everything become more accessible to people across the world, so that’s
why they popularly known as Generation Z. This can cause kids to focus with virtual internet world
wide even they have their own reality world. As a Generation Z, smartphones for kids today are as
common part of growing up as the marbles or yo-yo’s of yesteryear, so it comes as no huge surprise
via two new studies by Nielsen that more kids are glued to them; and millennials are struggling with
this challenge. Also this problem can make kids forgot about their own healthy, with too much playing
in front of screen gadget can make their eyesight worse and harder to sleep. According to Carter and
his co-authors, this omnipresent technology negatively influences children's sleep by delaying their
sleep time. Light emitted from these devices may also affect the circadian rhythm, electronic lights
can delay the release of melatonin, disrupting this cycle and making it harder to fall asleep, the
researchers explain. As Dr. Sujay Kansagra (2013) said, sleep plays a crucial role in brain development,
memory, self-regulation, attention, immune function, cardiovascular health and much more.

We can’t escape away from kids nowadays problems. It also take a courage from every part
in our nearest society include parents, school, environment, government, and kids itself. With
cooperate we can make a right step to prevent those kids nowaday’s problem.

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