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1.0 Introduction
2.0 Mission
2.1 Purposes Of Mission In Business Principle
2.2 Benefits Of Mission In Business Principle
3.0 Vision
3.1 Purposes Of Vision In Business Principle
3.2 Benefits Of Vision In Business Principle
4.0 Conclusion
5.0 References
1.0 Introduction

Business Principle is a motivated team that is successful with over-arching principle

for becoming a successful and satisfaction for every organization. It is also fundamental
norms, rules or values that represent what is desirable and positive for person, group or
community with help in determining and rightfulness or wrongfulness of every actions.
Principles are more basic than a policy with objectives and also meant to govern. The
meaning Business Principe is normally used as a noun meaning which is fundamental
basic of a system in thought or belief as in one of basic principle of democracy. A unique
feature of the principle is unlike the concept and procedure in which they are discovered
rather than invented. Principle are the only kind of context which represent “truth” in any
significant way.
2.0 Mission
Every organization surely have their own mission statements. A mission statement is
a short statement of an organization’s purpose and how are they going to achieve the
mission. It is also a brief description of why a company or nonprofit organization exists.
In other word, it’s used to provide focus, direction, and inspiration to employees while it
tells customers or clients what to expect from the business. It may include a short
statement of such fundamental matters as the organization's values or philosophies, a
business's main competitive advantages, or a desired future state the vision. A mission
statement is often a part of a business plan and for the best mission statements the
mission must be clear, concise and memorable. The organizations rarely change their
mission statements over time, as they define their continuous, ongoing purpose and focus
towards the mission.

2.1 Purpose Of Mission In Business Principle

A mission statement is a short statement setting out the purpose of an organization. The
purpose of a mission statement is to focus and direct the organization itself. By having
these purpose the mission can be established and applied in the organization well. There
some purposes of the mission statement in Business Principle.

1. Inspiring Employee
The mission statement can inspire employees in doing their work. This is because the
mission statement usually contain the information about what the company is going to do
and how to achieve the goal and how to make a desire profit out of it. With this the
employees can create a set of common values and behaviors that they can use to guide
their day-to-day work activities. To encourage a sense of ownership and engagement in
achieving the business's goals, many companies have involve their employees in the
development of the mission statement. The organization can attract new employees who
wants to share its values and ideals with the organization by including the mission
2. Improving Performance
Mission statements can also be use in improving the organization's financial performance.
In one study, the researchers has demonstrated that the mission statements have a positive
effect on organizational performance. Beside the financial performance, the employees’
productivity in doing their work also improve as they work hard in order to achieve the
organization’s mission. The key factor that affected performance improvement was the
extent to which the mission statement influenced employee behaviors.

3. Guiding Corporate Decision Making

An organization's mission statement can act as a decision makers in the organization. A
clear mission sets important boundaries which enable business owners to delegate both
responsibility and authority. Every actions and direction that the organization takes must
align to the values set out in the mission statement. It provides a framework for thinking
throughout the organization. It also provide the boundaries and guardrails the
organizational needs in order to stay on the path to your preferred future.

4. Promoting the Company

A good and effective company’s mission sometimes can attract the external stakeholders.
It can be a useful marketing tool if it is written-well. It communicates the values and
aspirations of the company, attracting like-minded customers. An effective mission
statement can be use for an effective marketing campaigns for the company as it can
promote the company’s name in an even larger scope.

2.2 Benefits Of Mission In Business Principle

A mission statement is the simplest and most basic necessities of a business, and yet it is
frequently overlooked by small business owners and entrepreneurs. As it has it own
purposes, it also has its benefits. There are some benefits of mission statement in
Business Principle.
1. Give Direction
Some business owners will use the mission statement to remind their teams why their company exists
because this is what makes the company successful. The mission statement serves as a “North Star”
that keeps everyone clear on the direction of the organization. The mission statement definitely state
the company's goal and with this goal in mind, all employees have an understanding of the corporate
direction on how to achieve the goals. The workers must understand the purpose more clearly so that
they can understand how to serve and carry out the company’s mission statement more efficiently.

2. It Shapes Strategy
Every business and business owner needs a strategy. But strategies must not be created in a vacuum.
Instead of looking at what’s new or what competitors are doing and trying to copy them, wise business
owners create the most effective strategies possible to accomplish the mission their company is set out
to accomplish.

3. Staying True to Roots

Without the mission statement, most employer or employees will lose their focus as the company keep
on growing and expanding. It surely can affect the company's image, as well as detract from its brand.
By having a strong mission statement, it can help in guiding the company through major growth and at
the same time still in line with its goals and developing, rather than harming the brand itself.

4. Unification
As we all know, when the company is larger, there will be many departments and also workers that
working in it. When a project is disseminated and touched by different divisions, it is easier for the
company to lose sight of the overall goals. With the help of the mission statement, all workers will
understand how their roles fit into the larger picture.

5. Accountability
The core of the mission statement is that all businesses are conceived to fulfill a specific purpose or
need within the organization. The only way for a company to continue to improve is by holding itself
accountable and without a clear understanding of its purpose, it is impossible to do so. The business
owners can hold themselves and also their employees accountable by referring and creating the
mission statement which is very helpful in guiding them.
3.0 Vision
Every organization will also have their on vision statement. So what is a vision? A vision is an
illusion or aim that we have in our brain of ourselves, our business or anything that is going to happen.
A vision statement is an organization's declaration of its mid-term and long-term goals. A pleasant
mission can support any organization to attend their dreams and achieve goals. A vision will assist the
organization to overcome hardship and also support the organization when it comes to hard time. A
vision that is well defined can help the organization to focus and create a purpose that will become the
measurement for the successful of the organization. A vision can also be used to characterized the
future state of the organization and what the organization want to be in the future. In other words, a
vision is a company’s road map.

3.1 Purposes Of Vision In Business Principle

Vision can shape the organization with it purposes. It structures the priorities and activities of the
organization and help in defining where the organization going to be. There are some purposes of
vision in Business Principle.

1. Direction
With the help of vision, it can help in setting direction within the organization for example what and
where the organization going to be in 10 years time. It can also help in establishing the organization
priorities and also in clarifying the organizational goals. If the vision is well stated, it can surely help
in achieving the organization goals without any problems.

2. Passion
Vision can be a picture of the future that will produces passion. A good vision statement can set fire
into the hearts’ of the employees and will have the commitment to keep on going throughout the
hardship. They will also have a renewed energy in them every time they are doing their work with the
high passion their have by having a good vision within the organization.

3. Organizational Structure
By having vision, the company can set their organizational structure accordingly based on the vision
stated. The company can build a better and more effective strategies for the successful of the company
in the future. It can also help to specify the core structure on which the organizational edifice stands
and to help in the translation of objectives into actionable cost, performance, and time related

4. Translate The Objective

Vision can help to translate the objectives of the organization into work structures and to assign tasks
to the elements in the organization that are responsible for actualizing them in practice.

3.2 Benefits Of Vision In Business Principle

The vision should include what do the organization wants to be in the future. It is
important for any organizations to know clearly who and what they want to be. This
includes the habits, attitudes and our point of views. There are some benefits of vision in
Business Principle.

1.Motivate The Employees

A clear vision statement can motivate employees. When an individual understands and
aligns with the core values and vision of the organization, they are able to readily commit
to and engage in the organization’s efforts and will do their best in doing their job so that
the organization can achieve their goals.

1. Give Encouragement
Vision can be use to encourage the organization to embrace something that they wanted
to achieve in the future. As we all know every organization wants to be successful and
want to be the best among other organizations. By having a vision it gives the
encouragement to the organization to do better and be better in their work to be the most
successful organization in future time.

2. As Guiding
A solid vision statement can act as a guide for employee actions and decision making. For
example, if there is a decision to be made, simply ask ourselves whether the things we do
is consistent with the organization’s vision statement or not. If it does, move forward and
if not, do an evaluation and take the action or decision that is align with the vision
statement. The vision statement can help the employees in guiding them to make the right

3. Inspiring The Employees

The vision statement can help to provide inspiration to employees. Employees who feel
invested in the organizational change are more likely to stay motivated and have higher
levels of productivity. Engaged and inspired personnel can go a long way in helping the
organization achieve its mission and goals for a better future of the organization.

5. Show Where The Company Is Headed

With the help of the vision statement, the organization can see where they are headed.
This is important in order to avert catastrophe before it happens and also can help the
organization to prepare for the future. Vision can keep the organization on course during
rocky times or unexpected set backs. With this they can prevent any loss or damages from
happening to the organization.

4.0 Conclusion
In conclusion, it is important to have a clear mission and vision stated in the
organization as it can lead to the successful of the organization one day. We can describe
a vision statement as a 'picture of the future' as it talks about what the organization would
like to be while a mission statement talks about the organization's purpose or direction. It
is important to keep in mind that these are the only two of the many tools available to the
organization in the development of creating their strategy for a better future. There is a
reason why many organizations spend a lot of time in defining their vision and mission
statements. This is because they want to ensure that they come up with the statements that
provide meaning instead of being mere sentences that does not have any meaning in it.
Without a meaningful mission and vision statements, the mission and vision will be
useless to the organization and can bring failure rather than success. With this, it is
important to make sure that the mission and vision will be written accordingly on how the
organization going to manage their company for the successful of the company itself.

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