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Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa

Archdiocese of Good Hope

Paschal Matins & Divine Liturgy Hymns

29 April 2018
3rd Sunday of Pascha
By the Grace of God
Sunday of the Paralytic of Bethesda
ARCHONDISSA & TEACHER BY DIVINE GRACE The Feast of St Jason & St Sosipator of the 70 Apostles – St
Kerkyras – St Ioannou (Kaloktenos) Metropolian of Thivon
ARCHDIOCESE OF GOOD HOPE – St Theognes, St Rufos, St Antipater, St Theostihos, St
HOLY CHURCH OF THE DORMITION OF THE MOTHER OF GOD Artemas, St magnos, St Theodotos, St Thavmasios & St
PORT ELIZABETH Philemon of Cyzikos, Hellespont – St Memnon the
Wonderworker of Egypt – St Diodoros & St Rhodopianos,
PO BOX 28348 the Deacons of Aphrodisias, Anatolia - St Basil, Bishop of
SUNRIDGE PARK Zakholmsk, Serbia – St John Valaha of Romania – St
Nektarios of Optina – The Holy Martyrs of Lazeti, Georgia – St Endelion the Recluse of Cornwall

Tone 3
Our Eternal Gratitude to Pater Seraphim Dedes & all the others
for the Greek & English texts that make our Worship much easier
to understand, to participate and to appreciate.
Please support them whenever possible.
Glory to God for His Great Mercy!


20. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E 3 – 3 R D P A S C H A L S U N D A Y – T H E P A R A L Y T I C - 2 9 A P R I L 2 0 1 8
St Ephraim of Syria
Father Seraphim Rose
Virtues are formed by Prayer.
Prayer preserves Temperance. We must never criticise nor judge others.
Prayer suppresses anger. We must regard everyone else
Prayer prevents emotions of pride and envy. as being Angelic.
Prayer draws into our soul We must Justify their mistakes
God the Holy Spirit and their weaknesses.
and Raises us to Heaven. We must Condemn only ourselves
for being the worst of sinners.
This is the first step of Spiritual Life.

2. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E 3 – 3 R D P A S C H A L S U N D A Y – T H E P A R A L Y T I C - 2 9 A P R I L 2 0 1 8 MATLIT HYMNS-TONE 3 – 3RD PASCHAL SUNDAY – THE PARALYTIC - 29 APRIL 2018 19.
Touton idon O Iisous katakimenon, keg When Jesus saw him lying there, and
nous oti polin idi hronon ehi, legi afto: knew that he already had been in
“Thelis igiis genesthe?” that condition for a long time, He
said to him: “Do you want to be
made well?”
Apekrithi afto O astheno: “Kyrie, The sick man answered Him: “Sir, I
anthropon ouk eho, ina ota tarahthi to
idor, vali me is tin kolymvithran. En O
have no man to put me into the pool
when the water is stirred up; and
Paschal Matins Hymns – The Paralytic
de erhome ego, allos pro emou while I am going, another steps
kataveni.” down before me.”
Legi afto O Iisous: “Egire. Aron ton Jesus said to him: “Rise. Take up your
kravatton sou ke peripati.” bed and walk.” ✞Hristos Anesti, ek nekron, Thanato ✞Christ is Risen from the dead; By
Ke evtheos egeneto igiis O anthropos ke And immediately the man was made Thanaton patisas, Ke tis en tis Death trampling upon Death, and
mnimasin, Zoin harisamenos (3) has bestowed Life to those in the
ire ton kravatton aftou ke periepati. well, took up his bed and walked.
In de Savvaton en ekini ti imera. That day was the Sabbath.
Elegon oun i Ioudei to tetherapevmeno: The Hebrews, therefore, said to him
“Savvaton estin! Ouk exesti si are ton who was cured: “It is the Sabbath! It Kindly use the Service Book until this point, then carefully follow instructions
kravvaton!” is not lawful for you to carry your with regard to these Hymns
Apekrithi aftis: “O piisas me igii, ekinos He answered them: “He Who made me PSALM 117 /118
mi ipen: ‘Aron ton kravatton sou ke well said to me: ‘Take up your bed PRAISE TO GOD FOR HIS EVERLASTING MERCY
peripati!’ and walk.’”
Theos Kyrios ke Epefanen imin. The Lord is God, and has Appeared to
Irotisan oun afton: “Tis estin O Anthropo They asked him: “Who is the Man Who Evlogimenos O erhomenos en us. Blessed is He Who comes in the
O ipon si: ‘Aron ton kravatton sou ke said to you: ‘Take up your bed and Onomati Kyriou! Name of the Lord!
peripati?’” walk?’”
1. Exomologisthe to Kyrio, oti 1. Confess the Lord, for He is Good;
O de iathis ouk idi tis estin. O gar Iisous But the one who was healed did not Agathos, oti is ton eona to Eleos for His Mercy endures forever!
exenefsen - ohlou ontos en to topo. know Who it was. Jesus had Aftou! ✶ ✶
withdrawn – a multitude being in All
that place.
2. Panta ta Ethni ekiklosan me, ke to 2. the Nations surrounded me,
Onomati Kyriou inamin aftous. but in the Name of the Lord I
Meta tafta evriski afton O iisous en to Afterwards Jesus found him in the ✶ drove them back. ✶
Iero, ke ipen afto: “Ide! igiis genoas. Temple and said to him: “Behold! 3. Para Kyriou egeneto afti, ke esti 3. This is the Lord’s doing, and it is
Miketi amartane, ina mi hiron si ti You have been made well. Sin no Thavmasti en ofthalmis imon. ✶ Marvellous in our eyes. ✶
geite.” more, lest a worse thing come RESURRECTION APOLYTIKION - TONE 3
upon you.”
Apilthen O anthropos ke aningile tis The man departed and told the Evfrenestho ta Ourania, agaliastho ta Let the Heavens rejoice and let the
Ioudeis, oti Iisous esti O piisas afton Judeans that it was Jesus Who had epigia, oti epiise Kratos en Vrahioni earth be glad, for the Lord has
igii. made him well. Aftou O Kyrios. Epatise to Thanato shown Strength with His Arm; He
ton Thanaton.Prototokos ton nekron has trampled down Death by Death;
egeneto. Ek kilias Adou errisato imas He has become the First-born of the
ke pareshe to kosmo to Mega Eleos. dead; from the womb of Hades He
O Angelos evoa ti Keharitomeni, Agni The Angel cried aloud to our Lady Full has delivered us, and to the world He
Parthene, Here, ke palin ero! Here, of Grace: Hail! O Pure Virgin! And has granted Great Mercy.
O Sos Iios Anesti triimeros ek again, I say, Hail! Thy Son has ✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
Tafou! Resurrected on the Third Day from and to the Holy Spirit
the Tomb!
Evfrenestho ta Ourania, agaliastho ta Let the Heavens rejoice and let the
Fotizou! Fotizou, i Nea Ierousalim!I gar Be Illumined! Be Illumined, O New epigia, oti epiise Kratos en Vrahioni earth be glad, for the Lord has
Doxa Kyriou epi Se anetile. Horeve Jerusalem! For the Glory of our Lord Aftou O Kyrios. Epatise to Thanato shown Strength with His Arm; He
nin ke agallou, Sion, Si de, Agni, has arisen over Thee! Dance now for ton Thanaton.Prototokos ton nekron has trampled down Death by Death;
terpou, Theotoke, en ti egersi tou Joy, O Zion, and Exult! And be egeneto. Ek kilias Adou errisato imas He has become the First-born of the
Tokou Sou! merry, O Pure Theotokos, at the ke pareshe to kosmo to Mega Eleos. dead; from the womb of Hades He
Rising of He Whom Thou bore!

18. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E 3 – 3 R D P A S C H A L S U N D A Y – T H E P A R A L Y T I C - 2 9 A P R I L 2 0 1 8 MATLIT HYMNS-TONE 3 – 3RD PASCHAL SUNDAY – THE PARALYTIC - 29 APRIL 2018 3.
has delivered us, and to the world He Egeneto de en tes imeres ekines And it came to pass in those days that
has granted Great Mercy.
asthenisasan aftin apothanin. she became ill and died.
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the Ages of ages. Lousantes de aftin ethikan en iperoo. When they had washed her, they laid
her in an upper chamber.
Amin Amen Engis de ousis Liddis ti Ioppi i Mathite And due to the fact that Lydda was
akousantes oti Petros estin en afti, close to Joppa, and the Disciples
Se tin Mesitefsasan ti Sotirian tou genous To Thee, who is the Mediatrix of the apesilan dio andras pros afton had heard that Peter was there, they
imon, animnoumen Theotoke Salvation of our race, we sing: O parakalountes mi oknise dielthin eos sent two men to him, requesting
Parthene. En ti Sarki gar ti ek Sou Birth-giver of God and Virgin. For in afton. him to hasten to them
proslifthisi, O Ios Sou ke Theos imon, the Flesh assumed from Thee, after Anastas de Petros sinilthen aftis. Peter arose and went with them.
to dia Stavrou katadexamenos pathos, suffering the Passion of the Cross,
elitrosato imas ek fthoras, os Thy Son and our God delivered us On paragenomenon anigagon is to When he arrived, they took him into
Filanthropos. from corruption, because He Loves iperoon. the upper chamber.
mankind. Ke parestisan afton pase e hire kleouse And all the widows stood around him,
SMALL LITANY ➔ ke epidiknimene hitonas ke imatia osa weeping, and showing him the
FIRST RESURRECTION KATHISMA – TONE 3 epii met’ afton ousa i Dorkas. cloaks and garments that Dorcas
Hristos ek nekron egigerte, i aparhi ton Christ has risen from the dead - the had made while she was with them.
kekimimenon;O prototokos tis ktiseos, First Fruit of those who repose. Ekvalon de exo pantas O Petros this ta After putting them all outside, Peter
ke Dimiourgos panton ton gegonoton, The First Born of Creation and gonata prosiixato. knelt down, and prayed.
tin kataftharisan fisin tou genous Creator of all that has come to be,
imon, en eafto anekenisen. Ouk eti has renewed in Himself the
Ke epistrepsas pros to soma ipe: And turning to the body, he said:
Thanate kirivis; O gar ton olon corrupted nature of our race. “Tavitha! Anastithi!” “Tabitha! Arise!”
Despotis, to kratos sou katelise. Death, you no longer rule, for our I de inixe tou ofthalmous aftis, ke idousa She opened her eyes, and when she
Master of all things has destroyed ton Petron anekathise. beheld Peter, she sat up.
your power.
Dous de afti hira anestisen aftin, fonisas He gave her his hand, and helped her
✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son, de tous Agious k etas hiras parestisen up, and when he had called the
and to the Holy Spirit aftin zosan. Saints and widows, he presented
Sarki tou Thanatou, gefsamenos Kyrie, Having tasted Death in the Flesh, O her to them, alive.
to pikron tou Thanatou, exetemes ti Lord, Thou hast cut out the Gnoston de egeneto kath’ olis tis Ioppis, And it became known throughout all
egersi Sou; ke ton Anthropon nin bitterness of Death by Thy Rising ke polli epistevsan epi ton Kyrion. Joppa; and many believed in our
kath’ aftou enishisas, tis arheas and granted mankind Strength Lord.
kataras tin itan anakloumenos; O against it, announcing the abolition THE HOLY GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST JOHN 5 : 1 – 15
Iperaspistis tis Zois imon, Kyrie ✞ of the ancient Curse. Defender of THE PARALYTIC AT THE SHEEP’S POOL IS HEALED AFTER 38 YEARS BY OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST
Doxa Si! our Life, O Lord: ✞ Glory to Thee!
To kero ekino, anevi O Iisous is At that time our Lord Jesus went up
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the ages of Ierosolima. to Jerusalem.
eonon. ages. Esti de en tis Ierosolimis epi ti Provatiki, There is in Jerusalem, by the Sheep
Amin. Amen kolymvithra, i epilegomeni Evresti Gate, a pool, which is called in
THEOTOKION OF THE RESURRECTION - TONE 3 ‘Vithesada,’ pente stoas ehousa. Hebrew: ‘Bethesda,’ having five
Tin oreotita, tis Parthenias Sou, ke to Awed by the beauty of Thy Virginity
iperlampron, to tis Agnias Sou, O and by the splendour of Thy Purity, En taftes katekito plithos poli ton In these lay a great multitude of sick
Gavriil kataplagis, evoa Si Theotoke: Gabriel cried aloud to Thee: O asthenounton tiflon, holon, xiron - people: blind, lame and paralysed –
Pion Si egkomion, prosagago Theotokos: How can I praise Thee as ekdehomenon tin tou idatos kinisin. waiting for the moving of the water.
epaxion? Ti de onomaso Se? Aporo I should? With what name shall I Angelos gar kata keron katevenen en ti An Angel went down at a certain time
ke existame; dio os prosetagin voo Si: invoke Thee? I am troubled and kolimvithra, ke etarasseto to idor. into the pool and stirred up the
Here, i Keharitomeni! amazed! Therefore, as I was water.
Commanded, I cry to Thee: Hail, O
Full of Grace! O oun protos emvas meta tin tarhin tou Whoever stepped in first, after the
idatos igiis egineto O dipote katiheto stirring of the water, was made well
nosimati. of whatever disease he had.
In de tis anthroos eki triakonta ke okto eti A certain man was there who had an
ehon en ti asthenia. infirmity for thirty-eight years.

4. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E 3 – 3 R D P A S C H A L S U N D A Y – T H E P A R A L Y T I C - 2 9 A P R I L 2 0 1 8 MATLIT HYMNS-TONE 3 – 3RD PASCHAL SUNDAY – THE PARALYTIC - 29 APRIL 2018 17.

RESURRECTION APOLYTIKION – TONE 3 Panta anthropina, katadexamenos, Appropriating all our human attibutes,
panta imetera, ikiosamenos, deigning to make Thine own all that
Eufrenestho ta Ourania, agaliastho ta Let the Heaven sing for Joy, and let prosilothine en Stavro, evdokisas piita belonged to us, O my Creator, it was
epigia, oti epiise Kratos, en vrahioni everything on Earth e Glad. For with mou, Thanaton elomenos, ipomine os Thy Good Pleasure to be Crucified.
Aftou, O Kyrios, epatise to Thanato His Arm the Lord has worked Power. anthropos, ina to anthropinon, en Thus, O Master, Thou preferred to
ton Thanaton, prototokos ton nektron He trampled Death underfoot by Thanatou litrosis os Theos. Dio os submit, as a Man, to Death, so that
egeneto, ek ilias Adou errisato imas, means of Death; and He became the zoodoti voomen Si. Doxa Hriste ti Thy might liberate mankind from
ke parshe to kosmo to Mega Eleos. Firstborn of the dead. From the evsplagnia Sou. Death, as God. And, therefore, we
maw of Hades He Delivered us; and cry out to Thee, O Life-giver, Glory to
PATRONAL APOLYTIKION OF THE PARISH  He granted the world His Great Thy Compassion, O Christ.
✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
and to the Holy Spirit
I ke en Tafo katilthes Athanate, alla tou Although Thou went down into the To akatalipton, to tis Staroseos, ke We Faithful contemplate an Ineffable
Adou kathiles tin dinamin. Ke anestis Sepulchre, O Immortal One, Thou anerminefton, to tis egerseos, Mystery: Thy Crucifixion that cannot
os Nikitis, Hriste O Theos, Gynexi brought down the dominion of theologoumen i Pisti, aporriton be understood and Thy Rising that
Myroforis fthegxamenos, Herete! Ke Hades; and Thou Rose as Victor, O Mystirion; simeron gar Thanatos, ke cannot be explained. For today
tis Sis Apostolis Irinin doroumenos, O Christ our God, and Thou Called out O Adis eskilefte, genos de Death and Hades have been
tis pesousi parehon Anastasin. “Hail!” to the Myrrhbearing Women, Anthropinon, aftharsian endedite; dio despoiled, but the human race has
and granted Peace to Thine Apostles, ke Efharistos kravgazomen: Doxa put on Incorruption. And so with
O Lord, Who to the fallen grant Hriste ti Anastasi Sou! Thanksgiving we cry: Glory, O
Resurrection. Christ, to Thy Resurrection!
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the ages of ages.
Psalate to Theo imon! Psalate! Psalate to Sing Praises to our God! Sing Praises! eonon.
Vasili imon! Psalate! Sing Praises to our King! Sing
Amin Amen
Panta ta Ethni krotisate hiras. Alalaxate O Clap your hands, all you Nations.
to Theo en foni agalliaseos. Shout to God with the voice of Ta Epourania, potho igallonto, ke ta All Heavenly Beings with yearning,
Rejoicing. epigia, tromo existanto, ote i leapt for Joy, while everything on
THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES ACCORDING TO ST LUKE 9 : 32 - 42 ahrantos foni, epilthe Si Theotoke. earth with trembling stood in awe,
Mia gar panigiris, amfoteris when the Immaculate Voice came to
En tes imeres ekines, egeneto Petron, In those days, it came to pass, as Peter epelampsen, oti ton Protoplaston, ek Thee, O Theotokos. And a single
dierhomenon dia panton katelthin ke passed throughout the quarters, he Thanatou errisato. Dio sin to Angelo Festival brightly shone Above and
pros tous Agious tous katikountas went down also to the Saints who Voomen Si. Here Agni below, for Thy Son delivered from
Liddan. dwelt at Lydda. Parthenomitor. Death the man whom He had first
Evre de eki anthropon tina ‘Enean’ There he found a certain man named
fashioned. And therefore, with the
onomati, ex eton okto katakimenon ‘Aeneas,’ who had been bed-ridden Angel, we cry to Thee: Hail! O Pure
epi kravatto, os in paralelimenos. for eight years, suffering from

Ke ipen afto O Petros: “Enea, iate Se And Peter said to him: “Aeneas: Jesus Ekplitton ti orasi, drosizon tis rimasin, Astounding in appearance, refreshing
Iisous O Hristos! Anastithi ke stroson Christ makes Thee whole! Arise, O astrapton Angelos, tes Myroforis by the words he spoke, the sparkling
seafto.” and make Thy bed.” elege. Ton zonta ti zitite en Angel said to Myrrhbearers: Who do
mnimati? Igerthi kenosas ta you seek in the Tomb for the Living
Ke evtheos anesti. And he immediately arose. mnimata. Tis frhoras alliotin, gnote One? He is Risen and has emptied to
Ke idon! afton pantes i katikontes Liddan And behold! all who dwelt at Lydda ton analioton. Ipate to Theo. Os tombs. Know Him, the Unchanging
ke ton Sarona, itines epestrepsan epi and Sharon saw him, and turned to fovera ta Erga Sou! Oti to genos Changer of corruption. Say to God:
ton Kyrion. the Lord. esosas ton Anthropon. How Awesome art Thy Works! For
Thou hast Saved humanity!
En Ioppi de tis in Mathitia onomati And at Joppa there was a certain
‘Tavitha,’ i dierminevomeni legete Disciple named ‘Tabitha,’ which is
‘Dorkas.’ translated as ‘Dorcas.’ ANTI FO NO N A Tin ehmalosian Sion, si ANTIP HO N1 O Logos, Thou delivered
Afti in pliris Agathon Ergon ke She was full of Good Works and exilou ek Vavilonos. Kame ek ton Zion from Babylon’s captivity. Now,
Eleimosinon on epii. Almsgiving, which she had done pathon, pros zoin elkison, Loge. draw me out of my passions, to Life.

16. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E 3 – 3 R D P A S C H A L S U N D A Y – T H E P A R A L Y T I C - 2 9 A P R I L 2 0 1 8 MATLIT HYMNS-TONE 3 – 3RD PASCHAL SUNDAY – THE PARALYTIC - 29 APRIL 2018 5.
En to noto i spirontes, dakrisinentheis, They who sow in the South with Divine periptixometha! O Pasha, litron lipis! us embrace one another! Pascha,
Ke gar ek tafou simeron, osper ek the Ransom from Sorrow! Today
theriousi stahias, en Hara Aizoias. Tears shall reap with Joy the Sheaves
pastou eklampsas Hristos, ta ginea from the Sepulchre Christ emerged
of Life Eternal.
haras epliise legon. Kirixate resplendently as from a Bridal
✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. ✞Glory to the Father, and to the Son, Apostolis. Chamber, and the Women He filled
Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit, now and with Joy, saying: Proclaim This to
eonon. ever, and to the Ages of Ages. the Apostles!
Amin. Amen. ✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
✞Agio Pnevmati, pasa Agathodoria, os ✞Every good Gift is in the Holy Spirit. and to the Holy Spirit
Patri ke Io sinastrapti, en O ta panta He radiates Life with the Father and
Si ke kinite. the Son, and in Him everything lives Kyrie, ton Paralyton ouh i kolimvithra O Lord, it was not the Pool that cured
and moves. etherapefsen, all O Sos Logos the Paralytic, but rather You Word
ANTI FO NO N B Ean mi Kyrios Ikodomisi ANTIP HO N 2 If the Lord does not build anekenise, ke oude i polihronios afto Renewed him. Not even his chronic
the House of Virtues, then we labour evepodise nosos. Oti tis Fonis Sou ailment could impede it; for the
Ikon ton areton, matin kopiomen. oxitera i energia edihthi. Ke to Energy of Thy Voice proved to be
Tin de psihin skepontos, oudis imon in vain. If He protects our souls, no
one can conquer the City. disvastakton varos aperripse, ke to more potent. He threw off the
porthite tin Polin. fortion tis klinis evastasen, is oppressive burden, and carried the
Tou Karpou tis gastros, to pnevmati, The Saints are the Fruit of the womb, in martyrion tou plithous ton iktirmon weight of his bed, as Testimony of
whose spirit they are as Sons to Sou, ✞ Doxa Si! Thine Abundant Mercies: ✞ Glory to
iiopiitos Si to Hristo, os Patri i Agii
Thee, as Father, O Christ. Thee!
Pantote isin.
✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. ✞Glory to the Father, and to the Son, Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the Ages of
and to the Holy Spirit. Now and eonon. ages.
Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton
eonon. ever and to Ages of Ages. Amin. Amen
✞Agio Pnevmati, entheorite pasa ✞Holiness and Wisdom are received
agiotis, sofia, ousii pasan gar ktisin. through the Holy Spirit, for He gives Anastaseos imera, ke lamprinthomen ti It is the Day of Resurrection: Let us be
Afto latrefsomen. Theos gar, os Patri meaning to all Creation. Let us Panigiri, ke allilous periptixometha. glorious in splendour for the
te ke Logo. worship Him for He is God, as is the Ipomen, adelfi, ke tis misousin imas, Festival, and let us embrace one
Father and the Logos. sighorisomen panta ti Anastasi, ke another. Let us speak also, O
outo voisomen: Hristos Anesti ek Brethren, to those who hate us, and
A N TIFONO N Γ I fovoumeni ton Kyrion, A N TIPH ON 3 Blessed are they who fear nekron, Thanato Thanaton patisas in the Resurrection, let us forgive all
Makarii trivous Vadiounte, ton the Lord, for they walk in the Way of ke tis en tis mnimasi Zoin things, and so let us cry: Christ has
entolon fagonte, zoiran gar His Commandments, for they shall harisamenos. Risen from the dead, by Death
pagkarpian. partake of the Living Harvest. trampling upon Death, and has
Kiklo tis Trapezis Sou, evfranthiti, Be joyful, Arch-Shepherd, beholding GREAT DOXOLOGY & RESURRECTION bestowed Life to those in the tombs.
Thy children’s children ‘round about APOLYTIKION
kathoron Sou Pimenarha, ta engona
feronta kladous Agathoergias. Thy Table,’ bearing branches of
Virtuous Deeds.
✞Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. ✞Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton and to the Holy Spirit. Now and

DivineLiturgy Hymns & Readings – The Paralytic

eonon. ever and to Ages of Ages.
Amin Amen
✞Agio Pnevmati, O pas ploutos tis Doxis, ✞All wealth of Glory is of the Holy Kindly use the Service Book until this point, then carefully follow instructions
ex ou Haris ke zoi pasi ti ktisi.
Patri gar animnite ke to Logo.
Sin Spirit, from Whom comes Grace and
Life for all Creation. Wherefore, He with regard to these Hymns
is praised with the Father and the PASCHAL HYMN – TONE (5) PLAGAL 1
✞Hristos Anesti, ek nekron, Thanato ✞Christ is Risen from the dead; By
Thanaton patisas, Ke tis en tis Death trampling upon Death, and
Ipate en tis ethnesin oti Kyrios Say among the Gentiles: The Lord is mnimasin, Zoin harisamenos (3) has bestowed Life to those in the
evasilefse. Ke gar katorthose tin King, for He established the world, Tombs.(3)
Ikoumenin, itis ou salevthite.(2) which shall not be shaken! [2]

6. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E 3 – 3 R D P A S C H A L S U N D A Y – T H E P A R A L Y T I C - 2 9 A P R I L 2 0 1 8 MATLIT HYMNS-TONE 3 – 3RD PASCHAL SUNDAY – THE PARALYTIC - 29 APRIL 2018 15.
En to Foti Sou Despota, opsometha Fos In Thy Light, O Master Who Loves STIHOS: Asate to Kyriou asma VERSE O sing a new song to the Lord!
filanthrope: anestis gar ek ton mankind, we shall see Light. For kenon...
nekron, Sotirian to geni ton Thou Arose from the dead, granting Ipate en tis ethnesin oti Kyrios Say among the Gentiles: The Lord is
Anthropon doroumenos, ina se pasa Salvation to mankind, so that all
evasilefse. Ke gar katorthose tin King, for He established the world,
ktisis doxologi, ton monon Creation may Glorify Thee, the Only
Ikoumenin, itis ou salevthite. which shall not be shaken!
anamartiton: Eleison imas! Sinless One: Have Mercy on us!
Anastito O Theos, ke Let God arise, and let His enemies be 

diaskorpisthitosan i ehthri aftou, ke scattered, and let those who hate GOSPEL 5: LUKE 24:12 – 35
figetosan apo Prosopou Aftou i Him flee from before His Face!
misountes Afton! To kero ekino, O de Petros anastas At that time, Peter arose and ran to the
Pasha ieron imin simeron anadedikte! A Sacred Pascha has been revealed to edramen epi to Mnimion, ke Tomb; and stooping down, he saw
Pasha kenon, Agion! Pasha Mystikon! us today! A New and Holy Pascha! parakipsas vlepi ta othonia kimena the linen cloths lying by themselves;
Pasha pansevasmion! Pasha, Hristo O A Mystical Pascha! An All Venerable mona, ke apilthe pros eavton, and he departed, marvelling to
litrotis! Pasha amomon! Pasha Mega! Pascha! The Redeemer Christ thavmazon to gegonos. himself at what had happened.
Pasha ton Piston! Pasha to Pilas imin Himself! A Blameless Pascha! A Ke idou dio ex afton isan porevomeni en Now behold, two of them were travelling
tou Paradisou anixan! Pasha, pantas Great Pascha! A Pascha of Believers! afti ti imera is komin apehousan that same day to a village called
Agiazon Pistou! A Pascha that opens for us the Gates stadious exikonta apo Ierousalim, i Emmaus, which was seven miles from
of Paradise! A Pascha that Sanctifies Onoma Emmaous. Jerusalem.
all Believers!
Ke afti omiloun pros allilous peri panton And they discussed together all these
Os eklipi kapnos, eklipetosan, os tikete As smoke vanishes, so let them ton simvevikoton touton. things that had happened.
kiros apo prosopou piros. vanish, as wax melts before the
Ke egeneto en to omilin aftous ke sizitin So it was, while they conversed and
ke aftos O Iisous engisas sineporeveto reasoned, that Jesus Himself drew
Defte apo Theas Ginekes evangelistrie, Come now from that sight, O you aftis. near and went with them.
ke ti Sion ipate. Dehou par imon Women and Heralds of Good
haras evangelia tis Anastasteos Tidings, and say to Zion: Receive I de ofthali afton ekratounto tou mi But their eyes were restrained, so that
Hristou. Terpou, horeve ke agallou, from us the Joyful Tidings of the epignoni afton. they did not recognise Him.
Ierousalim, ton Vasilea Hriston Resurrection of Christ. O Jerusalem: Ipe de pros aftous: Tines i logi outi ous And He said to them: “What kind of
Theasameni ek tou Mnimatos, os be exultant, dance and leap for joy, antivallete pros allilous conversation is this that you have
Nimfion proerhomenon! for you have witnessed Christ the peripatountes ke este skithropi? with one another as you walk and
King coming forth as a Bridegroom are sad?”
from the Sepulchre!
Apokrithis de O is, O Onoma Kleopas, Then the one whose name was Cleopas
Outos apolounte i amartoli apo So the sinners perish from the Face of ipe pros Afton: Si monos Parikis en answered and said to Him: “Art Thou
prosopou tou Theou. Ke i dikei God. And let the Righteous be Irousalim ke ouk egnos ta genomena the only Stranger in Jerusalem, and
evfranthitosan. glad. en afti en tes imeres taftes? does Thou not know the things that
E Mirofori Ginekes orthrou vatheos, The Myrrh-bearing Women at dawn have happened there in these days?”
epistase pros to mnima tou Zoodotou, very early, standing outside the Ke ipen aftis: Pia? And He said to them: “What things?”
evron Angelon epi ton lithon Tomb of the Giver of Life, found an
kathimenon, ke aftos Angel who was seated upon the
I de ipon Afton: Ta peri Isou tou So they said to Him: “The things
prosfthegxamenos aftes outos elege. stone. And the Angel addressed Nazoreou, os egeneto anir Profitis concerning Jesus of Nazareth, Who
Ti zitite ton zonta meta ton nekron? them and this is what he said: “Why Dinatos en Ergo ke Logo enantion tou was a Prophet Mighty in Deed and
Ti thrinite ton aftharton os en fthora? do you seek among the dead the One Theou ke pantos tou laou, opos te Word before God and all the people;
Apelthouse kirixate tis aftou Mathites. Who is alive? Why do you girieve as paredokan Afton i arhiris ke i and how the Chief Priests and our
though corruptible the Incorrupt? So arhontes imon is krima thanatou ke Rulers delivered Him to be
go back and proclaim It to His estarosan Afton. condemned to death, and crucified
Disciples!” Him.

Afti i imera, in epiisen O Kyrios, This is the Day the Lord made! Let us Imis de ilpizomen oti Aftos estin O “But we were hoping that it was He Who
agalliasometha ke evfranthomen en greatly rejoice and be glad therein! mellon Litrousthe ton Israil. was going to Redeem Israel.
afti. Alla ge sin pasi toutis tritin taftin “Indeed, besides all this, today is the third
Pasha to terpnon! Pasha Kyriou, Pasha! Pascha of Delight! Pascha, the Lord’s imeran agi simeron af ou tafta day since these things happened.
Pasha pansevasmion imin anetile! Pascha! A Pascha All Venerable has egeneto.
Pascha en hara allilous Risen for us! Pascha! With Joy let

14. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E 3 – 3 R D P A S C H A L S U N D A Y – T H E P A R A L Y T I C - 2 9 A P R I L 2 0 1 8 MATLIT HYMNS-TONE 3 – 3RD PASCHAL SUNDAY – THE PARALYTIC - 29 APRIL 2018 7.
Alla ke Ginekes tines ex imon exestisan “Yes, and certain Women of our katekimenon, anthropon plistis etesi, Sheep Pool, to cure diseases. And
ke pros afton evoisen: Aron ton He found a man who had been lying
imas genomeneorthrie epi to company, who arrived at the Tomb
kravvaton, ithi, pros tas odous tas there for many years. And He called
Mnimion. early, astonished us.
evthias. out to him, and said: Arise and take
Ke mi evrouse to Soma Aftou ilthon For they told us that when they did not up your bed, go forth and walk on
legouse. Ke optasian Angelon find His Body, they beheld a Vision of straight Paths!
eorakene, i legousin Afton zin! Angels who said He was alive! LAUDS: PRAISES TO GOD - PSALM 148
Ke apilthon tines ton sin imin epi to “And certain of those who were with us

Mnimion, ke evron outo kathos ke e went to the Tomb and found it just as Pasa pnoi enesato ton Kyrion. Enite ton Let everything that has breath praise
ginekes ipon, Afton de ouk idon. the women had said; but Him they did Kyrion ek ton Ouranon. Enite Afton the Lord. Praise the Lord from the
not see.” en tis ipsistis. Si prepi imnos to Theo. Heavens; praise Him in the Highest.
Ke Aftos ipe pros aftous: O anoiti ke Then He said to them, “O foolish ones, To Thee praise is due, O God.
vradis ti kardia tou pistevin epi and slow of heart to believe in all Enite Afton, pantes i Angelli Aftou. Enite Praise Him, all His Angels; praise Him,
pasin is elalisan i Profite. Ouhi that the Prophets have spoken! Afton, pase e Dinamis Aftou. Si prepi all His Powers. To Thee praise is due,
tafta edi pathin ton Hriston ke Ought not the Christ to have imnos to Theo. O God.
iselthin is tin Doxan Aftou? suffered these things and to enter RESURRECTION STICHERA - TONE 3
into His Glory?”
Ke arxamenos apo Moiseos ke apo And beginning with Moses and all the
Enite Afton epi tes Dinasties Afton. Praise Him for His Mighty Acts;
Enite Afton kata to plithos tis praise Him according to the
panton ton Profiton diirmineven aftis Prophets, He expounded to them in Megalosinis Aftou. greatness of His Majesty
en pasis tes Grafes ta peri Eaftou. all the Scriptures the Things
concerning Himself. Defte panta ta Ethni, gnote tou Friktou Come, all ye Nations, acknowledge the
Mystiriou tin Dinamin: Hristos gar O Power of the dread Mystery; for
Ke ingisan is tin komin ou eporevonto, Then they drew near to the village
Sotir imon, O en arhi Logos estavrothi Christ our Saviour, the Word in the
ke Aftos prosepiito porrotero where they were going, and He di imas, ke ekon etafi, ke Anesti ek beginning, was Crucified for us and
porevesthe. Ke pareviasanto afton indicated that He would have gone nekron, tou Sose ta simpanta. Afton willingly buried and Arose from the
legontes: Minon meth imon, oti pros further. But they constrained Him, Proskinisomen. dead to Save the whole Universe: Let
esperan esti ke kekliken i imera. saying: “Abide with us, for it is toward us Worship Him!
evening, and the day is far spent.”
Ke isilthe tou mine sin aftis. And He went in to stay with them. Enite afton en iho salpingos. Enite Praise Him with the sound of the
afton en psaltirio ke kithara trumpet; praise Him with lute and
Ke egeneto en to kataklithine Afton met Now it came to pass, as He sat at the harp.
Afton lavon ton arton Evlogise, ke table with them, that He took bread, Diigisanto panta ta Thavmasia, i Filakes Thy guards recounted all the Marvels, O
klasas, epedidou aftis. Blessed it and broke it, and gave it to Sou Kyrie:alla to sinedrion tis Lord, but, by filling their right hand
them. mateotitos, plirosan doron tin dexian with gifts, the Sanhedrin of folly
Afton de diinihthisan i ofthalmi, ke Then their eyes were opened and they afton, kriptin enomizon tin Anastasin thought to conceal Thy Resurrection,
epegnosan Afton. recognised Him. Sou, in O kosmos Doxazi: Eleison which the world Glorifies: Have
imas! Mercy on us!
Ke Aftos afantos egeneto ap afton. And He vanished from their sight.
Ke ipon pros allilous: Ouhi i kardia imon And they said to one another: “Did not Enite afton en timpano ke horo. Enite Praise Him with timbrel and dance;
afton en hordes ke organo. praise Him with strings and pipe.
keomeni in en imin, os elali imin en ti our hearts burn within us while He
odo ke os diinigen imin tas Grafas? spoke with us on the road, and while Haras ta panta peplirote, tis Anastaseos All things have been filled with Joy on
He opened the Scriptures to us?” tin piran ilifota: Maria gar i receiving Proof of the Resurrection.
Magdalini epi to Mnima ilthen, evren For Mary Magdalene went to the
Ke anastantes afti ti ora ipestrepsan is And they arose that very hour and
Angelon epi ton lithon kathimenon, Tomb, found an Angel seated on the
Irousalim,ke evron sinithrismenous returned to Jerusalem, and found the tis imatiis exastraptonta, ke legonta: stone - dazzling in shining raiment -
tous endeka ke tous sin aftis, Eleven and those who were with them Ti zitite ton zonta meta ton nekron? who said: Why do you seek the
legontas: Oti igerthi O Kyrios ontas gathered together, saying: “The Lord Ouk estin ode, all’ egigerte, kathos Living with the dead? He is not here,
ke ofthi Simoni! is Risen indeed, and has appeared to ipe, proagon en ti Galilea. for He has Arisen as He said, and
Simon!” goes before you into Galilee.
Ke afti exigounto ta en ti odo ke os And they related all the things that had Enite afton en kimvalis evihis. Enite Praise Him with tuneful cymbals;
egnosthi Aftis en ti klasi tou artou. happened along the road, and how afton en kimvalis alalagmou. Pasa praise Him with loud cymbals. Let
He was known to them by the pnoi inesato ton Kyrion. everything that has breath praise
breaking of bread. the Lord.

8. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E 3 – 3 R D P A S C H A L S U N D A Y – T H E P A R A L Y T I C - 2 9 A P R I L 2 0 1 8 MATLIT HYMNS-TONE 3 – 3RD PASCHAL SUNDAY – THE PARALYTIC - 29 APRIL 2018 13.
✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son, Tin psihin mou Kyrie, en amarties I have sinned in every way, I have
and to the Holy Spirit pantoes, ke atomis praxesi, dinos improperly acted; therefore with
Megalinon, psihi mou, tis O my soul, magnify the Power of the paralelimenin, egiron ti theiki sou paralysis my soul is woefully
epistasia, osper ke ton Paraliton stricken. Raise it up, O Lord,
Trisipostatou ke Adieretou Godhead that is three Hypostases
Theotitos to kratos. and Undivided! igiras pale, ina krazo sesosmenos: ✞ through Tine own Divine Attention,
IKTIRMON DOXA, HRISTE, TO KRATI even as of old Thou raised up the
Simfonos, Parthene, Se Makarizomen With one voice, O Virgin, we the SOU. Paralytic, so that Save, I may cry: ✞
Pisti; Here Pili Kyriou! Here Polis Believers call Thee Blessed. Hail, O GLORY TO THY DOMINION, O MY
empsihe! Here, di is imin elampse, Lord’s Gate! Hail, O City Animate! COMPASSIONATE CHRIST!
simeron Fos, tou ek Sou tehthentos, Hail, for today the Light of the PASCHAL IKOS - THE PARALYTIC
tis ek nekron Anastaseos. Resurrection of the Son Whom Thou
hast borne, has shone on us! O hiri Sou draki perikraton ta perata, Thou hold the wide world in the Palm
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the Ages of Iisou O Theos, O to Patri sinanarhos, of Thy Hand, O Jesus God, with the
ke Pnevmati Agio sindespozon Father without origin, and with the
eonon. ages.
apanton, sarki efanis, nosous Holy Spirit, Master over all things.
Amin Amen iomenos, ke pathi apilasas, Tiflous Thou appeared in the Flesh, curing
Here Parthene, here! Here, Rejoice, O Blessed Virgin, rejoice! efotisas, ke ton Paraliton logo theiko diseases; and Thou drove away
Si exanestisas, peripatin athroos passions, and gave sight to the Blind;
Evlogimeni! Here, Dedoxasmeni! Rejoice, O Glorified One! Rejoice!
prostaxas, ke tin vastasasan afton and by Thy Divine Word Thou raised
Sos gar Iios Anesti Triimeros ek Thy Son has Risen from the grave
klinin epi ton omon are. Othen up the Paralytic, commanding him
Tafou! on the Third Day!
pantes sin touto animnoumen ke suddenly to walk and take up the
Evfrenou, agallou, i Thia Pili tou Fotos. Be glad and exultant, O Divine Gate of ekvoomen. ✞ IKTIRMON DOXA, pallet upon which he had lain.
O gar dinas en Tafo Iisous anetile, the Light! For Thy Son, Jeus, having HRISTE, TO KRATI SOU. Therefore, along with him, we all
lampsas iliou fedroteron, ke tous rested within the Tomb, rose and extol Thee and cry out: ✞ GLORY TO
Pistous pantas katavgasas, shines brighter than the sun, had THY DOMINION, O MY COMPASSIONATE
Theoharitote Despina! fully Illumined all the Faithful, O CHRIST!
Lady Full of Divine Grace SYNAXARION – 29 APRIL
O Angelos evoa ti Keharitomeni: Agni The Angel cried out to the One Full of Ti KΘ’ tou aftou minos, Mnimi ton Agion On the 29th of this month we
Apostolon ek ton Evdomikonta Commemorate the Holy Apostles of
Parthene, Here! Ke palin ero Here, Grace: Hail, Holy Virgin! And
Iasonos ke Sosipatrou. the 70, St Jason and St Sosipater.
O Sos Iios anesti, triimeros ek tafou. again I say: Hail! Thy Son has
Risen from the Tomb on the third Ti afti imera, Mnimi ton Agion epta On this day we Commemorate the
day! Martyron Liston, i dia tou Apostolou Seven Martyred Thieves of Corfu who
Iasonos Pistevsantes to Hristo, en believed in Christ through St Jason
Fotizou, Fotizou, i Nea Irousalem!I gar Shine, shine, the New Jerusalem! For
leviti pissis kohlazousis vlithentes the Apostle and when cast into a
Doxa Kyriou epi Se anetile. Horeve the Glory of the Lord has dawned
teliounte. cauldron of boiling pitch were
nin ke agallou, Sion. Si de, Agni, upon thee! Rejoice now and be glad,
Perfected in Holy Martyrdom.
terpou Theotoke, en ti egersi tou O Zion! And Thou, O All Pure
Tokou Sou. Theotokos: delight in the Ti afti imera, Mnimi tis Agias Kerkiras, On this day we Commemorate St
Resurrection of Him to Whom Thou thigatros Kerkillinou tou Vasileos, itis Cercyra of Corfu, daughter of King
SMALL LITANY & PRAISES TO THE LORD  gave Birth! velesi katatrothisa telioute. Cercylinos, who, having been shot
PASCHAL EXAPOSTEILARION – TONE 2 through with arrows was Perfected in
Holy Martyrdom.
Sarki ipnosas os thnitos, O Vasilefs ke When Thou had slumbered in the Flesh
Kyrios, Triimeros Exanestis, Adam as one Mortal, O King and Lord, Ti afti imera, Mnimi ton Agion Martyron On this day we Commemorate the Holy
egiras ek fthoras, ke katargisas Thou Rose again on the Third Day, Zinonos ke Vitaliou, Efsevios, Neon, Martyrs, St Zenon, St Vitalios, St
Thanaton. Pasha tis aftharsias, tou and raised up Adam from decay and piri teliothenton. Eusebios, and St Neon of Corfu who
kosmou Sotirion. rendered Death of no effect. Pascha were Disciples of St Jason and St
of Incorruption, Salvation of the Sosipater, and who were Perfected in
world. Holy Martyrdom by fire.
Epesti O Filanthropos, ke paniktirmon The Lord, Who Loves humanity and
Ti afti mera, Kyriaki tetarti apo tou On this day, the Fourth Sunday of
Kyrios, Provatiki kolimvithra, tou Who is Compassionate to all,
Pasha, tou Paralitou mnian Pascha, we remember the Paralytic of
therapefse tas nosous. Evre de appeared today at Bethsada, the
pioumetha ke os ikos to tiouton the Sheep Pool, Bethesda, and

12. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E 3 – 3 R D P A S C H A L S U N D A Y – T H E P A R A L Y T I C - 2 9 A P R I L 2 0 1 8 MATLIT HYMNS-TONE 3 – 3RD PASCHAL SUNDAY – THE PARALYTIC - 29 APRIL 2018 9.
eortazomen Thavma. celebrate the Divine Miracle worked Afti i kliti ke Agia imera, i mia ton This is the Chosen and Holy Day, the
upon him. Savvaton, i Vasilis ke kiria, eorton first of the Sabbaths, the Queen and
Verses: eorti ke panigiris esti panigireon, en i Sovereign, the Feast of Feasts, and
To rima Hristou sfigma to parimeno. The Word of Christ was a brace for the evlogoumen Hriston is tous eonas. the Festival of Festivals, in which we
Paralytic Bless Christ to all Ages.
Outos iama touto rima ke monon. Thus his cure by mere utterance was PASCHAL KATAVASIA OF 9TH ODE –HIERMOS – TONE 1
To apiero elei Sou, Hirste O Theos, By Thine Infinite Mercy, O Christ our
Megalinon, psihi mou, ton ethelousios Magnify, O my soul, Him Who
pathonta ke tafenta ke willingly suffered and was buried,
Eleison imas. God, have Mercy on us.
exanastanta, trimeron ek Tafon and arose from the Tomb on the
Amin Amen Third Day.

E O R G E P A P A D E A S – H O L Y W E E K S E R V I C E B O O K ]
Fotizou, Fotizou, i Nea Ierousalim; i gar Shine, shine, the New Jerusalem! For
Doxa Kyriou epi Se anetile. Horeve the Glory of the Lord has dawned
O D I 1 Anastaseos Imera! O DE 1 Resurrection Day! O people, let nin ke agallou, Zion. Si de, Agni, upon Thee. Rejoice now and be
Lamprinthomen lai! Pasha, Kyriou us Brilliantly Shine! Pascha, the terpou, Theotoke, en ti egersi tou glad, O Zion; and Thou, O All Pure
Pasha! En gar thanatou pros Zoin ke Lord’s Pascha! For Christ our God Tokou Sou. Theotokos: delight in the
ek Gis pros Ouranon Hristos O Theos has transported us who sing the Resurrection of Him to Whom Thou
imas dievivasen, epinikion adontas! Triumphal Hymn from Death to Life gave Birth!
and from Earth to Heaven. Megalinon, psihi mou, ton exanastanta Magnify, O my soul, Christ the Life-
O D I 3 Defte poma piomen kenon, ouk ek O DE 3 Come, let us drink a New Drink. triimeron ek tafou, Hriston ton giver, Who Arose from the grave on
Petras agonou teratourgoumenon, all’ Not one miraculously brought forth Zoodotin. the third day.
aftharsias Pigin ek tafou from a barren Rock, but from the Fotizou, Fotizou, i nea Ierousalim; i gar Shine, shine, the New Jerusalem! For
omvrisantos Hristou, en O Fountain of Immortality, sprung
Doxa Kyriou epi se anetile. Horeve the Glory of the Lord has dawned
stereoumetha. forth from Christ’s Tomb, from
nin ke agallou, Zion. Si de, agni, upon Thee. Rejoice now and be
which we are Edified.
terpou, Theotoke, en ti egersi tou glad, O Zion; and Thou, O All Pure
O D I 4 Epi tis Thias filakis O Thigoros O DE 4 Let the God-inspired Prophet Tokou Sou. Theotokos: delight in the
Avvakoum stito meth’ imon ke diknito Habakkuk keep with us the Divine Resurrection of Him to Whom Thou
faesforon Angelon diaprisios legonta. Watch, and point out the Light- gave Birth!
Simeron Sotiria to kosmo, oti Anesti bearing Angels, who with a vibrant TROPARIA – TONE 1
Hristos os Pantodinamos. voice declared: “Today, Salvation
comes to the world, for Christ has Hristos to kenon Pasha, to zoothton Christ is the New Pascha, a Living
Risen as Almighty!” thima Ios Theou O eron tin Sacrifice, the Lamb of God Who
amartian kosmou. bears the sin of the world.
O D I 5 Orthrisomen orthrou vatheos ke O DE 5 Let us arise in the early dawn,

anti mirou ton imnon prosisomen to and instead of Myrrh, offer a Hymn O Thias! O Filis! O Glikitatis Sou Fonis! O Divine and Beloved and Most Sweet
Despoti. Ke Hriston opsometha, to the Master; and we shall see Meth imon apsevdos gar, apinilo Voice! Thou, O Christ, has truly
Dikeosinis Ilion, pasi Zoin anatellonta. Christ, the Sun of Righteousness esesthe, mehri termaton eonos Hriste. Promised that Thou would be with
dawning Life to all. In i Pisti, agkiran elpidos, katehontes us to the end of all Ages. Wherefore,
agallometha. we, the Faithful, rejoice, holding
O D I6 Katilthes en tis katotatis tis Gis ke O DE 6 Thou descended into the deepest
these Thy Words, as an Anchor of
sinetripsas mohlous eonious, katohous parts of the Earth and Thou Hope.
pepedimenon, Hriste, ke trimeros, os ek shattered everlasting bars that held
kitous Ionas, exanestis tou tafou. fast those fettered; and on the third Simeron pasa ktisis agallete ke heri, Today all Creation is exultant and
day, like Jonah from the whale, oti Hristos Anesti ke Adis eskilevthi. rejoices, for Christ has Risen, and
Thou arose from the Tomb. Hades is despoiled

O D I 7 O Pedas ek kaminou Risamenos, O DE 7 The

Only Blessed and Ever O Pasha to Mega, ke ierotaton, Hriste! O Pascha, the Great and Most Sacred, O
genomenos Anthropos pashi os Glorious God of our Fathers, Who O Sofia ke Loge, tou Theou ke Christ, Thou the Wisdom and Word
thnitos ke dia pathous to thniton Redeemed the Children from the Dinamis, didou imin ektipoteron, Sou and Power of God: Grant that we
aftharsias endii evperepian, o furnace, became Man, suffered as a metashin, en ti anespero imera tis may more distinctly partake of Thee
monos Evlogitos ton pateron Theos ke mortal; and through Suffering, Vasilias Sou.. on that day that has no evening in
iperevdoxos. He clothes the mortal with the Grace Thy Kingly Rule.
of Incorruption.
O D I 8 ✞Enoumen, Evlogoumen ke O DE 8 ✞We Praise, we Bless and we

Proskinoumen ton Kyrion. Worship the Lord.

10. M A T L I T H Y M N S - T O N E 3 – 3 R D P A S C H A L S U N D A Y – T H E P A R A L Y T I C - 2 9 A P R I L 2 0 1 8 MATLIT HYMNS-TONE 3 – 3RD PASCHAL SUNDAY – THE PARALYTIC - 29 APRIL 2018 11.