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Infosys Pre-Configured SAP Solution for Medical Devices Industry

The medical devices industry is a highly To meet regulatory requirements, medical harmonization of their business processes
regulated sector of the economy. devices companies operate under multiple and systems to remain competitive. Some
Regulatory environments across the world compliance and validation controls. Many companies have multiple ERP systems and
have serious implications for the industry’s medical devices companies rely on home need to consolidate these or implement a
performance. grown legacy applications and require single ERP system.

Business Challenges
Growth and Operational Multiple ERP
Speed and accuracy are today business Processes
acquisitions challenges due to platforms globally
prerequisites in an era of rapidly and data not
have outpaced manual processes requires significant
evolving products, market dynamics and standardized
improvements and inefficient effort to maintain
competition. In this environment, medical and harmonized
in technology tools and integrate
devices companies face some unique platform

These challenges, along with supply chain issues, are driving medical devices companies to realign their resources to better respond to
emerging scenarios in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Medical devices companies are:

Improving Improving Bringing Improving Leveraging

their services supply chain in tightly compliant tax Laws with
security and integrated management intercompany
product quality processes and buy- sell
compliance and management aligning their processes
safety solution with product design to reduce
manufacturing improvements operating
processes costs

Infosys SAP pre-configured medical devices solution provides business process support for competitive advantage.
We enable transformation of business processes at the enterprise level. Our pre-configured solution helps customers
derive tangible business benefits through rapid deployment for quick results and higher cost savings.

About the solution

Infosys pre-configured solution (based on SAP ECC 6.0) has been developed
in line with SAP’s suggested best practices and medical device industry
best practices. We have addressed key industry issues and challenges using
standard SAP with minimal customization. Our pre-configured solution has
been certified by SAP as a Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) and is listed at the
SAP Store. Some of the highlights of our solution:
Business scenarios Specific process flows BPML template Pre Configured Solution

• Sub Contracting with Material Provisioning through Drop • SLED Calculation

Sample RICEF

• Manufacture at Risk

• Quality & Compliance - Batch Release through Genealogy Checks • Supplier Qualification
• Quality & Compliance - Manufacture at Risk • Medical Device Regulatory Affair
• Inter Company Stock Transfer clearance
• Contract Management

Key Benefits
Key Features • Enablement of medical devices pre-
Some of the benefits for medical devices configured business processes in SAP ECC
companies that leverage our solution are: Infosys SAP pre-configured 6.0 and SolMan
• Accelerated global template design RDS for the medical devices
through the use of the Infosys Medical industry brings together • Procure-to-pay process for subcontracting,
Device SAP template – where available expertise and best practices inventory management and supplier
prototypes in SAP are used to create that enable you to achieve management
scenarios and thus shorten the operational excellence
• Plan-to-make process for demand and supply
acceptance cycle for design decisions quickly and cost-effectively.
planning, discreet manufacturing and quality
The packaged RDS provides
• 35 industry business processes compliance
designed and deployed in our pre-
configured SAP Medical Devices • Quote-to-cash process for sales order processing
template, ready for reuse with entire
• After sales support like customer service
lifecycle documentation and no
management and service contract management
modification to SAP source code – well
beyond the SAP best practices offered
The SAP rapid deployment solutions of
• Well documented process design –
Infosys Med Devices Supply Business
including swim lane diagrams – to
Scenarios offer the following key business
enable a process view of the new
functionality and the key areas of
challenge used to form the Infosys • Traceability of serialized finished
Medical Device SAP template products
• Minimizing new development and • Periodic revenue recognition
enhancements, thus increasing throughout the validity of the contract
reusability and industrializing our • Monthly pro-rated upfront payment
rollout approach. This translates into from customers based on billing plan
reduced overall effort and timelines for • Infosys Med Devices Supply Business • Improved customer service with
the program execution Scenarios in a Box- P2P & P2M Rapid
greater customer satisfaction
Deployment Solution
• Infosys Med Devices Supply Business • Efficient and improved returns and
Scenarios in a Box- Q2C & CSM Rapid repair processes
Deployment Solution • Tax efficient supply chain process

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