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 HR shall set a table near the employee

lockers with paper hearts and a box.

 Employees can write sweet notes to
other employees and HR shall deliver
these notes to the intended employee
 Note delivery is every hour
 Activity duration is from Feb. 13 at 2pm
until Feb. 14 at 2pm.
 3 jars (small, medium, large) shall be filled with
candies and chocolates
 Employees shall guess how many pieces of
sweets are inside each jar
 Employees with the closest number without
going over shall win the jar
 Jars shall be placed inside Richow from
11:30am of Feb 13. End shall be at 11:30am of
Feb. 14
 1 guess per employee only
 In the event of a tie, employee who submitted
their paper first shall win the prize
 HR shall email and make posters of the mechanics by
noon of Feb. 13
 Contest ends at 11:30am of Feb. 14
 Employees must present to HR 3 selfies with the
following “themes”
1. Heart bigger than me
2. Cupid on a mission
3. Photobomb a random couple being sweet
 Email photos to
or visit the HR Office before 11:30am. (Late entries will
not be included)
 3 most creative #MyValentineSelfies shall win Php300
 Magkainan Tayo
 Ipasok mo to sa butas mo
 Hanapin mo ang puso ko
 4 pairs (boy and girl)
 A long marshmallow will be provided to
 They will eat the marshmallow at
opposite sides and the pair who has the
shortest marshmallow left on the plate
shall win
 Prizes shall be chips and chocolates
 2 teams of 4 players each
 Materials needed: Tissue paper core and long ballon
 Relay game
 1 member of the team will go to the far side and put
a tissue paper core between her/his legs.
 1st player in line shall try to put the long balloon that is
tucked between his/her thighs inside the tissue paper
 Once he/she is successful, the one with the core shall
bring the balloon to the 2nd player and go at the end
of the line.
 Meanwhile, the 1st player shall become the one with
the tissue paper core…etc.
 First team to complete shall will chips and chocolates
 4 pairs (1 boy and 1 girl)
 Girl shall be blindfolded
 Small paper heart shall be placed on a
boy’s body part
 Girl shall try to find the heart
 Fastest pair to find the heart shall win
chips and chocolates
 Executive Office 1 girl
 Finance 3 girls & 3 boys
 Front Office 3 girls
 F&B Kitchen 3 boys
 Sales & Mktg. 2 girls & 1 boy
 Engineering 2 boys
 F&B Service 3 girls
 Housekeeping 3 boys

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