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Ayson, Rola C. Santos, Bianca Clarisse D.

David, Jonah M. Santos, Ralph Martin P.

Guiao, John Carlos D. Tulabing, Leychiva C.

Mariano, Mikaella Andrea A. A – 433; Group 2


1. Is the action taken by the Chairman be considered an act of common good? Briefly discuss why or
why not?

No, the chairman did not act for the common good because changing their databases for the
difference of the amount that is going to be transferred to the escrow account is an act of fraud. Even
though the said savings will be for the use of the CSRO projects, it cannot be called one because of their
lack of integrity and accountability. If the proposal is approved the government might investigate the
case and the company might face another problem regarding the said issue.

2. If you were Bernard, who has only two years to stay with the company before retiring and is much
concerned with his retirement benefits, will you be able to justify that your action is morally good?
Please provide a short explanation.

If I were Bernard, I would like to spend the last two years of my job working honestly and fairly.
He shouldn’t worry about his retirement benefit because every company has an organized plan
regarding benefits. If he supported the proposal of Ryan he is not following the good moral of one
person. Alternatively, he can propose another solution with their problem instead of tolerating the
suggested action of Ryan.

3. Can the principle of double-effect be applied to the actions by Ryan and Diane? Explain briefly.

The principle of double – effect applies to the actions of Ryan and Diane in a way that the
company’s CSRO, under the management of Diane, has been giving scholarships and the like to people
of whom the government failed to provide. Ryan, with the help of Bryan and the approval of the
chairman, would misstate the escrow account (bad action) into almost half and the other half would be
used for the projects of the CSRO which will benefit the people (good effect)

4. Is it right to “cheat” a corrupt government? Why or why not?

Somehow, no. It won’t make things right if you will also cheat. The right thing to do is just to
comply and if the government has made corruption activities, that is the time that people should take
an action with that, not by cheating. There’s always a time.