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01 Harry is my dog.

A Complete the sentences and write the letters.
1. b The building is a museum . 2. d The animal is a hamster .

3. a The man is a magician . 4. c The thing is a balloon .

a b c d

magician museum balloon hamster

B Circle the correct words and rewrite them.
1. I have a ( kitten / Kitten ). kitten

2. Her favorite month is ( December / december ). December

3. There is a ( playground / Playground ). playground

4. We see ( frank / Frank ). Frank

5. Kelly is a ( Cook / cook ). cook

C Underline the proper nouns and rewrite them.
1. This month is March. March

2. Paris is a beautiful city. Paris

3. She is Jessica. Jessica

4. We go to Central Park. Central Park

5. I play with my kitten Popo. Popo

Unit 1 3

1. family . We live in 2. Pearce eats ( a / an ) orange every day. Chicago . Sally sees an Ant. animals Brian iguana Chicago vets family student 4. c a man 4. Coco. Choose the wrong words and correct them. student B Circle the correct words. Today is Monday. We have an 7. His name is b  Andy. Bill lives in Canada. Let me introduce my 1. 3. I know the a  boy. a March b march c a march 3. A Write a or an and write the letters. 02 This is a dress. She is from . Nadia sees ( a / an ) woman. My brother is 10 years old. D Circle the wrong words and rewrite the correct sentences. a an artist 5. Sally sees an ant. C Circle the correct words and complete the sentences. 1. James has a Parrot. b an owl 2. I like . Today is monday. mop Holly needs ( a / an ) mop . ant There is ( a / an ) ant . d a snake 4. ⓒ student 5. 4. a  Tom and b  judy are in the c  theater. He is a c  Student. a b c d E Choose and complete the passage. 4. They love 4. vets . iguana . I have an uncle and ( a / an ) aunt. 3. 4 Unit 2 5 . 5. 3. There is an elephant and ( a / an ) iguana. My parents are 3. umbrella Mrs. Rosemary wants ( a / an ) bike. ⓑ Judy 5. This train goes to New York. Test Station Choose the correct answers. 3. We are always happy. He is a 5. Articles 2. animals . 1. . Brian . 2. Hunter has ( a / an ) umbrella . cook Ken is ( a / an ) cook . 1. His name is 6. Mr. a rabbit b Rabbit c my 1. This is a . truck My father has ( a / an ) truck . James has a parrot. a Italy b italy c an Italy 2. This train goes to new York. Bill lives in canada. 2.

a bear. I see some clouds. an. cameras Look! There is 4. a zoo in 9. benches . 5. bench There are two 4. an. I want four ( sandwiches / sandwichs ). a She wants a apple. a a b the 3. 5. five knives E Complete the passage with a. 1. box My brother needs three . 1. 1. Jessica looks at sun. 03 He has three watches. potato She wants four potatoes . a sheep. and 2. b There is a farm. three dresses 4. butterflies 5. 4. 2. an elephant. Plural Nouns 2. scarf eraser dress knife 1. 4. They need house. C Complete the sentences using plural nouns. 5. watches There is 6. or the. Jodie wants a hamburger. leaf We see seven leaves . cherry Lucy eats nine cherries every day. The clouds look like many animals. Mary sees the moon. four scarves 2. Scott has four ( camera / cameras ). b My uncle has an flute. a a b an 2. Mary sees moon. Jodie wants hamburger. A Count and write the words using the plural nouns. 3. 6 Unit 3 7 . Bill follows three ( butterflys / butterflies ). There is a pear and an orange. 2. a a b an boxes 1. an alligator. 3. My sister needs two ( cups / cupes ). D Change and rewrite the sentences with a. sandwiches Test Station Choose the correct answers. My mom has apron. My mom has an apron. Brian has umbrella. Sky is dark. cups I see 8. 3. or the. two erasers 3. a We see a woman. Choose the wrong sentences. 1 2 3 4 4. There is pear and orange. 3. 1. the sun is bright. the sky. There is 5. The sky is dark. B Circle the correct words and rewrite them. They sell five ( watchies / watches ). There is 7. The sky is blue.

Nancy: Wow. Nancy: Okay. 5. a There are four citys. I also have two 5. (four) The cook wants four dishes. 5. or X. 3. 1. Test Station Choose the correct answers. shampoo I see X shampoo . Let’s eat it together. b Wendy sees two thiefs. your backpack is very big. D Change and rewrite the sentences using plural nouns. 8 Unit 4 9 . The store sells some oil . juice Lucy drinks X juice . a buss b bus c buses 2. (two) The prince sees two elves. My aunt needs a tomato. What do you have in it? Eddie: My lunch is in it. Lorenz has three babies. 2. glasses and two 6. (oil) 4. The cook wants a dish. My aunt has some money . peaches . There are five . a Mrs. 3. b X honey 4. there is a lot of food in it. Nancy: Oh. strawberries . a two cooks 4. B Complete the sentences using a. 04 He wants some water. a knives b knifes c knifs 3. an. 4. There are some kids . sandwiches . 1. thanks. (glass) (dish) 3. 4. 5. Karen has a puppy. The prince sees an elf. tomatoes . (butter) 2. Ellen and Debbie want some potatoes . dishes . (money) 3. 1. My father needs three . He needs some butter . C Complete the sentences using some. (kid) b My sister has two scarves. table There is a table . (three) Karen has three puppies. d X cheese 2. (three) My aunt needs three tomatoes. a puppy b puppies c puppys 1. sugar My cousin wants X sugar . Count & Noncount Nouns 2. A Write two or X and write the letters. four 2. There are three 1. (potato) Choose the wrong sentences. and ten 4. The man has two . c two sandwiches a b c d E Complete the dialogue. (sandwich) (tomato) two 3. orange The boy has an orange . Eddie: Yes. (peach) (strawberry) 1.

(butter) 2. I want some water. cookies today. c They are angry. 4. . 4. 5. flour . C Circle the correct words and complete the sentences using the verb be. Mom: Let’s make some 1. some 6. My puppy It’s very cute. some 5. Josh and Nick They’re busy. an. ( He / They ) is a swimmer. 1. ⓑ bread 5. Alice: Here you are. . and some 7. Let’s put them in the bowl and stir them together. ( They / He ) are Jeremy and Bruce. eggs . (sugar) (milk) (almond) 1. She eats an onion. There is a spoon. a b c d E Complete the dialogue. 2. A Complete the sentences and write the letters. There is spoon. ( She / It ) is a hairdresser. Choose the wrong words and correct them. ( I / We ) are doctors. They need salt. 4. (cookie) We need some 2. 3. Test Station Choose the correct answers. There are some . ( It / They ) is an alligator. 1. 05 He is Bob. (flour) (egg) B Complete the sentences using pronouns and the verb be. 10 Unit 5 11 . She eats onion. 3. 3. There a  are some b  watch and some c  wallets. or some. a toothpaste b toothpastes c a toothpaste 1. some 4. d I am sleepy. a He is fat. butter . Subject Pronouns & The Verb Be 2. They need some . b She is an actress. some 3. 2. 3. Mom: Thank you. They need some salt. Frank pours some flour. ⓑ watches 5. 4. D Change and rewrite the sentences with a. Dad wants a  some b  breads and some c  bananas. 4. 1. a parrot b parrots c two parrots 3. . We see some . 5. Use the short sugar milk almonds forms. Frank pours flour. I want water. Alice. Jane She’s my friend. Tom and I We’re students. The man He’s a police officer. a onion b three onions c onions 2.

a am − She’s b is − He’s c are − They’re 12 Unit 6 13 . My parents cooks. is Ann. Mary is a student. Choose the correct answers. He is a firefighter. 1 2 3 4 The boys 3. Choose the correct answers. I am not American. A Are you busy? B No. 3. A Am I late? B No. I’m not . he is . B Complete the sentences. 3. Use the short forms for the negative sentences. A Is he a pianist? B Yes. 5. 2. 2. You are not tired. A Complete the negative sentences using the verb be. are the same age. D Write the sentences using the verb be. She is a new student. 06 I’m not a teacher. They aren’t ugly. Tom:  She is 11 years old. ( the kitten / small ) The kitten is small. 4. 4. 2. 1. 5. The Verb Be: Negative & Yes/No Questions 2. ( she / a dancer ) She is a dancer. Test Station 4. ( we / 13 years old ) We are 13 years old. The child is not sad. 1. She isn’t a teacher. you aren’t . a am b are c is C Complete the dialogues using the verb be. 3. ( Randy / very smart ) Randy is very smart. are Brian and David. very nice. 1. They are her twin brothers. I happy. 4. 4. It is not a swan. 3. ( they / rich ) They are rich. The girls are pretty. E Complete the dialogue. We 6. 4. they are . a am b are c is 2. Amy: Tom. who are they? Tom: The girl 1. 2. You aren’t hardworking. You are lazy. He isn’t a police officer. Jerry my best friend. 3. A Are they your friends? B Yes. Your room dirty. Amy: How old is Ann? 1. a am b are c is 1.

Who ( is / are ) these boys? ● ● It is an eraser. A Who is the boy? B He is Greg. 4. a am b aren’t c isn’t 1. 4. The Verb Be: Wh-questions 2. a aren’t b are c isn’t 2. Is it an apple? Grandson: No. Test Station Choose the correct answers. isn’t . I’m 10 years old. A What is it? B It is a robot. ( Who / What ) is it? ● ● They are my friends. 1 2 3 4 4. 6. Who is she? 2. A Who are you? B I am Beth’s sister. ( I / stupid ) Negative I am not [I’m not] stupid. ( they / scientists ) Negative They are not [aren’t] scientists. aren’t . 07 Who is she? 1. D Write the sentences using the verb be. b  he c  isn’t. 5. Where are your glasses? 3. Are they dishes? 1. A Who are they? B They are my brothers. Who ( are / am ) you? ● ● They are pandas. A What are they? B They are mangoes. 4. a I are b I’m not c I isn’t 3. What ( is / are ) the animals? ● ● She is my aunt. What are they? Grandfather: 1. they 5. Grandfather: Hmm. ⓒ We’re 5. It is a cheetah. A Are they happy? B No. ( Jill / tall ) Question Is Jill tall? A Complete the sentences with who or what. Grandfather: I don’t know. a baby. c  We’m engineers. It a cat. We a  aren’t b  artists. Choose the wrong words and correct them. ( the man / funny ) Negative The man is not [isn’t] funny. 2. 3. 3. 4. it 2. 3. 2. What is it? E Complete the dialogue using the verb be. They’re trays. 1. Who are they? 4. Grandson: No. ⓐ Is 5. It’s a peach. they . Use the short forms if necessary. I can’t find them. ( Who / What ) is that lady? ● ● I’m Sandy. 1. 14 Unit 7 15 . You have bad eyes. B Circle the correct words and match the questions with the correct answers. 3. A a  Are Simon busy? B No. C Complete the dialogues using who or what. ( the animals / bears ) Question Are the animals bears? 5.

2. 1. There are some pumpkins. 5. oil There ( is / are ) some oil . He is my father. There are four cities. Bill: 4. ( they / penguins ) There + The Verb Be A What are they? B They are penguins. ( he / my teacher ) are is 1. 4. 1. There is some milk. c There two clowns. ring There ( is / are ) a beautiful ring . What is that? 1. Alien: 3. Choose the wrong words and correct them. 3. ( the kids / my cousins ) Who are they kids? They are my cousins. 2. C Circle the correct words and complete the sentences. • A What is that? B an umbrella. B Complete the sentences with there is or there are. 2. 3. Test Station Choose the correct answers. A Complete the sentences and write the letters. a b c d A B E Complete the dialogue. post office There ( is / are ) two post offices . 2. 2. A a  Who b  are she? B c  She is my teacher. There are six lambs. Bill: It is a picture of my family. D Write the dialogues using who or what. 2. 08 There is a table. d There is a table. 1. 4. building There ( is / are ) many buildings . 4. A a  What are these? B b  It c  are buckets. ⓑ They 5. • A are you? B I’m your new teacher. What are these? Bill: They are tennis balls. Who is the man? 3. a What − It’s b Who − She’s c Who − It’s 3. honey There ( is / are ) some honey . There is a farm. a There some bread. A Who is he? B He is my teacher. ⓑ is 16 Unit 8 17 . Alien: Is this your room? 1. Alien: They look great. I like tennis. b There are some dishes. 3.

b That is a baseball. b There is some princesses. some sand There is some sand. D Write the sentences using there is or there are. five dollars There are five dollars. 4. These aren’t his cars. Patrick! 4. These aren’t your bags. 3. a There are some jam. a Those are pears. a There is some money. this Is this a bathroom? Choose the wrong sentences. these Are these blueberries? 3. a is b are c am 2. those your glasses? 4. 1. 3. Those aren’t rabbits. Are those 4. 1. There some rice. There is a robot. 5. 1. that your house? 2. 3. 1. a b c d E Complete the passage with there is or there are. 2. He gets many gifts. that Is that Kate’s bike? b There are two sofas. 1. C Complete the questions. There is a cake. some trucks There are some trucks. a playground There is a playground. There a theater. d Those are mittens. Test Station Choose the correct answers. B Complete the negative sentences using the short forms. This is a dove. 18 Unit 9 19 . 2. He is very happy. 5. 2. There is a bat. 09 This is a bat. 3. a are b is c am Is that 1. My mom makes a lot of food for him. some flour There is some flour. 4. 5. These are her cars. 7. These are my bags. 5. A Complete the sentences and write the letters. Demonstrative Pronouns 2. some students. There are some cookies. 6. 5. There are some blocks. a There is b There are c He is 3. There is some lemonade. Today is my brother Patrick’s birthday. This isn’t an eagle. 4. c This is a bat. That is a pond. Happy birthday. That isn’t a lake. Those are rats. There are two baseball gloves.

Question Are those balloons? His 2. Negative This isn’t my room. 2. 5. shirt is red. our. Judy and Diane Their parrot is very cute. 4. (I) 7. That my house. C Complete the sentences with his. These are ladybugs. they aren’t . or its. Are those morning glories? Florist: No. Her hair is blond. He is my cousin. (we) 8. 20 Unit 10 21 . 1. a Is those your umbrella? 5. Duff Look at face! 4. Its eyes are red. This is my room. a it is b it isn’t c they aren’t 3. his 4. Possessive Adjectives 2. They are lilies. 3. the monkey tail is long. His turtle is small. Bruce and I This is our school. Is this a rose? 1. give me three lilies and a rose. Do you want it? 3. His jacket is black. E Complete the dialogue. It is her coat. Negative That isn’t lettuce. Anita: I want some flowers. Choose the wrong sentences. Question Are these ladybugs? A Complete the sentences with his. 3. her. Those are balloons. your books? a Are these b Is that c Are this 2. Negative These aren’t her scarves. or its. (she) 6. B Complete the sentences using possessive adjectives. These are her scarves. This is your pencil. a aren’t b are c isn’t Its 1. 2. her. That is lettuce. 5. 3. 1. they are beautiful. Its skin is rough. (he) Florist: Yes. a Those are his glasses. Cindy’s eyes are pretty. . 3. 10 These are my sneakers. (Cindy) Test Station Choose the correct answers. 1. Anita: Oh. That is our house. 5. 4. (you) 2. (they) 4. my sister Is it her backpack? b Are these your mug? b That isn’t my jacket. (it) Anita: Yes. 4. A Is this a diary? B No. please. Their truck is big. D Change and rewrite the sentences. it is . their. 1. 5. Mr.

Test Station Choose the correct answers. 3. There are dirty dishes. He has a fat dog. 1 2 3 4 5. 3. 11 My bag is green. 3. a I know you father. B Check the correct sentences. The tall girl is Jane. There is beautiful a castle. Look at the boys in the sandbox. There are some people in the park. big dirty fat green 4. 22 Unit 11 23 . is / Its / neck / short / . 1. Its neck is short. The leaves yellow are. David has a belt long. C Change and complete the sentences. 5. There is a beautiful castle. The kids are sad. We love school. She is my friend. He has big feet. The puppy is cute . A Choose and complete the sentences. 3. Their garden is beautiful. 1. The leaves are yellow. a you b your c you’re 1. E Complete the passage using possessive adjectives. The house is big . The sad kids are. 5. Are they sisters? a Kate b Kate is c Kate’s 3. Their computer is new . Her legs are long. Adjectives 2. 1. Their robots are cool. 4. The bag is green . I / sister / her / know / . David has a long belt. The fat man is my Uncle Bob. I know her sister. There is a good restaurant. a our b we c we’re 2. These are your glasses. 4. It’s sandwich. a Her is dress purple. 4. 4. but 5. 2. They are Bill and Ralph. 2. very big. beautiful / garden / is / Their / . She is a pretty girl. They have a new computer. 4. I see a fat cat. It is a cute puppy. b Is this her car? b Matt’s parents are cooks. The restaurant is good . love / parents / my / I / . 2. Choose the wrong sentences. Its body is 1. His feet are big . 1. 2. 3. I love my parents. its tail is very short. D Unscramble the sentences. The girl is pretty . glasses / These / your / are / . His voice is very loud.

(tall) The a building b is c . under 2. 3. The shoes are on the table. in 4. B Complete the sentences. in front of 2. Amy: Oh. My father likes his blue shirt. table / is / There / square / a / . D Unscramble the sentences. The sweater is on the dresser. I want some hamburgers. next to b My brother has blue eyes. 3. 4. The newspaper is under the chair. in Choose the correct places for the words. next to 4. thirsty now. 1. 3. hot and 2. needs / dish / a / clean / Mary / . The car is in the house. but it’s very 2. 1 2 3 4 5 6 tired thirsty hot hungry blue Test Station 1. blue sky. likes / shirt / his / My father / blue /. Chris: Yes. let’s go to a fast-food restaurant. I’m 4. under 6. Chris: Okay. 3. The books are under the lamp. The boy is behind the box. A Write the correct prepositions. behind E Choose and complete the dialogue. on 2. boys / happy / The / are / . tired . a I see cute a rabbit. I’m also very 5. 1. 1. 4. hungry . The girl is next to the door. I’m 3. I need some rest. Mary needs a clean dish. (handsome) There is a a b boy c . 12 They are on the sofa. 6. The cats are under the sofa. The desk is next to the dresser. C Correct the underlined words and rewrite them. I want some water. 5. Amy: The weather is great today. Look at the 1. a Your sneakers are dirty. The cup is on the desk. on 5. The boys are happy. in front of Choose the wrong sentences. b Michelle hungry is. 24 Unit 12 25 . 1. 4. behind 3. Prepositions of Place 2. There is a square table.

4. 2. I play soccer on Sundays. on the car. run My puppy runs very fast. a behind b on c under 4. They’re 6. read Heather and Mark read books every day. 1. 1. He plays soccer on Sundays. under ( Jane / the umbrella ) Jane is under the umbrella. 3. live The girls live in New York. let’s get in the car and go! 4. A Complete the sentences and write the letters. in ( the cookies / the box ) The cookies are in the box. a They swim well. The cat is the box. Holly is the sofa. 1 2 3 4 5 I / You / We / They He / She / It 1. 1. 3. She’s 4. Some juice is the table. Mom: Then where are Toto and Sammy? 2. b We draw pictures. where are you? swim draw walk play Dad: 1. a in b next to c on 26 Unit 13 27 . My dog eats meat every day. d The boy plays in the park. a b c d E Complete the dialogue using the correct prepositions. in front of ( a boy / the bakery ) A boy is in front of the bakery. everybody. My sister speaks Spanish. 4. write Steve writes stories. a on b in c in front of 2. You speak Spanish. 5. Test Station Choose the correct answers. Present Simple: Subject-Verb Agreement 2. D Write the sentences with the prepositions and nouns. 5. in the car. a under b next to c behind 3. 3. Some money is the book. on ( my pencil / your desk ) My pencil is on your desk. 2. Dad: 5. Dad: 3. I’m 2. She learns the piano after school. Mom: Let’s go on a trip! Where is everybody? Honey. 13 He eats bread every day. c The turtle walks slowly. a in front of b behind c next to 3. C Complete the sentences. They eat meat every day. We learn the piano after school. 4. behind the tree. drink Sally drinks milk in the morning. 1. A bat is the closet. Mom: Okay. Mom: Where is Jane? B Complete the sentences.

4. teach Mr. 5. 14 She brushes her teeth. helps poor people. 3. 5. Then write the letters. c We have a farm. a run b runs c is run 3. 1. The boy fast. 3. ( the man / drive / his truck ) The man drives his truck. He 4. sings four hours a day. study Stanley studies hard. know everything about him. a like b likes c are like 2. ( my brothers / sit / on the bench ) My brothers sit on the bench. go goes Test Station Choose the correct answers. d They have dinner at 7 p. A Complete the sentences with have or has. B Write the correct forms of the verbs. ( they / clean / the room ) They clean the room. He 5.m. like likes (love) 5. He 2. 4. b We walks to school. I 1. wash washes 8. Choose the wrong sentences. 28 Unit 14 29 . ( the dog / bark / loudly ) The dog barks loudly. John Miller is my favorite singer. love him very much. 1. ( she / like / chocolate ) She likes chocolate. a Bill dance very well. a b c d E Complete the passage. Present Simple: Positive 2. catch catches 2. fly flies 6. 1. 2. brush She brushes her hair at night. exercises every day. (know) (drink) He 3. do Ellen does her homework after school. We the restaurant. 3. 4. a sit b sits c is sit 1. drinks tea in the morning. 4. b It has a long tail. D Write the sentences. mix mixes 4. 3. 5. a She has a pretty dress. Lorenz teaches science. 2. b They want some soda. 1. a Jodie swims in the morning. cry cries 7. A bird on the branch. C Complete the sentences. He / She / It He / She / It (exercise) (sing) He has a warm heart. kiss My dad kisses me in the morning. do does (help) I 6.

a It doesn’t eat meat. a Lynn brushes her teeth. (cry) 2. A Complete the sentences with don’t or doesn’t. 5. 5. (kiss) 4. 2. Then write the letters. 4. kisses the kitten before bed. Test Station Choose the correct answers. . D Change and complete the sentences. Kate and the kitten play together all day long. Scott flies well. My parrot don’t speak English. a b c d E Complete the passage. doesn’t eat 1. touches its head.m. Shannon doesn’t drink milk. 4. They doesn’t listen to the radio. have We don’t have money. 1. My parrot doesn’t speak English. eat She garlic. She passes the ball . We don’t go to the restaurant. 3. 4. Then Kate 4. I don’t watch horror movies. 5. 15 We don’t play soccer. You teach math. Present Simple: Negative 2. cries at night. She 5. The kitten 3. I don’t watches horror movies. He teaches math . sell The store doesn’t sell scarves. b Lisa has a red coat. I watch a movie on Fridays. We doesn’t go to the restaurant. I pass the ball. (wash) B Complete the negative sentences using the short forms. c They don’t play soccer. 4. 5. Shannon doesn’t drinks milk. b She doesn’t eat rice. Choose the wrong sentences. read Charles doesn’t read comic books. (touch) 3. has a small kitten. 3. Porter fixes elevators. C Check the correct sentences. 1. (have) Kate 2. She eggs and water. a have b haves c has 3. a She fixs clocks well. We go to the library at 5 p. d I don’t study science. b He study Chinese every day. a catch b catchs c catches 1. a mix b mixes c mixs 2. They fix elevators . 1. The girl some balloons. Sam goes to the library at 5 p. They don’t listen to the radio. washes the kitten once a week. 3. My friend Kate 1.m. 2. play My brothers don’t play computer games. Tony watches a movie on Fridays . Mr. 30 Unit 15 31 .

it doesn’t . he does. I doesn’t. Kelly drinks water before lunch. (get up) 2. A Does it bark? B Yes. he do. Choose the wrong words and correct them. doesn’t read comic books on Wednesdays. We 5. he A Does he like hamburgers? B No. Do you like funny movies? No. No. Oh. (read) I 4. Yes. We live in Chicago. don’t eat fast food on Saturdays. don’t watch TV on Thursdays. ⓒ like 32 Unit 16 33 . he doesn’t . 5. My uncle teaches math. D Change and rewrite the sentences in negative forms. and we 6. I don’t study on Sundays. A Complete the dialogues. a don’t b doesn’t c isn’t C Complete the dialogues. He 1. We don’t live in Chicago. My uncle doesn’t teach math. 16 Do you like carrots? 1. they don’t . ⓑ doesn’t 5. The boy hard. E Complete the passage using negative forms. Jane exercise every day. 1. they A Do they live in California? B No. it A Does it eat grass? B No. (use) 4. Yes. they do. 4. Kelly doesn’t drink water before lunch. Choose the correct answers. they don’t . 1. 4. A Do they play baseball? B No. I don’t. But my dad b  doesn’t c  likes it. A Does he have a goat? B No. (eat) 1. she A Does she play the piano? B Yes. Test Station 4. My mom a  likes jazz music. it does . 2. 3. I do . don’t use my smartphone on Tuesdays. They don’t rice. 3. don’t get up early on Sundays. Does Mary want the dress? No. 2. you A have some money? B Yes. My brother and I have a “Don’t!” list. I a  enjoy skating. 2. I study on Sundays. A Do you like carrots? B Yes. doesn’t play computer games on Mondays. 3. But Eddie b  don’t c  enjoy it. I do . (play) 3. I 2. (watch) B Check the correct answers. Does he drink coffee? Yes. she don’t. No. Present Simple: Yes/No Questions 2. a don’t study b doesn’t study c doesn’t studies 3. He 3. 1 2 3 4 4. a eat b eats c eates Do you 1. they don’t. Do the boys study hard? Yes. she doesn’t. he doesn’t . she does .

Mia: 2. don’t . 3. Do they know Nick? Present Simple: Wh-questions 2. 3. A What ( do / does ) the birds like ? B They like peanuts. A What ( do / does ) he teach ? B He teaches history. A What do they learn? B They learn French. 1. 3. Mia! We all like you! 3. I like you. does . A What does Bill have? B He has a bottle. 2. c A What do you have? B I have a kite. Does Monica like me? Fred: Yes. they get up early? a Do b Does c Are 2. 4. 17 What does he like? 1. C Complete the dialogues. Test Station Choose the correct answers. 1. b A What does she need? B She needs some milk. 4. b Does − does • B No. Does Tom live in Seoul? 1. She likes vegetables. A What ( do / does ) Amy practice ? B She practices the piano. They really like you. Choose the correct answers. they 6. Mia: How about Greg? 4. A What does your mom like? B She likes roses. she 3. 4. They know Nick. 1. a Do − don’t • A Ryan wash his hair every day? 4. he 5. he . c Does − doesn’t 5. Do we [you] work on Sundays? 2. Do you like me? a b c d Fred: Sure. Fred: Yes. 34 Unit 17 35 . Cheer up. A What does she bake? B She bakes cookies. need 2. We work on Sundays. 3. Mia: I think everybody hates me. does . D Change the sentences into questions. a A What do they want? B They want new bikes. Does she like vegetables? A Complete the questions and write the letters. d A What does he like? B He likes chicken. Fred: No. Tom lives in Seoul. Mia: But the teachers hate me. A What ( do / does ) you ? B I need some water. E Complete the dialogue. Jessica keep a diary? a Do b Does c Is 1. Does he like me? B Circle the correct words and complete the questions. A What do you practice? B I practice singing.

1. Modal Verb: Can (Ability) 2. I collect coins. I can’t play the flute. Paul: What 3. do you collect? Sam: 2. She Paul: Wow. She pictures well. 1. A What do they wash? B They wash their cars. D Write the questions using what. The woman can’t drive a bus. A What does she collect? B She collects pretty dishes. 3. They can skate fast. do your parents collect? 1. a She can ride a bike. It can jump high. 2. They are skaters. what 1. Paul: What 5. c does − practices 4. 2. Choose the correct answers. c He can’t play the violin. They collect real cars. Sam: My parents? 6. 4. 1. Test Station 5. 4. Choose the correct answers. can draw 3. Paul: Oh. I play the flute. 3. The puppy likes jumping. 3. b They can’t speak Chinese. A What do you wear? B I wear our school uniform. b does − practice • B He dancing. He can dance very well. Nancy lives in France. The boys play golf. 4. 18 He can play the piano. 2. What they eat? a do b does c are 1. that is a fantastic hobby. A Complete the sentences with can or can’t. The woman drives a bus. can’t climb a tree. does your brother collect? jump speak draw dance skate Sam: 4. He is a dancer. B Choose and complete the sentences using can. He collects toy cars. a do − practices • A What Tom practice? 3. d I can swim. Then write the letters. The spider climbs a tree. A What does he want? B He wants some water. The boys can’t play golf. can speak French. My mom is an artist. a b c d E Complete the dialogue. The spider 36 Unit 18 37 . What she need? a do b does c is C Complete the negative sentences using can’t. 2. Sam: My family likes collecting things.

Can we sit here? Superman: No. he can . 3. ( you / run fast ) may 1. can you do my homework? 3. now I believe you. 5. You can drink the soda. a a truck? b  Can c  your dad d  drive b c d a 4. Can you fly? B Choose and complete the sentences using can or can’t. can you move this big rock? Superman: Ha-ha. You can’t play outside. 5. She French. I can’t ! 4. 3. Then write the letters. . You can play outside. 3. You may not use the umbrella. 4. ( Ralph / play basketball ) Modal Verbs: Can / May (Permission) A Can Ralph play basketball? B Yes. 1. a can’t speak b speak can’t c can speak not 2. d You may not take my picture. Lois: Wow. It’s cold. A Complete the sentences with may or may not. Use the short forms if necessary. 1. I can . Superman: Yes. 1. You may not run here. a  play b  tennis. 1. Jack soccer. 3. c You may not come in. We are tired. But 3. You can’t drink the soda. The vase is very expensive. A Can you run fast? B No. c  She d  can c d a b 4. See? close sit touch eat swim Lois: Okay. E Complete the dialogue using can or can't. Can I eat the hamburger? Test Station Choose the correct answers. ( she / speak Italian ) Can she speak Italian? she can a b c d A B Yes. a play can b can play c can plays C Complete the negative sentences. 2. Lois: I don’t believe you. b You drink the milk. 2. Put the letters in the correct order. I can’t . You can’t swim here. You may run here. Show me. It’s very easy. 2. 2. a You may use my phone. The lake is deep. Can I close the window? So 4. You can’t touch it. Superman: I’m Superman. 19 May I sit here? 1. 38 Unit 19 39 . I’m hungry. You may use the umbrella. D Complete the dialogues using can or can't. 2.

may drink water. you may [can]. Don’t stay here. Test Station C Complete the negative sentences. Stay here. Be careful! let’s not You 4. (×) B Choose and complete the sentences. 1. Sit down. E Complete the passage with may or may not. Let’s not go there. 3. 2. 4. The floor is slippery. 2. dance together. 2. Let’s go there. Soda is bad for us. may not run. () don’t go 4. () 3. You 1. 3. let’s You 6. D Complete the dialogues. 4. (×) You 2. 1. ( may / use your computer ) Imperatives A May I use your computer ? B Yes. Let’s not watch the movie. Choose the wrong sentences. a not may b mayn’t c may not 2. ( can / take photos here ) Can take photos here be don’t let’s let’s not A I ? B Sorry. b Can we goes out at night? 5. 20 Clean your room. you can’t [may not] . ( may / borrow your books ) 1 2 3 4 A May I borrow your books ? B Yes. may make copies of the books. Don’t go outside. You 3. Touch the picture. Let’s not drink soda. may not eat food. Don’t sit down. Let’s watch the movie. Let’s not play soccer. Let’s clean up the room. be You 5. may not speak loudly. Be quiet. 1. (×) 2. A Choose and complete the sentences. a You take can a break. Choose the correct answers. 40 Unit 20 41 . () 1. a May I open the box? b You may leave now. Library Rules Don’t Let’s 3. 4. touch the vase. You are sick now. 1. Can I TV now? a not b watch c watches 3. The room is messy. may borrow the books. You bring your pets. Don’t touch the picture. you may [can].

eat Susan: But 4. take the bus. 3. your desk. Don’t / afraid / be / . Susan: 6. 1. a Be clean b Clean c Not clean 2. D Unscramble the sentences. 4. b Let’s help poor people. the flowers. 5. go / to the park / Let’s / . a Not be sad. a Not let’s play soccer today. let’s not watch meet a horror movie. some popcorn there. b Write your name. not / drink Let’s eat go Carol: Okay. 42 . 5. Let’s go to the park. let’s not drink soda. a Don’t let’s b Let’s don’t c Let’s not Choose the wrong sentences. 3. Don’t be late! Test Station Choose the correct answers. Let’s go to the movies. E Choose and complete the dialogue using imperatives or suggestions. Carol: Okay. Let’s meet in front of the theater in 30 minutes. not / watch Susan: Good idea! But 2. Let’s not eat the pizza. feed / the ducks / Don’t / . Don’t be afraid. 2. a Don’t pick b Not pick c Don’t picks 3. Carol: 1. not / be Let’s drink juice. 4. 1. not / eat / Let’s / the pizza / . Don’t feed the ducks.

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