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Park Seong-Uk

THOI BAI Nhan Tri Vi~t

The TOEIC Test - Test of English for International Communication - a standardised test giving reliable
results, measures proficiency in international business English at intermediate and advanced levels. It
provides an accurate measurement of the English capabilities of non-native speakers. The TOEIC test
measures and certifies listening, reading and grammar proficiency in international business English.

The TOEIC tests:

• Help businesses build a more effective workforce. There is, nowadays, a high demand from leading
global corporations for employees to communicate effectively in English. That is, employees must
be able to communicate across borders and cultures with co-workers and clients.
• Allow employers to make hiring decisions, promotions, transfers depending on job seekers'
qualifications and English language proficiency.
• Enable universities to better prepare students for the international workplace.
In brief, organizations and job seekers around the world trust TOEIC scores to help them get ahead of
the competition.
TOEIC is a very challenging examination, and unfortunately, many students find it hard to achieve the
score they need. One reason for this is that the TOEIC questions use many challenging words, so
students need a considerable number of business vocabulary items. The other reason is that TOEIC
questions challenge students in a very logical manner. Many students are not comfortable with this type
of thinking, which can make the test very challenging.
The maximum score on TOEIC is 990 points. A reasonable score is above 700 points, a good score is
anything above 800 points, and a great score is anything above 900 points.
Being aware of the practical demand of learners, we have designed the series TOEIC RC and LC - 730
and 860 whose questions are taken from the most recent TOEIC tests with the aim of helping those
who want to achieve the score of approximately 700 - 900 points. This series of books is hopefully a
very beneficial and rewarding material for class use with the assistance of an instructor or for self-study.

Tips to help you prepare for the TOEIC tests:

• Listen to music - Music helps you acquire the rhythm and stress patterns of spoken English.
• Listen to the radio and watch TV and films - This helps you pick up the language, and does not
bore you either!
• Use the language - Set aside half an hour each day to communicate only in English. If you can't
do this face to face, send regular e-mail messages.
• Read - Reading is the best way to improve your vocabulary. Read newspapers, magazines,
websites, novels, and non-fiction books. Choose something that genuinely interests you and isn't
too challeng ing.
• Write - Try keeping a daily journal where you can practise using new words and expressions. This
helps reinforce sentence structures and vocabulary.
There are no shortcuts - the only way to get a high score is by working hard, practising constantly and
patiently to improve your English abilities.
May you soon achieve your desired goal!

Park Seong-Uk

4 TOEIC Training Reading CcrnprPhens1on 860 1•1ww.nh.11ll1iviel .corn

TOEIC Test Format

There are two separate TOEIC tests: traditional Listening and Reading test and additional Writing and
Speaking test. These two types of TOEIC test are administered independently and thus you need to
register, pay fee for them separately and get separate test score reports. Check with your emp loyer/
company or your university/college what type of TOEIC score report they want (Listening and Reading
only or both tests) before taking the test. Also check w ith the test site if they offer Writing and Speaking
test. Technology requires you to have all 4 English language skills for workplace success.

TOEIC Listening and Reading Test

The TOEIC Listening and Reading test is a paper-and-pencil, multiple-choice assessment. There are 2
timed sections of 100 questions each.
Section I: Listening
Listening skills are required for face-to-face communication, meetings, videoconferencing, teleco nferencing,
podcasts and telephone conversations.

Test takers listen to a variety of questions and short conversations recorded in English, then answer
questions based on what they have heard (100 items in total).
• Part 1: Photographs
• Part 2 : Question & Response
• Part 3: Short Conversations
• Part 4: Short Talks

Section II: Reading

Reading skills are required for e-mail, written reports, newsletters, letters, memos, PowerPoint presentations
and other forms of business communication.
Test takers read a variety of materials and answer 100 items in total at their own pace.
• Part 5: Incomplete Sentences
• Part 6: Text Completion
• Part 7: Reading Comprehension
Test Length
The test takes approximately 21/2 ho urs, with:
• 45 minutes for Section I
• 75 minutes for Section II
• score scale: 5 - 495 for each section (10 - 990 for both)
• approximately 30 minutes to answer biographical questions

www.nhr1ntriviel.ro111 5
PARTS 5&6 Learning Key Points

UNIT 1 Choosing the right word class 4. Tenses and subjunctive mood .. It)

151 frequently-tested noun s 1. Past, Present, Future

in the TOEIC tests 1::: 2. Pr esent perfect
145 frequently-tested verbs 3. Past perfect
in the TOEIC tests . If 4. Futu re perfect
122 frequently-tested adjectives 5. Exceptions to agreement of tenses
in the TOEIC tests .
- - . "" 6. Per fect subjunctive
75 frequently-tested adverb s 7. Past subjunctive
in the TOEIC tests . ~3
5. Gerunds
Progress test
1. Verbs with gerunds as objects
2. Gerunds as objects of prepositions
UNIT 2 Choosing the right word class
1. No uns . Progress test II

1. Positions of nouns
2. Nouns referring lo people and things UNIT 4 Prep ositions
!abstract ideas] 1. Meanings of prepositio ns . lrl
3.Countnounsvs.Uncountnouns 1. Prepositions of lime
4. Compound nouns 2. Prepositions of place. direction
2. Adverbs 41 3. Prepositions of cause. reason
1. Adverbs modifying verbs 4. Prepositions of concession
2. Adverbs modifying adjectives 5. Other important prepositions
3. Adverbs modifying adverbs 2. Expressions followed by p repositions
4. Adverbs before figures 1. Verb + preposition
3. Adjectives 2. Verb + nou n + preposition+ noun
1. Attributive adjectives 3. be + adjective + preposition

2. Pr edicative adjectives 4. Noun +preposition

5. Pr epositional phrases
Progress test
Progress test
UNIT 3 Verb forms
UNIT 5 Conjunctions
1. Participles "'l
1. Subordinating conjunctions
1. Partic iples modifying nouns
1. Subordinating conjunctions sta rling an adverbial
2. Participial phrases
clause of time
3. Participles as complements
2. Subordinating conjunctions starting an adverbial
2. Active and Passive verb forms l) clause of concession
1. Identifying active and passive forms 3. Subordinating conjunctions starting an adverbial
clause of condition
2. Passive form of active sentences with two objects
4. Subordinating conjunctions starting an adverbial
3. To -infinitives ,,, clause of reason
1. Verbs with to-infinitives as objects 5. Subordinating conjunctions starting a noun
2. To-infinitives as adverbs clause
3. Ver bs with to-infinitives as object complements 6. Subordinating conjunctions starting an adverbial
4. be + adjective + to-infinitive clause of purpose or result

6 TOEIC Tr.11111119 Head111u Cornrrehem1on 860 \'Nlw.nl1ilnt1iviet .co111

2. Correlative conjunctions, Co-ordinating UNIT 7 Relative pronouns
conjunctions, Conjunctive adverbs IU1
1. Relative pronouns 1:> 1
1. Correlative conjunctions
1. Re lative pronouns - subjective case
2. Co-ordinating conjunctions
2. Relative pronouns - possessive
3. Conjunctive adverbs
3. Relative pronouns - objective case
Progress test . _ .. . l(Jf 4. Relative pronoun - Whal
5. Relative adverbs
UNIT 6 Pronouns
2. Compound relative pronouns & Compound
1. Personal pronouns . 111
relative adverbs 1:>5
1. Possessive adjectives
1. Compound relative pronouns
2. Reflexive pronouns
2. Compound relative adverbs
3. Objective pronouns
Progress test 1?7
4. Subjective pronouns
5. Possessive pronouns
UNIT 8 Comparisons
2. Demonstrative pronouns, Demonstrative 1. Comparative form l ~lO
adjectives ll·i
1. more + adjeclive/adverb + lhan
1. those who + verb
2. Adverbs modifying a comparative form
2. that[lhose] of+ noun/noun phrase
2. Superlative form
3. Indefinite pronouns 11G
lhe + superlativ~ form of an adjective/adverb
1. all/many/each/every/any
3. Comparison of equality . • . 1::.'J
2. one /another/the other!sl/others/each other/
one another as+ a djective/adverb+ as

Progress test . '"' 11~ Progress test . . . . . 13·1


PARTS 5&6 Practice Tests



ACTUAL TEST 2 :.._,,,

ANSWER KEY . ·- · _21H

www.nh;intriviet.c om Con tents 7

About This Book

In this section, types of questions together with essential grammar points
that can frequently be seen in the TOEIC tests are classified and sys- -···· --·· _
.... ...... .-.......
........ ..
tematically presented. Clear examples are also included so that you
can familiarise yourself with these typical questions in Parts 5 & 6. --
- ··-·-·,....,.--··-
- ___ . -..--·-··-·
.......... _____ ... ...

Types of questions are arranged in order of their frequency of occur-

rence in recent TOEIC tests. First, you do a multiple-choice question;

then learn the related grammar points.
. ..... -·--···--
._ -~ ,..

--... _-.... - -~
- --···.
A summary of important points are presented or explained. Essential
files list possible words and expressions together with illustrative exam-
ples. You should learn these by heart in order to improve your ability of
choosing the correct options for your coming test.

'I I .
~----- - -·- -

This part aims at helping you to check your progress after learning the
previous parts. Note that the tests with more questions given include ·-____ ---·
... . . . . . . ....__-·_
, _.._

types of questions that are most frequently seen in the TOEIC actual
. __ __ .-·- - ...
,..,..__ -~­ .... _
·---··· ......
-- ·-------.... _,.
__ .,

. =.;:;::::_ ... ::::-:._ • =---..;:.~:.-.::::..":"'"""

·--·---· ....-

··-- .. ..--
-· .. _

8 TOLi( lr.11n i r~ n R1·ach119 Cnn1pr~he11s•nn 8b0 wwvv.11hr111l1ivi1:1 c1i111

This section contains 4 practice tests of Parts 5 and 6, which have the
same degree of difficulty as that of actual tests. By doing these tests,
you can evaluate how much progress you have made after learning
items in Training Course A. - - ..__- ._
_.__, _...____.._
_ -----

... ---

Three actual tests that have recently been given are presented in this
section for you to check your result. If you have studied the two pre-
ceding sections carefully, you can now be delighted to see your actual

---- __ .. .. __

·- .._.. ---
__ - - - --- --
- ------
-~ · -·-
151 frequently-tested nouns in the TOEIC tests i

abstract 17 assistance

access give assistance to

have access to wit h the assistance of

3 accordance 18 attention

in accordance with pay attention to

attention to
19 authority
5 admission
under the authority or
receive admission to
20 benefit
6 advance
21 budget
advance(s) in
advantage 22 capacity

take advantage of 23 celebration

8 agreement in celebrat ion of

24 ceremony
9 amount
a considerablc[large/enormous] amount of award cercinony

10 anniversary 25 c hallenge

11 announcement 26 charge
at no charge
12 apology
27 commitm ent
apology for
accept an apology comm itment to
make an apology for ?8 committee
13 applicant 29 competition
14 application competition for
job applicati on fterce(stiff/ intcnse] competi tion
be in compet ition wit b
application form
in the face o f competi tion from
fill in[out] an application
make[put in /submit] an applirntion 30 compl ia nce
15 appointment in rnmpliance with

have an appointment 31 component

make[schedulc) an appointment 32 concentration
cancel an appointment
concentrat io n on
keep an appointment
33 concern
doctor's appointment
dentist's[dcntal] appoin tment 34 confere nce

16 area hold a conference

35 conflict 56 excursion
be in conflict with go on an excursion

36 conjunction 57 expansion
in conjunction with 58 expense
37 connection at the expense of

38 contribution 59 expertise
make a contribution to 60 extension
significantlsubstantial] contributions to
61 facility
39 copy
62 factor
40 cost deciding!decisivc/dctermining] factor
operating cost
63 fee
at no e.xtra cost
entrance fee
41 deadline membership fee
meet a deadline
64 field
miss a deadline
tight[strict] deadline 65 form
evaluation form
42 delegation
application form
43 deposit fill in a form
put down a deposit in the form of
44 description 66 goal
j ob description achieve a goal
45 discount reach a goal
discount on ultimate goal
at a discount 67 growth
46 disc ussion growth in[of]
urnJcr discussion 68 guide
47 disruption training guide

48 distribution 69 health

49 division 70 inception

50 effectiveness 71 increase
increase in
51 effort
tax increase
in an effort to do
wage[pay/salary] increase
make an effort to do
pri<:c increase
52 environment fa re i ncreasc
working cnvirvnmcnt be on the increase
53 estimate 72 inquiry
54 evaluation 73 instruction
55 event he mider instruction to do
in the event or 74 interruption

WWI" nli.1111 1ivi<1.<.0:11

75 invention meet[fulfill] an o bligation
invitation moral[legal/social) obligation
contractual obligation
receive[gct] an invitation
a sense of obligation
accept an invitation
refuse[turn down /decline] an invitation 91 opportunity
issue[extend] an invitation opportunity Lo do
77 issue ideal[pe rfect] opportunity
rare[unique] o pportunity
raise an issue
o nce-in -a-lifetime opportun ity
address an issue
wasted[lost /m issed] opportunity
78 itinerary
take[scizc /use] a n opportunity
79 knowledge at the first[earliest] opportunity
knowledge of al every (possible) opportunity
80 lack 92 orientation
lack of 93 output
for lack o f manufacturing o utput
81 length industrial ou tput
82 loyalty agricultural output
loyalty to[ towards] 94 permission
83 maintenance written perm ission
maintenance of ask[requcst (apply for] permission
maintenance crew[man / stafll givc[granl) permission
get[obtain I receive] permission
84 market
95 point
on the market
market share to the point
niche market 96 policy
be in the market for 97 popularity
85 matter ga in[grow/increase] in popularity
to make matters worse 98 position
as a matter of fact be in a position to do
86 merchandise 99 potential
87 need 100 practice
need for put A into practice
be in need of
101 precaution
have no need or
mectfsatisfy] a need take precautio ns
safety precautions
88 negotiation
102 preference
89 notice
103 preparation
on[at] short notice
until further notice in preparation for

90 obligation 104 presence

have an obligation to do 105 presentation

be under an obligation to do make[givc] the presentation
be under no obligation to do on presentation of

www.nhant1iviPt.rorn Unit 1 Choosing the ngh t ,-.n1d class 15

106 priority 126 right
lop priority reserve the right to do
have priority over 127 rise
107 procedure price rise
safety proc.:edun:s give rise to

108 productivity 128 rival

increase[improve/raise] productivity riva l company

109 project 129 schedule

o n schedule
110 promotion
a head of sched ule
11 1 proportion behind sc.:hedule
112 quality 130 sequence
be of poor quality in sequence
be of good[highj quality
131 series
113 rationale a se ries of
114 receipt 132 service
on[ upo n] receipt of c ustomer service
115 rec ord in service
keep a reco rd of out of service

11 6 reference 133 session

for o ne's reference training sessio n
in[with) reference to 134 shortage
117 refund a shortage of
give A a refund an acute shortage of
a full refund water shortage
tax refund ho using shortage

118 regis tration 135 site

registrati on fee c.:onstruc.:li on[buildingj site

119 re liability 136 source

major[primary/main] so urce of
120 replacement
137 standard
121 request
safely standards
request fo r
living standards
at one's request
o n request 138 strength

122 re quire me nt 139 s ubscriber

meet[fulfill/sali sfy] a req uirement 140 s ubscription
123 resource subscriptio n to
natura l resources 141 summary
financial resources in summary
124 result 142 s upervision
as a result or under the super vision of
e nd[final/ net] n:sull
143 supply
125 re vie w

16 TOEIC lr.!•111ng Tkad1ng (0111prelwn~1on 860 \\l\\".V .11k1n ii i1·i1·Ll

144 surplus 149 transition
145 technician transition from A to B

146 technique 150 warranty

under warranty
147 time
151 wear
148 tool

145 frequently-tested verbs in the TOEIC tests

accept 19 authorize
account authorize A to do
account for 20 become
3 acquire 21 change
address 22 charge
5 advise be charged with
advise A about[o8 R 23 collaborate
6 allow collaborate wit h
allow A to do collaborate on
allow for 24 complete
announce 25 conduct
8 answer conduct a survey

9 anticipate 26 connect

10 appear 27 conserve

11 appoint 28 consult
appoint A to do consult A about 13
consult with
12 approach
29 contain
13 arrange
30 contribute
14 arrive
contribute to
15 attempt
31 cover
attempt to du
32 create
16 attend
33 decide
17 attract
decide to do
attract attention
attract interest 34 decline

18 attribute 35 decrease
attribute A to R 36 deliver
be attributed to be delivered to

www 11h,int1iviet.cort1 Unit 1 Choosing tlw 11ght word c!Jss 17

37 demonstrate 64 follow
be followed by
38 depart
65 forward
39 design
forward A to R
be designed to do
66 fulfill
40 detail
fulfill an airn[goal/objectivc]
41 develop
67 grant
42 diagnose grant AD
43 discontinue 68 grow
44 discourage 69 guarantee
discourage A from V-ing
70 handle
45 display
71 hesitate
46 emerge hesitate to do
emerge as
72 hire
47 enable
73 hold
enable A to do
hold the postfposition /officc)
48 enclose
74 host
49 enhance
75 ignore
50 enroll
76 implement
enroll in
77 include
51 ensure
ensure that 78 increase

52 enter 79 indicate

53 escort 80 install
escort A to 81 institute
54 establish 82 instruct
55 evaluate be instructed 10 do

56 exceed 83 intend
intend to do
57 expect
be intended for
be expected to do
84 keep
58 expire
85 last
59 express
express (a n) interest in 86 load
express concerns abou t 87 make
60 extend make a purchase

61 fall 88 monitor

62 feature 89 notify
notify /\ of 13
63 fill
notify A that
rm an order

18 "I OLIC Traininy Reading Cornprcherwon 8f.O

90 obtain receive support
obtain A from D receive training
obtain A through B receive education
receive the promotio n
91 occupy
112 recommend
92 offer
recommend \1-ing
offer A to B
recommend A to B
93 paint
be recommended for
94 peak
11 3 record
95 permit
114 recruit
be permitted to do
115 reduce
00 pertain reduce A to V-ing
pertain to
116 regain
97 picture
regain consciousness
98 place 117 register
place an order register for
place value on
118 reject
place importance on
place emphasis on 119 release

99 postpone 120 remind

postpone V-ing remind A l o do
be postponed until 121 remove
100 present remove A from B

101 preserve 122 replace

replace A wi th D
102 prevent
prevent A from V-ing 123 report

103 process 124 represent

104 prolong 125 require

be required to do
105 promote
promote A to 13 126 reserve
reserve A for B
106 propose
127 respond
107 provide
respond to
provide A wi th 13
128 restore
108 purchase
restore A to 13
109 qualify
129 resume
qualify for
qualify A for B 130 retain

110 raise 131 review

raise awareness of 132 schedule
111 receive be scheduled to do
receive A from B be scheduled for
receive alienlion 133 seek

\\".'!VJ 1ii1,111!11 1;il·1 Ul!ll Unit 1 Cl,00s1n<J 1he ri<Jhl '"rnd cl~·s 19
134 serve 140 substitute
135 set up substitute A for D

136 settle 141 summarize

137 show 142 take

show interest in 143 train

138 sign train A in D
sign up for be trained in
sign a co ntract 144 welcome
139 submit 145 win
win an award

122 frequently-tested adjectives in the TOEIC tests

about 12 aware
be abou t to do wcll(fully/acutely] aware
absolute be aware of
in absolute terms 13 beneficial
3 accessible beneficial to[for]
easily[readily] accessible 14 broad
additional broad consensus(agreemenl]
additional in formation 15 c lose
additional charge be close to
additional expenditure keep a close eye on
administrative keep in close contact with

6 affordable 16 common
common knowledge
common ground
8 apparent
17 complete
for no apparent rea ·on
complete with
9 appropriate
18 complimentary
highlyfentircly/ wh olly] appropriate
complimentary tickets
appropriate time(place]
complimentary about
10 assured
19 comprehensive
be ass urc~d or
be assured th at 20 confident
confident ol1about]
11 available
conlident manner
readilyfwiclely) avail able

20 TOFIC Tr "11 11m1 liPMling (omp rd1~ ns1011 8GO \V W 1.v .nl1a 11 l1 iviet.rnni
21 confidential 42 exclusive
keep A strictly confidential have exclusive use of

considerable exclusive report[coverage]

considerable amount[numbcr] of 43 exemplary

23 continuous 44 following
co ntinuous economic growth 45 frequent
24 convenient 46 guided
25 c urrent guided tour

26 declining 47 healthy

27 d efinitive 48 helpful
defini tive agreement helpful advice

28 deliberate 49 high
high price[charge]
29 delicate
high tax
30 desirable at high speed
highly desirable high proportionlpercentage] of
31 detailed 50 idle
detailed descript ion
51 improper
detailed analysis
improper behaviour[conduct]
32 disappointed
52 incidental
be disappointed at[with /about]
be disappointed to hear[see/find] 53 increased

33 dissatisfied 54 increasing
be dissatisfied with 55 indicative
34 due be indicative of
be due to do 56 initial
35 eager initial stage[phase/period]
be cager to do 57 interactive
36 effic ient 58 interested
37 eligib le be interested in
be eligible to do 59 key
38 entertaining 60 later
39 equal 61 latest
equa l numbcr[am ount] of
62 leading
be of equal value
be or equal importance 63 limited
be equal in size[length / height] 64 long
be equal to
65 minor
40 essential
66 native
be essential to
native to
41 exceptional
67 near

www.11h.111triv1el., 0111 Unit 1 ChooS'ng the 1;ghl '.\ord class 21

68 nearby 93 responsible
be responsible for
69 next
94 routine
70 notable
95 secure
71 numerous
96 sensitive
72 ongoing
97 sincere
73 only
98 skilled
74 open
be skilled at[in]
be open to
99 spacious
75 optimistic
be optimistic about 100 steep

76 orderly 101 strategic

in an orderly manner 102 stringent
77 outgoing 103 strong
outgoing mail
104 subject
78 outstanding be subject lo
79 - personal 105 subsequent
80 pleasant 106 substantial
81 pleased 107 successful
be pleased to do highly successful
82 popular be successful in Y-ing
hugely[enormously I immensely] popular 108 superior
be popular with[among] be superior to
83 previous 109 surplus
84 productive surplus funds
highly productive 110 temporary
productive of on a tcmporn ry basis
85 protective 111 unavailable
protective clothing[equipment) he unavailable lo
86 qualified 112 uncertain
be qualified for
113 unexpected
87 ready
114 unfavorable
88 reasonable
115 unstable
89 related
116 upcoming
be related to
117 useful
90 relevant
useful for
91 reliable
118 valued
92 repetitive
119 versatile
repetitive work[ tasks/j obs]

22 TOEIC Tra1rnng Rt>ud1ng Comprehem•on 860 wwvv nh,

120 vital 122 _ _

121 vulnerable a wide range of

be vulnerable lo

75 frequently-tested adverbs in the TOEIC tests

absolutely 27 _ generously

2 accordingly 28 - highly
3 adversely highly efficient
highly skilled
4 again
highly trained
5 already 29 - immediately
6 also immediately before[after]
7 always 30 indirectly
8 approximately 31 individually
9 briefly 32 later
10 carefully 33 likely
11 cautiously 34 mutually
12 clearly 35 nearly
13 closely 36 necessarily
14 completely 37 occasionally
15 consistently 38 often
16 conveniently 39 once
17 currently at once
all at once
18 definitely
40 only
19 dramatically
41 originally
20 easily
42 particularly
21 effectively
43 perfectly
22 efficiently
44 personally
23 especially
45 previously
24 exclusively
46 primarily
25 finally
47 probably
26 frequently
48 promptly

www.nhant1 iviet.corn Unit 1 Choosing the right \\'Ord class 23

49 properly 63 still
50 provisionally 64 suddenly
51 quickly 65 surely
52 rapidly 66 temporarily
53 reasonably 67 then
54 recently 68 thoroughly
55 regularly 69 too
56 relatively 70 unbearably
57 separately 71 unexpectedly
58 shortly 72 usually
sho rtly before[after] 73 very
59 since
74 well
60 soon
75 yet
61 sparingly have yet to
62 specially

24 TOEIC Tra1n1ng Re<1diny Co111prchension 860

1. Project funding o utlines m ust b e filed 6. The state is undergoing a drought that is
b efore the end of the week and should affecting crops and driving up
c ontain a concise and a short food prices throug hout the nation.
b udget o utline.
(A) valuably
(/\) r11ea11iny (8) s trenuously
(13) helief (C) adversely
(C) exc111 :;ion (0) exactly
(0) abst ract

7. Ms. Costa, an innovation specialist,

2. Collectors gathering especially d elicate has our staff o n the effective
plant sp ecies m ust label specimens handling o f disgruntled customers .
(A) d esigned
(/\) Pxcecdinyly (B) advised
(U) accordingly (C) p roposed
((.;) considerably (0) suggested
(0) 11am ely

8. The b udgetary working group incorrectly

3. The entirety of the museum's artifact that the tem porary m erger action
collection has been for. team's activities could be supported by
this year's budget.
(A) recorded
(13) accou11ted (A) anticipated
(C) explaineu (8) collected
(LJ) calc ulated (C) sponso red
(0) selected

4 . Later in the year, when X Press

the smaller publisher Zippy Books , many 9. The management g roup - -- a new
d epartm ents will be m erged. dom estic manager to b e in charge of the
(A) 1nerges office every three years.
(f~) mmai11s (A) d eposits
(C) ;wquin's (8) appoints
(IJJ <t1 1trc1pales (C) p redicts
(D) operates

5. All salesp eople are expected to

client complaints in a polite and restrained 10. All m anagement seminar presenters
manner. may have a meeting with city politicians
(/\)<Hr ive should they so d esire.
(13) .iddr ess (A) collected
(C)111fo1m (8) aligned
(IJ) •.tnnd (C) co ntrolled
(0 ) arranged

www.nhan Unit 1 Choosing the fight wonf class 25

11. Clients can always be - that the IT 16. All aspects of the company's
Department is constantly engaged in the performance are regularly checked by
protection of personal details. health and safety inspectors, making
with government regulations
(A) assured
over a company priority.
(8) dedicated
(C) decided (A) rise
(D) indicated (B) com pliance
(C) accumulation
(D) probability
12. Bookman's Booksellers suffered a
40-percent decline in sales in the last
quarter, a situation to increasing 17. All customers of the Hakama Hotel
pressure from online sellers. can use their room keys to access the
· computers with Internet access
(/\) accused
in the business center.
(B) presented
(C) disapproved (/\) definite
(D) attributed (8) traveling
(C) spncious
(0) compli111entary
13. During tomorrow's board m eeting,
the question of inc reasing the main
conference room 's to seat the 18. Machine tools are now designed in such
meeting participants will be raised. a manner that old or damaged ----
(A) intensity can be easi[y replaced.
(8) aptitude (/\) dividends
(C) capacity (8) components
(0) preraration (C) rerresentatives
(D) institutions

14. Well-regarded computer design specialist

Juan Nunez with Silicon Venture's 19. A tax specialist will be available for
Advertising Department to create a consultations to discuss any
campaign for the new series of Silicon that staff members may have about the
Venture computers. upcoming changes in regulations.
(A) recalled (/\} components
(8) collabo1ated (B) importance
(C) provided (C) ag1P.ernent
(D) envisaged (D) concerns

15. In his ratification of the memorandum of 20. In view of her demonstrated intelligence,
agreement, Chairman Tae Gyong Choi diligence, and general competence, I am
demonstrated his to cooperation that Ms. Jeon will be a valued
with our company. employee at whichever company she
finds employment.
(A) assessm ent
(8) reference (/\) confident
(C} selection (R) obvious
(0) c;ornmitmen t (C) 11oli1,,eable
(0) intelligent

26 , TOEIC Training Readrng Comprehension 860

21. All employees must get a special security 27. The human resources team was tasked
pass to access the d ocument room due with finding - - - -~ -- - methods to increase
to the nature of many of the staff morale.
papers stored there.
(A) obtained
(A} limiting (B) additional
(B} propo11ionate (C) d ecided
(C) confidential (D) approximate
(D) surrounding

28. The branch supervisor stated that the

22. The city's chief of planning has cancelled customer development team w ould
his meeting w ith local construction surpass its yearly quota.
companies because of a in his (/\)freely
(8) ex trem ely
(A) c;ombination (CJ d efinitely
(B) p1 even lion (0) usually
(C) lollov1ing
(D) c;o11flict
29. The Northern Center for Medical
Research sent a to Hong Kong
23. The new washing machine's greatest for the tropical disease conference.
advantage is that it can water. (A) nomination
(A) conse1ve (B) revision
(B) avoid (C) d escription
(C) riccomplish (D) d elegation
(0 ) compcire

30. The sudden increase in sales figures for

24. Because of Lily White Paper's Outdoor World is thought to be a result
late deliveries in shipments, Office Master of the magazine's - - - policy of
Stationery has cancelled its contract with targeting younger readers.
that company. (A) d eliberates
(/\) stead ily (B} deliberately
(R) sensibly (C) d eliberate
(C) exaGtly (D) deliberating
(D) co n s i ~;lently

31 . International Fasteners' products are

25. In finding design inspiration for new all subject to a quality control
structures, Mr. Tanaka will often process.
with his team members.
(A) dependent
(f\) consult (8) withheld
(13) i11vite (C) stringent
(C) pm Slla<fo (f)) founded
(D) rrqucst

32. HSB's tec hnology staff w ill the

26. The price of seminar tickets company's new range of multimedia
entrance to the seminar as w ell as all software at the upcoming cyber expo.
(1\) tolerate
(/\) w1 aps (G) encourage
(13) r;ove1s (C) d e111onst1nte
(C) !-JUC11 els (D) astonish
(D) sprends

w ww.n h antfi\ Unit 1 Choosing the right word 'd ass 27

33. The domestic management team has 38. Due to environmental cleanup
recently developed a paper that problems at the proposed site,
the company's expected short- term construction of the new warehouse will
financial performance. be postponed indefinitely.
(A) corres p o nd ~ (A) 011goi11g
(13) expects (11) dissolved
(C) prepares (C) restrained
(0) details (D) considerate

34. Lakeside Hospital has been provided 39. Starting April 1, all books checked out
with medical imaging technology that from Williamstown municipal libraries will
is expected to allow doctors to have their dates extended by
cancer in its early stages. one week.
(1\) :.J1rfl (A) ov1in!J
(8) coll<1pse (f-3) <.J ue
(C) cfragr1ose (C) pily;1hlp
(0) ruspoml (11) 111rilt !ff'

35. When installing new software on any 40. Agricultural product exporters were
device, it is important that all of the steps to make deals with buyers in
be made in the correct developing markets until the financial
(A) expertise crash halted their plans.
(f3) direc tion (/\)eager
(C) SN!Ul:lnrn {E3) cons\i uctive
(D) ra11gn (C) relative
(D) d elicious

36. The booklets that used to come with all

Simplicity kitchen appliances have now 41. Th e release of lntermedia's new software
been in favor of online guides for was postponed when a crucial problem
its products. during testing.
(/\) pall ia I (/\) !'11101 ~1ed
(I l) tcmprn rn y (B) P11gaqHd
(C) condi llo11al (C) rHlf''1Secl
(D) clisconti1111ed (D) reacted

37. Universal Online Services would like to 42. All staff members who have been with
extend an apology to all of the customers the company for fewer than 12 months
affec ted by last week's in are required to in the Future
services caused by the recent storms. Managers Conference.
(1\) i1ritation (/\) n111oil
(B) 1Hrlbrc•al< (B) ·11t1;mf
(C) 1.C111tiov('I' v (C) 1pply
(IJ) di:.;ruptio11 (I J) expec;t

28 TOEIC Trd•ning Reading Co:nf)rehens•on !!60

43. The achievements made by Vladimir 48. Mr. Francisco was presented with a
Smirnov in theoretical physics are made special incentive award due to his
all the more extraordinary, when performance in handling
it is considered that he is not yet 30. c ustomer complaints.
(I\) !JI ently (/~) cxe1 npla1 y
(fl) unusually (B) doubtful
(C) <?sp ecially ((;) d ependent
(IJ) f10$itivel~1 (D) prospective

44. The strategic planning division predicts 49. The landlord has concern
that we will this year's client that many renters are not adequately
d evelopment goal during the last quarter maintaining the interior appearances of
of the year. their apartments.
(/\) td!P (A) proposed
(~1)enter (B) co1 nmcnteci
(C) r0visit (C) regarded
(I)) ('>:c;ppcJ (0)>cl

45. M s. Yang has most offered to 50. European Petroleum's managing direc tor
organize the annual company family day. has revealed that the company has
won p ermission to prospect in
(I\) e11ormous l ~1
several wildlife reserves.
(B) lmancmlly
(C) ex1,cplior 1ally (/\) fin:illy
{[)) •JC'll•~!Olf~,!y (8) soon
(C) c:ln~cly
(D) yet
46. Outgoing CEO Edward Nowak held
a quiet dinner for com pany
employees to mark the occasion. 51. The meet and greet with new clients will
b egin at 6:00 p.rn. and will be by
(1\) !11aclt 1:111"
(l l) llf''triy a cocktail hour before dinner.
(C) PXclll<> (/\) 1rlvancerl
(l l) pt l cisl•l\1 (L1) delayed
(C) proceeded
(11) followed
47. Members of this afternoon's whale
watching must have their tickets
validated by the ac tivities officer in the 52. Due to the rapidly expanding nature
lobby. of the Foxton Corporation, the board
( 1\) :?.'< 11.;icill gathers its managers at the main
(n) ififl< lo I ~I
branch for information sessions.
((.) tf'!;l'1V<1lio11 (1\) f1 'qttct illy
(I l) p1npo~ :11 (B) •;11 wiously
(Cj oriqi11<1lly
(1 l) o1pp1m;i111alc>l~1

I/!\'NJ .nl 1Jnt1iViE'l.lOll1 Unit 1 Choosing the right '.\'Ord class 1 29

53. We are probably going to need some 58. The new position requires a mature
temporary staff if we are to our candidate able to build an entire
current orders on time. department from its very
(I~) affoct
(A) cause
(B) fulfill (B) solution
(C) contain (C) grow th
(0) mention (D) inception

54. Our company often special leave 59. In the recording of memoranda arising
to employees with newborn babies and from meetings, it is not essential or
small children.
desirable to record , unimportant
(/1) rel1ieves details.
(R) !JIRnts {A) decreased
(C) rlonates (B) insufiicient
(0) 1equires (C) incidental
(D) pr erequisite

55. A new theory on productivity states that

those who are organized in their 60. Slow sales are not always of
daily habits often produce the most. ineffective advertising campaigns.
(A) l1ir1hly (/-\) d ecisive
(B) hoperi1lly (B) reminisce1 11
(CJ p1 01Jably (C) protective
{D) 1a1ely {D) indicati1;e

56. Company security members are 61. l<obayashi's traditional Japanese cakes
determined that none of their new
are all packaged and are
regulations, no matter how inconvenient, beautifully wrapped in a box with fine
be by the staff. paper.
(/\) behaved (A) i11dividually
(11) ignored (8) 1c;s0rvndly
(C) opernlive (C) positively
(D) 1eyd1cled
(D) app1oxi1nately

57. The company intends to a new, 62. In order to bring the IT team in line with
more thorough selection process for the rest of the company, HR has
applicants to avoid hiring substandard a dress standard for all team members.
(/\) instituted
I/\} irnplnment (8) proved
(13) !Jase (C} decided
(C) i11str11c l (0) m~e 1 nbled
(lJ) CICCO! npa11y

63. The Finance Department was to

offer a refund to the CJ Rightway Corp.
for shipping damage.
(A) i11stit1t; tc·rl
(0) R!'.] J'CGd
(C) de1 n;rncfed
(D) i11ttmdecf

30 TOEIC Tiainir.y Reading Cornprehens!Ofl 860
64. It is anticipated that during the network 70. In accordance with its environmental
rewiring process on Monday, there will policies, the company prefers all
be a company-wide - in Internet landscaping surrounding its buildings to
services. be comprised of vegetation to
(/\) d istinction the location.
(B) submission (A) according
(C) circulation (B) physical
(D) interruption (C) native
(D) cipproximate

65. Ms. Ito's includes brief layovers

in LA and Chicago. 71 . Views expressed by opinion writers
(A) position published in the Dominion Times do
(B) itinera1y not -- represent the views of the
(C) circuit publishers of this newspaper.
(D) pa ttern (A) barely
(8) hi!]hly
(C) gradually
66. In with company regulations, all (D) necessarily
employees must wear protective clothing
when handling dangerous goods.
(1\) closinn 72. Renters taking over recently vacated
(B) seeing apartments shall have no · - - to
(C) keep ing repair damage done by previous tenants.
(D)joining (!\)pledge
(8) promise
(C) obligation
67. First State Bank is offering a range (D) engagement
of discounted financial services in an
attempt to build customer
(!\) hrnnds 73. To ensure production continuity,
(8) I1onesty Medicorp will request guarantees
(C) locations from potential suppliers.
(D) loy;ilty (1\) prematurely
(G) 1narginally
(C) OCC.'.ISionally
68. Salazar's Cleaning and Repairs landed (D) uncom monly
the contract for the of the
recently completed Parkways Mall.
(/'.\) ri iai11le11a11c:e 74. The Twin Pines Mall 20 acres of
(8 ) :1nticipatio11 prime real estate on the outskirts of town .
(C) ;ipplic:1lion (/\) OGCU t S
(D) 1cfi-esh111<0nt (f ~) 1csides
(C) ocC11p ios
(D) IClll.'.lins
69. Here at Homebuilcfer's Home Loans,
we are doing our best to build
beneficial relationships with all of our 75. It is recommended that this glue ·
customers. be used with wooden objects as it is
(A) 11 1Ulllally unsuitable for plastics.
(8) punctually (A) doubly
(C) resp ectively (B) near ly
(0) precisely (C) only
(D) as

www Unit 1 Choosing the right w ord class 31

76. Jamison's press release stated that 82. Recent research shows that consumers
the company remained about have a for shopping for music
making an out-of-court settlement. and books online.
(A)w111i11g (A) promolio11
{B) optimistic (8) c;our tesy
(C) visior 1ary (C) n1 nount
(0) ilSSel liVP. (IJ) p1efe1ence

77. Grace Park was booked to 83. As for the health and safety
headline Friday's recital, but, due to inspector's visit, all employees are asked _
illness, she w ill be replaced by up-and- to revise their knowledge of the company's
coming violinist Matthew Davis. safety code.
(A) fluen tl ~, (/-\) p1esentation
(B) CUI rently (0) deierminntion
(C) consicJe1 atuly (C) p1eparat1on
(D) origi1 ially (0) .id111i11ist1alion

78. New computerized flow controls have 84. The CEO has requested the of
allowed for such a massive increase in all employees at the disciplinary hearing
that we now have to limit our that will be held on Wednesday.
monthly production totals.
(A) occur renee
(A) location (B) u1gency
(l3) p1 epa1 <.1t1u11 {C) 111 c,<;ence
(C) output (IJ) 111sislence
(0) 1ules

85. Balancing this year's budget must have

79. New Day Interiors has rec eived several over all other tasks.
awards for the service offered by
(!\) J)I IOI ity
its highly- trained employees.
(B) <;\.i11darcl
(A) approvinq (C) 1esolve
(IJJ out standing (IJ) Clt->llit
(C) ma~1nified
(D) hopeful
86. Al l staff members got a large amount of
work completed at last week's planning
130. Mr. Garcia's supervisor or lh1 ee years session, and, since it was so
praised his ability to keep his head, another is planned for next week.
in emergencies.
(1\) productive
(/\) 1eadily (ll) <1l H 111clant
(B) accurately (C) 111rn 1chble
(C) eage1ly {D) 1cl11C.lant
(D) pa1iicul<.11 ly

87. All company hardware must be regularly

8 1. All inquiries to new pay maintained in order to its lifespan.
deductions must b e directed to the
(A) persist
domestic management team.
(A) endure
(A) g1an Ieel (C) e11laige
(B) 1eceiving (D) prolong
(C) p ertaining
(D) similar

32 1OllC Training Reachng Comprehension 860

88. The company sincerely apologizes for 93. Any party w ishing to join a tour group to
the delay in the shipment of your product see the estate must first - --- to avoid
and requests that you accept that all disappointment.
future orders will be shipped
(A) npprove
(A) randomly (B) express
(B) promptly (C) re[J ister
(C) relatively (D) 10.corcl
(0) ultirnatcly

94. All managers must be sure to

89. More than 30 percent of respondents update their team members on the
reported that they spend a large current company pro duction standards.
of their incom es o n their c hildren.
(/\) brightly
(A) sizn (8) 1egulatly
(0) proprni ion (C) previously
(C) equivalence (n) accidentally
(D) combinat ion

95. Jo hnson's Arc hitecture keeps all

90. While Mr. Santos has been orders, billing information and
declared c hairman of the board, it w ill doc uments in a computerized database.
take ratification by t he board o f trustees
(A) acl 1ieval>le
to make the m easure official.
(B) related
(fl) cornprn ab ly (C) alike
(8) resliictivcly (0) interested
(C) crit i c.;all~'
(D) provisionnlly
9 6. Revenue fro m sales mad e online
remains low for our company
91. A family- friendly atmosphere and in comparison with those of some o ther
priced meals have ensured La Dolce Vita's com panies.
continued success.
(/\) llP;'Hiy
(1\) '/II tua lly (R) closely
(R) !Jrntc!ully (C) 1.-lativi ly
(C) thoroug hly (D) r1ccisely
(D) masunably

97. A governm ent spokesperson today

92. All staff working in the laboratory m ust figures showing that the
have emergency procedure binders economy has officially moved into a
available for easy recession.
(1\l prnr.erh irn (I\) ro11trollf·d
(U) refc>rc11cc (B) 1 11a11ngeu
(C) 5UUJCCt (C) acllicvecl
(U) ind1catinn (IJ) rc.ff>ased

w w w Unit 1 Choosmg the righ t word class 33

98. In their sales pitches, representatives 103. Conference attendees are reminded that
from GEB Heavy Equipment always all aisle seats are · · ---- for presenters
emphasize the and durability of and panelists.
the firm's construction machinery.
(A) chaired
(A) conficlence (B) 1eserved
(B) obliaalion (C) substituted
(C) d etermination (D) p er lormecl
(D) reliability

104. Alberto Santos has been at our New

99. Any person wishing lo be from Delhi office for several months now, but
this automated mailing list should click he is due lo - his position in the
on the link below. head office soon.
(A) removi~cl (A) function
(BJ replaced (B) withrlraw
(C) se11t (C) grither
(D) stored (D) rP.SU I ne

100. Surveys show that employees given a 105. All sales team members must
range of tasks are happier and more records of all of their daily transactions.
productive than if their work is limited
(/\) 1etain
(B) imitate
(A) fo1111er (C) suppor1 .
(0) clis;i11po1nted (D) resist
(C) repetitive
(D) willing
106. All expense accounts must have the
accommodations costs listed
101. A recent report released by Consumer from other lesser expenses.
Choice has indicated that online sales (A) n1bitra1 ily
are stores for the sale of many
(13) sc pe1rn te l ~,
(C) cfefmitely
(A) rcpl;1c1n\J (lJ) m utually
(8) causing
(C) inlet lcri11y
(D) returninH 107. HBM finally its long -running
patent infringement suit against
Northwest Plumbing Supplies early this
102. As of September 1, Janet Smith will month.
the company as its spokesperson. (A) i111ived
(1\) al1end (0) rldNiled
(r3) pe1 fo11 n (C) suggested
(q I CJll()Sl:illl (D) :-;clllecl
(D) express

108. All IT staff adding content to the

company LAN must use technical jargon
and terminology
(A) lately
(BJ vaguely
{C) distantly
(D) sparingly

34 TOEIC Training ReaUin9 Comprthens:on 860

109. The deputy director asked John 114. Client agencies are currently being
Matheson to prepare for the m eeting in the use of our corporate
with the new company as he has a great software.
deal of experience in contract
(A) revealed
(B) trained
(A) noted (C) understood
(13) c!Plicatc (0) taken
(C) talented
(D) piofir-i1-mt
11 5. Thinking Machines, Inc. had to make the
l o an entirely d igital payroll.
11 O. Prices at all Bird of Paradise Hotels are
(A) location
to change based on seasonal
(8) transition
(C) cooperation
(/\) plrnn (0) suspension
(B) publu:
(C) subject
(D) !)Pile! HI 116. While the weather has been almost
hot this week, a cool change is
forecast for next week.
111 . The inaugural Innovative Managers of the
(/\) cornple\ely
Future Conference was poorly attended,
(8) indifferently
but word of mouth ensured g reater
(C) unbuarably
attendance in years.
(IJ) presumably
{i\) subseque11l
(R) nexl
(C) followinu 117. Mr. Hamada is a , flexible
(D) latP. manager, making him much in demand.
(A) complPtC
(l3) typical
11 2. In every meal offered by the hospital,
(C) versatile
patients may ingredients for low-
(t >) assor tiocl
fat options on their order cards.
(fl) 1·lassify
(B) modi fy 118. The older air conditioning units, which
(C) sul>stii11tu are to mechanical failure, are to
(D) suriport be phased ou t in the coming months.
(/\) vulr 1r~r;:i1Jlf>
(U) r11::et 111 t'
11 3. The management team from Innovative
(C) un:»table
Solutions was very happy to announce
(0) ddi<«t\P
the budget for the coming year.
(/\) SUI plus
(n) r•~\·.rard 119. Many of the company cars are starting
(C) price to show signs of after almost
lD) :;uli!.iil11tu constant daily use.
(h) d<-'Gf'l'<l'>O
(1~) : h:rpe
(Ul ·::ear

w ww.nli, Unit 1 Chom·ng the r,ght word class 35

120. All team managers and department 122. Oscar Schmidt is hopeful that he will be
heads are required to attend the to a new position offering greater
on the company's new workplace responsibility and remuneration after his
bullying policy. next contract is signed.

(/\) rec;eption (I\) r romol ecl

(B) se1ninar (B) 01anted
(C) c::ommittee (C) given
(D) dP.IHgatio11 (D) p re!e1 red

121. the winning eniry in th e 123. All new company hires must go through
competition , the judges had an extremely a detailed employee process in
difficult time since the standard of entries order to understand company procedures
w as so high. and requirements.

(l\) In f..clP-<::ti11q (1\) inrl11ction

(n) lo pref Pi (L-{) i11d 11ce111c:l11I
(\,) lo nfii1111 (r.) 1ntrn111P.w
(IJ) In nc:cqit111B (I lJ 111f Prl'llC1:

1. Positions of nouns 2. llouns rererriog to peopl.e m things (abstract ideas) 3. Count 110U11s vs. Uocoont nouns 4. COmpound nouns

D Positions of nouns

Before send ing the order form, please make sure to include your -- --- -- at the
(A) signed (8) signing
(C) signature (D) to sign
Ansl'.er: (C)

Nouns function as subjects, objects of verbs and prepositions, complements.

Subject A replacement for the defective copier is supposed to arrive this afternoon.

Object Many economic analysts anticipate that the company will continue its rapid growth.
- object of a transitive verb
Because of the success of the fundraising drive, the library now can purchase
updated reference materials.
- object of a preposition

Complement Poor maintenance of assembly line machinery was the cause of the recent problems.

IJ Nouns referring to people and things la,bstract ideas)

interested in applying for the job op:ni~gs sh~~~d submit their resume by~~e -l,,
first of next month.

(A) Applicants (8) Application

(C) Applies (D) Applied
AoS".'. rl'. (A)

38 TOFIC Training Reading Comprehen\1011 860

lif'{fo!tt!li!mll Frequently-tested nouns referring to people and things (abstract ideas)

~ applicant , application
- analyst ' analysis
architect architecture
consumer consumption
producer production
distributor ' distribution
employee employment
contributor contribution
negotiator negotiation
participant participation

II Count nouns vs. Uncount nouns :

Many car manufacturers are planning to produce hybrid cars which burn less fuel and
emit fewer into the air.

(A) pollution (B) pollutants

(C) pollute (0) polluting

h@§.!@lij[jfj Quantitative adjectives conce rned with the amount or quantity of something
each, every + singular, count nouns

m any, a number of, a few, few, several, a couple of + plural, count nouns

much, a great deal of, a little, little + uncount nouns

liiM@lmllltjl Uncount nouns easily confused with count nouns

access baggage[luggage) equipment
information machinery stationery

www nh<lnl1 ivic'l.u>1n Unit 2 Choosing the 119•11 wmd class 39

an account accounting
an advertisement advertising
a permit permission
a ticket ticketing
a fund funding
a letter mail

Compound nouns

You had better obse1ve the dates on those packages of food before you
purchase them.

(/\) expire (8 ) expires

(C) cxpirina (lJ) expimtion

Frequently-tested compound nouns

account number advertising strategy

application fee application form
arrival date assembly line
attendance record customer satisfaction
communication skill exchange rate
expiration date growth rate
job description insurance premium
performance appraisal product information
production facilities retail sales
return policy safety precautions
sales representative research grant

40 TOFIC ft.lllHnq Rt'~d:t11 J Loinp1ehe11~·on f'.((> \\".'."!: 1ii1<111111· n 1

1. Achoerbs mod1fyin9 verbs 2. Adverbs modifying ad;eclives 3. M teibs modifying adverbs 4. Adverbs before rigures

0 Adverbs modifying verbs

Once the trainees c an perform complex tasks , then they are allowed to work
on the assembly line.

(A) efficient (B) efficiency

(C) efficiencies (0) efficiently

/10<1', d : (D)

ififo!!fflln(U Frequently-tested adverbs

clearly currently
conveniently completely
easily efficiently
rJ exceptionally exclusively
, , finally inc reasingly
probably promptly
quickly recently

II Adverbs modifying adjectives

It is necessa1y lo make every document that you write free of errors.

(A) entire (B) entirely

(C) entircness (D) entity

I I ,', ~}

W\'.'\'!.nli,m1ii.ic•t.11>m Unit 2 Choo>.n~ th£ r yhl ,·.o•rJ class 41

-'A.dverbs modifying adverbs

The assistant managers all went to the conference room - after returning from
their trip to the factory.

L (A) direct
(C) directed_
(B) directly
(0) direction

Hfi@lftjld!jl Adverbs modifying phrases or clauses of time

The number of students entering universities directly after graduating from high schools has
decreased in recent years.

Right before James Miles moved into the apartment, the landlord raised the rent.

The workers will begin renovation work shortly b efore 8 A.M. tomorrow.

The employment contract will come into effect immediately after David Brown receives ii.

s before figures·

I Th~govern~ent e~timated t~a~

outage that caused delays on the subway.
--- - -- 10,000 commuters were affected by the power

(A) approximate (8) approximated

(C) approximately (D) approximation
L_ _ _I
Aow, r: (r.)

i§@@@ld§:I Common adverbs before figures

There will be a major announcement by the president at approximately 9 A.M.

Sales of our products went down nearly five percent last quarter.

42 TOEIC Training Reading Comprchcns1011 860 ww1v .nhilr1trivie t .com


fi{fo)®ll!ljil already/still/yet
• used in statements for saying that something has happened before now or
before another point in lime.
• used in questions to show surprise that something has happened sooner than
• Positions: have already p.p./is already p.p./is already V-ing

The European subsidiary has already submitted its sales totals.

• used for emphasising that a particular situation has not completely ended or
• still often comes before verbs, between auxiliary and main verb (/ can still
remember you.), and after the verb to be.

Even though some employees carpool to save money, most employees still prefer
to drive to work alone.

• yet usually comes at the end o f the sentence or right after not. On the contrary,
still often comes before not.

The location of the lo\'/ cost apartment buildings has not yet been announced to
the public.

il{iij.@li!fjul Easily-confused adverbs

_ late - lately
The train arrived ten minutes late.
Lately, I haven't been sleeping well.

hard - hardly
Each of the team members worked very hard.
I was so embarrassed that I could hardly say anything.

high - highly
He threw the ball high into the air.
This chemical is highly toxic.

near - nearly
The new store is located near a major shopping distric t.
It is nearly impossible to finish the work by tomorrow.

Unit 2 Chvm•ng the rtgh t "'.O'd cld'>~ 43

1. Altlibutive adjectives 2. Pred!cative adjectives

If Attributive adjectives
Students who have trouble paying their tuition often receive financial
assistance from the school so th at they may continue their studies there.

(A) extend (8) f'XlC"nt

(C) extensive (0) extending

Adjectives which precede the nouns they modify are usually referred to as attributive adjectives.
For example, in defective products, defective indicates the quality of the products, it is an attributive
adjective. Attributive adjectives always come before the nouns they modify, but after words ending
with -thing, -body, like something, anything, everything, somebody, anybody.
This is the c heapest TV on the market.
It's a nice car, but I'm looking for someth ing cheaper.

When several adjectives mod ify a noun, remember not to acid an adverb in the positions of these
All workers who deal with toxic chemicals are required to wear appropriate personal protective

II Predicative adjectives
A large number of c lients rnentioned tllnt tlley found the company 's new est brochures
l o be quite

{A) benefit (H) !inquf11<

(C) benefilmq (f)) lwru 11<111

·"·•, ,·(U1

·• • A predicative adjective (also called a subject or an object complement) gives more information
(like other descriptive adjectives) about a noun as the subject or object of the sentence, but it
must follow a linking verb or an object.

The architect's design approach is original. - original modifies the subject design approach.
I found the novel very interesting. - interesting modifies the object novel. (tlw novel is interesting)

Hi%lJkJutruJJ Common adjectives after linking verbs

alive afraid alike aware
ashamed awake alone unable

'. '/\'/\ •1 I ti Id! 1\11\l!Pl.<.tlf I I 45


1. Seminar numbers received a 6. Gunter's speed and are his

boost this year as they easily surpassed strongest virtues as a commercial artist.
last year's figures. (A) reliance
{A) participated (8) reliability
(1:3) pnrlicipation (C) reliable
(C) participant (D) rely
([)) pal1icirm le

7. Employees are advised that annual

2. The number of employees taking pre- performance - w ill be undertaken
work leadership classes has during the second week of December.
increased this quarter.
(A) evaluate
{/\)sharp (13) evaluated
(0) sharply (C) evaluctting
(C) sll::u pen&tl {D) evaluations
(ll) sl 1cir pnm;s

8. All of the for the laboratory

3. Initial test findings have that the manager job demonstrated an adequate
new drug's effects are not as beneficial education, but Ms. Clark's previous
as we had expected. positions are most impressive.
(/~) 111diccilor (A) interviewed
{H) i11Clicate (B) ir rterviev1
(C) irnlic;itcd (C) interviewer
(11) i11chcalio11 (D) inter vi ewe es

4. Market analysts faster-than- 9. M s. Yuan, the head of strategic planning,

average growth after the retail sector saw is very pleased with the company's
a sharp increase in the last quarter. annual
(!\) pre;drct (A) retu1ns
(f l) pr t~d1c\nr (8) return
((:) p!P.di<'1111p (C) rPh1rning
(I l) p1t.dll'1ror 1 (D) 1etutncd

5. All non -employees the factory 10. As the discussions were with a
must first register at the front gate. multinational company, the legal team
(I\) vrsrtat ro11
took a for assistance.
(f1) v1~iied (/\) tram;lated
(C) Vl<;r[OI ~; (R) translator
(I J) '""itinu (C) tr ,mslation
(D) translating

46 TOEIC T1.<•nirig Reading Co·nprehemion 860

11 . Chief of Surgery Fernando Ramirez 16. All Nippon Bank recently indicated
circulated a message to his operating its - --- of a plan to finance the
theater nurses to make known his development of a new business complex
for their hard work. in Osaka.
(A) gratifying (A) accept ance
(B) gracious (B) accepting
(C) gratitude (C) ciccep t
(D) grateful (D) accepted

12. Global Airways has suffered a 17. Scientists at major pharmaceutical

drop in passenger numbers recently due companies utilize research to aid them in
to increased competition from budget the creation of medicinal
(/\) c ompound ed
(J\) significantly (B) comp ourids
(B) significant (C) compound
(C) signifying (D) compouncf1n~i
(D) significance

18. The Wilkins Memorial is currently seeking

13. Mr. Molotov is in charge of the for its annual poetry anthology.
necessity of new company purchases.
(A) contribut ed
(A) assessing (8) contiibute
(B) assess (C) contribu tion
(C) assessed (D) contributions
(D) assessment

19. The website Pop Culture announced

14. The chief assistant for public relations today that pop starlet Kelly Hughes will
is demonstrating a marked for a concert for charity.
our company to finance major sporting
(J\) rertor 1nancc
(B) perform
(I\) reluctcint (C) p erfo1 ming
(11) 1Pticence (D) pedo11 ncd
(C) reluctance
(D) reluctantly
20. The customer service hotline has been
taking a lot of calls due to in the
15. Please look over the new health and ZH90 printer.
safety and give me your
(/\) malfunc tions
(8) mnlfunction
(I\) regulation (C) malhmctio11i11g
(11) re~1ulalin~J (D)
(C) renulale
(D) regulations
21. The recent growth trends in international
markets mean that we should expec t
a significant in exports to the
European m arket in the coming year.
(A) increased
(B) increasing
(C) increasin{Jly
(D) increRse

www Unit 2 Choosing the right v-:ord class ' 47

22. The new SM250R superior 27. The board members of the State Trading
power to that of any other motorcycle in Corporation · - - · a major company
its c lass yet still rates very highly in terms shake-up in a press release last week.
o f fuel economy. (/\) to <innounce
(/\) wi ll he b oasted (0) announced
(B) boast (C) announcement
(C) IJoasts (D) an announcer
(D) is boaslin9

28. Speedy Internet now offers automatic

23. All city bus maintenance tec hnicians monthly payments · from your
who were to perform extra work bank or credit card account.
during the last month due to the strike (A) directly
will receive a bonus at the end of the (8) direction
week. (C) directed
(A) 1equir eu (D) direc tions
(8) requir e
(C) requiriny
(D) rcquirns 29. After a surprise , army
investigators were happy to report there
were no security risks at Fort Stillwater.
24. Mr. Daniels will almost certainly face (A) inspec tor
obstacles as well as at his new (8) inspecting
position as deputy director. (C) inspection
(A) rewards (D) ins pected
(8) rewarded
(C) 1ev1arding
(D) 1ew ard 30. Creating employee rosters that are
efficient as w ell as even-handed is a
d ifficult for any manager.
25. With a solid d ecade o f in the (A) tasks
industry, Gold Star Pharmaceuticals (8) task
plans to enlarge its business. (C) taskinn
(/\) experienced (D) taskeu
(B) exp eriential
(C) experience
(0) experiences 31. Before you call customer , you
should always have your computer's
warranty available.
26. A ll of Global Transport's publicity (/\) sor ves
materials must be by the (8) serve r
chairman before being published . (C) SCl\•ing
(/\)clearing (D) seivicv
(B) cleated
(C) clearly
(D) cl<:ar 32. There is a sm all monthly fee, in add ition
to rent, c harged for the of the
apartment complex .
(1\) clean
(8) cle<ined
(C) cleaning
(DJ cleans

48 TOEIC Trai111ng lleadmg Cornprehens:on 860

33. All new electric frying pans are sold with 39. A Brave Life, recently released in cinemas
a safety booklet attached to nationwide, is a - - of Gunter
them. Schmidt's classic wartime novel.
(/-\) comprehensive (A) dram atic
(8 ) cor11prehends (B) dramatizing
(C) comprehen<finy (C) dramatization
(D) comprehended (0) d ram a

34. This evening will see light snow showers, 40. The design team has promised the
but tomorrow is to be a clear, marketing division that the product will
sunny day. be by late November.
(A) expects (1\) 1eaclied
(B) expectation (8) ready
(C) expected (C) readiest
(0) cxpec t i11 ~ (D) rcadyinQ

35. The new computers are adequate, but, 41 . Taxpayers are protesting the new
regrettably, they do not meet the shopping mall on the grounds that it is
of H eckler, Lamb, and Rhomb. unviable.
(A) neecled (A) econo1nical
(B) needs (B) econom ics
(C) neeuing (C) economic
(D) needy (D) economically

36. Blasco, Inc . has unveiled a new and 42. The excellence of the home wares
exciting adve1iising for the by Ithaca Interiors is renowned,
launch of its new product. even after 75 years of ongoing
(!\) strategy operations .
(U) strategic (A) manulactur ing
(C) str;1tcgL:'.ing (13) manufacture
(D) slrateg izorf (CJ manufacturrn
(D) n 1anufactwed

37. The president attended tne seminar on

reducing the nation's unemployment 43. The competing fabric softeners tested
in the comparative analysis - Fluffy and
(/ \)rates Softy - have identical effects.
(ll) rated (A) vii tually
(C) rating (8) vir11 1ality
(D) rate (C) vi11ue
(D) vii tual

38. Ms. Hernandez contracted two attorneys

to help with the company takeover 44. The experts assessing the science fair
entries admitted that choosing the winner
(I\) d is er rssed was difficult.
(8) di~ cussions (1\) o:d1emes
(C) dif,cussin!-J (13) extr emely
(D) disc11ss (C) P,X tr'OJlle
(n ) extremity

WVJ\ 2 Ch~sing the right word class • 49

45. Mr. Francisco is only a novice investment 51. Passengers are reminded that all carry-
banker, yet his clients already deeply on baggage must be - - stowed in
his judgment. the overhead bins upon boarding.
{A} valuing {A) secured
(U) valu:'!cl (B) securely
(C)v::iluH (C} sec ure
(IJ) v:1luc::; (D) secu1 es

46. Because of an administrative mistake, 52. Many of the new hires still have not
hundreds of Worktime Hardware's clients taken the class to learn how to use the
were charged for their orders. company's computer programs.
(1\) u1c:o11 ect (1\) latest
(R) 111c:m1cr-lnoss (0 ) Inter
(C) 1,<11rc...t:l (C) late
(1)) lllC011f:Ctl1' (D) lately

47. The nation 's GDP increased much more 53. All payments sent via mail must have the
than analysts had previously full company address to delivery.
tho ught.
(A) ensures
(A) iapid1t~· (B) ensure
(B) mpidly (C) ensured
(C) rapic! (0) ensur ing .
(D) rnpicb

54. While the script has been

48. During transport , a number of computer altered, the d irector might still request
hard drives were lost and will have to be further rewrites.
(A) cornp1ehensive
(A) r<.pla1,cd (B) com prehending
(B) l<'f1l<ir:in~J {C) comprehends
(C) 1eplm:e (D) cornprehensively
(I J\ t ..•pl:tCP<thh ~

55. HMGH Ltd. will become the first national

49. Management circulated a memo to all company solely on alternative
Human Relations staff reminding them sourc es of energy should the trial prove
that all employment agreements must be successful.
in depth by the company's in- (A) relian t
house legal counsel.
(B) relies
(A} rnns1d81cible (C) 1c ly
(8) r,onsidetimJ (0 ) reliable
(G) c;onf;icfer
(11) consicierc<I
56. As the planning document will look at
many different areas, drafters will be
50. All authors w ishing to submit their work required to work together in
to The Marketer must give the publisher order to meet the completion date.
rights to the article.
(A) c losing
(A) e;.;clusionar y (B) c losely
(8) exclusivity (C) closed
(C) <!Xclusivo (0 ) c lose
{D) f'Xclusion

50 TOEIC T1aining Reading Comprehension 360

Ms. Martinez takes business 63. Channel 4 's presenter used the
trips for whic h she is provid ed with wrong name for the Sanker Prize winner
expense accounts. this morning.
{A) frequency (1'.\) rnistal<E::
{O) 11 cqucnts (0) 111islal<c;nly
(C) frequent (C) mistaken
(D) f1cquenlly (D) 111istook

Ms. Akari's performance reports are 64. The head of the Bright Eyes Marketing
consistently excellent, and there are few Agency announced the reject1011
other employees as as her. of a major advertising campaign.
(tl.) diligentnP<>s (/\) 31101 ily
(13) diligence (0) ringt:r
(C)diligent (C) ringei s
(0) diligently (0) ;:mgry

59. After seriously considering a range of 65. Twenty-Four Seven N ews earnestly
very able applicants for the job, we are reported the April Fool's Day joke press
pleased to offer you t he opportunity release, much to the of many.
our team. (A) rn nuse
(A) to jo in (0) a1 nuserl
(B) joi11ing (C) a1nusi11g
(C) will join (0) a!flUSOllH 111
(D) joined

66. Apartment tenants are reminded tllat

60. Until he understood what was happening, food recycling bins must be
Javier was under the incorrect washed out.
that the new computer deal was finalized.
(/\) re~ular izl'd
(A) a:,sumption (P.) re9ul<11
(11) <1ss1uned (C) mg11luln
(C) assume (IJ) re~111lmlv
(I l) d::>SUllllllg

67. After this afternoon's refresher course. it

61. M r. Yuan had to finish his year as is hoped that all salespeople w ill improve
an intern doctor at St. Vincent's Hospital their customer service
before he became fully qualified.
(J\) ;il>ilitin"
(Al finals (I~) ablt·ne!.<;
(R) hn'llizcd (C) ;11Jilii;1
(C) finality (U) <1tJli>.
(l1) final

68. The extended period of employee

62. Cinema l<ino all audience education at H&S Smith helps t11e
members to be quiet and respectful of company to be more
other cinema patrons. (!\) ptadllt:CI
(Al wq1111Hrn1,11t:, (I l) pioth1cli\·ily
(fl) 11;qui1<'nw111 (Cl pr.'rll I(' ti''"
(C) fe(jl lli!~S t[ l) p1ocl11ct1on
(0) rcquirinn

\ Unit 2 Choos·rg the 11\•hl ·.-.o·d c1,v 51

69. All changes in employees' personal 75. Due mainly to the hard work of Ms.
details should be reported to the Kwan's Planning Department staff,
domestic management team. several Asian offices are now
(A) dir er.ting (A) operated
(B) directly (8) operational
(C) ditect (C) operator
(D) director (D) operc1lion

70. Goodwin Associates has a branch in 76. An engineering breakthrough has brought
Sydney and is to open a branch electronics makers closer to being able
in Melbourne. to c reate laptop computer screens and
(/\) prc;pared keyboards from glass.
(B) prepares (A) completely
(C) prepamtions (8) completing
ID) prepa1mg (C} completed
(D) completes

71. City Secure Ltd. has announced a recall

of its best-selling mid-range padlock 17. Market research has - that even
after about it were raised in the though many new musical delivery
media. methods have been developed, most
(A) concerns consumers still hear new artists and
(13) concerned artistic content via the radio.
(C) concern (/1) determining
(n) concer r ting (G) d eterrnined
(C) detm m111ation
(0) d etermines
72. Global Bank sources have continually
the fact that the bank is on the
verge of bankruptcy. 78. Tourism industry analysts are unanimous
(!\) ~ trt'SS in their that the sudden drop in
(f 1) st1c~;s1 n~J tourism in the region is due to the recent
(C) slresseci political instability.
(11) },j, ~?ss ful v\) opine
(R) 01 iinion
(C) opinionated
73. In an effort to develop a new consu mer (0) opined
base during the last quarter, Yoshinaru
Beverages to advertise in gyms
and bodybuilding magazines. 79. All o f the students enrolled in the
(/\) IJL !JlllS
sculpture course at the State Academy
1n) benin11ing of Fine Arts have the school's
{C) to l•C!)lll motto, "With Hard Work , Success."
(! )) hC>gan (!\) 1~xemplifyi11g
(11) c>:mnplifres
(C) exemplification
74. After repeated complaints, the d esign (11) exernplified
team refined the product, but
continued to be c ritical of it.
(1\) con:.u111e1
(8) COl1S \llll€d
(C) consumers
(I)) consumino

52 I OEIC Tra;ning Reading Compreh£ons:on 860

80. The company's stated policy is to make 85. A folk artist based in the city has been
all outgoing communications 100% engaged to several rustic
sculptures for our Helsinki branch office.
(A) acc1irate (/\) pr oducetl
(U) accurately (I~) p1oducu1
(C) uccuracy (C) µroLiuc111u
(U) accuratcne•;s (D) prCJriu1..r

81. When Ms. Powell leaves, finding a 86. Pyeong Hap Components is an
suitable with her level of skills auto parts manufacturer that has recen tly
and knowledge is going to be an entered the international market.
extremely difficult process.
(1\) innc •valing
{/\) 1P.plat:c (B) innovation
(H) 1eplacin9 ((;} innoval!vr.
(C) replaccablP. (D) 1r111ovaiH
(n) fCpJiiCCI 1W11t

87. National Atomics, Inc. recently its

82. Active Clothing now offers a corporate purchase of Southern Fuel Technology, a
event shirt-designing service for orders of nuclear fuel rod manufacturer.
over 100 shirts for no payment.
(A) l•!VPcll
{1\) ext rno1dinar~1 (13) r even led
(U) BX i(<'IS (CJ 11;vd,1i ion.
(C}l~.l1a (I )) I U'!L'C!lrll~J
ID) .·:.. 1t,111enu:.

88. Johnston's Sports was forced to send

83. If the economic climate had been more back the broken equipment it had
, the managing directors would from its supplier.
have provided a funding boost; however,
(A) r•~GPiVillq
it was deemed to be impossible this year.
(I!) 1Pcdw r
(.\) ll)Sil11re~ 11 ;) •l < .. ptru11
fl-l\ p•)~1ii•m (r l) r f .I\'.-"
(C) positivPly
(IJ) pry .ifiviiy
89. Anat.u k Deep Sea Fisheries is working to
a sustainable future with ongoing
84. Because of a recently negotiated deal, profitability.
Mmket for You is now able to send
(/\) It 'COJ IC'lh _I
packages via Door to Door Express at
(H) I ( I :01 :r:1li;1tici1 j
extremely pr ices.
I( \ 1e1.rn11:1lr
(1\) <.Olllpdiil"I {I>) 11•1 ' IC 11i1 •.I
o;) 1·01111 ·•'tinn
(l)' '"lrp:-llll\lll
(I)) l''JI lfH i°tl'.'f I , , 90. Wllile company storage facilities will
be closed during the Christmas period,
deliveries will to normal in the
second week of January.
~· / 't I l!i) J
1)\)I· llllll

tCJ 11•.111111 i
flli l<~!t.IJ ll~•

Unit 2 Cl-o::.\1ng the 119ht \\Ord cla~s 53

91. The Marketing Department made a 96. All employees - - to international
stunning of its fortunes when it branch offices are eligible for the use of
brought the campaign in on time and on company housing or have access to the
budget. company housing fund.
(A) 1eversing (A) transfers
(B) reversed (8) trnnsfernble
(C) reversal (C) trnnsferabil ity
(D) revei se (D) transfe1red

92. The Academy of Advanced Medicine 97. On his regular radio show, celebrity
creates future leaders in the rapidly physician Dr. Anil Paratha takes calls
domain of prosthetic limb and callers on finding the best
creation. medical care for themselves and their
(/-\) expansionism
(8) expanding (A) ad vises
(C) expa11sive (0) advised
(0) expansiveness (CJ advising
(D) .1dvic,es

93. Mr. Miller left in-depth notes relating to

how he wants us to with his 98. Jamestown Farming Co-operative
project while he is absent. members are to increase profits
by expanding the number of crops they
(A) proceed
(0) proceeds
(C) proceeded (J\) <i\lcmpt
(D) proceeding (8) attempts
(C) at temrted
(D) attempting
94. should have their passports
and boarding passes in hand while
processing through the departure gate. 99. Due to the ongoing difficulty in
finding properly qualified employees,
(A) No one
management is prepared to offer all staff
(B) /\nyo11e
members benefits packages.
(C) Someone
(D) Eve1yone (A) allrRction
(R) allr acting
(C) attractive
95. Professor Thomas made a strong positive (D) :illracterl
impression on her potential clients with
her delivery during a series of
business meetings in Warsaw. 100. To start building a fund for your old age,
com e in and speak to one of our
(A) spinting
counselors today.
(G) sµi1 ill1cil
(C) spit ilcd (1\) o;<pcricnced
(D) sµi1its \8) c•xpe ri c11cin~J
1C) expor it.:nce
ID) expr.1ienc:cs

54 TOEIC Tra1n1119 Re~ding Comprehension 860

101. The process of editing that takes place 106. While Ms. Dubois is obviously suited to
before any paper is published in the being the chief of domestic management
Medical Times includes a at our Paris office, she seems eager
verification of all of the facts contained to be a transfer to one of our
within the article. international branches.
(A) co1 npletion (A) ~)Ia n!
(BJ completed (8) wnnts
(CJ COi npletP.S (C) granted
(D) complete (0) grnnting

102. Moving the office from Waratah Square 107. Even though the CPU is cheap, it is the
to Banksia Place was an of many that are more expensive.
consequence of the merger with Fairfield
Industries. (/\) equaled
(B) eq uals
(1\) expects (C) eriunlity
(8) cxpecl ec! (0) equal
(C) c::xpu.ialion
(D) exp8ctinn
108. Standing 236 meters tall, Seoul Tower
the skyline of the South Korean
103. The entire Sales Department the capital.
consistent focus and dedication Ms. Park
(P.) d ot ni11ato1
has shown to the company.
(1:3) <iorni11ant ·
(/\) apprecintccf (C) rlom1nntes
(ll) ;:ipprcciatc (f>) 'lornin'ltion
(C) appreciates
(0) appreciation
109. Dr. Janssen is that she will not
be able to replace her secretary w ith a
104. Hillside Realty proudly presents one suitable candidate by the start of next
of the city's best houses, month.
located in Williamstown 's most sought
(/\) r.onc:erns
after neighborhood and available for
(0) co11crn 1 1 ~;d
inspection now.
(C) co11ce1 n111q
(/\) convcnir l!J (n) co11ce1n
(IJ) conveniently
(C) convenience
(D) convenient 110. Mr. Van Martin is of the opinion that the
dossier should remain due to the
explosive nature of its contents.
105. While the majority of our kitchen fittings
(/\) co11fidin9
are designed for the commercial sector,
(H) conf1clc ntialily
some of our products are able to be used
in private (C) confided
(IJ} conlirlcntinl
(0) res1cli11g
(C) 1csidcs
(0) 111sirle11tial Unit 2 Choosing the right word d ass 55

111 . All laboratory technicians are reminded 117. Ms. Jenson is widely perceived as a
of the dangers of handling dangerous risk taker, but those who know her well
materials without the safety unanimously describe her as - and
equipment. calm in her decision-making.
(A) <lpproprintl:ld (/\)stable
(13) <1f1prop1 ialo (fl) stabh'!cf
(C) np11rop1 i.itin\J (C) stal>li'
(D) Rppmrrialion (D) st::i1J11ily

112. The recent audit of our general operations -11 s. Recently hired workers are fairly
has raised some issues that reliant on their colleagues during their
must be addressed immediately. first few weeks in the office.
(!\) WOii if'', (/\) f1 eqw:mted
(U) \".•01riC(f (B) f1eque11cy
(C) \ 101 ryino
(C) freque11tlj1
(0) \'!orrier (D) f1eq11rn1t

113. They are now making deals with 119. Ms. Joh's workmates all describe her as
many African nations for cultivatable land an to them for her perseverance
leases. in the face of adversity.
(A) impo1ianl (/\) i11spi1 ing
(8) llllflOJi (B) i11spi1ation
(q impo1 tino (C) i11spi11>cl
(0) i1 npo11Df1C(; (0) inspi1;-itio11C1I

114. Our Lady o f Mercy Hospital has a 120. The teleconference with the Berlin
reputation for having the most office will begin after lunch, so
surgeons in the nation. participants are reminded to be punctual.
(1\) nccomp li ~;hi11g (/\) clirectory
(11) rlCCOJllfllJSll (ll) 1l1rcct
(C) :lCCOI 111 >li•'l1JTIOJ ii (C) dircC'!ly
(0) accomplisllecf (fl) rli1Pclinn

11 5. The summer work experience program is 121 . Please note that all employee task
for both local college students management survey forms must be
and employers. completed before being
(/\) vah1inn submitted to the Human Resources
(f ~) '.1 11J IL'rl
(C) v~1lunhle (1\) cmtimly
(fl) v.ih 1.1tio11 (H) 1'11tiien<•SS
(C) entir e
(l l\ :11(111 ly
116. Frequent fliers are criticizing
Hamilton International Airport for the
quality o f its management.
(/\1 , •.•nsisleri
(Lil r <Ht''.istently
((;) ron~, i sls
(I J) com,i~: l encv

56 TQ[I(_ l 1< Reading Comprehens1on 860

122. Employees socializing after work with 126. As the current quilding maintenance
fellow employees or at official company company does not meet company
functions must carefully monitor their , the company will let others
alcohol bid on the contract.
(A) consumerism (/3-) standard
(B) consumptio11 (B) s tanda1dly
(C) cons11mer (C) standardiza1ion
(0) consuming (0) standards

123. In with new workplace health 127. Because the company was embroiled
and safety regulations, all employees in a legal action , management hired
are reminded that their attendance at additional patent attorneys to deal with
Wednesday's OHS training session is the ongoing process of
(A) litigate
(1\ ) co mpl ~·i11g (B) litigation
(8) compliance (C) litigious
(C) co111plianl (U) lil1galing
(0) contpli<inlly

128. Many felt that the smaller company

124. Because their dl!ties were very was overlooked for important
the company conducted refresher contracts due to its perceived financial
training for its entire workforce. instability.
(/\) exactness (A) intention of
(8) ex;ictable (8) intentions
(C) exacting (C) intenlionally
(D) exac tly (0) intended to

125. The company's stated policy for the

next quarter is to reduce the of
manufacturing defects across the entire
range of its products.
(A) frequent
(8) fr equency
(C) ft equencies
(D) freriuently

Unit 2 Choosing the right word class I 57

I. Par11c•p:es modifying nouns 2. Part;,;ipial phrases 3. Partic1p:es as comp:ements

Participles modifying nouns

A recently artic le pr P.dicts thnt luxury scdnns Y..rill be the fastest-growing

segmeni of the automobile industry throughout this d ecade.

, (A) publrr,ation (1 ~) p11hli~.iie~

(C) publishinn (I J) pt 1lllif;i wci

" ' ll')

A participle is a verb form wh ich can be used as an adjective to describe a noun.

Present participles (V-ing}: active, in progress. Wh en the present participl e is used, the noun it
describes is (or was) the performer of the activity named by the participle.

Because of rist:._ ~~l~ downtown, more young families are living farther away from the city's
center. -1
- present participle used as an adjective 1isi11g comes before the noun reots.

One of the -factors affecting ----

-. - ----r- our stock price is the recent rise in interest rates.

- pr e:;ent part1ciµle used as an adjective affec/i11g cornes alter the 1101111 factors.

Past participles (V-ed / p.p. of irregu lar verbs}: passive, completed. When the past participle is used,
the no un it describes is (or w;is} ac ted upon.

There is an l!JJdated job lisli11g for all available positions on the company's website.

Tile annual sales meetir:!f! scheduled for Februarl'J.ll has been m oved to February 26.
- - - L_ _ __.::: _ ~ -

, Most-tested expressions !present participle + noun]

exis ting equipment!customers) missing luggage

remaining work a leading company
opening remark opposing point of view
lasting impression on

'·'. 59
h{i§i!!ffll!!fj Most-tested expressions (past participle + nou~I
qualified candidates the warranty on your newly purchased television
dedicated staff members distinguished companies and institutions
a limited budget experienced salespeople
attached documents written permission
a detailed marketing plan d esignated parking area
detailed information about new products a detailed training manual
occupy the reserved parking area detailed instructions

lfl Participial phrases

When our subs idia ries, p lease follow the sam e prac tices that you would w ith
any of o ur clie nt companies.

(A) invoice (1:3) invoicin~J

(C) invoices (D) was invoiced

''"''·''· (II)

How to form participial phrases

Because he had no money, he was unable to buy anything for his daughter.
rn Omit the conjunction in the subordinate clause.
Beettt:tSe he had no money, he was unable to buy anything for his daughter.
1;>1 Omit the subject in the subordinate clause if the two clauses have th e same subject.
he had no money, he was unable to buy anything for his daughter.
•,~l Put the verb in the subordinate clause into V-ing.
Having no money, he was unable to buy anything for his daughter.
- When the verbs in Ille two clauses are of the sarne tense. the verh in the subordinate clause is changed into
V-ing, and 1·1he11 the action in the subordinate clause happened beforo the action in the main clause, the verb in
ttie subordinate clm1se is changed into having + 1iast participle.

Being/Having been in participial phrases: In subordinate clauses of simple and perfect tenses,
being/having been in the participial phrases is omitted.

Because I w as tired from the hard work, I went to bed early Inst night.
Being tired from the hard work , I went to bed early last night.
~ Tired from the hard work, I wen t to bed early last night.

60 .'\.' 'I 11. l lfl[',f(~l.c 0111

Meanings of participial phrases

Q) lime
Walking down the street yesterday, I ran into Jane.
= When I walked down the street yesterday, I ran into Jane.

<Z> Reason I cause

Having much work to do, I stayed late at work yesterday.
= Because I had much work to do, I stayed late at work yesterday.

rf) Condition
Turning to the left at the corner, you will see the post office.
= If you turn to the left at the corner, you will see the post office.

Having dinner together, Jane and I talked about our next project.
= As we had dinner together, Jane and I talked about our next project.

G> Result
Mr. Johnson left the office at 9 A.M., arTiving in New York at 11 A.M.
= Mr. Johnson left the office at 9 A.M. and arrived in New York at 11 A.M.

II Participles as complements
Unless you can exchange this shirt fo r one the sam H size and co lor, I would lil<e to
have my money

(1\) is re funded (l~) refunds

{C) 1n funclecl (IJ) rofumlinu

• • I I

Present participle is used as a subject complement when the subject is th e source (cau se) of
feeling or action.
Sales of the item have been disappointing.
· present participle disappointing moctifies !he subject Sales of tl1e item.

Past participle is used as an obj ect complement wh en the object is the receiver of feeling or
Because the printer delivered yesterday was damaged in transit, we would like to have it
- past participle replaced moctifies the object ii (tl1e printer).

\ /\\ \ '.11!1 •1 t 1 ic It t 1f!l 61

l@lijillffll!!fl Present participles and past participles of verbs of emotion
interesting interested
exciting excited
pleasing pleased
fascinating fascinated
disappointing disappointed
frustrating frustrated
satisfying satisfied
boring bored
embarrassing embarrassed
- The use of the present participle or past participle does not depend on the verb tense of the sentence, but rather on the
performerI receiver.

62 l OFIC Trarnu g 119 Compreh~n<•on 81~0 w•vw 11l1,111l1iviel.< 1)1ll

Active and Passive verb forms
1. ldenlifying active and passive forms 2. Passive form of actr1e sentences '"ith two objects

D Identifying active and passive forms

- ----- -
l Everyone who applied for an internal transfer a letter last week explaining the
I status o f their application.

(A) was send ing (B) would send

(C) will be sent (0) was sent

/..w.·:1« (Cl)

Sentences can be active or passive. Therefore, verbs also have active forms and passive forms. You
must learn in order to be able to recognize the difference to successfully use English.

• Active form and Passive form

Active form Michael wrote the book. - the subject of the sentence pertorms the action and the object receives
the action.

Passive form The book was written by Michael. - the subject of the sentence receives the action.

Passive structure: S + be + p .p. ( + by-phrase). The verb be is conjugated according to the subject
and the tense used in the sentence. In sentences with a modal: S + modal + be + p.p.
Simple present Copies of all employee contracts are kept in a central database.

Simple past The construction of the new building was delayed due to a lack of funds.

Simple future Confirmation of your purchase will be sent to your mailing address.

Present continuous Every effort is being made to solve the problems.

Past continuous The journalist mistakenly reported that the fi rm was being sold when it was
not, in fact, for sale.

Present perfect The source of the technical problem has been found.

Past perfect We didn't notice that unauthorized withdrawals had been made from the

wv.11;\111h <111l 1 iviet.crn11 Uni t 3 Verb forn1~ 63

ii{j.j,iifl11ijtjl' Most-tested passive expressions
, be satisfied with be pleased with
, be equipped with be filled with
, be delighted with be associated with
be crowded. with be covered with
be interested in be involved in
be engaged in be absorbed in[into]
be alarmed at[by) be amused at[by)
be surprised at[by) be astonished at[by)
be shocked at[by] be disappointed at[with/about]
be convinced of be ashamed of[at]
be dedicated to be devoted to
be related to be accustomed to
, be known for be renowned for
be worried about be concerned about

II Passive form of active sentences with two objects ,

A ll workers w ill to take a comprehensive physical exam before they may join
the company's health insurance program .

{A) req uire {B) be requiring

{C) requirement (0) be 1cquired

Active sentence: S + verb + indirect object + direct object

<O Passive sentences with an indirect object as the subject of th e sentence

He sent me an e-mail yesterday.
· I was sent an e-mail by him yesterday.

'?J Pa ssive sentences with a direct object as the subject of the sentence: Preposition to is added
before th e indirect object of passive sentences with such verbs as send, give, offer, award, etc.
He sent me an e-mail yesterday.
-- An e-m~ I was sent to me by him yesterday.

~~ With such verbs as buy, make, gel. choose, order, etc., only the direct object can become
the subject of the passive sentence. and preposition for is added before the indirect object.

My father bought me a cell phone.

- ·;:. cell_pho~ was bought for me by m~1 father.

64 IOU( f1.1in1llCJ Re,1d111g (Ol!J j)Jehens•on XGU \ V\VW.llhilt l \ J iVit't.( Ulll

t o Passive form of active sentences with object complements

CD Passive form of active sentences with a noun as an object complement

The people elected Jeremy Thompson (as) mayor.
-+ JeremiJhompson was elected (as) mayor by the people.

(2) Passive form of active sentences with a bare in finitive as an object compleme nt : In passive
sentences with ca usative verbs, a bare infinitive becomes a to-infinitive. Note that we cannot form
passive sentences with causa tive verbs have and gel.
He made me type the report.
- · ! w as made to type the report by him.
Q) Passive form of active sentences with a to-infinitive as an object compleme nt
We ask all of the new employees to attend the orientation.
~ All of the new employees are asked (by us) to attend the orientation.

IH.J:!.@li!ftfj Most-tested passive expressions with to-infinitives

'"' be asked to do be invited to do

be required to do be allowed to do
L be convinced to do be permitted to do
be encouraged to do , be advised to do
be expected to do be reminded to do

\'l\\'W.11ht111t1 1vicl.crnn Unit 3 Verh forrns 65

To - infinitives
1. Ve1bs with to-infinitives as objects 2. To-infinitives as adverbs 3. Verbs l'oith to-infinitives as object complements
4. be + adjective+ to-infini1ive

D Verbs with to-infinitives as objects

The board of d irectors decided a banquet to honor the exceptional job
performance of Maria Bianco.

(A) holdinn (R) I >Pi119 hold

{C) hold (0) to hold

,\ ,, ·. r· (f 1)

d@.J@lllb Verbs with to-infinitives as objects

expect to do agree to do
plan to do need to do
decide to do deserve to d o
manage to do hope to do
want to do promise to do
refuse to d o wish to do
fail to do offer to do
afford to d o aim to do
propose to do

To-infinitives as adverbs

The Western Group has decided to expand its advertising budget consumer
awareness of its services.

(A) to irn :rer-isfl (8) i11creasud

(C) has inc1on~;c:d (D) incrnasiny

66 \ 'J\\'\'J.llhilll111\'ll ' l (!Jill

A to-infinitive functions as an adverb

CD Purpose
Mr. Priston called an emergency meeting to discuss the agenda.

~ Cause

I'm very pleased to work with you.

O> Result
Jonathan grew up to be a novelist.

We would be pleased to add you to our family of customers.

@In order to (purpose!

It is necessary for ~IJ)'. factory to produce goods more efficiently in order to turn a profit.

* 'When lhe verbs in the sentences are performed by different subjects, vie have l o c1dd
for+ object or of + object in front of infini tive phrases.

• for + object
fl is al111osl impossible for me to get the job done by the end of the day.

• kind/nice/ polite/ ca reless /considerate/wise/ stupid/ generous+ of + obj ect ...

fl is really kind of you to help me.

© loo + adjective I+ for somebody! + lo do something

The box is too heavy for me to move by myself.

0 adjective + enough + to do something

The conference room is large enough to accommodate up to 200 people.

A to-infin itive functi ons as a noun

<D Subject
To g et a job d uring a recession is not easy.
== It is not easy to get a job during a recession.
· A lo-infinitive pl1rase at the beginning of the sentence functions as il subject, but it is more common to use the
false subject It ill the beginning and an infinitive phrase afterV1ard.

01 Object
I decided to go to Europe during the corning holiday.
Wireless communication technologies make it possible to access the Internet w herever we are.

1J1 Complem ent

The goal of the new policy is to enhance staff productivity.

Unit 3 l.'.-·11J ! 1.1111~ 67

A to-infinitive fu nctions as an adjective

<D Modifying a noun

We are looking for an experienced person to manage our marketing division.

® Functioning as a complement
It remains to be seen whether the advertising strategy was successful.
The introduction of identification cards was to protect the company's intellectual property.

Verbs with to-infinitives as object cQmplements

Brendan asked his employees a couple of hours of overtime so that they could
avoid having to come in on t11e weekend .

(A) works (B) be wo rking

(C) to work (0) will work

Answer. (C)

ijfH!!fjilmfi Verbs with to-infinitives as object complements

encourage A to do
expect A to do
invite A to do
ask A to do
require A to do
convince A to do
allow A to do
permit A to do
advise A to do

be + adjective + to- infinitive

The engineers were able exactly w hich µart of the bridge caused th e entire
structure to c ollapse.

(A) of d ete1 m ini nu (8) l o determine

(C) dcle1mi11atio11 (0) deten nined (LI)

68 TO[!( lr.unmq Rt,1ti-ng Co111prd1P11~1on 860 www.nhttnt1ivil't.corn

l@foi@l@l:I Most-tested expressions
0 be able to do be due to do
11 be eligible to do be likely to do
n be ready to do be willing to do
u be reluctant to do be easy to do
L be difficult to do be eager to do
r1 be anxious to do

'l-i'N\\'.11hi111 l1 ivic't.t on 1 Unit 3 Vcrli !rr"'s 69

Tenses and subiunctive mood
1. Past, Present, Future 2. Present perfect 3. Past perfect 4. Future perfect 5. Exceptions to agreement of tenses
6. Perfect subjunctive 7. Past subjunctive

Past, Present, Future

I would like for you to know that we a new project tomorrow morning, so
everyone needs to be in the office no later than eight o'clock.

(1\) lias been ~tat ting (13) v1ill be :::;iadinq

(C) was staried (0) is IJei11g started

" ' ' '.•r:(li)

Present: the simple present tense is used for repeated actions, facts or generalizations, scheduled
events in the future, etc.
He usually gets to work by subway.

Past: the simple past tense is used for completed actions in the past, a series of completed events,
habits in the past, etc.
The conference hall was built just a month §!go.

::, In the TOEIC tests. when the ri9ht uptio11 is a ve1b 111 lht~ fJdSl , usually one of the following
;:idverbs is given: yestc1da}', last monlhfweck/year/summer], a month[decade] ayo, in

Future: the simple future tense is used to express a plan, a promise, a voluntary action, a prediction,
The awards banquet will b egin promptly al 2:30 PM.
The managers who are overseeing the project are going to meet to discuss the issue.

70 TOFIC Tr r1 1r 11n~1 ReJd111ij (l1 1

11pr1 Lt rl'.:<111
1 cr:ti \ ;\'."·"' nh.in1r iv1:'t u m 1
II Present perfect
In the last twenty years, the amount of time tl1at people have spent in front of their
computers at a tremendous rate.

(A) rose (IJ) w ill have risrn 1

(C) was risinu (fJ) has ri:>en

Present perfect: the present perfect tense is used to express:

<D an action which star ted in the past and still continues up to the present
Mr. Chapman has worked here for 2~ars.
- prepositions used: for, during, since

~1 experiences

I have Q~ve r been to Europe before.

· adverbs used: ever, never, before, once

QJ an action that happened at an unspeci fied time before now

I have already submitted the report.
- · adverbs used: just, already, yet

0'l a past action that has the result in the present

The copy machine on the second floor has broken down.

&iiilillllilllMIMlll~ The present perfect tense is also used with these expressions of time: in the last -
years/over th e last - years/ for the last - years.

Past perfect

Several o f the employees learned ti rat ti icy from their jobs w hen their
co ..wori<ers broke the news to them.

(/\) fil ed (! ~) havu br-)e1 i f11 1irl

(C) I mcJ !Juen i1wd (f1) \·:ill k1h. btxn r11 eel

Unit 3 l/c1b lnr1115 71
l:'.'\\\!1 I 1il(li\h l.111•11
i@M.!jtjinljlil By the lime + S + V (simple past), S + had + p.p.

By the time Ms. Venarde joined the staff, she had w orked in a similar capacity for many years already.
- · The past perfect tense is used to indicate that one action occurred before ;mother action in the past.

II Future perfect
Jennifer Wilson as the president of the firm for over twenty-two years by the
time she retires.

(A) been served (B) has served

(C) had served (D) will have served

ii{folifflllltjH S + will have + p.p. by the time + S + V (simple present)

I will have finished read ing this book by the time you get here.
~ The future perfect expresses the idea that something will occur before another action in the future. It can also show that
something l'lill happen before a specific time in the future.

II Exceptions to agreement of te_nses

f<evin has requested that all of the materials you borrowed from him - before he
leaves for his vacation.

(A) be returned (8) to return

(C) returns (D) returning

1¥i@i!@ldtjfj S + request[suggest, p ropose, demand, recommend) + that + S + (should) + bare


Mr. Jackson requested that his order be received before tomorrow morning.

72 TOEIC Traininq Rl'.id1n9 Cor11p1t'hens1un 860 w

Hf'fo@l!i@FI It is important[vital, imperative, mandatory, co~pulsory, essential, crucial) + that +
S + (should) + bare infinitive

It is important that you be thorough about your background and qualifications when filling out your job

Hfi§iljfflll!tjH The simple present tense or the present perfect tense is used in the adverbial
clauses of time and condition.

When Mr. Marino goes to London next month, he will meet with several influential businessmen and

r1 Perfect subjunctive
If we had been aware of the new engine specifications, we customers before
shipping the parts.

(A) had alerted · (B) were alerted

(C) would have alerted (0) alerted

• Perfect subjunctive: If +S+ had + p.p., S + modal (past) + have + p.p.

If the engine parts had been delivered earlier, we might have been able to finish the job on time.
- · The perfect subjunctive used in the If-clause, and the perfect conjugation l'lilh tile past form of a modal verb in
the main clause indicate that the condition expressed in the If-clause is the unreal past event or it expresses a
hypothetical past situation. (= The engine parts 1·1ere not delivered earlier, so we didn't finis/1the job on lime.)

* Reduced clause: When were, had, should is used in the If-clause. we can reduce the If-clause
by pulling had al the beginning of the cla use.

If the engine parts had been delivered earlier, we might have been able to finish the job
on time. - · Had the engine parts been delivered, we might have been able lo finish the
job on time.

Mixed type: If +S+ had p.p. , S + modal (past) + bare infinitive

If he had not missed the plane, he wou ld be here now.
- · Depending on meaning, the main clause can be in the past subjunctive. (= He n 11~~sed /11e plane, so lie cannot be
here no1·1.)

Unit 3 V~r h 101111\ 73

fl Past subjunctive
If Ms. Romanov experience in either database management or med ical
research, she could apply for one of the positio ns at the hospital.

(A) has (B) having

(C) have been (D) had

Past subjunctive: If + S + V (past}, S + modal (pa st) + bare infinitive

If the computer were cheap, I could buy it.
- · The past subjunctive indicates that the condition expressed in the II-clause is the unreal present event; that is, it
describes contrary-to-fact situations. The past subjunctive mood of the verb to be is were, regardless of what the
subject is. Ho\•1ever, in spoken English, ivas may be used for all persons.



74 TOEIC T1,11nin9 Reatling (Qtnprehem•on 8GO \VWw.nl11mtriviet.corn

1. Verbs l'oi th gerunds as objects 2. Gerunds as objects of prepositions

D Verbs with gerunds as objects

If there is any money remaining in the budget in December, we recommend
some additional office furniture.

(A) purchase (B) pt 1rc l1ased

(C) purchasing (0) lo purchase

/111 \',•'- 1• \

li{lJ.@(lllj@ Common verbs with gerunds as objects

quit finish enjoy
suggest recommend consider
discontinue mind avoid
give up admit deny

Verbs with either gerunds or lo-infini tives as objects having the same meaning

continue V-ing[to do)

begin /start V-ing[to do]
love/like V-ing[to do)
hate V-ing (to do)

remember V-ing regret V-ing

remember to do regret to do

forget V-ing t1y V-ing

forget to do try to do

stop V-ing
stop to do

, .,.,....v.11h:111 1rivi Lt l 111 Unit 3 V<-rb 101111:. 75

II Gerunds as objects of prepositions
I~ lot of corporations have succeeded at saving money by travel costs.
(A) reduced (B) reduction
(C) reducing (D) reduces

Ans,·:er: (C)

QiMfol!f!11/mjl:I Fixed expressions with gerunds as objects

cannot help V-ing There is no V-ing
It is no use V-ing feel like V-ing
be busy V-ing have trouble V-ing
look forward to V-ing spend time[money] V-ing
be worth V-ing be committed to V-ing
be responsible for V-ing a way of V-ing
in addition to V-ing in the process of V-ing
by V-ing without V-ing

76 TO[I( Tr,.11111lfJ Readrrrq ( urriprel1ens1on 8!·0 1vww.1 1l 1a11t1iviet.corn


1. A storm front by squalls is 6. All employees aspiring to promotions \u

forecast to pass through the southeast management positions to have
part of the region by early afternoon. at least five years' field experience.
(!\) \'!111 nccomp<my 111) ! cq 1in:
(B) accompanyinu (fl) 1eq111rr:<;
(C) to acco111pany (C) a 10 rcqu1rnd
(IJ) nc<..01 np;111ied (0) l t~s 1n 1t1i1 <>tl

2. Traveling to wonderful Rottnest Island is 7. Mr. Smith demanded that his money
sure to leave any visito r about its be after the car he had rent ed
unique charms. turned out to b e mechanically defechv•·
(/\) excili11~1 (A) refund
(U) excited (U) 1efu11d:.;
(C) excite (C) 1ofurnlecl
(IJ) excitement (D) tt<lu11di11\J

3 . Sakamoto Components' yearly d elivery 8. For a limited tim e o nly, Political and
figures are confidently to surpass Financial Journal is able cune111
those of the last year by a significant subscribers renewals for a year 01 11101 c
margin. at a 40-percent discount.
(I\) t?Xpm; terf (I\) 1n 0He1
(LI) 0xpec;tinu (11) 11<1:.; u fi1:1c• l
(l :) PXf)flCiS (< :) ofk:r inq
(fl) •·xpect (D) 0110 >i

4. Last year's cutthroat ac tivity in the 9. Once the computer's virus was remov• ·d
market retail stagnation for us. a lot o f information
(J\) causes (A) <Hn d ic.:1111" ""inn
(0) i•; t au:.;erl (f l) l'/lll lli!VL. 1i1!>:1pp1•:111.rl
((,) li;i• ' tll' d (C) d1!;,·1 lJ1 ,'I'
(1 l) 1~: c,.i11~;1n:i (ll) db1µp·\H••cl

5. All interviewees are reminded to note any 10. We are pleased to introduce Professrn
language skills they and their Ibrahim Iqbal as he a noted
d eg ree of fluency in that language. contributor to educational policy
(/lj I 1nd i,< :.>St'' .l'\ I
throughout the last decad e.
(13) I h J!;'.,t;!~S (111 \, 111 11;-•
(<;) (JP •r ~SSll H 1 ((l) 10.
(I)) 1•;11! 1H." :>P.!.<; (CJ W '.f'
\[ l) I J,I'> !Jc t'.ll

www nhilnt riviet.corn U11it 3 Ve;r- fl ,-,, 77

11. Any staff member restitution 16. To present a more attrac tive option to
for personal funds spent on company younger shoppers, the mall's manager is
business must hand in his or her receipts considering pushing back hours
to the administration before the 10th of on weekends.
the month.
(A) close
(A) seek (B) would close
(8) seeks (C) closing
(C) will seek (D) c losed
(DJ seeking

17. All those who have not yet their

12. All staff members involved in approved quarterly reports in light o f the revised
community-based charity work may company policies are required to do so
claim work hours based on before the end o f the day.
the number of hours they worked as
(A) revise
volunteers. (B) revising
(A) reduction (C) revised
(B) reducing (D) revision
(C) wduce(I
(D) reduce
18. During the previous year, the produc tion
standards management team
13. Charted National Bank has guaranteed many new ideas in its drive to improve
it regular w orking hours while its quality.
branches undergo interior renovations. (A) implementation
(A) rna intai11ing (B) implements
(8) maintain (C) irnplemenlecl
(C) will 1nnintain (D) implementing
(D) to niaintain

19. Natural Blush recently opened for

14. Richard Alvarez is seen by many as the business as a b eauty company
obvious choice Helen Turing as that on using only natural
head of the Accounting Department. components in its products.
(A) Sltr\PSSilJt' (/'.\) insist
(13) sur.c1'ssor (B) insisl ing
(C) SUCCeSSIOn (C) insistent
(IJ) lo succeed (D) insists

15. As well as transport routes, the 20. Many read ers seem to have
CB38 Mobile Handset is able to provide Chairman Hasemoto's apologetic tone in
detailed navigational data while a user is the recent newsletter.
(A) rni5i11ter prel
(t\) displayed (B) rnisi11te1preted
\fl) cl1f;playing (C) rnisintcrprelalion
(C) d1:,pl I} (D) 1nisinle1 p1eling
(IJ) cli~:plays

78 TOEIC Tra111in9,ng Co:np1ehcns•on 860

Ms. Choi has asked all employees 27. Quarterly earnings for media giant 8NC,
together to ensure the timely Inc. have surpassed all expectations,
completion of the project. the company's place as Europe's
(A) works leading entertainment provider.
(B) be working (A) reconfirms
(C) to work (8) reconfir nring
(D) will worl< (C) reconfirmed
(D) is reconfir med

Ms. Daniels, a wealthy entrepreneur, is

reputed to have developed her wealth 28. Customer service operators must confirm
through in the stock market. shipping dates and receipt
(A) invests numbers with all of their clients.
(B) investing (A) expected
(C) invested (B) expecting
(D) invest (C) expectation
{D) expec t

Director Kim detailed the future

undertaking as he breakfast with 29. When the assembly line due to a
some potential investors. broken machine, the night shift had to work
(A) l1aving overtime to ensure the order was fulfilled.
(B) will have (/\) was interrup ted
(C) was having (8} interrupts .
(D} has (C) lo interrupt
{D) be interrupted

Mr. Jones plays the piano and enjoys

his own tunes as a hobby. 30. In order to invest in - - areas of new
(/\) composes technology, the company has decided to
(8) composed liquidate many of its lesser assets.
(C) composing (A) lo promise
(D) composer (B) promised
(C) promising
(D) promises
Mr. Sato the planning conference
be put off since some employees were
still on vacation. 31. The office network and database --
(A) ::;uggesl down for maintenance for three hours
(8) suggestion this evening.
(C) suggesle<I (A) was
(D) suggesting (B) are
(C) has been
(D) w ill be
26. Color printing must be kept to a minimum
as replacement ink presently
hard to come by. 32. The eagerly awaited final edition in the
(A) nre series of books set to arrive in
(IJ) is stores last week; however, production
(C) been delays have disappointed fans.
(D) being (A) is
(8 ) are
(C) was
(D) were Unit 3 Vern lolTllS 1 79

33. The staff at the health center says that 39. The Jansen Group set aside m illions of
resting will help adults as well as children dollars in the last quarter, the
from the common cold. company to have the funds to move into
(A) will recover some new markets.
(13) be ret:ove1ed (/\) allowing
(C) lo recover (0) ;illows
(D) llc1s rc:covei eel (C) allo\'.rance
(lJ) nllowably

34. Some of Hokkaido 's major train operators

have slashed ticket prices as a way of 40. The company president will visit our
passengers. office this Friday, and all managing
editors are expected to with him
(/\) nltrncts
(B) al\rar linn for lunch.
(C) <J ltiacling (A) 111eet
(D) ;.1ll1 ar.t (l:l) met
(C) linvc rnet
(lJ) W iii lllC•Jt
35. Over the course of the current campaign,
we have been unfailingly by Ms.
Davidson's organizational skills. 41. The Golden Bay Advertiser stated that
the ongoing increase in visitor numbers
(1\) impression
(8) impressed was expected to have a effect
on local merchants.
(Cl 11nprcss
(D) imprCS!:CS (/\) cnlmcd
(R) L.ahning
(C) t.ah11s
36. United Beverages' new c hairman has (D) calmer
a company-wide restructuring.
(A) p1oposcd
(8) propose
42. Visitors to Central Towers are strictly
(C} p r np n~'a l
from using t he reserved
(D) p1opm;i11g
employee parking spaces in the parking
(A) p1oh1bil
37. A trial m edication used common (U) p1ohibilion
viral infections has proved to be (C) prohibit ed
somewhat effective. (D) p1ollihiting
(A) ln. nlcd
1n1to11e: i1
(C) lrcatrnc11 I
43. The board members are happy to say
(f >) I 11v11 1q lr P.:ttPcl that Mr. Mendoza his advisory
role with the company on May 1.
(/\) lras been sl a11ini:i
38. Please be advised that while Fridays are (13) wi ll be star tini:1
of1ice casual days, wearing revealing, (CJ w::is :;ta1led
to rn, or stained clothing is not (D) 1s being strnted
(1\) P•' rr nill i11q
(13) prn rnl
IC) pt •flllfS"i<Jfl
(lJ) p1 1111 11l11 u

80 . l OtlC Trairnng Cornprel oens•on 860 www

44. Even though Ink Links is offering a large 50. Mr. 81aumer requested that one of his
discount, The Clearer Image's quality team members call the potential supplier
standards our needs better. to about the availability and price
(/\) suit ranges of its products.
(B) suits (A) inquires
(C) suitable (B) inquiry
(D) suitably (C) inquire
(D) inquiring

45. Junior MDs is a nationwide program

aimed at suitable internships for 51. The preproduction model to
medical students. prove that the car will remain on the road
(/\) arranging even at high speeds in wet conditions.
(BJ a1ra ngement (A) is expected
(CJ arrangements (8) expec ts
(D) arranges (C) expected
(D) had expected

46. considered the smaller company's

acquisition, the c hairman of Global 52. Marta Schmidt is an up-and-coming
Equity decided to press ahead. politic ian who in foreign policy
(A) Having and human rights.
(8) Had (A) specializes
(C) Has (B) specialized
(D) Have (C) sp ecialize
(D) sp ecially

47. Had we been informed earlier of

the arrival of the Mexican trade 53. The company is set to - --- a new
delegation, we obviously better hotel and condominium complex on the
accommod ations. recently purchased site.
(A) a11 anged (A) develop
(8) would have ::in anged (13) develop ed
(C) were arranuing (C) develop er
(D) had a1ranged (D) developing

48. The marketing team is insistent that 54. The final d ay for employees to --·--
the rear drum brakes replaced their families for the annual company
d espite current budget overruns. p ic nic and family fun day is this Friday.
(A) be (/\) registers
(B) are (8) registered
(C) have (C) 1egistration
(D) has (D) 1egister

49. Poor international sales figures did not

Mashita Electronics' board
members while they were p lanning their
export strategy. I
' '
(A) have affec ted
(8) to affec t
(C) affec t
(D) alfec ting Unit 3 Verb forms 81

Meanings of prepositions
1. Preposit:ons of time 2. Prepositions of place, drrect1on 3. Prepositicns of cause, rea son 4. Prepositions of concession
5. Olhe1 1mpor1ant p1epositions

Prepositions of time

Mr. Srurn1elso11 will !Jc unavailable three o'clocl' today, whicl 1is when Ile is
scltcduled to mturn to the office.

(/\) 1lt?XI io (I l) 011io

·. (q litl •JI (l l) 1 Xt 'Pi

I '

Order of most-tested items

1. by
Individuals who have not submitted revised monthly repo1is should drop them off to Ms. Sanchez
by th e end of the day.

2. for
Cars left unattended in front of the hotel for more than thirty minutes will be towed at the owner's

3. before
To handle the increase in sales, at least twenty new employees will be hired before the end of this

4. wi thin
If you believe your bill is incor reel, please d escr il>e the problem in wriling within 30 days.

5. during
Because the ove1head projector was unavailable, Mr. Fernandez was not able to show his slides
during the presentation.

6. prior to
All visitors are requited to p,.escnt photo identification prior to entering the buildin ~J.

1J111l I\ ' It (J, f•C " 83

7. since
The Comdex Corporation has manufactured personal computers since 1990 and is now branching
into other areas.

8. until
Due to poor weather, ferry service to Western Island will be suspended until further notice.

9. after
Business Notes reported that ViStar's stock price plummeted after the merger announcement.

10. between
All computer systems will be shut down on Wednesday between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

11. in
The results of the survey will be released in three months.

12. on
The Sheraton hotel asks that all guests check in at the front desk on arrival. l
13. at
The museum wi ll be closed for renovation during the next two weeks and will reopen at the end of
Prepositions of place, direction

Tl1e applicant should drop o ff his resume at the Personnel Office the second

(/\) oul (8) on

(C) tn (D) for

A•1s1·.,r: ((I)

1. in
National Express gucirantees delivery of your letters or packages anywhere in the country in
twenty-four hours or less.

2. near
Several hotels may be found near th e convention center, which makes them all conveniently
located for b usinesspeople.

84 1· ·•.V\\'.llhnnlr iviel.corn
3. on
The EZ-Use Paintbrush lets artists spread paint more evenly on the canvas and helps prevent

4. at
Currency exchange is available at the front desk twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

5. among
Morale among the employees is very high at the moment.

6. against
Do not lean mirrors or g lass against anything because they can easily be knocked over and

7. along
Flowers will be planted along the main streets as part of the city's beautification project.

8. before
Most successful companies put customer satisfaction before their profits.

9. below
Last year's rate of sales growth was below 5 percent for the first time since 2002.

10. beside
Participants are asked to put their workshop evaluatio n forms in the box beside the door when
leaving the conference room.

II Prepositions of cause, reason

There are no plans to hire any new employees unfavorable conditions in the
market at this time.

(A) due lo (B) provided that

(C) because (0) although

"•r ·; r.(I·)

1. due to
Due to the limited quantities of the products, your order must be received by Octob er first.

'.'JV.'\'/: l! I {li Ii·. ip\ rnr If Unit 4 Prep<»1t1ons 85

2. because of
The workshop, originally scheduled to begin at 9 A.M., will be postponed b ecause of a scheduling

11 Prepositions of concession
an enormous advertising campaign, sales of the item were incredibly
disappointing. I

(A) Unless
(C) Tht ounti
(8) Toward
(D) Despit9 I
i~u ;•:;:r (l l}

1. despite
Despite a few negative comments from competitors in this field, the reaction to our new line o f
sports shoes has been positive.

2. in spite of
In spite o f the fact that a great deal of money had been invested in the project, it was a failure.

Other important prepositions

A number of measures aimed at solving the problem of tropical deforestation have been
introduced governments and international d evelopment and aid organizations.

(A) a long (B} to

(C) l">y (D) uosid e

I" ,. .- (<")

1. for
The manager acted charitably when he organized an effort to raise money for the homeless.

He left for the airport to board the plane bound for New York.

86 HJflC lrdir11119 ReJd1m1 (<'mflrclwn\mn 8b0 \' •.'!\".' 1ii 11111t1 iviet.1.orn
The police stated that approximately 250 people were fined for d isruptive behavior at the political

2. throughout
Feel free to contact me with your questions any time all throughout the morning.

3. according to
According to our calculations, driving to the conference would be cheaper than flying there.

4. with
The conference begins promptly at 8:00 with a speech from the president of the organization.

5. w ithout
Documents of a confidential nature are not to be copied without the written permission of a senior

If you want to get information about our products or services without paying the price of a phone
call, please use our toll-free telephone number.

6. from
Feel free to forward messages from headquarters to me as soon as you receive them.

7. instead of
Instead of hiring internally, the firm decided to utilize a headhunter to recruit new talent from

8. of
The construction of the new building was delayed d ue to a lack of funds.

9. by
Many methods of making plastics are not environmentally safe, so their practice is being
discouraged by environmentalists.

10. except for

Except for a few tax forms, all of the other related paperwork has been completed by Mr. Arnold.

11 . about (= as to/concerning/ regarding/in[with] regard to)

You will find detailed information about the latest technological achievements in the newest issue
of International Technology Review.

12. as
Ms. Emerson has been working as a financia l consultant since 1997.

During the meeting, Ms. Nelson offered several ideas as to what went wrong during the failed

Unit 4 Prt' p::>s1 t ion~ 87

14. through
Although videoconferencing is becoming popular these days, most business communication is
still predominantly through face-to-face meetings.

15. toward
Both parties are working toward a common goal.

One o f the largest shopping malls in the country is due to open toward the end of the year.

88 1v 1w J.n ha11\

Expressions fallowed by prepositions
1. Verb + prepositiO!l 2. Verb + noun + preposition +noun 3. be + adjeclive + preposition 4. lloun + preposition
5. Prepositional pllrases

Verb + preposition

Consumers often benefit the increasing competition among supermarkets,

which t1y to attract customers by lowering their prices.

(/\)from (B) of
(C) to (D) at

/1 0 '1·,r.i: (A)

H{folfitjlm!IiJ Verb + preposition

benefit fro m d epart from
recover fro m refrain from
resign from result from
suffer from

act as emerge as
serve as work as

allow for apologize for

account for wait for
search for look for
put in for stand in for

adhere to commute to
conform to listen to
react to refer to
respond to switch to
report to

agree with[on] check with

cornply with experiment with
negotiate with interfere with

\!/\VI'/.! ii I• lt l l t t\'il' [.( Oi 11 89

check in engage in ·
invest in participate in
result in specialize in
succeed in divide into
plunge into

decide on rely[depend] on I
take on work on
carry out rank among[as]

Verb + noun + preposition + noun f


If you are interested in receiving a research grant, you must submit your proposal
the vice president's office by t he end of the month.

(A) lo (13) by
(C) alo ng (D) on

submit A to B ship A to B I
provide A to B
send A to B
offer A to B
distribute A to[among] B
convey A to B deliver A to B I
return A to B forward A to B
transfer A to B
restore A to B
export A to B
report A to B I

check A for B honor A for B

reserve A for B ask A for B
blame A for B allocate A for B

regard A as B consider A as B
position A as B choose A as B

reward A wi th B replace A with B

supply A with B provide A with B

obtain A from 8 borrow A from B
rent A from 8 compile A from 8

, inform A of B notify A of 8
remind A of B assure A of 8

prohibit A from V-ing keep A from V-ing

prevent A from V-ing

dedicate oneself to V-ing commit oneself to V-ing

devote oneself to V-ing pride oneself on V-ing

be + adjective + preposition

The teclrnology seminar was especially useful those individuals worl<ing in

th eir firms' R&D departments .
(/\) v1ith (8) fo r
(C) as (0) hy

: ill
' be + adjective + preposition
be responsible for be eligible for
be ready for be famed for
be well known for be useful for

be aware of be capable of
be cognizant of be critical of
be full of

be consistent with be disappointed with

be familiar with be pleased with
be incompatible with

be emphatic about be optimistic about

be subject to be entitled to
be key to

be good at be absent from

be based on

II Noun + preposition
In order to determine the solutions the problem, it is first necessary to identify
the causes.

(A) over (B) about

(C) to (0) out

! ns1·:cr. (C)

U@1:J.llfjMI Noun + preposition

solution to access to
problem with decrease[drop] in
increase[rise) in advance in
change in effect[impact/influence) on

II Prepositional phrases
The company must inform \o\rorl<ers of any layoffs or reductio ns in pay at least a month

(A) for (R) to

(C) at {D) ii I

IM%@1n[jlil Most-tested prepositional phrases
11 at no cost[charge] , at all times
at very reasonable prices at least
at a fast rate in advance
in celebration of in (the) case of
in the event of in honor of
in charge of in place of
in observance of in the face of
in the near future in the middle of
in the heart of in preparation for
in terms of in accordance with
in a timely manner[fashion] in keeping with
in compliance with on behalf of
in addition to ahead of schedule
on schedule behind schedule
on the contrary on time
out of stock out of order
at a low cost

','.' .", /.11h.11) 11 iVi1'l.( '11)1 Unit I\ f'repos1111,:os 93

1. HB HiFi has upgraded its stock from the 6. In-house legal sp ecialists and hired
BC50 to the new BC100, which features attorneys are always very busy
improved functionality SD card to patent infringement suits against the
slots and USB ports. company.
(1\) plus (1\) suited
(13) touellw r (0) conducive
(C) both (C) p1ior
(DJ thouyil (D) fo1ward

2. The aging administrative buildings are 7. Company clients who cannot get through
virtually uninhabitable in both winter and to an associate or senior executive
summer their primitive heating due to busy phone lines may always
and cooling vents. leave a message our team of
(A) 1n order to
(0) tlue to (.L\) will!
(C) ::.1nce (13) o ff
(D) because (C) frorn

3. moving to the downtown branch

last year, Ms. Taylor stays in touch with 8. Mr. Dumont is going to read the proposal
many of her old colleagues at our branch. accuracy before it is sent to the
board members.
tf\) Subsequently
(13) Meanwhile (A)111
(C) I fowovei (n) over
(D) De:.;pit o (C) for
([)) f10111

4. waiting for a formal incident

report, the company's European head 9. Dr. Christian Nielson is renowned as a
officer called the b ranch manager for an pediatrician devoted the care of
informal situation update. terminally ill chi ldren.
1'\) /\r 01r1i.- _ ' '' (/\) tf1,1l
(UJ r 111ti1P1 (H) of
Ir.) lns\oad r.1i (C) :'(l

([)) I IO\\'!Wf!I" (fl) lo

5. company regulations, all 10. When owners of company products

employees will be considered for a yearly source spare parts unregistered
performance-based pay raise. suppliers, their warranty may be void.
(/1) 111 C(lfll ll H)l I \'/ilh (1\) OIJt>r
(n) /\t:l lHdinq to (B) ht~ hi11cl
1,l,) In ( .1s0 o f (C) our nf
(I)) On IJ1~1l;~lf of (0) [1,1111

94 TOEIC T1ain ri9 Reading Comprehenson 860 www.nhant

Anyone seeking further information 16. his time as a faculty member,
the advertising job should Professor Michelson developed the
consult the company's website. image of a dedicated and serious
(A) in researcher.
(8) so that (/\) Into
(C) even if (0) Upon
(D) nbout (C) About
(D) During

BNY lnfotech is a leader the

biggest players in the software industry. 17. Mr. Hernandez has finished all of the
(/\)among studying required for his promotion,
for an accounting unit he will
(BJ lron1
(C) into take during winter vacation .
(IJ) <it (A) except
(l1) toward
(C) when
Professor Brown will return to the (t )) insto;id
university w hen the semester resumes,
which time he will reply to all
requests for post- graduate student 18. some turbulent discussions, the
mentoring. c hairman of Universal Exports eventually
(A) across announced a p artnership with Cyber
Systems , Inc.
(8) •II
(C)on (/\)At
(0) '.'Jilli (! l) Followino
(C) Uran
(0) Except
The c orporation's increase in sales stood
at 5.8% at the end of the last quarter,
w hich was the record rate of 19. The grand ballroom at the lnterpark Hotel
grov1th set late last year. was reserved by Ms. Schneider
the com pany's awards ceremony.
(/\) ll''•:;
(l:l) ll~'iO'.'/ (A) ftnm
(("} liitlc (B) fot
(U) lm"'t •1 (C) onto
(D) off

15. All d epartments w anting to contribute

to the monthly bulletin m ust have their 20. A proposal is under consideration
content submitted the 30th o f the extension of the Mt.
this m onth . Hutc hison dam system .
(/\) \Jll (1\) tor
(11) ll~1 (13) 11ext
(C) ilr•l\'!<:Tll (C)v.ihilc
(I >i m.c 1'pt (D) 0 11!0


\ 1ww.11ht1nl1 iviel.c.orn Unit 4 Prepmitions 95

21. There are always openings for people 27. Smith expects to introduce its new
Ms. O'Brian's caliber at our computerized management system
office. the end of the year.
(/\)by (A) towarcl
(BJ around (8) regarding
(C) while (C) <1~Jai11st
(0) of (D) above

22. Due to changing trends, there was a 28. older versions, the new Get-
distinct drop-off in the number Around Guide to America now features
speakers at this year's seminar. budget accommodation listings.
(A) of (/\)Before
(8) from (8) Instead
(C) willt (C) Unlike
(0) for (D) Contrary

23. half of the DSY Corporation 's 29. In the Windsor Hotel's basement, there
annual profits are generated in the Middle is a fully eq uipped gym featuring a rock-
East. climbing wall an overhang.
(A) Mom (/\) !Jes iclP.
(8) Over (13) ncro~~s
(C) Higlwr (C) from.
(D) Fu1il!e1 (0) l'lilh

24. Jonathan Kerr was asked to head the 30. In order to apply to m ove from one
printing division the dow nsizing department the company to
process. another, employees should consult Ms.
(/\) behincl Hoskings.
(O)al.Jove (f~) rnnonn
(C) except (H\ since
(D) 1hrougfl (C) v1ithin
(D) whmeas

25. The recent changes going on t11e

consumer electronics industry reflect the 31. As most common stationery items are
new focus on consumer d emand. ordered in bulk, all employees must
(Al in10 not reorder office supplies first
(8) throughout consu lting the office m anager.
(C) durinu (fl) without
(U) t1S (l.l) olte11vard
(C) lile11
(fl) IJ~:srclrs
26. Interest rates fell a level below
5.5 percent in September, marking their
lowest level since late last year.
(A) to
(C) in

96 , TOEIC Training Read;ng Cc..mprehension 860

Peter Lawrence has been tasked with 35. The seminar was held so far
conducting online research to assist the city center that buses were the only
Beverly D'Angelo s he creates available mass- transit option.
her presentation.
(A) from
(A) than (B) next
(B)also (C) 0 11
(C) m orcove1 (D) off
(D) w hile

36. a sudden increase in the value

Anyone ordering a new MP3 player of foreign currencies, the imported car
the end of the month will receive market looks set to remain steady for the
a free extra set of headphones. remaining months of the year.
(A) at (A) Unless
(B) in (B) Because
(C) upon (C) Barring
(0) hefore (0) Except

No vehicle ownership will be officially

recognized such time as it
is registered with the s tate transport
(A) \'Jithout
(B) until
(C) IJet-.veen
(D) ;-1gai11st Unit 4 Preposrtions 97

Subordinating coniunctions
1. Subordinating coojunctrons s1ai1ing an adverb:a1 clause of lime 2. Subordinaling conjunctions starting an adverbial clause o1 concess!on
3. Subordinabng conjunctions slarting an adverbial clause of condilion 4. Subordinaling coo;unclions slarting an adverbial clause of reason
5. SulJordinating conjunctions slarling a noun clause 6. Subordinaling conjunclions sl~rting an ad1•erbial clause of purpose or result

Subordinating conjunctions starting an adverbial clause of time

A d ecision 0 11 w l mt lo do v,1ill !Je 111n d e \'.te have inve:d ig<1tc d ull of our possible
optiom~ .

(/\)<\~'~I I()( I . ~. ~t iJ 11ul 1i • I' 1c '.

(<~) p1rn11pilv (1 l) Ii I 11111: fr JI

Order of most-tested items

1. since
We have already received ten inquiries since the adve11isement ran in last week's edition of the

2. before
Al l contracts must be thoroughly looked over by the legal depaitment beforn they are signed.

3. when
Please leave your hotel room key at the front desk when you go out.

4. after
After an employee has been employed !01 three 111011tl1s , llP. or she is eligib le to take paid sick

5. as soon as
As soon ns you have finished the repo1i, please bring it to the manager's otfice.

6. while
Ms. Wong suggested thnt I drive a company c rn v1hiln 1ninG is b c in~J repaired.

111111.., ,, { 99
Subordinating conjunctions starting an adverbial clause of co_ncession

your application is impressive, we have found someone else who is even more
qualified than you are.

(A) Until (8) Once

(C) Unless (0) Although

Ans·1.w (D)

1. although
Although the two laptop computers are very similar in size and design, they di ffer in terms of their

2. even though
Even though labor costs were significantly lower last q uarter, Enex, Inc. still failed to show a profit.

3. though
Though originally scheduled for the last weekend in June, the conference has been postponed
until the middle of July.

4. even if ·

Even if the items you requested are now out of stock, we wi ll make every effort to fill your order
within 10 days.

5. wh ile
Whil e the service was great, the bill was much higher than we had expected.

6. whether

All items, whether opened or unopened, may be refunded so long as the customer provides a

100 ,• r:.r.11li.111 t1 ivin .com

II Subordinating conjunctions starting. an adverbial clause of condition
Kevin will be promoted to senior manager Mr. Stephens resigns his position
next month as he is expected to.

' (A) as if (B) whereas

(C) whether (0) assuming that

Ans;·, •. (01

h{1Qrnjii Order of most-tested items

1. once
Once the advertising campaign begins, product recognition is expec ted to rise rapidly.

2. if
If you need additional information about our products, please feel free to contact the Customer
Service Department.

3. only if
A full refund wi ll be given only if a customer presents a receipt.

4. unless (= if - not)
Children under the age of ten are not permitted in the swimming pool unless they are
accompanied by an adult.

5. assuming that
The preliminary research will begin next year assuming that sufficient grant funding can be
obtained from the government.

6. provided that
Customers may return merchandise within 30 d ays of purchase provided that the original tags
have not been removed.

Unit 5 (0111u11t l :Oll\ 101

11 Subordinating conjunctions starting an adverbial clause of reasQn
the software has been upgraded, the firm can easily use its network to
communicate with its regional branches.
(A) However
(C) Because o f
(8) Whatever
(D) Now that

ii{fo@ll!tjl Order of most-tested items

1. because
Please be sure to look over your application carefully before submitting it because we cannot
accept incorrect or incomplete forms.

2. since/as
Since fewer than twenty p eople have signed up for the workshop by now, it will have to be

3. now that
Now that the weather is getting warmer, more people will begin taking part in outdoor activities.

11 Subordinating conjunctions starting a noun clause

Financial analysts pred ict the cons truction industry will soon experience
diffi culties as a result of the recent decline in d emand for new homes.

(A) what (8) beca11se

(C) while (D) thrit


Order of most-tested items

1. that
It is clear that Reard~n Metal is ~~ r to expand its business to international markets.
- ·Noun clause "Ilia! Reardon Metal is eager to expa11rl its business to internatio11al markets"-· subject of is.
102 './\'/IV.ill trlll lrtl/IP\ .tlll ll
One possible conclusion is that no one was in the laboratory when the fire started.
Noun clause "that no one \'las in the laboratory l'lhen tho fire started" --· complement of is.

Employers often find that their workers respond positively to cash bonuses.
- Noun clause "that their 1·1orkers respond positively to cash bonuses" - object of find.
The sign informs visitors ! hat pets are not permitted in the hotel lobby.
- Noun clause "that pets are not permitted in the hotel lobby" · object of informs.

·:' That in a noun clause vs. that in an adjective clause: That in a noun clause starts a
complete sentence but that in an adjective cla use is the subject of the subordinate clause.
ATP Consulting will retain its current name despite the fact that it is merging with a firm
larger than it.
- · that in the noun clause (the fact = that+ clause)
The executives meet once a week to go over any issues !hat need to be resolved .
· t11at: relative pronoun

2. whether/if
I would like to know whether you will be visiti ng tomorrow morning or later in the afternoon.

The secretary orders copy paper and toner every Wednesday, so please let her know if she needs
to procure a larger amount this week.

II Subordinating conjunctions starting an adverbial clause of purpose or result

Please It y to arrive at the office at least one hour before the meeting begins
we can review our presentation together.

(A) in order to (B) so that

(C) because of (D) just as

1. so that
James arrived one hour early so that he could prepare for t~e interview while he waited.

2. so - that
That author's novels are so exceptionally well written that the crit ics all proclaim him the best
writer of his generation.

\'!\.'.'\V.I ii ldl 1[1il'i<' L( U I 11 Unit 5 Coriiuntlioris 103

Correlative coniunctions, Co-ordinating
coniunctions, Coniunctive adverbs
1. Correlative conjunctions 2. Co-ordinating conjunctiOOs 3. Conjunclive admbs

D Correlative conjunctions
- - - -- - - ,
Nanotechnology has enormous potential to alter the fields of - manufacturing
and medicine.

(A) so (B) both

(C) neither (D) either

An swei: {U)

U{fo@ll!tQ Order of most-tested items

1. either A or B
Customers can purchase tickets either at the box office or through our website.

2. both A and B
Tour buses bound for the ancient palace leave every hour from both the train station and the
tourist information center.

3. neither A nor B
I regret to inform you that neither Ms. Brown nor I will be able to attend the sales conference.

4. not only A but also B

The Elite Computer Co. not only guarantees all of its products for two years but will also provide
a full refund to any unsatisfied customers.

5. A as we ll as B
The new graphic design software program has imp ro ved the quality of the designers' work as well
as their productivity.

104 TOEIC lr.iinin!J l\e~ <.l i nq ( 01nprehPns1011 !luO 1Jww.nhant1

II Co-ordinating conjunctions
When you are moving fragile items, it is important that the packages not be shaken,
you run the risk of breaking the objects inside the boxes.

(A) besides (8) on account of

(C) or else (D) either

lfBij.\@111@1 Order of most-tested items

1. and
Every business needs to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses periodically.

Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria from six to nine, and lunch will begin at eleven in the

2. but
Workers on the day shift may use any gate, but those who work evenings should use Gate C.

3. or (else)
Defective merchandise may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase if accompanied
by its receipt.

The outstanding balance must be paid promptly, or else we will have to close the account.

4. so
Ms. Richter feels that Mr. Bowman is highly qualified for the position, so she is going to make him
an offer of employment.

Conjunctive adverbs

Marcus refused to accept any help in writing the report; , he did allow someone
in the oflice. to check it for errors.

(A) moreover (B) however

(C) although (D) whereas

i·ll' :. 01. (ll)

w 1.\·w. nh a 11 t11v1t~ t.con 1 Unil S Coni 111icllo1>~ 105

U{@i@lnftiil Order of most-tested items
1. therefore
The economy is in a deep recession; therefore, the competition for jobs will increase dramatically.

2. however
Mr. Johnson expressed interest in a marketing job; however, the previous positions on his resume
were exclusively in accounting.

3. otherwise
You will have to leave now; otherwise, you may miss your train.

106 fOEIC T"1111i11g Reading Comprehe1111on 860 \VW\fl.1.nhantriviet.corn

1. the employees' new details were 5. the bistro's opening was
entered into the company's records, delayed, the g eneral consensus was
salary payment records began arriving that the excellent menu there more than
regularly. made up for it.
(1\) Like (ti) Although
(B)Once (B) Until
(C) l Jnlt:SS (C) IJesµ ile
(D) Despite (D) Other wise

2. McCloud Media has grown steadily at 6. People Movers Recruitment is going

a rate o f approximately five percent ahead with its p lan to open offices in
every year shares were floated a regional centers annual returns
decade ago. declined in the first quarter.
(A)if (I\) still
(B) ~•ill< c (0) however
(C) l11w.• (C) instead of
(D) th;in (D) oven thouyh

3. current city retail psychology 7. the erection of the Hillside

reveals that consumers react favorably Housing Complex is delayed, houses are
to gardens in shopping precincts, expected to be sold rapidly.
many towns are now creating attractive
landscapes to attract c ustomers. (A) So th:-tt
(I\) ~;inrf' (\.\ Whnttier
(D) Ui '·'I 1itc (U) Lve11 rf
(C) l ln!r·•.s
(U) !'lu
8. Recruiters from DHC Elec tronics are
planning to attend trade shows in Berlin
4. experience with children would and Prague they are not going to
be a positive; it is not regarded as Warsaw.
essential for applicants for the j ob.
(/\) in spilP. of
(1\) Oll1r rwisf' :,o ;is
( I ~)
(8) I )(" pilP (\,) despilc
(C) 1\llllnuyl1 (I l) il1011qll
(D) l lt.Jardi11q

9. researc h for the Collins case

is so complex, Mr. Harris is g oing to
need to request help from some of the
company associates.
(1\) Llt.JC'<tU: ;u
(U) Moreowr
(C) Therefore
(II) Nc>vmllwlf!s::;

W\VW.nhani Unit 5 Conjunctiom 107

10. Company travel policy states that 15. Telecommuter boos ters will often
executives may fly first class - a mention - - convenient it is for
flight's duration is greater than ten hours. people wishing to cut down on their work
(/\)as if hours.
(13) only if (/\) 110\'/
(C) not only (0) ti 1ereforc
(0) as rnuch as (C) only
(lJ) most

11. All employee information held by

Washington Mutual will be kept in 16. Laboratory access is restricted to those
confidence - its publication having registered fingerprints or
is otherwise agreed by individual retinal scans.
(A) both
(/\) whether (8) every
(8) as if (C) any
(C) except (D) either
(D) unless

17. Neither video cameras - snack

12. Everything looks very positive for the foods are allowed in the cinema.
company, the current investors
(A) or
do not default on their agreements.
(0) nor
(/\)as if (C) and
(8) whereas (0) either
(C) whether
(D) asst11ning that
18. Industry watchers have expressed their
surprise that such a humble company
13. We recommend that all of our customers not prospered but also became
register their products' serial numbers a conglomerate.
online they may be assured of
receiving all software updates.
(/~) rnther (C) only
(rl) in rnse of (U) less
(C) as to
(D) so that

19. After a solid four decades, Wet and Wild

is the sole remaining publication catering
14. inconvenient, all worksite visitors to freshwater and saltwater
must wear full safety gear, including aquarium owners.
helmets and steel-toed boots.
(/\) :;o
(/\) /\!most (U) rwilh. ~ r
(B) I-lever (C) citlrcr
(C) Seldom (fl) 1Jot11
(D) However

108 TOEIC Training R('ading Comprehensmn 860

20. As the venue is now booked 25. The administration requires next-of-kin
the date agreed upon, M s. Chen can details for all employees -- family
commission the flyers for the fundraising members need to be contacted during
ball. emergencies.
(/\)while (/\) therefore
(B) yet (8) even if
(C)bul (C) in case
(D) ~ n d (0) despite

21 . High-level sportspeople must maintain a 26. Under this liability plan, you are financially
high level of fitness run the risk c overed in case you damage another
of suffering injuries that cause permanent p erson's car, your payments are
damage. up to date.
(I\) besides (A) so as
(8) on accounl of (B) provided that
(C) or else (C) dep ending on
(Dl either (0) rather th;.111

22. The storage facility plan was due last 27. The factory's internal lights are controlled
week; the manager has now so that they are only in operation
granted the architec ts an extension. workers are present.
(A) but (A) during
(11) beyontl (B) w hereas
(C) until (C) w hile
(D) thnl (0) through

23. Stradbroke Management Optimization 28. newly hired employees have

relies on a strong core group of completed a trial period, they are set to
consultants, and the company receive full medical and pension plans.
stresses its human touch in consulting
(1\) Soon
with new clients.
(R) ThPn
(/\)therefore (C) Later
(B) now that (D) Once
(G) in case
(0) otherwise

24. All employees are reminded to treat each

other with politeness and resp ect
that we can maintain a civil atmosphere
at all times.
(13) them

vv" Unit 5 Conjunction5 109

Personal pronouns
1. Possessi'1e adjectives 2. Reflexive pronouns 3. Objetlive pronouns 4. Subjective pronoons 5. Possessi\'e pionouns

D Possessive adjectives

The employees participating in the time management seminar will learn how to utilize
time more efficiently at work.

(A) they (13) them

(C) their (D) t11eirs


/r. ",'.t •• (G)

• .. Possessive adjectives: my, your, his, her, its, our, their . A possessive adjective is used as an
t adjective and modifies a noun or a noun phrase.

All customers who renew their subscriptions to the news magazine will be rewarded with a free
L_ ~

bonus issue.

II Reflexive pronouns
Ms. Simpson decided that she would fix the copier v.ihen no one in the office
volunteered to do it.

(A) she (G) her

(C) hers (D) herself

• • ,, ,\ll)

Reflexive pronouns: myself, yourself, yourselves, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, themselves

Q) Reflexive pronouns are used w hen the object of the verb is the same as the subject. With this use,
it cannot be omitted.
By closing a three-million-dollar contract, Mr. Schmidt has shown himself to be a skilled

t~ The reflexive pronoun can also be used to give m ore emphasis to the subject or object. With th is
use, it can be omitted.
Except as specifically explained in this manual, do not attempt to service the printer yourself.

Unit 6 ProllOUO' 111

lii@J.l®ii!lji Fixed expressions of reflexive pronouns
by oneself (= alone) for oneself
beside oneself enjoy oneself
help yourself (to) behave oneself
between ourselves say to oneself

D Objective pronouns
-- - - - i

Any sales s taff members who have not submitt ed their numbers fo r the month should
bring to Ms. W ilson 's office immediately.

(A) they (8) their

(C) them (D) themselves

/\ns1•;<r: (C)

Objective pronouns: me, you, him, her, it, us, them An objective pronoun acts as the object of
a sentence - it receives the action of the verb.
Ms. Nelson asked
_ me
__to notify
__ her - 1- of any changes to the schedule.

II Subjective pronouns
Th e results of the survey show that most people are pleased w ith the current level of
Internet service receive at their places of business.

(A) they (B) them selves

(C) them (D) t l1eir


Subjective pronouns: /, you, he, she, it, l'le, they - · A subjective pronoun acts as the subject of a
sentence - it performs the action of the verb.
Because the printer weighs approximately 34kg, you should not lift or carry it alone.

11 2 VN!
Possessive pronouns

Because Mark already submitted his repo11, he offered t o help Lucy finish

(I\) I 1c rs (8) hut

(C) S ilP (D) h c:rself

Possessive pronouns: mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs -· Possessive pronouns are very similar
to possessive adjectives. We use possessive pronouns when we want to substitute a group of
words that are indicating a possession relation. A possessive pronoun ca n be the subject, object,
or complement in the sentence.

The main difference between our printers and those of our competitors is that o urs are cheaper.
- ours = our printers

\" ' ','i" •dlclll\11•/itt I 01 11 3

Demonstrative pronouns,
Demonstrative adiectives
1. those who + verb 2. lhal(lhose] of + nounlnoun phrase

0-those who + verb

l- - --w~: are curious about our methods may visit the fact_o_ry f-lo-or-in-orde-r-to s_e_e_ 1
I how our products are made.
(A) Themselves (B) Whose
(C) Whichever (D)Those

• those who + verb

Those who expressed an interest in receiving additional training may apply for company funds to
pay for their courses. - · demonstrative pronoun

= Those people who expressed an interest in receiving additional training may apply for company
funds to pay for their courses. ·demonstrative adjective l'lhich modifies people.

• those with + noun/noun phrase

Aspirin and other medicine are available on request for those with any lingering aches and pains.
- · demonstrative pronoun

= Aspirin and other medicine are available on request for those people with any lingering aches
and pains. - demonstrative adjective l'lhich modifies peop/a.

II tt)at[those] of + noun I noun phrase

The company's most recent revenue figures are superior to of its competitors.

(A) those (B) that

(C) them (D) tll is
I_ - -
111\S'.', LI : (A)

114 lOEIC Tra1111ng Re.iu1ng C<•11•rm •llen<1011 8£>0 w1v1v .nh,in t riviet.con 1
that of+ noun / noun phrase is used to avoid repeating the singular noun/noun phrase mentioned
According to a recent survey, customers recognize our customer service as being better than that
of any of our competitors. - that = customer service

those of+ noun/ noun phrase is used to avoid repeating the plural noun/noun phrase mentioned
Our th ird-quarter profits this year have decreased substantially from those of the same period last
year. - those = profits

IJnit G I"• to 111.., 11 5

Indefinite pronouns
I. all /rnany/ each/c~ery/an~ 2. one/another/ the othe1(s)/others/each other/one another

all/ many I each / everyI any

Since of its wot kP.1 s s11dcJenly IP.tired, the Freehold Corµorati on is therefore
looking to fill its losses by hiring several qu;:ilified n ew employees.

(/\) IP· 111Y (ti) 11ti11 It

(C) :.o (D) ,ucli

An indefinite pronoun refers lo an indefinite, or general , person .or th i ng. Indefinite pronouns
inc lude al/, any, both, each, everyone, few, m any, neither, none, nothing, several , some,
somebody, etc. An indefinite pronoun + of the/ thi s/ that / these/those, etc.

j all!-most/ma.~V./s~me/any/a few/each/ both ;+ of the+ plural noun

all/most / much /some /any/a little/little i +of the+ uncountable noun

or all th e applicants for the posi tion, only three fulfilled all of the listed requirements.
of can be omitted, so the structure is: a//l bof/J file~ plural noun

some vs. any: We use some in positive sentences, for both countabl e and uncountable nouns.
We use any in negative sentences or questions, for both countable and uncountable nouns.
Exception: We use some in questions w hen offering or requesting someth ing that is there. In
affirmatives, any is a quantifier meaning "one or more, no matter which".

Some o f the staff members were late for the meeting because of the heavy traffic.

I would love to be o f assistance, but I do !}S)t have any t ime right now.

Any of our employees who provide exceptional service to the company may be rewarded with a
cash bonus.

one I another I the other(sJ I others I each other I one another

Custo1 nors who pur chasP. four paperbacks may receive lmver-p riced
paperback fo1 free.

(/\) all utn1)1 (f ~) oihe1

((;} w 10 H1H1 (I)) 1:a ch oll 1or

one I ones: refers to the noun which is mentioned earlier.

The latest video game released by that company is much more fun than that one which you are
playing right now.
· video game (singular) . one

These items right here are the o nes that have been advertised on television.
· items (plural) - ones

anoth er: mea ns "one more person or thing or an extra amount" , another is used instead of "an
+ other".
We are planning to build one plant in Queensville and another in Yorktown.

th e o th er: is used when there are two things or people for referring to th e one that has not
already been mentioned or is not already known about.
On e of the two proposals is too complicated while the oth er is possible only if we can find a
competent engineer.

th e oth ers: means the remaining out of the things or people mentioned.
Of the five new employees, only on e is a man whi le th e o thers are all women.

oth ers: means "other + a plural noun". The plura l form others without 'the' is the plural of the
pronoun another.
Most staff members met their monthly quotas, but o thers barely recorded any sales during the
entire four-week period.

each other vs. o ne another: each of two or more in reciproca l actions or relations.
The two girls looked at eac h other.
/\lthough the th ree charity programs share the same facility, their core missions a.-e different frorn
one another.

Some handbooks and textbooks recomm end that each other be restr icted to re ference l o two and
une another to reference l o three or more. The distin ction , while ne<Jl, is not obser-ve d in actua l
usage. Each other an d one another are used inter changeably by good writers an d have been used
since long ago.

~II !l I q II , Unit 6 P11 •"f1l.lf h 11 7


1. Due to Mr. Walker's extensive 6. All researchers w ho intend to seek

background in marketing, as well as funding via grants should read Grant
of his team, management Application Procedures Simplified and
promoted them to the customer serv ice follow carefully.
(1\) it
(A) that (13) il<;Pil
(8) this (C) !hPlll
(C) these (DJ themselves
(D) those

7. Amanda Smith , the human resources

2. The technicians were able to work laster coord inator, w ill contact each potential
as became familiar with the new interviewee in order to arrange
machines. an initial meeting.
(A) themselves (/\)she
(B)them (8) hrn
(C) theit (C) hers
(D) they (D) hPr self

3. As an investment specialist , Ms . Akari 8 . When preparing fruits and vegetables,

will b e expecting to submit a it is advisable not to move sharp
client activity summary at the end of implements toward
every month. (A) yor11sell
IA) your (8) yo111
(0) yours (C) YOlll!.
(C) you (D) yn 11r nwn
(D) yourse lf

9. In order lor the staff job proliles to be

4. After much deliberation, Michael and completed, all staff members must fill o ut
Beth Davis quit their jobs in order to start individual surveys by
(P.) their ~ (8) il:;c?ll
(B) them (C) \11\' l llSO)VC'S
(C) tlwir m ·111 (0) 111111~" If
\I l) ti1er11:>t?IVl'!.i

10. Premier Foods consistently shows

5. After Mr. Sanchez found a suitable hotel. to be a company able to p rovide
he called his airline's baggage handling lood free of any chemical contamination.
staff to have his luggage delivered to (/\) lrinr: (.If
upon its arrival.
(0) Ullt~.
(/1) hrrn (C)il s1 II
(B) hirw;Pll (D) llwir<.
(C) he
(U) his

118 TO(IC Tra·r11ng Reodtn<J Co111p•ei·e11sion 860

11. In-house company emails allow all 16. The employees at the Shilla Hotel are
d epartments to stay up to date with renowned for their excellent treatment of
gues ts and -- detailed directions to
(A) one another city tourist attractions.
(B) the other (A) them
(C) anoll 1er (B) their
(D) o ther {C) they
(0) theirs

12. The planning expert advised us that

far-sighted preparations are necessary 17. The accounting firm representatives have
when considers expanding his b een asked to provide us with
or her business into the global market. dossiers regarding the merger at this
(/\) it afternoon 's conference.
(8) ::inyone (A) they
(C) yourself (B) their
(0) theirs (C) them
(0 ) themselves

13. A prepaid transportation card is the most

convenient rail " ticket " for commuters 18. Oueto excellent location and
although methods are possible. long hours of operation, the Springfield
Trust Bank is able to remain at the head
(A) o.ther
(8) others of the pac k.
(C) the o the1 (A) them
(0) another (8) they
(C) its
(0) itself
14. The online m ovement of funds is the
easiest way to send mo ney from one
person to 19. The heavy industry company completed
(A) one the order o n time even though
requirements were constantly changing.
(B) ot her
(C) une a110ll 1e1 (A) eve1y
(0) another {B) this
{C) each
(0) its
15. Altho ugh much m arket research has
been undertaken, marketers remain
unsure about consumers' willing ness to 20. Throughout the coming season, we
do food shopping online. are going to attempt to make ---
refrigerator the number-one-selling
(A) ours
kitc hen appliance in the country.
(B) thei1s
(C) their {A) we
(D) ou1selves (B) ours
{C) us
(0) o ur

w Unit 6 Pronouns & Determiners 119

Relative pronouns
1. Relative pronouns - sub;cctive case 2. Relative pronouns - possessive 3. Relali\'e p1onouns - objective case
4. Relatil'e pronoun - What 5. Relative adverbs

There are five relative pronouns: who, whom, whose, which, that

D Relative pronouns - subjective case

Or. Landers conducted an experiment was 1neanl to d etermine the amount of
bacteria in some cells.

(A) where (8) when

(C) w hich (IJ) V/hO

.,, f•J

Subjective case: We use the subjective case when the following relative pronouns are the subject
(initiating the action) of the dependent clause: who, which, that.

<V We use who lo r epl ace the subject of an adjective clau se Irelative clause) for a person.
The staff m embers who have been with the comp any for less than six months are required to
attend the training .

<ll Which is used for places, things or ideas [inanimate!.

I have attached !.TIY resume, whic h includes my work experience and contact information.

UJ That can be used for people and thing s. That is used informally a s a personal pronoun.
!.!1e ~roduc t that was delivered yesterday was d amaged, so w e ask you to send us another.

Defining and non-defining relative clauses: A defining relative clause is a clause that is essential
to the understanding of the main clause, and it is not set off by commas. A non-defining relative
clau se is not critical to the understanding of the main clause or only gives extra information on
something, but does not define it. Non -defining rel ative clauses are put in commas.

Jane has a brother who became a musician.

· Jane may have severnl brothers, so this l.Jrother must be identified.

Jane has a brother, who became a musician.

- "who became a musician" is not essenlial, which 111eans that Jane has only one brother, and he does not need lo
be defined by the relative clause.
The sales staff at the store is espec ially friendly, which helps increase the number of repeal
- a non-defining relative clause 1·1hich refers to the whole sentence. That cannot l.Je used in a non -defining 1elative

1":1"1'.'l.l ll 1.i 11t r j111r t .( ()I 11 Unit 7 l{C 1dl•"'"' pronoun' 121
II Relative pronouns - possessive
Sky Airlines - · - --- - safety standards were considered so poor that its planes were
banned in Europe in 2002 has improved greatly in recent years.

(A) wh o (8) whom

(C) whoever (0) whose

Answer: (D)

Whose can be used for the possession of persons or things.

The customer whose purchases were damaged during delivery complained to the Customer
Service Department.

* whose used in indirect questions

Nobody in the office knows whose bag that is.
- ·whose bag lhat is" is the object of the verb knows.

When John asked whose responsibility the project was, he was told that it was Tina's.
- A whose-clause is used as the object of such verbs as knol'I, ask, 1·1onder, etc.

- - - - -- -- --
For a nominal fee, buyers may extend the one-year warranty on any electronic
appliances --- ---- they purchase.

I (A) then (8) that

L (C) wh.:_1_ _ __
(D) when

Anm~r : (B)

Relative pronouns - objective case: We use the objective case when the relative pronoun whom/
which/that is the object (receiving the action) of the dependent clause. Whom is used for
people, and is very formal, only used in written English. We can use which/that for things. All of
these relative pronouns can often be left out when they are the objects of relative clauses.
The train that Dr. Smith is taking has been delayed on account of the blizzard.
= The train Dr. Smith is taking has been delayed on account of the blizzard .

* The relative clause can be reduced:

This position is ideal for someone who is interested in writing.
= This position is ideal for someone interested in writing.

122 TOEIC Training Reading Comprehension 860

II Relative pronoun - What
The travelers had to empty was in their carry-on bags when the security
officers asked to lool< inside them.

(A) what (8) how

(C) when (D) which

Relative pronoun - What: what ( == th e thing(s) that) introduces a noun c lause, so the whole
clause can be the subject, object, or complement in the sentence.

What you need right now is a good sleep. - subject

They didn't believe what I told them. · object

This computer is what I want to buy. - · complement

that vs . what
Both that and what are relative pronouns, but what is the object of the ve rb in th e subordinate
clause while that form ing a noun clause is the object of the verb in the main clause.

At each orientation session, a Human Resources employee explains what new emplo_yees_.!!eed to
know concerning their ernP!.Qyfl_1e_!lt package. · what is the object of knoi'I.

Susan was happy to find out that she was gojng to be transferred to the company's London
!:lranch. - "that she \'las going to be trnnsferred to the company's London branch' is a noun clause 1·1hich is the
object of find out.

llnit 7 P.~l.:lt\'f' pro1101111S 123

II Relative adverbs
Computers have revolutionized businesses work, people play, and the world

(A) wl 1at (8) 111 which

(C) that (D) l1ow

,111>.•.' :(I•)

where, when, why, how are relative adverbs used to introduce a relative clause. They replace
the more formal structure of preposition + which in a relative clause.

(i) when: time

I remember the day when Jonathan came here to be interviewed.

= I remember the day on which Jonathan came here to be in terviewed.

<2J where: place

The conference room where the seminar will be held is located on the second floor of the
b uilding.

= The conference room in which the seminar w ill be held is located on the second floor of the
building. - · l'le can change U1e relative adverb where 111to preposition of place + which.

=The conference room that the seminar w ill be held in is located on the second floor of the
building. ~ that cannot be used with a preposition before it.

cri why: r eason

Economists offer several reasons why companies aren't hiring new employees.
- · A l'lhy·clause modifies the noun reasons Sometimes the 1elative adverb why is left out, and the 1·11iter substitutes
that instead.

@how: m ethod
You should try not to let your problems with the boss affect how you conduct the rest of your
job duties.

=You should try not to let your problems with the boss affect the way that you conduc t the rest
of your job duties.
=You should try not to let your problems w ith the boss affect the way in which you conduct the
rest of your job duties.

124 10[1( T1,1·n111g Rt• 1d:11q ! 11111111Pl111" '"' 11(.;ll

Compound relative pronouns &
Compound relative adverbs
1. Compound relaUve pronouns 2. Compound relative adverbs

Compound relative pronouns

intends to attend the meeting must first get written permi ssion from his or her

(A) l hose (B) l/1/11ocvcr

(C) ThGy (D) Anyone

/ff" •• 11 ·:

Pronoun s whi ch are formed by adding ever, or soever to who, which a nd what are ca lled
compound relative pron oun s. Exa mples a re: l'lh oever, whichever, whatever, whosoever,
1·1hatsoever, etc. They have similar meanings to 'it doesn't matter w ho, what, which it may be' . A
word of t his kind has a double functi on : it acts as the subject, object or adverb in its own clause;
it also acts as a conjunction joining its clause to the rest of the sentence. Note that compound
relative pronouns usually have no expressed antecedents.

(i) whoever

Whoever leaves the office last needs to make sure that the lights are off and the door is locked .

Whoever you are, you are not allowed in the room wit hout written permission from the Security

•21 whichever

You are permitt ed to use whic hever computer program you are the most comfortable with.

Whichever car you rent, you will be satisfied with it.

He will never change his mind whatever you say.
== He will never change his mind no matter what you say.

\'.l\'J'/•.' ltf1.111lll\ic !.. '"I 125

II Compound relative adverbs
r Pocket Messenger is an instant messaging tool that will help you get in touch with
I people you are.

I (A) whoever
(C) whatever
(8) wherever
(D) w hic hever

- '

A compound relative adverb is formed by adding ever after a relative adverb. It starts an adverbial

CD whenever

Please feel free to contact me for more information whenever you have the opportunity.

Whenever the president speaks, the rest or the attendees need to be silent.
0 wherever

You can sit wherever you feel comfortable.

QJ however

However minor it is, factory workers should report any accident ciccurring at the factory floor.

\ "'IVW.1111<11111 iviel.crnn

1. the time of day a p9ckage is 6. We would appreciate ii if you could

received, we strive to deliver it within 24 acknowledge delivery of the affidavit
hours. was included in our recent
(A) As if communication.
(8) Eve11 so (A) that
(C) /~s t ho 11 ~h (8) there
(lJ) No 1natte1 (C) any
(D) v1l1y

2. Amin and Sonya, both of

sculptures are currently on display in the 7. Conference attendees confirm
Wedgewood Gallery, are both Russell their attendance early will be eligible for
School of Arts students. pre-assigned sealing.
(A) w ho (A) who
(8 ) their (8 ) whose
(C) they (C) what
(0) w hose (D) their

3. Avner C ohen is set to take over the reins 8. The convention center - our
of pmver from Benjamin Friedman, charity auction is going to be is on the
will take time off work to be with outskirts of Fukuoka.
his family.
(A) where
(A) li e (B) in it
(8) his (C) in tha t
(C) w hose (D) v1l1en
(D) wh o

9. Contact details for the team leaders to

4. Hansen's Business Monthly is requesting yearly budget estimates are
that high -level executives complete a easily available may be found on the
survey detailing their main tasks office computer network.
c onsist of.
(!\) 1·1hoever
(A) w hat (B) \'1110111
(El) how (C) what ~
(C) when (D) 1·1here
(D) which

10. The retirement home, has

5. Mr. Johan sson collected a lis t of undergone extensive renovations, will
employees were unable to reopen later this month.
attend the official company picnic.
(A) V1r1ere
(/\)whose (B) when
(B)who (C) which
(C) \".there (0) V/110
(D) v1hen m Unit 7 Relative pronouns f 127

11. When soliciting applications for open 16. Companies should always know
positions, companies often choose to their rivals are doing in the marketplace
interview applicants CVs are in order to stay both relevant and
written clearly and concisely. competitive.
(A) ll wt (!\) t hat
(8) tllan (0) '
(C) whose (CJ how
(D) which (D) •:1hothcr

12. With a local by-election looming,

residents have to decide aspiring
politician they will cast their vote for.
(/\) n1Jn11t
(fl) \'1hom
(C) on
(0) whid1

13. Public transport in the state capital is

rarely on time there are heat
waves or snowstorms.
(/\) wllicl 1
(B) \·1l 1e11
(C) 111 U l SC
(D) in o,-cler thnt

14. Both rugs are beautifully made, so

you decide to purchase, you can
be assured of its quality.
(/\) thcsn
(l1) SUll lC!
(C) v,1hiclievc1
(D) •:1hose

15. Laptop computers offer great

conven ience to consumers by allowing
them to d o work or to be entertained
they are.
(/~) \".'I lt'llC'\'( I
(U) W hOll WVL'I
(C) \'.'hillr''ll'I
(I J) whr:rnv1 !f

128 TOEIC Training Read1ny Comprehension 860 w w w

Comparative form
1. moce + ad;ecti\·e/adverb + than 2. Ad1erbs modtfying a comparatr;e lrxm

more + adjective I adverb + than

Fluorescent bulbs are six times than incandescent bulbs.

(A) ~o C'rfic ien11y (IJ) n101 n efiicient

(C) 1 1 1o~l dfic it.. n!ly {I l) ::is r fir ·i0nt

1\n~'.'.~1. (ll)

The comparative form

( 1) Comparat ive of superio'rity
One-syllable adjectives - adj I adv + er+ than
Adjec tives ending in -y - adj + ier + than
Multi-syllable adjectives - more+ adjective/adverb+ than

Airplanes were developed more recently than cars.

The number of passengers traveling by rail last quarter was hig her than previously predicted.

0 1
Comparative of inferiority: less+ adjective/adverb + than
Recycled paper is less expensive than new paper.

f!i Comparisons with nouns: more/fewer/less+ noun+ than

The resu lts from the latest analysis prove that the country has more oil reserves than was
previously thought.

(Jl Of the two + plural noun, ... the+ compara tive form

Of the two applicants, Mr. Lewis is the better qualified to work on the project.
- · the is not used in the cornparalivc fo1111, but 1·1hen comparing tVJo things like this. /lie comes before the comparative

c5i Double comparatives: The + comparative form .... the + comparative form ...
The harder we work , th e faster we will finish the work.

<1J> Expressions of comparatives without than

superior to inferior to
senior to junior to

130 • '\'-'' '· 11he11111 iviet.co111

II Adverbs modifying a comparative form
The recently released model is selling belier than had been anticipated.

(A) St ich (f3) very

(C) too {D) 1rn wh

I , , ,1)1

much/even/far/still/a lot/by far + comparative for m

The Henderson Building is much higher than any other skyscraper in the downtown area.
- Out or these modifiers, much and even are tested most often.

' • 11 \"' nh •1, , 1 1 •t t ,, l' •Jnit H , _, nr ·n11:c n' 131

Superlative form
the+ wperlativc foim of an ad;etti~e/ad1·e1b

the + superlative form of an adjective I adverb

Using rt port::thle heater to heat a stllaller area at rnoht is probably the way to
save big on your power bill.

(t\) 1 nor~ c:asily

(C) 1110 ~.i C!HS18 : ;[ (D) easy

The superlative form

W e use the superlative form when speaking about three or more objects to show which object is
'the most' of some quality.

1 the+ superlative form +of+ plural noun of the objects being compared
Mr. Jones is the most highly qualified of th e eight candidates .

., the+ superlative form+ noun+ in+ singular noun indicating a particular place
Digital Management is the company's strongest competitor in th e consu lting ind ustry.

11 the+ superlative form+ noun+ (tllat} + S +have/has+ p.p.

The X10 personal computer is the most afford able model the TEC Corp. has ever produced.

lJl one of the + superlative form + plural noun

Cotton is one of the most widely-used materials in the garment industry.

132 • •1 11 •11., 1 I <--..'I

Comparison of equality
as + adjecl1 ve/adverb • as

as + adjective I adverb + as

At 1to11101Jile sales have never been as as they were last quarter.

(/\) st10llHl~1 (8) stronger

(C) :~ trrn1g (D) strongest

The comparison of equality

u> as + adjective I adverb + as

Some people say that reporting from Internet news sources is not as reliable as that in local
Mr. Patterson, the new director, is known for working as hard as all of the employees under his

•?> /. .. times] + as+ many/muc/J/ few / litlle + count/ uncount noun + as

Workers on the night shift are likely to make three times as many mistakes as their colleagues
on the day shift .

'~· as + adjective I adverb +as possible(one can]

Our employees take every precaution to ensure that customers receive the items they ordered
as quickly as possible.

1.1 many/iJ lm ost /just + as + adjective / adverb + as - · modifiers in a comparison of equality

The mob ile phone is just as good as others on the market.

' I Unit 8 Comparosons 133

PRO_G_RE_s_s_r_Es_T__________________ I'
1. The office copy machines malfunction 6. Ms. Chauncey slates that her products
than the computers do. have such a high quality because the
judgment of them is her own.
(/.\) more freciuenl
(8) most freciuent (A) harsher
(C) more frequently (8) harshest
(D) most freciuently (C) harshly
(0) more hai s t1l~1

2. At the conference, our design team

was insistent that the design of our 7. It is to take subway line number
food processor was than other 2 into the city to get within walking
companies' versions. distance of the Matsuoka Center.
(A) so eHiciently (A) morP. easily
(8) more efficient (8) E'ilSleSI
(C) most efficiently (C) 1nost easily
(D) as efficient (0) easy

3. Consumers awarded Johnson and 8. At Builder's Trust, the mortgage

Davidson Construction the application process is expedited
ranking for quality of service at last because of the lack of red tape.
year's Bolton's Leading Businesses (,£\) onc:e
(B) never
(A) higher (C) not
(B) highest (D) si111ply
(C) more hi~Jh l y
(D) 1nosI highly
9. Designing the new bridge to span the
inlet is becoming than the
4. The combination of master planning team originally envisioned it
cabinetmakers and the quality would be.
components ensure that Armstrong
(AJdiff1c:u ll
Interior Decoration is to its rivals. (B) (lif!1ct1lty
(A) be1tc1 (C) rno re difficult
(13) superio1 (D) 111uch difficult
(C) adva11cecl
(D) i1111 uoved
10. The Golden Gate Bridge is
longer than the Brooklyn Bridge.
5. During the financial quarter that began (/\) 111111 l!
on April 1, Spotlight Entertainment drew
(13) so
record profits from the box office and
(C) loo
greater profits from promotions.
(O) cwn
(1\) all
(8) very
(C) any
(0) even

134 TOEIC Trah1n9 Readirg Comprehension 860

11 . Our report for the previous year's 17. A few well-established companies
activities looks to be better than feel that maintaining regular, wealthy
its predecessors. customers can be - profitable than
(A) such attracting newer, less well-heeled clients.
(B) very (/\) better
(C) too (0) grcate1
(D) much (CJ more
(IJ) 1/f?f)'

12. No invention in modern history has

received more coverage the so- 18. The takeover of Draco Automotive by
called "information superhighway". Sirius Industries has been much more
(/\)yet problematic industry watchers
(B) than ever thought possible.
(C) so (/\) v1hile
(D) through (A) wlwtl 1cr
(C) than
(U) as
13. Among the interviewees Mr. Jones
considered, Ms. Jeon had the
valuable experience. 19. The Cardinia Clinic probably has the
(A) much respected cardiovascular
(13) ::;uch surgeon in the c ity.
(C) so· (A) l1 eth~1
(D) 1nost (R) f:wCJr:11Jfp
(C) lfl(lSl
14. Of the two candidates for the human
resources digitization project, Mr.
Robinson seems the choice. 20. A study conducted recently concluded
(1\) be ltcr that, statistically, day laborers did not
(B) much make nearly errors as night
(C) too workers.
(0) vmll (/\) as mrn 1y
(1:1) much more
(C) more than
15. Fans would prefer to pay for higher- (D) too much
priced tickets to b e turned away
from the Living Legends concert .
(A) however
(13) than
(C) so
(DJ u11les:;

16. Many products now use plastics in place

of wood as they can be more
(f\) vc1y
(B) 111any
(C) mucl1
(0) ;1s

\'!W'.'! .nhanlr iviet.lOlll Unit 8 Comparisons 135

101. visitors are requested to register 104. The members of the nominating
w ith the security guards when entering committee unanimously . K. A.
the building. Applegate's The Secret as the Book of
(A)All the Year.
(B) Each (A) selects
(C) Every (B) selecting
(D) Wllicllever (C) selected
(D) was selected
102. Showbox, Ltd. is an internationally
entertainment firm with offices in 105. Visitors may hang their coats and jackets
Bangkok and Tokyo. in the closet the reception desk.
(/\) recognized (A) b1::tween
(B) recognizing (B) into
(C) recognize (C) nem
(D) recognizes (D) until

103. You must pay an additional fee to 106. You will get a special identification
same-day delivery of your online number only you have registered
purchase. with Select Software.
(t\) notice (1\) \ 1hile

(B} expand (B)rl

(C) afford (C) Oil
(0) guarantee (D) yet

138 IOFIC lra1111119 llPad1ng Co111prehe11sio11 860 v.iww

107. After the performance reviews at the 113. Custo mers who place an order for the
end of each y ear, salary are MP3 player March 31 will receive
determined by area managers. a free download package from our
(A) inc reases
(8) increasing (/\)at
(C) increase (8)i11
(0) increasingly (C) upon
(0) IJOIOI f!
108. Mr. Spock w ill the names of the
leading regional sales representatives at 114. The application process for loans from
next Wednesday's meeting. Myhouse Financ ing is faster and easier
(A) announce than because it eliminates most
of the typical pap erwork.
(B) c nclosP
(C) m eas1ire (A) once
(0 ) bar\.jain (8) nPver
(C) not
109. Employees have been asked to become (0) CVCI
more with company security
po licies by Mr. Rathbone in Human 115. its 50th anniversary, the company
Resources. will hold a sp ecial event for all of its
em ployees.
(A) familiai ity
(8) fam iliarly (A) fo C<'lebratc
(C) fam iliar (8) In celebration
(0) familiarize (C) Celelx '!tes
(0) Cclcl>mtio n
110. its profits increased greatly this
year, the First Bank of the World is trying 116. Revenues generated by GPC, a
to c lose ten existing branches across the multinational pharmaceutical company
country because of the economic crisis. in Korea, o ften reach $ 10 million
(A) Instead of annually.
(B) Slill (A) f;_irtlwr
(r:) tve11 though (1:3)0\lf'I
(D) I loweve1 (C) m;1ch. fron1
(D) 111 addilin11 lo
111. When the job market is tight, m any
individuals on their expertise 117. Even though the p rices are rather high,
in a particular area of business and hire the of exercise and athletic
themselves out as consultants . equipment at Read y-To-Go Sporting
Goods is apprec iated by its custom ers .
(1\) • cc:k
(11) '>Pleet (/\) V<ll IOUS
(C) fC'fer (B) V<11y
(0) dr:iw (C) '!<11i t ty
(0) v.11i1 .•.1
112. attend ing the Seoul Trade Show
next week need to contact Ms. Yong to 118. AFC airline spokesperson an nounced
d iscuss flight arrangements. yeste1day that the new airline coupons
(A) ·rl1p ~;p will passengers to upgrad e from
economy class to first class for free.
(D) l l1i;y
(C) (hal (J\) ( IJ(;\)!IJ ,)IJI,
(D) ~Ol lll!lllle (11) 1111111m·,.,
(C) <11-1 'Pl
(D) \1i 1: c•

l'H/\CTICE TESl 1 139

119. The Sina Corporation's yearly earnings 125. A popular destination in Malaysia is
were not impressive to attract beautiful Cameron National Park, · ·
more investors. travelers can tour historic tea plantations
(A) fully and enjoy the fresh mountain air.
(B) quite (A) w hic h
(C) enough (8) v11lerc
(D) rather (C) \•:flat
(D) Ii rat
120. Ms. Kang strong ly suggests that the
manufacturing plant replace the outdated 126. Although the latest laser printer arrived
equipment as as possible. this afternoon, it has not been
(/\) necessai ily yet, so please continue using the old one
(B) definitely until further notice.
(C) 1apiclly (/\) t-dl llil 11.\f:cl
(D) p1ecfor 11inantly (ll) installed
(C) admitted
121. Mr. Rouja would like to see all employees (D) posted
take more in d eveloping contacts
with potential clients. 127. The comrnillee that will hire the new
(/\) initiative executive director has d ecided that Mr.
(B) initiated Kuo's marketing experience makes
(C) initiate h ighly qualified for the position.
(D) initinti11u (/\) ti
(0) 111111
122. CY-FRIEND Computer expects to (Cl h1111self
introduce its latest product the (0) itself
middle of the month.
(A) tow:ucl 128. The architect is considering redesigning
(0) 1 ennrcl1n~1 the building the meeting rooms
(C).tg<iinsl will be on the second and fourth floors.
(0) ,1l 1ovp (f\) i11 orrfc~r to
(fl) so
123. The president will his concerns (l,) Ii: c.iu:;~. of
about the budget reforms at the annual (l l) rust ;1~;
performance meeting.
(A) exclaim 129. Conducting a survey is a process
(13) comment that includes a thorough fact-checking
(C) nclcf res~ review.
(r1) 1e1na1k (/\) l::t 1qli.
!H) I 111.l:t 11

124. Several computer keyboards were (C)h1111tlty

damaged while being delivered (I l) l.:t 11 !l I H'll'->
and w ill be replaced at no cost to o ur
client. 130. Driving from the airport to the corporate
('\) ~P.\11'11'
headquarters takes 50 minutes
fn) •:t'Vf'rf'f\ d1 rring rush hour.
(C) '',(''/( ICllf'!>'> (!\) • I ti: l
(11) -;!'\'('1 lly (H) :111 •::Ii; ti
(1~) ('\ l ~d111ql\
(I l\ • 11 "O'<i11\,11 -1·

131 . Employees of D HC Express Co. en sure 136. W ith smaller advertising
that their clients receive delivery independent films gain little attention
service. from audiences.

(A) approving (A) viewers

(8) outslandinri (B) rees
(C) m agnified (C) budgets
(D) h opeful (D) scenes

132. Norton Bank personnel will automatically 137. When buying a computer, customers
renew customers' enrollment in the online are strongly encouraged to compare
bill-paying program each year unless products and prices before making
instructed to do final decision.

(J\) besides (A) them

(8) otherwise (B) tllei1 ::;
(C) afterward (C) their
(D) customarily (D) thcr nsclves

133. The final contract was d rawn up in 138. Trent Outfitters will n ot give cash refunds
with the manager's instruction s. but will accept returns of unworn
merchandise for store credit
(f\) accor clC11 1cc
(B) ~ccordingly (A) just
(C) according (B) only
(D) accord ed (C) par1 ially
(D) as well
134. The company will keep our employees'
personal information strictly confidential 139. The newspaper says that the city plans to
when written permission is given enact regulations that how much
for it to be released. money taxi drivers may c harge in a given
(/\) whell 1er
(B) <JS if (1\) rleler 111111i11u
(C) except (8) uden11i11b
(0) unl ~ss (C) ddC'lllllf1H
(D) cfatc:n111v'r
135. The new medication has been used
a persistent flu virus and 140. To reduce operating , the
respiratory d iseases in their beginning company has decided to close several
stages. branches in regions with low customer
(t\) 11 Pal
(11) l o l1mt (/\) Viti!!'>
(C) 111 <1t111u (H) fllOl1i"
(ll) t1c,1IPd (C) ,1utco1111.·
(D) costs

•• \
\ 1.I j , lf I; l ; t JI I f'H/\f I IC.I 11 ST 1 141
Questions 141 -143 refer to the following letter.

Great Heights Neighborhood Association

763 Brookfield Lane

Anytown, Illinois 60637

Mr. Nick Price

9975 Redwood Row
Pacific, CA 93012

Thank you for your generous gift of $100 for the Great Heights Park Improvement Fund. Your
- will help our organization complete the project.

141. (A) contribution

(B) contribute
(C) contributing
(0) contributed

As you know, the Great Heights Neighborhood Association is working to renovate and modernize
the park. The community's population is a lot, which has been straining the park's

142. (A) commencing

(8) expanding
(C) decreasing
(0) extending

resources for a few years now.

Donations from caring people -· yourself will help us improve the aging recreation areas

143. (A) as to
(B) so that
(C) such as
(D) besides

and playgrounds, repair sidewalks and pathways, and replace old drainage systems.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Please keep this letter for your tax records.


CoUiw TCtJ1LO-v
Collin Taylor, Great Heights President

142 lOEIC Tra1111ng Reading Comprehens•on 860

Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter.

Ms. Angela Park

Office of Quality Assurance

March 3

Dear Ms. Park,

You are already familiar with the quality of Various Training Partners' products and services,
-- ---- -- we are surprised that you have not yet renewed yourVTP membership. You already know

144. (A) afterwards

(B) about
(C) so
(D) previously

that VTP is an organization dedicated to --------- the careers of its members. Our organization

145. (A) enhanced

(B) enhancing
(C) enhance
(D) enhancement

provides excellent information and materials to help you increase you~ capabilities, improve your
job performance, and obtain professional certification in your field. Also, we are offering a 15%
discount if you renew your membership by March 15.

Don:t miss this opportunity once again to ------ --- this outstanding professional association at a

146. (A) pay

(B) earn
(C) respond
(D) join

great price.

Fill out the enclosed application form today. PRACTICE TEST 1 143

Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter.

October 23

Dear Ms. Woods,

Thank you for your order, dated October 18, for five McMurry OS 400 personal computers.
Unfortunately, the OS 400, which you requested, and is therefore unavailable for shipment.

147. (A} were not producing

(B} are not being produced
(C) having not produced
(0) is not being produced

The OS 400 has been replaced by the OS 500. The newly updated OS 500 is the most sophis-
ticated computer, which makes it more - - - to use. The OS 500 has a list price of $950,

148. (A) powerfully

(B} powerfulness
(C} powerful
(0) power

which is $120 more than the list price of the OS 400.

I have included some brochures that explain the -- - - of the OS 500 and another for the OS

149. (A} suggestions

(B} descriptions
(C) features
(0) details

400 with the differences highlighted.

If you wish to stay within the original price range, I would recommend the Storex Primo 14 C
and the Ranger L 375. They have the same features as the OS 400 and are cheaper than the OS

I would like you to advise me as to whether you will cancel or modify your order.

144 TOEIC Training Reading Comprehension 860 v1ww.nha11tr

Questions 150-152 refer to the following memo.


Date: September 17
To: All Staff
From: Office Manager
RE: New Telephone System

Our new telephone system will be installed over the coming weekend and will be operational
Monday morning. Each staff member will continue to have individual voice mail, · callers
150. (A) allowance
(8) allow
(C) allowed
(D) allowing

to leave voice messages for you when you are not available to take a call.

Calls can still be --- -- to the main switchboard if you prefer to continue to have one of the

151. (A) possessed

(B) routed
(C) made
(D) achieved

operators take messages for you instead. In addition, every telephone, not just the ones in the
conference rooms, will be set up to make conference calls and long distance calls. You w ill
still need to use your employee code to make long distance calls. If necessary, operators can
arrange conference calls for you if given at least thirty minutes' notice.

There will be a twenty-minute introduction to the system offered in Conference Room 3 on

Monday at 9:30 a.m., 11 :00 a.m., and 1 :30 p.m. Please plan to attend one of these sessions so
you will be able to fully utilize the features of our new phone system.

152. (A) that

(B) in case
(C) despite
(D) as to


w vvw.nh.i
101 . Unfortunately, the commuter train 104. Although the Indian restaurant downtown
accepts neither bus passes has been expanded, customers still find
discount tickets on its w eekday morning standing in line for the best
service. Indian food.
(A) no (A) thc rn
(B)and (B)it
(C) nor (C) themselves
(D) or (D) itself

102. The new computer manual guidelines 105. As of January 1, AnyMusic, the country's
were by the Research and largest online music distributor, will
Development Department. reduce its by 25 percent for
access to its digital music files.
(A) revise
(0) revised (A) en trance
(C) revisin ~! (B) lees
(fJ) revision (C) earnings
(0) clecisio11
103. We are pleased to offer clients
a 20-percent discount on purchases of 106. The model was constructed by
$100 or more for the next three days. the best designers in the company.

(A)we (I\) sktllf'd

(B)us (f-l) f>killlulf}'
(C) ()I ll (C) ::;killful
(0) OlllSt:lve~; (D) sl,111

146 I OllC Tr.irn1119 Readrng Comprchcrr>•Orr 8&0 wv11\•.nh,1ntriviet.con1

107. The guarantee on your newly purchased 113. Thanks to the efforts of its competent
computer - on October 31. sales department, Canon will distribute its
products to seven new companies within
(/\) confi1m s
(B) requires four months.
(C) 1otates (/\) approximate
(D) expi1es (IJ) approxu nati n ~i
(C) approxi111ation
108. Because the company negotiated a (D) af)prox imalel ~·
contrac t with FAE Express Shipping, it
can ship all of its international items at 114. The productivity of the plastics injection
very pric es. unit has increased so much
management decided to give all of the
(/\) 1ca son
emplo yees a special b onus.
(0) reasoned
(C) inasoniny (A) lhal
(D) reasonable (0) !11<.11 1
(C) alt11ounh
109. The 3302 bus travels the city (0) wlm;l1
and s tops at Robson Street and the
Convention Center. 115. In a issued yesterday, the BC W
Company rep orted a decrease in its net
(/\) between
(1,3) \'Jith
(C) next (/\) StRlC
(D) lh1 ougli (B) stated
(C) stn t1110
110. The sample of the produc t by (D) stalP1 1wnt
express overnight mail this afternoon.
(A) tu r ivinu 116. Business experts believe that the Great
Star Mining Corporation's growth will be
(A) rn rived
much smaller than exp ected .
(C) w 11val
(D) lo a11ive (A) COi
tB) pwv1ott:ily
111. Eng lish Bay is the largest bay of its kind (C) pr.:;iliVl Iv
and has the third larges t port (D) llP.\'!ly
North America .
(Al .1 t
11 7. The quo tas were assigned to the
division s o f the ETS Corporation at the
(13) 111
(C) 11ncler board meeting last night.
(I>) 11110 (I\) 111:iny
IP) llo\"
11 2. Ms. C reamer s tayed in Hong l<ong for the (\,) :1!.0111
(11) ..111
last three m onths d oing research for her
n ovel.
(/\) 111\'.'JI d
118. Dennis Watson, lhe C EO of Myc areer,
said that versatility and flexibility are
(f~) fl.f' l'llE'l1t
to g etting a g ood entry - level job .
(( :) 11pco111inq
(IJ) ' • l1111<1lcd (1\) ..~.. ·•11ti; .I
(13) i11f11:l'llti.1I
(C) 1 .. ·11: I
\IJ) 111111<11

119. The BKC Company will be interviewing 125. The from the latest analysis show
for the superintendent position that the Ishikawa Corporation's net profit
on Thursday and Friday next week. increased by 15 percent last quarter.

(A) applicants (A) results

(B) applications (B) stages
(C) applied (C) d ed uctions
(0) apply (0 ) prociuc ts

120. The door the large conference 126. An exhibition of modern Impressionism
room and the storage room should paintings in the Noyagi Gallery.
always remain closed. (A) holcls
(A) involving (B) has held
(B) c:once1niny (C) is holding
(C) t.onnecting (D) is b eing held
(0) placin9
127. Everyone is supposed to review the
121 . Because of a computer malfunc tion, over agenda before the conference
500 customers of Hi-Tech Electronics call at 5.
were billed for orders they never (A) read ily
m ade.
(B) visibl~'
(A) 1ni:;taken (C) sca1cely
(8) mistakable (0) briefly
(C) n 1istaking
(0) mistakenly 128. Professor Shun Kaya stresses the import-
ance of interpersonal communication for
122. a few flaws, M s. Shawa's school adm inistrators - - jobs
proposals for the construction of a new involve interacting with students, parents,
shopping center on Spruce Street will and teachers.
probably be adopted. (A) v1ho
(A) l uwa1d (B) whom
(B) Since (C) w hose
(C) Despite (D) lhat
(U) 111 f p1te
129. Two positions were added when
123. The published by the Lake L.P. Telecom restructured its shipping
Walton Visitors' Bureau contains department.
photographs and descriptions of all of the (/\) inadm issible
p laces that provide accommodations in
(B) lengthy
the area. (C) administrntive
(1\) !Pxtliook (D) capable
(H) ~p1iddi11n
(C) IJ10g1 .:iph~1 130. The pine forest was cultivated by the
(IJ) ll1ud1tirP. Ministry of Interior as an method
aimed at reducing the d amage from
124. The marketing team in particular forest fires.
found the deal which was reached at (1\) expenmcnl
yesterday's m eeting very (R) expe1 inie11 tal
(1\) suct:cs~: fu l (C) lil'fWrir 11P11ls
(U) al 11111rfa11l (D) r!>.pe1 ir nl'11lccl
(( ;) 111.llld i blt~
if)) 1'"'h1ct<:1nl

148 TOllC lr.i1n1119 Heed ny Cu111;11~hens•on 8GO wv1w.11hanl1iviet.coni

131. The Goju Company plans to develop an 136. GuideStar, a nonprofit organization,
extremely innovative production method is com mitted to part-time job
in order to its former position in opportunities for students.
the market. (A) arranging
(A) regain (8) an ar1gement
(B) romard (C) arranger nents
(C) pe11orm (D) arranges
(D) return
137. Ettokai's earnings may not look
132. To work hours on Mondays, particularly impressive, but we should
employees should volunteer at charitable make for the costly investments
organizations for ten or more hours each that the company has made.
month. (A) reser vations
(A) reduce (B) allmw-1111;es
(B) reduced (C) omissions
(C) reducing (D) eliminations
(D) reduction
138. The Surrey City Neighbors Association
133. The keynote speaker was temporarily is looking for local residents who are
by a buzzing noise from the interested in providing much-needed
loudspeaker. to the community.
(A) disengaged (1-\) 11orrnnatio11s
(B) disinterested (13) sci vices
{C) d isperseu (C) attendance
(D) distracted (0) situation

134. The consultant who redesigned the J&J 139. A recent study that larger cities
website became a permanent have more population growth and lower
employee at the company. unemployment rates.
(A) exactly (A) rrnnts
(8) consistently (8) wilhclr r1ws
(C) recently (C) indicates
(D) av;iilably (D) appears

135. Despite the recent setback, the municipal 140. A ll o f the articles in this volume of
road d evelopment project is on Business Owner's Weekly are the property
schedule. of their authors and may not be
cop ied.
(A) most cu1 rent
(B) more cu1 rent (A) \Vtillen
(C) current (II)
(D) r.ur rently (C) resrcc. live
(D) ll'~·rer. tl ul


Questions 141-143 refer to the following brochure.

A Company You Must Know

You know that data entry is a crucial part of your business but is particularly lime-consuming.
Perhaps you considered outsourcing your data-entry work but did not know lo turn lo.

141. (A) on which

(B) who
(C) which
(D) how

It's time to come and take a look al Alchemier!

We specialize in meeting the needs of consulting agencies. These agencies often have irregular
work loads, making ii unreasonable lo employ a full-lime data-entry specialist. Our clients feel
confident knowing that sensitive records will be handled in a professional - - -- by our

142. (A) fashion

(B) thought
(C) form
(D) intention

knowledgeable staff while using state-of-the-art soft\vare. They like that we not only enter the
information but that we also double-check all data entered before we declare a job completed.

If you work with Alchernier, your account will be confidential. We never your sensitive

143. (A) convince

(B) inform
(C) speak
(D) divulge

records to any other companies.

If you are ready to spend your time on what you do best, then why not let yourself do that while
allowing us to help you? Call today to speak to an account representative.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

- ----·---

150 10(1( Tra1111ng Rcad111q Compr('hen~1on 860 www.11h,111\1 ivie l.<0111

Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter.

September 1

Hi-Tech Enterprise
889 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY10106

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently received an invoice from your company, dated July 25, which shows that I have a
-- -· --- of $150 on my account. According to the letter, the money that I owe is for a Megasonic

144. (A) surplus

(8) charge
(C) credit
(D) loan

radio that I ordered from your website in July.

Please note that I received the radio in the mail at the end of July. However, I discovered that the
main tuning dial ---------,which made it impossible to switch between radio stations. Because

145. (A) was breaking

(B) breaks
(C) will break
(D) was broken

of this defect, I immediately telephoned a customer representative, who advised me to ship the
radio back to your company headquarters.

Since I have not yet received the replacement for my order, I don't think that I should be billed
for this -- --- -. I'll be happy to remit payment for the radio once one is delivered to me in good

146. (A), product

(8) production
(C) produce
(D) producing

working order.


Karrie Webb

I '

PRACTICE TEST 2 151 1<111triviet.corn
Questions 147-149 refer t~ the following letter.

2520 Vista Avenue

Olympia, Washington 98501

April 19

Mr. Greg Thomas, Personnel Manager

Importers Inc.
587 Lilly Road

Dear Mr. Thomas:

Please accept this letter as an expression of my interest in the position of Area Sales Manager.
I have enclosed a copy of my resume for you to review. I am familiar with the requirements for
success in the sales profession and believe I possess the right combination of marketing and
management skills.

My current position coordinating two local area sales teams has provided me with the
opportunity - - - in a high-pressure team environment,

147. (A) to working

(8) working
(C) to work
(D) work

it is essential to be able to work closely with my colleagues in order to meet sales deadlines.
148. (A) where
(8) which
{C) whichever
(D) what

Thank you for your time and consideration. I would welcome the opportunity to personally
discuss my contributions to your company with you. Please telephone me at (360)

149. (A) private

(8) affordable
(C) dependable
(D) potential

352-0259 after 4 p.m. to suggest a time that we may meet. I look forward to your reply.


Arlene Travis
Enclosure: a resume

152 TOEIC Training Reading Curnp1ehens1on 860 WW\V.nh antriviel.lo1n

Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter.

Lexon Corporation
92 Glendfield Avenue


March 1

Wendy Ward
6 linden Road

Dear M s. Ward,

On March 9, you will --- - your fifteenth anniversary as an employee of the Lexon Corporation.

150. {A) join

(8) contain
{C) celebrate
(D) prosper

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for these past fifteen years of loyalty to the

We know that the company would never have been here today without strong and exceptional
staff members such as you. We recognize the contribution you make in helping us

151. {A) significantly

(8) signification
(C) significance
{D) significant

maintain the position we enjoy in the industry, and we hope t hat you will remain wi th us for
many years to come.

Congratulations on your fifteen years of service. As a token of our appreciation, your

152. (A) dedicated

(8) dedicating
(C) dedication
(D) dedicate

next salary check will include a bonus equal to one week's wages.

Respectfully yours,

Jennifer Johnson
President, Lexon Corporation

'--~- - - ---- --------------·----------


www.11l1antri viet.co11 1
101. Sales at the Bride Tire Company 104. According to the safety regulations,
severely last year because its competitors workers should wear gloves and helmets
cut their prices. in the plant at times.
(/\)!':lifter (A)fi1ll
(B) st1fieri110 (0) all
(C) suffewd (C :) complete
(D) SI 1ffet s (U) total

102. Company executives were available for 105. To request a transfer to another
interviews after the news of d ep artment the company,
product launch appeared in the media. employees should contact Mr. Overton in
the human resources office.
(A) llley
(D) their (1\) ainonn
(C) ll1ei1s (8) \'.'I 1erear.
/[)) t l 1C'111':~·lve !" ((;) 1.•.'ill·1n
\1)) ~;irn:e

103. A directory of all new employees will be

included in ou r training 106. The NHT Corporation won
the contract for the exclusive right to
(/\) I 1lf'tl1nd
distribute the SF program in North
(B) ou1de
(C) role
(I >) ~·1 ;1 fi . (A) :.lw1 lly
(13) !iOOll
(r.) It ccnil}'
(fl) w t

154 ,.,..,... ~·,1. nha 11t1 iviC'l.u;m

107. Ms. Davies described the proposed 113. Several different contractors submitted
project while she with the new yesterday, and Mr. Choi will
clients. select the firm that offers the best price
for the project tomorrow.
(A) \'las dining
(8) dine (/\) estimate~;
(C) was clinecl (U) spur ISO! :;
(D) will dine (C) c.Jelivemnr.e
(IJ) rPr:ollcctio11s
108. Twix Dairies has been thoroughly
modernized, but management wanted to 114. the Sales Department was very
some of its original flavors of ice aggressive this quarter, our revenue
cream. significantly increased.
(A) retair1 (A) n11e to
(B) last (B) I '1ov1dcct thnt
(C) express (C) Because
(D) uncleruo (D) /\llho11nh

109. The human resources manager scheduled 115. When you submit your application form.
three training to explain the a resume which provides additional
company pol icies to the newcomers. information about your background and
should be attached.
(A) rnaterials
(B) sessions (/\) qualified
(C) expressio11s (U) riualify
(D) positions (C) qualifications
(0) q11alifies
110. Because of the amount of research
required, it is not possible for Ms. Lin to 116. Mr. Moore, who was appointed the
finish this statistical analysis by new project manager last w eek, will be
responsible for ensuring the of all
(1\ ) slie
(B) liers new products.
(C) her (.<\) procedure
(D) he1sell (0) l,l)'CI"
(C ~ ) acces~;or ~'

111. Detour signs wi ll be placed along (l l) qtlillily

the main route to the worksite.
(/\) obsc;r Vd11ily
11 7. The Customer Service Dep artment
received fewer complaints last year,
(B) 111arkeel Iv
challenging the perception the
(C) importantly
quality of our software is deteriorating.
(D) prominrnt ly
(i\) \'!hn ...,

11 2. Ms. Hull is responsible for the (I>) \1il1al

decrease in the sales of team uniforms. (C)tirnt
(I l) •;·I 111 11
(A) lwqel)1
(n ) l :u~w·•t
118. To present a more professional image to
(l.) ln1nn
its customers, the director of l<EB Bank
(D) 1 ~1r!ie
l1as a new dress code policy for
the workplace.
(/\\ 1 11~.1i l ukd
(' npi 11vc, 1
(( ·) dt:._.i1k-·d
(tJ) 1· :~,1m1L1 l ? d

l' RACT IC( HST 3 155

119. The pharmaceutical company NCC 125. When technical support staff
earned 90 million Euros in the second about a computer problem, remember
quarter, it lo fund its planned to include the model number of your
expansion. computer.
(A) allowina (A) contacts
(B) allows (A) being contacted
(C) allowance (C) contact
(0) allow (D) contacting

120. It is essential that every staff member 126. Aberdeen Plaza's renovated business
collaborate with one another to meet our center offers more meeting
production goal. rooms to accommodate the needs of
business travelers.
(A) comparative
(B) envious (/\) satisfied
(C) pleaseu (B) spacious
(D) ambitious (C) considerable
(0) capable
121. The engineers were able lo complete the
project on time despite the fact that 127. discounted airfare rates may
design specifications changed seem attractive, but consumers must be
several times. sure to inquire about the conditions of
each purchase.
(/\) every
(B) this (A) Bu sily
(C) each (B) Heavily
(D) its (C) Solely_
(D) Snfe l ~1
122. To our customers satisfied, the
company requires staff at all levels to 128. he was transferred lo the
make the highest commitment. Radiology Department last month, Mr. .
Klink has maintained contact with many
(A) bring
of his former associates in our area.
(B) ltelp
(C) keep (A) Ur rl esc;
(D) p1C1111otn (!3) I lnwcver
(C) De~ p rte
123. In recognition of lnfinicorp's success in (11) Although
the past year, the company will reward
all of its employees performance 129. Dr. Matteson sent a letter lo her
bonuses. colleagues al Uphill Hospital expressing
her for their assistance with this
(/\) of
month's grant pro posal.
(n) rrn
(C) witl1 (A) appreciation
(IJ) lo (R) arpreciative
(C) app rcciuling
124. Overseas Marketing Director, Jeff Klauk, (fl) apprer.ialPs
celebrated his retirement at a private
dinner attended by his closest 130. After opening her third specialty shop,
colleagues. Christie Kerr quickly one of
the most respected entrepreneurs in
(/\) g1mlually
(8) nearly
(C) exclusively (/\) 1.. 01 11pckrl

(fl) pnodst:dy (H) b"r.rn ne

(C) cu11t111ued
(IJ) li1ouuht

156 TOFIC lr.i ninq Re, Co:op•dtens rm 860 ww .1.11ha11l1iviet.< om

131. Dr. Thomas Aiken, the keynote speaker at 136. The unknown local artist has been
this evening's banquet, a tireless commissioned to create some
advocate of educational policy reform artworks to decorate our Banff offices.
since 1994. (A) originally
(A) will be (B) original
(8) is (C) rn igina!or
(C) w as (D) originality
(D) has been
137. Mr. Westwood is still uncertain about
132. Employees wishing to be for he will accept the offer to
mileage need to submi t travel expense transfer to a position at the company
forms with their time sheets. headquarters in Quebec.
(A) exchanged (A) \"Illich
(13) notified (B) v1hethc1
(C) reimbursed (C) if
(D) spent (0 ) that

133. In case of an emergency, employees 138. This letter is to veri fy that Pedro
must vacate the building as as Martinez has a savings account at HSBK
possible. Savings Bank .
(A) rnpid11ess (A) intend
(B) rapidly (B) inten tion
(C) rapidity (C) intends
(0) more rapid (0) intended

134. No matter how much manufacturers try 139. James Kelly, the president and CEO of
to make cars friendly, they will Kikspeed , was the mastermind
damage the Earth in one way or another. the company's brilliant marketing
(A) environmentally
(B) environmental (A) below
(C) environments (B) among
(0) environmentalists (C) abou t
(0 ) beh111d
135. Before designing a new building ,
Ms. Lang finds ii helpful to 140. The number of cars sold by Ms.
suggestions from her colleagues. Domingo substantially the
minimum required for her to receive the
(/.\) consult
Outstanding Car Deal Award.
(B) i11vite
(C) p81 suade (A) ove1ruled
(IJ) i"t'CJUGSt (13) nxceeded
(C) ~tt1 ibull'cl
(0) ..iffi1n10tl


Questions 141 -143 refer to the following article.

Beverage maker Howell said its 59-year-old president and chief executive, Mr. Foley, is leaving
the company at the end of the year. The company also announced some changes in its top
management and other positions but did not name a(n) to the president.
141 . (A) arbitrator
(B) authority
(C) representative
(D) successor

The board of directors will choose the president both internal and external candidates.

142. (A) about

(B) on
(C) from
(D) within

Also, Susan Pak, the head of Howell's thriving juice division, will leave the company to work
with its rival, the Vintage Company.

As far back as three years ago, Mr. Foley made it known to his c lose associates that he wanted
to spend more time on his personal interests he does not rule out assuming various

143. (A) because

(8) although
(C) however
(D) despite

volunteer positions or taking part in any other public service opportunities.

-- ----- ------ ---~

158 TOEIC Training Read:nC) Cumprehen5 on 860 lriv1el

Questions 144-146 refer to the following notice.

The Davis Theater

Box Office Hours
Sunday through Tuesday 12:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Wednesday through Saturday 12:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Ticket Returns

If you need to return your tickets, they can be exchanged at the box office no later than 48
hours before the performance. Tickets can be exchanged for tickets to the same show on a
different date or for a cash refund. A fee will be charged for exchanging tickets. You also have
the option of your tickets up to 24 hours before the start of the performance. Donated

144. (A) returning

(B) donating
(C) purchasing
(0) ensuring

tickets will be given to local school students.

Other Information

All evening performances start at 8:00 PM. All matinees start at 2:30 PM. Latecomers

145. (A) continually

(B) promptly
(C) relatively
(D) narrowly

will be seated so as to create the least possible disturbance. There is a chance that latecomers
may not be shown to their original seats. There is no free parking at the Davis Theater. Street
parking is available but is limited, so please take this into account planning your
146. (A) beyond
(B) when
(C) during
(D) as to

evening at the theater.

www.nhilntri•1iet.co11 1 PRACTICE TEST 3 159

Questions 147-149 refer to the following memorandum.

To: All Part-time Employees

From: Human Resources Department
Re: Distribution of Paycheck to Part-time Employees

Please note that we have made some important changes to our paycheck distribution policy. In
the past, part-time employees - ----- to pick up their paychecks directly from the Human

147. (A) required

(B) were requiring
(C) requiring
(D) were required

Resources Department, but many employees reported problems with this system.

- - this week, we will rely on department managers to distribute paychecks to part-time

148. (A) Beginning

(B) The beginning
(C) Having begun
(D) Begin to

employees within their department. - , all paychecks will be distributed after 3 P.M.

·149, (A) In addition

(B) Nevertheless
(C) Therefore
(D) Otherwise

on Friday, and all part-time employees must pick up their paychecks in person.

If you have any questions about the policy, please contact the Human Resources Department
for further information.

Ryan Moore
Director of Human Resources

160 TOEIC Training Rearl111g C ornprchr m 1on 860 www.nhdn

Questions 150-152 refer to the following advertisement.

Position Available: Economic Specialist

The Highland Group conducts marketing and financial research studies for international consulting
firms. We are headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and have satellite offices in Paris, Frankfurt,
and Madrid.

We are seeking a - - - researcher to work as a resident economic specialist at a branch of

150. (A) led

(8) leading
(C) leader
(D) leads

the Highland Group in Paris, France. The position involves collecting data on and making forecasts
about trends in consumer purchasing -- -- - in the growing economies of East Europe and

151. (A) manners

(8) satisfaction
(C) power
(D) payment

East Asia.

The ideal candidate will have a degree in economics with a specialization in emerging economies.
The initial appointment will be for a period of two years with the possibility of long-term employment.
We offer internationally - - compensation and excellent benefits. The starting date is

152. (A) competitive

(8) comparative
(C) comprehensible
(D) probable

negotiable. Assistance with relocation may be available and is subject to negotiation.

Details of the position are on our website at Interested candi-

dates should send an application, a resume, and a salary history to the address below.

The Highland Group

Park Allee 34
ATIN: Human Resources

w1wJ .nh<1n t riviet.corn PRACT ICE TEST 3 161

101 . Mr. Servino will be to leave for 104. Most of the nursing staff at Central
his business trip at 4 o'clock tomorrow Hospital are dedicated to being very
morning. to the needs of the patients.
(1\) continued (A) attention
(B) expected (B) attentiveness
(C) involvecl (C) attentive
(D) f1' esentcrl (D) attentively

102. After several changes were made to the 105. The board of directors has reached an
new proposals, Mr. Pampling scheduled agreement on the project.
a check -up meeting with staff. (A) expand
(/\)his (B) expanded
(B) l1imself (C) expansion
(C) l1e (D) expanding
(r>) him
106. Entrance to the main office is strictly
103. Consum ers will be able to choose restricted to those holding an
several different air purifiers that employee identification badge or an
are now being introduced to the market. official visitor's pass.
(1\) 11 llJI I (A) 1Joll1
(B) nt (U) each
(C}•:1ill1111 (C) any
(IJ) ol (D) cilhcr

162 •..vw\·.i.11ha1it1 iviet.co11i

107. Due to the increasing number of students, 113. Flight 564 for Osaka is scheduled to
in upper- level economics courses at 11 :15 A.M . despite the severe
requires permission from your adviser. w eather conditions.
(A) e11roll (A) rais·~
(11) enrollment (1 }) lrnnsµor t
(C) enrolled (C) vnr;ate
(0) enrolls (D) rtcprnt

108. Mr. Harrington , the new marketing 114. The town planning board is evaluating the
director, is known his creative p lans for the new stadium to determine
app roach to marketing campaigns. can be d one to p rovide sufficient
(/\) a lon~J parking.
(I~) frn (1\) thosi>
(C) a:; (IJ) '.1itut
(D) dur inti (C) ,.,,Ire ·tiler
(D) tlr~rc
109. The m em bers of the survey group were
selected based on certain individual 11 5. When you receive outstand ing service,
such as gender, age, and please fill out this card to let us k now
household income. w hich of our emp loyees deserves
(/\) characteristics recogni tion.
(B) syrnptorns (A) special
(C) appemnnc:es (8) ~pccial l y
(D) actions (C) speci<1 lly
(f)) sprTif1C:·alio11

110. Since the comp any fou nd yo ur

suggestion very , it has decided 11 6. After receiving the invi tat ion from the
to implement it next quarter. JDC Club , Dr. Wilson thanked all of the
m em bers for the to join the club.
(/\) interested
(A) expectant (A) for tr H 1u
(C) useful (f3) situalio11
(0) co11fi1 mr;d (\.) ( '.'l!lll
(I l) npporl111 rit I'
111. S tockholders are very pleased because
four1h quarter profits have been 117. The letter of p raise Ms. Ochawa
higher than they are now. received from a customer has b een
(A) none~ forward ed to the Personnel Departm ent.
(H) <1nylir 110 (.'\) 111,1l
(C)llP\ICI (I') '."lt:1i
1t 1) q111tn IC) i11 '.'!I riril
(I l) ol ':.'I i1 h
112. The Museum Curators' Society schedules
on Wed nesd ay and Sunday 118. the m arket for ho m e appliances
evenings beginning at 8 P. M . continues to improve, we w ill be able to
(/\) IH,lllft' ..
increase our productio n of ovens and
(ll) fl.'1.,lllfl'I
(<~) l"clt tJ"P 1/\) ii
(I)) f:~tturc d 1
((:) ·11., ..
1[1) '\, i

'· ·"· '.111 .)1 II\ j, •I I. ii Pfl/\CT IC[ Tr:~.l I\ 163

119. Career consultants often advise 125. Mr. Hoffman, the programmer in the
their clients to reflect on the technical support division, will be
approaches they take to job searches. of updating the database.
(A) recently (A) m anagement
(B) periodically (B) in place
(C) nea1 ly (C) lead ership
(D) obviously (D) in c harrie

120. After having worked in the Nova Scotia 126. In December, the growth rate of the
branch for five years, Mr. Hanson company fell 0.4 percent, its
requested a transfer to the company lowest level since the beginning of the
headquarters to be to his home year.
town .
(A) to
(/\) thankful (B)at
(B) close (C) in
(C) contained (D)on
(D) regular
127. CJH Advertising is currently preparing a
121 . Before the new company can start renting financial report to submit to the
the business space, the old franchise board of directors.
must the premises. (/\)detail
(/\) varnncy (8) details
(0) e (C) detailed
(C) vacant (D) detailing
(D) tJe vacated
128. Mr. Sabatini dec ided that some of the
122. During the , the inspector in projected costs for next quarter were not
the Sanitation Department found some estimated.
serious safety violations at the Huntington
(/\) evidently
(B) indecently
(11) ii 1vm;t1gate (C) accurately
(LI) 11wcs ti!)•.1lion (D) utte1!y
(C) invnsti9ntml
(t l) invest1rv1tivc' 129. One of the biggest travelers
make is to ignore the locals' advice on
123. Lec turers should be prepared to s peak road conditions.
as the acoustics in Johnson
(/'.\) mistakes
Auditorium are poor. (8) mistake
(/\) dl'i11 nes~ {C) m1stal<i11g
(fl) 1·it•C'llllfl (0) mistaken
(C ;) C'IPilr
(I >) de ·:i1 iy 130. Due to a in his schedule,
the director was late for the annual
124. Because the Sales Department is still performance meeting.
m aking the charts fo r the presentation,
(1\) cornlJination
tomorrow's meeting w ill be until
(11) Pl t:!iPll/<lt 1011
(C ;) fnllowintJ
(11) po•;lp011<~d (n) cnnflicl
(11) µwc:cu !ref
(C)11:111nin1 d
(l-l) ldl.1•11

164 v1ww.nha11t1iviet.coin
131. Please confirm with Mr. Allenby and Ms. 136. Even though most of the printing
Yang that their schedules will still companies offer good seNices, Tara
the meeting next week. Printing's services better - our
business needs.
(A) accommodate
(B) acknowledge (A) suit
(C) answer (B) suits
(D) agree (C) suitable
(D) suitably
132. By purchasing our new luxurious sedan,
you will be able to get the four-year 137. The purpose of this inspection is lo
on your car without any ensure with safety precautions in
additional fees. our factory.
(A) Viarranty (A) rise
(B) subscription (B) compliance
(C) expiration (C) accumulation
(D) supply (D) probability

133. The NewsCom Co. has two editorial 138. Compared to last quarter's disappointing
positions that the company hopes to earnings, lhe figures for this month
by the middle of the month. indicate an trend.
(A) fill (A) encou1aging
(B) creFtle (8) enveloping
(C) m ake (C) available
(D) inform (D) approving

134. The provision of top-quality products is 139. Big Brother Industry suffered in
th e central focus of organization. revenue last quarter due to the increased
(A) most prices of raw materials.
(B) this (A) lose
(C) a ll (B) losl
(D) others (C) losses
(D) losing
135. The drought affected crops in the
north , leading to higher prices for grapes, 140. The accounting manager mistakenly
strawberries, and other fruits. that this quarter's budget
would be sufficient to finance the R&D
(/\ ) valuably
(B) s t1 enuously Department.
(C) adve1scly (A) anticipated
(D) exactly (8) collected
(C) sponso1ed
(D) seleclcu


· ..

Questions 141-143 refer to the following memorandum.

To: Purchasing Department and Shipping Department

From: Chang-Min Lee, General Manager
Date: March 25
Subject: Loading Area

This is a reminder that, beginning Monday, our regular 81 loading area will be closed while
construction crews make improvements to the bas.ement of the building. Construction will
continue until approximately April 6.

While the -- is taking place, all trucks must be routed to the first floor loading area, which is

141. (A) inquiry

(B) payment
(C) renovation
{D) appraisal

located at the western side of the building. This all trucks that are to be loaded or unloaded
142. (A) was to include
{B) to include
{C) include
{D) includes

during this period. The loading area on the first floor can accommodate three trucks at a time.

The construction is under the supervision of Mr. Lee Casey. Please direct any questions you
might have to

143. (A) these

(B) him
(C) them
(D) which

166 TOEIC Tr~1ning Reading lomrirehcns•on 860 www.nhantriviet.c1Jm

Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter.

Dear Mr. Choi,

It has been our policy in the past to supply ice to our customers when their ice machine has broken
down. Because we have many customers who are paying later and later, we are forced to set
stronger company policies. Our new policy will go - ---- -- effect August 3, and is as follows:

144. (A) in
(8) into
(C) for
(D) from

If the customer is more than 15 days late with the monthly payment and the machine is not
working, we will not supply any ice. We will repair the machine, and the number of days which
the machine was not in service will - - -- - to the customer's account.

145. (A) credit

(8) be credit
(C) be credited
(D) be crediting

At the time of our service call, we will expect payment in full of any unpaid balance that is
due to us. There will be a surcharge on accounts that have fallen m~re than 30 days behind in

While I am sorry that we must go to such extremes as those outlined above, I am afraid that
there is no - - --. Our company policy is, and always has been, to provide the best service

146. (A) resource

(8) technique
(C) alternative
(D) requirement

available to our customers. We can only continue to do this with our customers' cooperation. If
there are any questions regarding our new policy, please give me a call.

w ww.nhan PRACTICE TEST 4 16'1

Questions 147-149 refer to the following email.

To: Angela McPherson <>

From: Davis Damian <>

Hello Angela,

Thank you for sending me the results of the consumer marketing survey. Arter reviewing the
survey's results, I think that it gives us a lot of insight into -- -· - -- marketing trends. I'm sure the

147. (A) lately

(8) now
(C) able
(D) recent

sales team will take advantage of the - ---- - before it launches the new marketing campaigns

148. (A) data

(8) funds
(C) time
(D) offer

for our latest products.

Furthermore, I have some questions which need to be explained. Would you mind --- -- -- with me

149. (A) meet

(8) to meet
(C) meeting
(D) having met

one afternoon on Tuesday?

Thanks for your hard work.


168 TOflC Training Reading Comprehem1on 860 www.11

Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter.

Sung-Wook Park
101 Sylvan Ave. Apt. 28
Miller Place, NY 11764


Dear Mr. Park,

Your original manufacturer's warranty on your vehicle may have expired or is about to expire. Did
you know that 90% of mechanical breakdowns occur after the original manufacturer's

150. (A) much

(B) every
(C) most
(D) almost

warranty expires?

Eventually, a component or major system on your vehicle is going to break down and need
or replaced. It's impossible to predict when, and, all too often, it happens at the worst

151. (A) repaired

(8) to have repaired
(C) to be repaired
(D) repair

possible time.

Take advantage of our extended - now and avoid paying thousands in unexpected repair

152. (A) to cover

(8) covering
(C) coverage
(D) cover

bills. If your vehicle has fewer than 75,000 miles, you may qualify for our extended protection
program. Program benefits include up to 5 years of additional protection and interest-free
payment plans on all programs. Due to the age of your vehicle, we can make this offer available
for a limited time. You must act before the program expiration date to secure this program for
your vehicle.

Call us toll free at 1-888-650-6856 to secure this program for your vehicle.


Dae-Jin Kim

www.nhantriviet.co111 PRACTICE TEST l\ 169

101 . The Internet service company asked 104. It is important for all m embers of the
some members of the public to answer a project team to tomorrow's
survey about how often they use meeting.
computers each week.
(1\) altencl
(A) their (B) com111it
(n) 1110v (C) belo11g
(CJ fllP!1l (D) m 1ivc
(D) ll ie rn selve~,

105. During his business trip next week,

102. You can purchase tickets for the outdoor James will be c hecking his e-mail
concert either online by phone. from the hotel.
(A) but (A) rxactl~,
(8) yet (8) 10gularly
(C) ant I (C) timely
(()) OI (I 1) r '.'Pill~'

103. Catriona Matthew many business 106. Many applicants strongly responded to
strategies for a number of newspapers the announcement of some career
and magazines until her retirement in in the Marketing Department.
(/\) rn:c L111 e1we~
(/\) w 11le:; (11) oc·1:.isiom:
(B) \'II ii111;J (CJ <1<.lio11-;
(C) \"/1u\e (IJ) oppo11u11itie:
(I J) wrillcn

172 • ·•/'l'!.nl1c1nt1 i•

107. Dr. Hopkins will be some 113. did the monitors arrive three days
research on nutritional supplements and late, but they were also badly damaged.
general health in the elderly.
(A) Not only
(A) conducting (B) In addition
(B) behaving (C) Over and above
(C) accompany111g (D) Neve1 lllcless
(0) proc ess in [~
11 4 . When making a decision about
108. Arranging for AV equipment in all a company, job seekers should try to find
conference rooms is the of the out about the organization's long-term
event organizers. growth prospects.
(/\) tesponsible (A) lo join
(G) responsibly (G) 1oi11i11q
(C) 1esp ons1b1lity (C) fOlllS
(D) 1esponsiblcness (D) joined

109. searching for an outside course 115. The North African Business Assoc iation
to take to learn the new software, the hopes to have its new website by
director decided to train everyone the end of next week.
(/\) ope1atio11
(1\) Despite (f l) 01H'1.1tional
(G) f\s soon as (C) opniationally
(C) P1ovicled (I)) Of >Cfflle
(D) Instead of
116. yellow sand season is coming, it
110. The service improvement campaign at is important to remember to keep doors
l<E. Inc. held during the past year was and windows shut.
because of comments made by
(A) Howevu
investors and customers.
(B) \NI 1<1lev131
(1\) ~:l w l (Cl t '.1•c-a11se of
(H) ·;ta1 ting ([)) f.101·,1 lhili
(C) ~tai tcd
(0) stw1s 117. Eric Hogge's in both ma1keting
and sa les make him tile p erfect candidate
111 . One of the important requirements for the to lead the new project.
position of researc h manager is
(fl) ~;iron gw
lab oratory experience.
(13) she11nt11c n
(/\) ex lrn1cl (C) stru11n
(I>) 11xtensive tlJ) " lt Ul<jlilc;
(C) c Y t c11sio11 ~
(0) r~:< i Pndinu 11 8. When the quarterly repo1i is , the
director will make a presentation for the
11 2. The p osition of sales direc tor is open board o f directors.
only to who have worked for the (/\) . I 11 ilrl ~
company for three or more years. lf1) 1 1111 ipldion
(/\) P.111ploy111c1 it 1r;11 IH1l1Jluk:IH'"S
(P,) ( I nplO)' (Oj f I lf 1pll'idy
CC) " " 'ployr-p·;
(I J) I !I nplu)'Ld

I' ".'ll\'.llh.111I11'!1t I ( ! :111 l\CTUl\l HSl I 173

119. - the final sales figures have not 125. ·in their advertisements, most companies
yet been confirmed, there are indications emphasize the strength and - ---- -- -- of
that the new product line of soaps is their products.
(A) confidence
(A) Even tho ugh (B) obligation
(8) II (C) d etermination
(C)As (D) reliability
(0) Regard ing
126. - employee interested in
120. The new plant which was built in Nagoya participating in the workshop should
last month uses the technology contact Nick Watney in the Human
and environmentally friendly materials. Resources Department.
(A) latest (A) Any
(13) im mediate (B) FP.\'J
(C) sho rtest (C} All
(0) constant (0) Both

121. The construction industry in the c ity of 127. All superintendents are required to
Edmonton is experiencing a tremendous to the safety regulations stated in
boom the arrival of a large the manual when working in the factory.
number of new residents.
(/\) approve
(/\) in that (8) instruct
(8) as lor (C) adhere
(C) due to (D) follow
(0) even so
128. You will receive a final invoice showing
122. Employees and their families are invited t11e total cost of your holid ay ten
to the annual company outing weeks before your departure.
this Friday.
(A) approxim;itc
(A) pariicipatc (8) approximately
(B) connect (C) approximate<!
(C) associate (D) arproxiniating
(0 ) attend
129. Sales of Nurian m onitors d ecreased
123. Now that loan interest rates have alter the manufacturer raised the
dropped, the prices of houses have once price by 15 p ercent.
again become lor most people.
(A) ex pr cssively
(A) capable (13} cl1 arnatically
(L-l) nllordable (C) eagerly
(C) p1t;dir.lt1 hlt, (U) i;IC:Cicltmlally
(D) t:o1npan-1ble
130. The social housing authority has finally
124. Users' responses to the updated software decided to offer first-time home buyers
program have been positive. limited financial from next year.
(1\) o ve1 whelming (A) division
(B) over wheh ninqly (B) s tnternont
(C) over whch ned (C) assistance
(D) ovc11·.rirPli11 (D) n~socin tro n

174 TOEIC Training Rc:adi119 Comprel:ens•on 8CO www.r1h.int1 ivi~t.corn

131. Before - -- - a new marketing 136. The figures in the annual financial report
campaign, the m arketing director have - -- - the investors disappointed
thoroughly questions staff members because they have decreased for three
about potential problems. consecutive years.
(A) relocating (A) become
(8) condensing (B) mad e
(C) launching (C) brought
(D) convening (D) given

132. Nowadays, most companies 137. The opening performance of the Royal
staff members from using the Internet for Theater's play was received by
personal business during working hours. critics than the producers had originally
(A) imply
(8) detect (A) enthusiastic
(C) pretend (8 ) enthusiastically
(D) prevent (C) enthusiasm
(D) more enthusiastically
133. The Compton Company is expecting
an overall decline in tourism this year 138. The marketing team had to delay the
-- plans to host an international marketing p rojec t after the initial plan was
soccer tournament, which wil l attract by the director.
(A) rejected
(A) despite (B) escaped
(B) unless (C) objected
(C) according (D) exempted
(D) whenever
139. After Ted Bishop the skills for
134. The staff members who have their his job, his supervisor asked him to help
security pass cards are to use all organize next year's convention plan.
of the facilities in this room.
(A) is mastering
{A) permitted (B) has mastered
(8) associated (C) masters
(C) decided (D) had mastered
(D) written
140. Many pharmaceutical companies think
135. The New Frontier Group Limited is that the search for a new vaccine takes
involved in the manufacture, sale, and over all other medical research.
· of its own electronic products.
(A) p1ecedence
(/\) solution (B) standard
(8) distribution (C) resolve
(C) exception (D) credit
(D) 1epetition

I I 1•
\\•\ vv1.11h,in lri\•iel.r orn ACTUAL TEST 1 175
Questions 141-143 refer to the following email.

Date: Aug 24
Subject: Out of Stock

Concerning your order made August 23, I am sorry to inform you that the mouse you are interested
in purchasing is currently out of stock. However, we will be able to order the mouse for you from
the m anufac turer - - the next week.

141. (A) until

(B) between
(C) within
(0) since

If you are interested in this , please reply to this email and provide your telephone

142. (A) moment

(8) author
(C) advantage
(0) option

number. We will you when the item becomes available for delivery.

143. (A) notify

(B) notice
(C) notific ation
(0) note

I look forward to your response.


Mary Allen
Customer Service
GI Shopping Mall

176 TOEIC rraining Reading Co111prehcn'1on 360 ww\v.nhantr

Questions 144-146 refer to the following email.

To: Dr. Javier Macalabe

From: Dr. Jean Firma
Subject: Last Night's Seminar

Last night, some of our doctors attended the seminar -- -- at the Regal Resort and organized

144. (A) will hold

(8) held
(C) holds
(D) being held

by the Health Services Group. As you requested, I am sending you a few lines reporting on the

Most of the doctors from this center who attended the event enjoyed the speakers and were
satisfied with the fact that - - - they learned will help them to provide our patients with better

145. (A) on which

(8) what
(C) why
(D) which

service. However, we must say that the representatives from the medical insurance company
were a bit disappointing as they were unable to answer some important questions we asked.

Next month's seminar will be held at the Diamond Hotel, and the Health Services Group is
expecting over 300 participants. Two of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the country
will talk about their research on new drugs.

The Health Services Group has held these types of seminars as well as training courses for
20 years and has a good reputation among the professionals in the field. However, for future
seminars, we should look more -- --- - at the seminar topics and the presenters.

146. (A) adversely

(8) easily
(C) closely
(D) exclusively

Jean Firma

www.nhantriviet com ACTUAL TEST 1 177

Questions 147-149 refer to the following article.

Yesterday at its annual shareholders' meeting, ABA Shipping said that it would centralize its
freight control operations near its headquarters in Hong Kong. ---------, it operated several

147. (A) Moderately

(B) Diversely
(C) Previously
(D) Directly

localized freight control centers.

However, improvements in communications technology and increasingly competitive marketplaces

have ---- ----- the company to centralize its operations.
148. (A) devoted
(B) committed
(C) motivated
(D) promoted

The headquarters will utilize state-of-the-art technology to -----· - ·- the locations of shipments
149. (A) keep
(B) collaborate
(C) track
(D) enroll ·

and to manage the company's numerous shipping schedules. The operations staff will be able
to check on weather conditions and alternate shipping routes using this new technology.

An ABA Shipping spokesperson said that, with this strategy, the company will not only increase
its market share but will also improve customer satisfaction. ABA Shipping anticipates that its
earnings will increase 10% this year.

178 TQ[IC Training Reading Co1nprehe11s1on 860 ww11v.nhan tri viet.corn

Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter.

August 12

Mr. Roger Chang

Senior Buyer
T-Office Furnishings, Inc.
4830 Kimbark Ave.
Chicago, IL 60635

Dear Mr. Chang:

The purpose of this letter is to briefly introduce myself as Dynomic's new sales representative
for business accounts. I very recently joined the company and am --- ----- your account from

150. (A) accomplishing

(B) taking over
(C) putting off
(0) counting on

Ami Noguchi, who has moved on to other challenges in this industry.

I have just completed Dynomic's management orientation program and am now keen to
meet face-to-face with all of my key customers. Accordingly, as th~ first step in my customer
familiarization process, I would like to meet with you personally, for about an hour or so,
to discuss T-Office's needs and concerns. At the same time, I would also like to take that
opportunity to briefly review Dynomic's latest offering of products and services.

------- up a meeting at your convenience, I propose to call your office by the end of this week.

151. (A) Setting

(B) To set
(C) Set
(D) Being set

It is my hope that we will be able to arrange to meet at your office before the end of the month.
As your new business account representative, I believe that my paramount concern is

152. (A) how

(B) when
(C) which
(D) why

both Dynomic, Inc. and I can better serve T-Office Furnishings, Inc.

I look forv>'ard to meeting you and learning more about your company in the near future.


Susan Henderson
Senior Sales Representative

www.nhantriviet.co111 ACTUAL TEST 1 179

Questions 153-154 refer to the following information.


Monday - Saturday
Lunch: I I a.m . - 5 p.m.
Dinner: 5 p.m. - I 0 p.m.

Breakfast: 9 a.m . - 3 p.m.
Dinner: 3 p.m. - 9 p.m.

In addition to our regular menu, we offer the following daily specials just for $ 10.99:

Monday: Pasta Primavera

Tuesday: Vegetables Stir- fry
Wednesday: Seafood Ste w
Thursday: Lasagna
Friday: Fish and Chips

We have li ve e nte rtainment on Wednesday and Thursday eve nings.

Making a reservation is suggested for Friday a nd Saturday evenings.

153. When does dinner start on Tuesdays?

(A)At3 p.m.
(B) At 4 r.rn.
(C) l\t 5 p .111.
{D) At 6 p.111.

154. What is mentioned about Thursd ays?

(A) There is live enteriainmenl.
(B) Breakfast is available starting at 9 a. m.
(CJ Seafood slew is special for the day.
(U) I laving a reservation is recommended.

180 TOEIC l ra1111ng Reading Cnmprehens1on 8(i0 \\'\ N/.ll h,11111 ivieU.Ulll
Questions 155-156 refer to the following notice.

1 -
Upton Medica l Supply Company
1 S taff Welcome Lunch
May 9
l f<rom 11 :30 A.M. to 1 :30 P.M.
Third Floor. Cnfcteria
I Every staff member at Upton is invited lo a lunch that will welcome all of our recentl y hired
I employees. Empl oyees who plan lo attend should contact Maria Gray in the Sta ff Training
Office by no later than noon on May 8. Food will be provided free of charge.

155. What is the purpose of the event?

(A) To meet the new statt members
(B) To publicize some new products
(C) To recruit some people for the company
(D) To celebrate the opernng of a 11cw facility

156. According to the passage, what will happen on M ay 9?

(A) Tile Upton Medica l Suµply Comp;my will be dosed.
(B) Maria Gray will begin v101king cit the Upton Medical Supply Company.
(C) Employees at the Upton Meclic:al Supply Company will eat together.
(D) A t1ai11inq pmqram will take place at the Upton Medical Surrly Comµany.

ACTUAi. 1 ~s r 1 181
Questions 157-158 refer to the following job advertisement.

Job Opening

The Newville Weekly, lhe communily newspaper, has a ueed for a full-time manager in
the Advertising Department. A successful candida te wi ll be outgoing and organized as
well as familiar with the Newv ille area. A minimum of five years of experience in selling
advertisements is preferred. We are offering a highly competitive salary and benefits
package. Interested candidates should send their resume along with a cover letter and
a list of three references to Tricia Mead, Manag ing Ed itor at The Newville Weekly, at

157. What position is being advertised?

(A) Editor
(B) Journalist
(C) Advertising Manager
(0) Managing Editor

158. Which of the following is mentioned as a requirement for the job?

(A) A university degree
(B) A \'Jillingness lo travel
(C) Manage1 nent expe1ience
(0) 0 1ganizalio11al skills

182 lOEIC T1 aining Reading Cornp1chen,ion 8UU w ww.n hilnlr iviet.co1n

Questions 159-161 refer to the following press release.

Montgomery City Public Pools to Reopen in June

May 15 - The Montgomery City Department of Health is pleased to announce that the
renovations on two of the ~ity's public swimming pools are now completed. Both pools are
scheduled to reopen in June.

After failing its quarterly water inspection last year, the pool at Phillips Center was shut down
by city employees. During the course of its renovations, the pool's water filtering system was
entirely replaced, so it is no longer considered a hazard to the public. The pool will be available
for use by the public on June 15. Additionally, the expansion of the pool facilities at Freemon!
Center is now· complete. The expansion was made possible when th~ city purchased an
abandoned lot adjacent to the center. It is now the home of a 50-meter outdoor swimming pool.
Meanwhile, the indoor pool had all of its tiles replaced while both a cafeteria and fitness center
were constructed in the center. Patrons will be able to use the facilities starting June 20.

The city's three other recreation centers - Fountain, Thomas, and Highland View - are due to
undergo renovations next year.

159. What is the main topic of the press release?

(A) The repairing of some city facilities
(B) The scheduling of swimming lessons
(C) Some revised health regulations
(0) The construction o f a new fitness center

160. Which of the following is NOT new at Freemon! Center?

(A) The indoor pool
(B) The cafeteria
(C) The outdoor pool
(0) The fitness center

161. What was the problem at Phillips Center?

(A) There was a leak in the roof.
(B) The water was not properly filtered .
(C) The building \'1as not big enough.
(0) It lacked an outdoor swimming pool.

\vww.nhCl ACTUAL TEST 1 183
Questions 162-164 refer to the following article.

·~ V\ V\tV\•\l\•\l\•V\ V\•V\ V\•V\t\l\•V\

S New Restaurant to Open S
By David Lewis - Centerville Regional Times StaffVhiter

CENTERVILLE - Giov.nni', Bi'trn wm op•n ii' doom on F,idoy, Ap,;J 23. Giovanni'' i' o
welcome addition to the many fine dining establishments in Centerville's riverfront district.
Head chef and owner Umberto Giovanni said, "Giovanni's specializes in the cuisine typical of

} the region around Venice in northeast Italy. This delicious yet fairly unfamiliar cuisine is what )
sets us apart from neighboring restaurants. Customers can expect to enjoy. the highest quality
( meats, fish, and seasonal vegetables. Our goal is to make our customers happy and to keep (
) them coming back on a regular basis:· )

( Giovanni, formerly the head chef at Lago's, began making a plan to open his own restaurant {
) in Centerville three years ago. He looked at several properties around the area but was set on )

~:~::~~~::i~~;t~::~k~: ~~ t~~l~::~:n:1:;::::::t:;~:i:~~::hp:t;;: t~u~~~:gs:~: t~:~ ~:a~et:~::~

( (
) original construction elements were preserved in order to pa)' homage to the great history of )
this area:•

S Gio.,nni'' ;, beautiful i•"id• ond out. It "moin' to b• mn wheth" th• food will monat•
with Centerville's residents though. Giovanni's Bistro will be open for lunch and dinner every 1
( week from Tuesday to Sunday. The menu will offer customers good value: The average price of (
) a dinner is below that of meals at comparable restaurants in the district. )

oV\•V\• • V\• V\t\I\ \A•\l\•V\•V\ \/\•

162. What is the purpose of the article?
(A) To recruit staff for a restaurant
(8) To review a certain type of food
(C) To publicize a new restaurant
(0 ) To advertise a property for sale

163. What is NOT mentioned about Giovanni's Bistro?

(A) It is less expensive than its neighboring 1est;iurants.
(B) It can be found next to Lago's.
(C) It is near several other restaurants.
(0 ) It is located in a conve1ied bu ilding.

164. What is suggested about Mr. Lewis?

(A) He has spoken with Giovanni.
(8) He is a chef.
(C) H e enjoys Venetian cuisine.
(0 ) He sp ecializes in restOJ ing bu ild ings.

184 TOEIC Trai11ing Reading Comprehcns•on 860 www

Questions 165-167 refer to the following email.

From: Melanie Davis <>

Sent: Monday, October 9, 12:48 P.M.
To: Steven Alvarez <>
Subject: Tomorrow


I know that we have a meeting scheduled for Tuesday where we're planning to discuss the
company's recent sales numbers, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to cancel on you. Something
else has come up. You remember Leslie Prescott from the Detroit office, don't you? She just
informed us that she's visiting tomorrow to talk about next year's advertising campaign.
It's an all-day affair, so there is simply no way we can meet. In addition, I've got a marketing
conference to attend in New York on Wednesday and a budget m eeting in Philadelphia
on Thursday. S~, how does Friday look for you? I'll be back in Chicago by then. If you're not
available on that day, then let me know about your availability for the following week, and I'll
see if we can find the soonest mutually acceptable time for us to meet. I'm terribly sorry about
notifying you at the last moment, but I just found out about tomorrow's visit a short time ago.


165. What's the purpose of the email?

(A) To make some changes lo the budget
(8) To ask about the upcoming budget
(C) To cancel some travel arrangements
(D) To postpone a scheduled meeting

166. When will Melanie Davis meet with Leslie Prescott?

(A) On Monday
(B) On Tuesday
(C) On Wednesday
(D) On Thursday

167. Where does Steven Alvarez most likely work?

(A) In Chicago
(B) In Detroit
(C) 111 New York
(D) In Phil::idelphia

\'.•ww.nhantr ACTUAL TEST 1 18 5

Questions 168-171 refer to the following letter.
( . ...,..,..y _,,._,__,~,,..,._, ...,_ ,, ._,.......... ,.....,. ___.,.......,_,,.~ .~""""'· ....._~ -"-............... ~.-..~ ~~~:sh~ne ::~1

7765 Powderhouse Road !;
Houston, TX 77654 ~
1. January 15 t
Eduardo Martinez

7789 Lakeview Point r
Houston, TX 77654
~ ~
j Dear Mr. Martinez:

'.! The purpose of this letter is to confirm your reservation of the Regency Ballroom at the Sunshine
~ Hotel. The room is booked for you on Wednesday, April 14, from 6 P.M. to 9 P.M. When you ,
i made the reservation, you indicated that approximately 125 people would be in attendance at i
'' the retirement banquet you are holding. I have made a note of this in our records. However, I t

reque•l that you proolde me with a definite number of attendee• no later than April 7. · I,"

. In order to secure your reservation, we require that you submit a $500 deposit by February 1. We ~
accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Should you pay the deposit by check, we ask that you
~ make it payable to the Sunshine Hotel. If your preference is to use a credit card, call me anytime ~
~ during regular office hours, and I can process your payment over the telephone. t
~, ~
Our head chef is in the process of c reating a new menu for special events. I will send it to you t
la upon its completion in a couple of weeks. Once you receive the menu, all you have to do is i,
, select the meals you want served at the banquet, note how many of each you will need, and [
then relum the menu to me. I
~ We look forward to having you and your party as our special guests in April. If there is anything I II.
can do to make sure that your event goes as smoothly as possible, do not hesitate to call me at

1-888-7659-0998, extension 5455.
Sincerely, !

~ ~:~~uh~niervice Manager i_
1 The Sunshine Hotel t
\• ..,_. ~•"'° -"~ .,..._... ·~ -. -.-,..--- -....-~~- ~ ~:;- -~.,..._.. ~.,........ ~ · ~~-T--,..-~.,..- -~ ""'J!'!{ • .. .-.,>¥<.... • r--- ...- ·.,-~ ,..~· · -:..-...- """

186 TOEIC Training Reading Comprehension 860 \vww.nha

168. What is the purpose of this letter?
(A) To reserve a hotel suite
(8) To confirm some plans
(C) To mention a problem
(D) To announce an upcoming party

169. By which date does Ms. Chung need lo know the number of guests who will attend the event?
(A) January 15
(B) February 1
(C) April 7
(D) April 14

170. Whal does Ms. Chung promise to send to Mr. Martinez?

(A) A roorn deposit
(8) A dinner menu
(C} A list of the attendees
(D) A reservation form

171 . What is NOT included in the letter?

(A) The fax number fo'r the Sunshine Hotel
(B) The date the event v1ill be held
(C) Mr. Martinez's adrlress
(D) Ms. Chung's contact information


\ 'J\l/ \"J .111 l;ll1 tr iVil 'I.• { tf 11 ACTUAL TEST 1 187

Questions 172-176 refer to the following article.

It was a mere one month ago that Witold Taszeki was, to the surprise of virtually
everyone, selected as the recipient of the Fenway Prize. He was awarded his prize last
night. During his acceptance speech, the Polish writer, who had previously been little-
known outside of his homeland, claimed to have been as shocked as everyone else
when he was announced as the winner. "I will probably remain in shock for the rest of
my life," he joked to the 800 members of the audience. Yet, he swiftly added, "This is
an honor I will always cherish."

Despite having authored more than thirty novels, the sixty-five-year-old writer has
not enjoyed fame for the majority of his life. When he wrote his first book at the
age of 25, he claimed, "I would have been pleased even if it had only sold a single
book." During the first 25 years of his career as an author, he worke d at night while
supporting his family as a legal clerk during the day. It was his time at this job that
prompted him to explore the dual themes of social justice and compassion. These two
elements dominate much of his work. "Because my works tend to be philosophical in
nature and lack action scenes, the market for them is fairly small," he noted. Yet this
is going to change soon. Ever since he was announced as the winner of the Fenway ~

Prize, he has received numerous offers to translate his works into English and other
languages. He has already signed a contract to translate his latest work, The Trials of
Alexander, into four languages.

The Fenway Prize is an annual awa rd given to authors who have created works of
artistic achievement which are concerned with social issues. The prize is named for
Arthur Fenway. a fede ral judge from Boston who established the International Justice ~

~::::_~~~a~:~~:~a:~~~s:~e's'~~~:~~::,~·J~ ~~~-~,,. ~

188 TOEIC Training Reat.ling Comp1PhP1won 8(,0 ".'IVl'.t.1 111<1 1111 ivir!f .( <>111
172. Which of the following is correct about Witold Taszeki?
(A) He has always b een a full time writer.
(B) He c u1 rontly lives 1n Boston.
(C) He ciid not e>:pec t l o \•Jin tile awarcl.
(D) Most of his books are filled VJith action.

173. The word "enjoyed " in paragraph 2, line 2 is c losest in m eaning to

(A) prefei 1e<f
(B) experienced
(C) pa11icirated
(D) satisfied

174. How old was Mr. Taszeki when h e published his first book?
(A) 25
(C) 30
{D) fi5

175. Which o f th e following is a requirement fo r the Fenway Prize?

(/\) rt10 winner must wtite abn11t sor.1ul i~;s11cs.
(B) 1 he '.1i11nnr must lie involvecl i11 lhc:> leg<1I professio11.
(C) 1 hP. Willll(H 11111~( bn fl1ic11t Ill Sel/l'tal langllil!Jf!S.
(D) 1 tie \'1i11ncr must submit ;m :ipplic<ltion to lhe lntrn 11aliorn1I .lustic.t foundation.

176. What is suggested about the books Mr. Taszeki has written?
(A) I Il e~' arP mostly alioul Ith h.11nily.
(B) They l1;we i nfluencc~d II 1u leqal S)1stc111 n 1 l'ul;.i11d
(C) They have been tr·111•.l;ikd into rmmy lclnuuri<JPS.
(D) They h aw~ not ll ec~ n \'1idely inad.

J\Cllf/11 If ~Ii 189

Questions 177-180 refer to the following email.

From [Marcus :an <> . _ ~ ~

To [ Wor~ ~~i~ Singap~ Tea~e~p~e~o~si~a~~m~ _J
Subject (§otype Testing I
Date (August 12, 08:3~3~ ~I

My name is Marcus Tan, and I am the Senior Project Manager in the Research and Development
Department. Currently, one of my teams is in the process of d eveloping ergonomic office supplies
for left-handers. As you are no doubt aware, the large majority of office supplies on the market
have been designed with right-handed individuals in mind. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for
the approximately 5% of the population who are left-handed to both write and carry out certain
tasks, even simple ones like using scissors. While there are some left-handed products available,
there is most certainly a lack of them, and there is definitely a market for more creative and high-
quality products.

At present, we have three prototypes which have reached the testing phase: a pa ir of s ci~sors,
a notebook, and a computer mouse. Prior to having these products undergo formal testing, w e

would prefer to conduct an internal pretest right here at th e company. We would appreciate it ~
if any employees - particularly our left-handed ones - volunteered to participate in a one -hour -
testing session to be held during the week beginning on August 23. The testing sessions will take
place in the Product Research Department, which is located on the third floor. We hope that our
volunteers will be able to provide input as to the comfort and ease of use of each item. We are also
curious as to whether or not our products provide an advantage over those which are already on
the market.

Employees willing to volunteer should call Joyce Lau, Product Research Coordinator, at extension
203 to schedule a testing session.

Thank you,

Marcus Tan
Research and Development Department

190 lOEIC Training Rt>adinq Coinprehens1on 860 www.nhant1iviel.con l

177. What is the m ain purpose of the email?
(A) To recruit employees lo cond uct sornc tests
(8) To ask for opinions about some new procl11cts
(C) To share the results o f some recent product tests
(D) To survey employees about some company policies

178. According to the email, what does the market need?

{A) Nel'I procedures lo improve testing methods
(8) A greater variety of produc ts for left-handed peop le
(C) An affordable line of ergonomic otfi(;e supplies
(D) More creative packaging of office supply products

179. What does Marcus Tan wish to receive information about?

(A) The availability of the product testing fcicilily
(8) The uniqueness of some new prototypes
(C) The durability of the company's office supplies
(D) The prices of the company's latest products

180. What are interested people asked to do?

(A) Read som e information
(8) Fill out a q uestionnaire
(C) Make a c all
(0) Send an email

www.nh;mtr iv1r·t c0111 A CTUA L TEST 1 191

Questions 181-185 refer to the following letter and email.
• ·· ·············•· ·•• ·····••···· •·······•··········••
! Frances Batnag
• Arco Music Magazine
Calmaro Avenue 1603
• Philippines

April 12

•• Dear Ms. Batnag,

• Per o ur d iscussion, I attended the International Gujarat Violin Competition yesterday and took several pho tographs
• that I feel are appropriate for publication In your magazine.

: I have enclosed the pictures I took and have labeled each one with a name as well as a brief description of t he scene
• it depicts. For your convenience, the information is summarized below:

Picture Name Picture Description

Finalist TI1e finalists in the competition
Laury· I The winner, Christine Laury, playing her last concerto
Laury-2 Ms. Laury at the awards ceremony
Laury-3 Ms. Laury shaking hands with the competition director, Anton Gupta
Judges The judges discussing a performance

I hope that you will see fit to include at least one of these photographs in your upcoming article on the competition. •

Regards, .•
Elsa Rocamora
Freelance Photographer .••
·················································· ·· ····················
From: Frances Batnag <>
To: Elsa Rocamora <>
Date: April 14, 13:05:40

Dear Ms. Rocamora,

Thank you for your recent submission of photographs from the International Gujarat Violin Competition.
Upon a review of your photographs with the rest of our editors, we decided that "Laury-3" would be
perfect for our front page. Additionally, we are going to feature "Laury- 1" and "Judges" in the article
about the competition which one of our reporters is currently writing.

We would like to offer you our standard payment of $220 per picture. Please contact me to let me
know ii the financial compensation is satisfactory. Upon your acceptance, I will send a contract to you
to sign.

Best regards,

Frances Batnag
Arco Music Magazine
Calmaro Avenue 1603

192 TOEIC Training Reading Comrrehens1on 860 w 1vw.nhi1ntriviet.co1n

181. Why did Ms. Roc amora contact Ms. Batnag?
(A) To enter a musical contest
(B) To subscribe to a magazine
(C) To have her pic ture taken
(D) To offer some items for sale

182. What did Ms. Rocamora send.with her letter?

(A) Some samples of her 1ecent work
(B) Contact information for a musician
(C) A list o f the participants in a contest
(D) A brochure from an international competit ion

183. What does Ms. Batnag want to publish on the front page?
(A) A picture of Ms. Lau1 y playing a concerto
(B) A picture o f the judges in the competition
(C) A pictu1e of Ms. Laury with M r. Gupta
(D) A picture of thP. linalists in the competition

184. What does the email suggest about Ms. Batnag?

(/\)She is vnitmg an nrtic le about the con1petilion.
(8) She woi ks with a tea111 of editors .
(C) Slie was one of tl1 P. jt1tlges at the competition.
(D) She is a new employee at Arco Music Magazine.

185. What does Ms. Batnag probably want M s. Rocam ora to do next?
(/\) N1ree to a price
(8) Contac t an etlitor
(C) Interview a musician
(D) Take some photoorarlls

V.'\'.'\V.111l,111t 11\'if't .< 0 111 ACTUAL TEST 1 193

Questions 186-190 refer to the following email and its response.

Dal~: June 15
To: Amy Foster
From: Ako Nakata
Subject: Your Schedule

As we discussed earlier, your schedule for the trip to o ur headquarters and resea rch labora tory is as

June 22 - Headc111arters, Kobe

9:00 - 10:00 AM Mee ting with Ms. Endo. Chief Financial Officer
10: 15 - I I :30 AM "Strategic Planning fo r the New Century,'· presented by Ms. Nari. Assistant
Noon - 1:00 PM Luncheon
1:30 - 3:30 PM Board Meeting
4:30 - 6:30 PM Transportation by car from Kobe to Osaka

June 23 - Research Laboratory, Osaka

1:30 - 3:30 PM Workshop for product development , hosted by Dr. Duke
3:45 - 4:45 PM Meeting wit~ Mr. Mu fine, Senior Manager fo r Research and Development
6:30 - 8:00 PM Dinner hosted by Mr. Ashina, Vice President

Please let me know when your fligbt wi ll be arriving. 1 will personally pick you up at Ttami Airport
a nd then drive you to Kobe. If you have any questions, feel free to get in to uch with me.

1 wish you a safe and pleasant trip.

Ako Nakata

Date: June 18, 9:21 AM

To : Ako Nakata
From: Amy Foster
Subject: [RE) Your Schedule

D ear Ms. Nakata,

Thank yo u for forwarding my planned schedule. As for my travel arrangements, I am

arriving on Flight JK 173 at 6:05 PM o n Monday, June 21 . I will be returning to Los
Angeles on June 25. The schedule looks fine, bu t I wonder if t here will be time for me
to meet Dr. Jane Martin in Osaka on June 23. We are collaborating on a project, and I
need some time to speak with her in person. If you can consult with her and then add
her to my schedule, I would app reciate it.Thank you for all of your help. I look forward
to meeting you next week.

Amy Foster

194 TOEIC Trairnng Reading Cornprchemion 860 www.nhantriviet.c_o111

186. What is the purpose of the first email?
(A) To reserve a table at a restaurant
(B) To request that an airplane ticket be refunded
(C) To provide the d etails of a business trip
(D) To e>:plain some changes in the schedule

187. What is Ms. Foster NOT scheduled to do?

(A) Take a flight
(B) Attend a presentation
(C) Participate in a v1orkshop
(D) Meet w ith ,Jane Ma11in

188. How will M s. Foster travel to Osaka?

(A) By bus
(8) Oy car
(C) By train
(D) By airplane

189. When will Ms. Foster arrive at ltami Airport?

(A) J11ne 15
(8) June 18
(C) June 21
(D) June 25

190. Who will Ms. Foster see in the evening on M o nday?

(A) Ms. Nakata
(B) Mr. Mufine
(C) Dr. Duke
(0) Mr. Ashina

'1\' \W/.fl h,111\li\.it i .I ll!ll ACTUAL TEST 1 195

Questions 191-195 refer to the following article and letter.
r------------ - --------~------------------~
ROME, ITALY - Last Tuesday, April 23, was a landmark occasion for the numerous university
students all across Europe interested in living and working in Italy after they graduate. The
reason was that the first Jobs in Italy Career Fair was held in Rome on that day.
The event attracted more than fifty companies. Many of their representatives, particularly those
from firms in the science and technology sectors, were eagerly recru iting some of the talented
individuals who attended.
The fair, a one-day event, began at 9 AM and ended at 5 PM. More than 300 students attended,
and many of th em, in addition to being able to submit their resumes, were interviewed on site.
The fair organizers proclaimed it a success and stated that they expected approximately 100 of
the attendees would be offered jobs. The organizers further stated that they intended to hold a
second fair in Verona on May 10 thanks to the success of this event.

~--------------------~------------ ----- --J


l Sanders Laboratories * Via Oriana * Rome, 187 * Italy

Ms. Anne Craig

189 Imperial Road
S014 2BT

May 23

Dear Ms. Craig.

After considering your application and subsequent interview at the Jobs in Italy Career Fair in Rome last
month, it pleases me to offer you a position as a junior researcher at Sanders Laboratories' Rome offlce.
Should you accept our offer, you will receive a competitive salary and our standard benefits package, which
includes health insurance, five weeks of vacation a year, and ten days of paid sick leave.

As a medical researcher, you will be responsible for working on the development of various vaccines. After
your first year of employment, your position will be reevaluated. Subsequently, we shall determine w hether
you should remain at the Rome laboratory or be transferred to one of our offices abroad.

We would like for you to begin work on July 15. Accordingly, we need a response from you by June 15.

In closing. please a llow me to write that I truly enjoyed meeting and speaking with you at the job fair last
month. I hope that you will accept our offer of employment. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Alexi D'Ambrosia
Senior Researcher

196 TOEIC Traini ng Rc~ d1ng Comprcherwon 860 www.nhan t1ivi et.<.0111
191. According to the article, what is NOT correct about the career fair?
(A) It was mainly attended by students.
(B) It is held every year.
(C) It had many jobs available in science and technology.
(D) It took place in Rome.

192. In the article, the word "landmark" in paragraph 1, line 1 is closest in meaning to
(A) typica l
(8) objec tive
(C) important
(D) boundary

193. Which of the following does Mr. D'Ambrosia indicate?

(A) He plans to visit England on June 15.
(B) lvis. Craig w ill o rganize the upcon1i11g career fair in Veron<i.
(C) Tile position he is ottering M s. Craig is for five years.
(D) Sanders Laboratories has offices in other countries.

194. On which date did Ms. Craig and Mr. D'Ambrosio most likely first meet?
(A) April 10
(8) Ap1il 23
(C) M ay 10
(D) May 13

195. What does Mr. D'Ambrosio ask Ms. Craig to do?

(A) Visit him in Ro1ne
(B) Change her intc1 viev1 lime
(C) Move lo Verona
(D) Respond to his letter

\\l\'l'.'/ .llhd l l ti 11!/C't.Clllll /\CTU/\L TE ~ T 1 197

Questions 196-200 refer to the following report and email.
r· -- -------- ---- - ---- - ---- ---- - - ---- .__ - - li;:ll - ~ .,



Employee: Mark Ca rr
Purpose: At my supervisor's request, I cond ucted a product demonstration for some store
owners interested in selling our products. ·
Date(s) ofTrip: May 19-2 1

Type of Expense Amount Notes

Plane $430
Hotel none Paid for by client
Daily meals $250
Taxi $45
Total $725

Signature: Mark Carr

Supervisor's signature: Ruth Bernstein

I have attached the receipts from my business trip to Miami. I am aware o f the fact that I shou ld have
submitted my expense report by the May 26 deadline. I apologize for not doing so. However, my
supervisor was out of the office all week long while attending a conference last week, so I could not get
her to sign my report until this morning. I hope you can reimburse me for the funds I spent as soon as
possible. Both Ms. Bernstein and I are in our offices all day long today, so you can feel free to contact
either of us should you have any questions.

- - ---- - - - - - - -- --- --- -- -- -- - - -- ~ - - --- -- -~

Date: May 28, 11 :20 AM

From: Shelly Wallace <>
To: Mark Ca rr <>
Cc: Kyle Riley <>
Subject: Business Expenses

Mr. Carr,

Thank you for submitting your expense report, along with all of your receipts, t his morning. There is no
need to be concerned about having missed the deadline. Ms. Bernstein had already alerted me o f her
pla ns to be away from the office from May 21-27, so I was not expecting your report until sometime this
week. I am actually pleased that you got it to me first thing in t he morning.

Everything in your report looks to be in order w ith one minor exception. You failed to p rovide a receipt
for the last item which was listed on your report. I'm sure this was ju st an oversight on your part. Please
get me this receipt as soon as you can. Otherwise, I w ill not be able to pay you back any of the m oney
until the next reimbursement period, w hich occurs at the end of July.
Please note that, as of tomorrow, I w ill be out of town for the next two weeks. If you need any assistance -
while I am away, you can ca ll Kyle Riley at extension 2186.


Shelly Wallace

198 TOEIC Training Reading Comprehens•on 860 wvvv1.nh;in11 iviPl.COfll

196. Why did Mr. Carr submit the report?
(A) To request repayment for expenses
(8) To obtain approval for some items he wants to purchase
(C) To provide details o f an upcoming trip
(0) To inform a custome1 of some available products

197. What did Mr. Carr's supervisor ask him to do in Miami?

(A) Interview applicants for s<1les positions
(B) Make a p1esentation lo some potential clients
(C) Attend a training sci ninar for sales professionals
(D) Conduct 1esearch for a ne\•1 line of produc ts

198. Why was Mr. Carr unable to submit his report by May 26?
(A) He imprope1ly filled out a form.
(8) I le could not obtain a signature.
(C) He returned from Miami after that time.
(0) He could no\ locale all o f his receipts.

199. Which item in the report requires additional d oc umentation?

(A) The hotel stay
(B) The plane ticket
(C) Taxi expenses
(D) Daily meals

200. What is indicated in the email?

(A) M s. Bernstein and Ms. Wallace \'111-cci i11 lvlay.
(B) Ms. Wallace is M s. Oernstcin's irnrnccJrale surervisrn.
(C) M1. Carr c:ontactecl Mr. Riley to obtnin a 101111 .
(D) Ms. Wallace iecently hired a new <tssistant

l'I\'l \'/.11l 1ant11v i1•t.L ot11 ACI UAL TEST 1 199

101. The advisory board handled 104. The newcomers are expected to be on
residents' concerns about the new office time tomorrow's new employee
complex project. orientation.
(A) effectively {A) across
(8) effect (8) unch::r
(C) effective (C) for
(D) effectiveness {D)down

102. II is difficult both to speak to 105. Last night's AV equipment shipment was
write foreign languages fluently. loo heavy for Mr. Duke and M s. Peterson
(/\)such to move by
(B)if (A) tlit.:irs
(C) bul (B) t11emselves
(0) rincl (C) tllern
(D) lilPir OWll
103. Mr. Gomez print paper from the
Zinco Corporation every Friday, so please 106. Many people c hoose to attend graduate
inform him of your needs by Thursday. school as a temporary to seeking
(A) rnders employment when their local job markets
(0) ordered are in d ecline.
(C) ord er (A) diHererice
(II) to ord er (8) altc1 native
(C) r•quivalc nt
(D) disli11c:iio11

200 fOErC l r,1in1ng Rf>;id1ng ro:nrrd wm1on 3CO 1· 1ant1
r 107. Ms. Kerr is supposed to replace Ms.
Pressel -- - - the new director of the
113. The rates of West Portal Hotel are
to the ro om availability and may
Accounting Department at the end of the c hange without notice.
(A) pub lic
(A) abou t (8) popula r
(B) as (C) subject
(C) like (0) general
(D) o ut
114. Mr. Cabrera was to accept your
108. The reorganization is likely not only to be invitation to give a speech at Waseda
expensive but also to leave the company University in Tokyo.
heavily on overseas financing. (A) pleasure
(A) dependent (B) ple<\sing
(B) defensive (C) pleased
(C) deliberate (D) please

.-. (D) attributecl

115. A recent study indicates the
7 109. Ever since the company started ottering elderly population has been increasing
.... an unconditional g uarantee on
its products, the company's sales have
of throughout the world.

r (A) that
increased dramatically. (8) which
(A) any (C) \ 1hat

(B) each (D) those

(C) all
(D) every 116. In an unparalleled of g enerosity,
Mr. Davis announced he will donate 80
110. . · -- the take-out coffee shop is percent of his fortune to c harity.
located near the university, it attracts (A) c l1ance
many students. (8) prog1ess
(A) After (C) act
(B) Since (D) number
(C) Despi te
(D) TherefO!e
117. M s. Montague comes to our office
recommended by her previous
111 . Because the number of people registering employers.
for the convention was · (A) high
estimated, the organizers reserved a (8) highly
larger venue than w hat they actually (C) llighe1
(D) highest
(A) inaccuracy
(8) inaccurately 118. Test the batteries in your microphone
(C) inaccurate to ensure that you don't have any
(D) inar;curacies trouble during your lectures .
(A) avoidably
112. We need to make sure that M s. Lindley (8) l11tel~1
has thoroughly examined the first draft (C) rcg11larly
before w e send the final version. (0) highly
(A) she
(B) her
(C) hers
(D) herself

' . 1ant1 ACTUAL TEST 2 201
119. The o f the staff manager is 125. A leadership training course will be
required to get personal time off from offered to hired engineers during
work. the first week of July.
(A) approvingly (A) recently
(B) approval (B) approximately
(C) approve (C) exactly
(0) approves (0) comparatively

120. The company recently decided to extend 126. The Fuji Tech Company has a number
the for submitting applications of new state-of-the-art cameras that
for transferring to headquarters. are available · black and titanium
(A) calendar
(B) intention (A) of
(C) cleaclline (B)in
(D) admission (C) at
121. The vice president says he is unable to
the additional funding the 127. When o nline, the client should
Research Department is requesting. provide contact information like a
telephone number and a mailing address.
(A) distract
(B) dismount (A) registration
(C) provide (8) re!listering
(0) reside (C) registered
(0) register
122. One of our restaurant attendants
glad to assist you with your seat. 128. The company has high that the
candidates it is recruiting will have good
(A) have been
communication skills and extensive
(B) would be
knowledge of their fields.
(C) are being
(0) is being (/\) exp ecting
(13) expected
123. Because of a last-minute scheduling (C) exµectedly
conflict, the vice president will (0) expectntions
the quarterly quality control meeting until
next Friday. 129. It is important that managers stay
attentive to comply w ith safety regulations
(A) di1 ect
(8) present to ensure overall productivity.
(C) propose (A) as well <1s
(0) postpone (0) cv()n thounh
(C) in orde1 to
124. There are three distinct business units (D) v1helhc1
the CMA Computing Firm, each
providing expert technical support in 130. Take the Shuto Expressway for
regional customer service centers. twenty kilometers and then follow the exi t
for Hamamatsuc ho.
(A) <IS for
(8) hetwecm (A) besides
(Cl wi thin (13) b 8l v1een
(0) bucause (C) along
(0) about

202 T0£1C Tru1niny Coinprelicn~1un 860 \'/WW .nl iant
131. All employees are invited to attend the 136. The conference room door must remain
20th - of the founding of Prince locked at all times when the room is not
Syscom, Ltd. at the Marriot Hotel in in
(A) using
(A) inception (8) use
(8) anniversary (C) used
(C) origin (0) usage
(0) date
137. It is important that no machines on the
132. It is still to be determined in the assembly line remain for long.
d epartment will be responsible for writing
(A) idle
the annual budget report.
(8) spare
(A) who (C) void
(8) in wh ich (0) null
(C) why
(O) whom 138. A spokesperson for Highland
Technologies said the company decided
133. Even though we received many to renew its partnership contract with
applications, we cannot find any Viacom developing the new
candidates for this job. w ireless tec hnology.
(A) conditional (/.\) in spite of
(8) requisite (8) except that
(C) secured (C) concerning
(0) q ualified (0) in case

134. Fast and Quality Warehouse guarantees 139. Speed-Net wishes to apologize to its
overnight delivery an order is customers for the recent in
placed by noon. Internet service caused by technical
(A) over problems.
(8) even (A) irritation
(C) while (8) outl.Jrcak
(0) when (C) controversy
(0) clis1uption
135. Vicboss manufactures the highest quality
microphones which are to keep 140. Given that the g lobal econor:ny w ill
your voice clear and loud. improve from next year, the company
(A) relied will probably aggressively increase the
(8) d esigned number of branches in Europe.
(C) 11oti!iecl (A) 01 rr
(0) progressed (B) his
(C) your
(D) its

v.1w1v.11har1triviet .com ACTUAL TEST 2 203

Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter.

Dear Mr. Appleby,

The Whitney Museum cordially invites you, as one of its most donors, to a reception
141. (A) informative
(B) beneficial
(C) generous
(0) various

to celebrate its 15th anniversary. The reception will be held in the main hall of the museum on
the evening of Tuesday, October 22, from 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. We are happy to present Professor
Natasha Grabowski as our speaker at the reception.

at the reception is open only lo invited guests. Please note that preregistration is required
142. (A) Attendant
(B) Attendance
(C) Attendee
(D) Attended

for this reception. you plan to attend the reception, please complete the enclosed
143. (A) As to
(B} Therefore
(C) If
(0) Despite

registration form. The return envelope is provided for your convenience; we must receive a reply
no later than October 10.

We look forward to seeing you at the reception.


Ben Curtis
Chief Public Relations Officer
Whitney Museum

--- -~ ~---------------

204 TOEIC lrcunmg Reading Comprehe11110n 860

www.nlian11 iviet.coni
Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter.

Imperial Inn

Pet Perez
619 N Grand Ave.
Chicago, IL 60608

February 12

Dear Mr. Perez,

I' m writing - -- - the Human Resources Department of the Imperial Inn to notify you formally

144. (A) in respect of

(8) on behalf of
(C) in spite of
(D) a solution to

of our offer of a temporary assignment at our Nova Scotia branch. You are one of the first people
we hired when the company was founded, and we've always been -- - -- with your contributions.

145. (A) impression

(8) impressed
(C) impressive
(D) impressively

In fact, we believe that your involvement in the opening of our Nova Scotia branch made it
possible for it to become one of the largest inns in the area. We're happy to offer you the
position of executive manager at the Nova Scotia branch for nine months.

If you accept the position, we expect you to reside in Nova Scotia during the nine-month period.
There is a good chance that, at the end of the period, you'll be offered a similar position at one
of the new inns currently - - planned for the Asian market.

146. (A) is
(8) be
(C) to be
(D) being


Henrik Stenson
Chief Executive Officer

wvvw.nhant1 ACTUl\l TEST 2 205

Questions 147-149 refer to the following email.

To: Jack Welsh

From: Alex Collins (
Re: Internal Transfer
Date: December 3

I am pleased to inform you that your request to transfer to the Quality Department at our
electronic materials plant in Edmonton has been --

147. (A) cancelled

(B) interrupted
(C) appreciated
(D} approved

As of January 1, you will be in charge of the Quality Department in Edmonton, and your main
responsibi lity will be to ensure that all of our products meet the quality standards set by the
federal government. Also, you have to make sure that all employees - -- with the safety

148. (A) attribute

(B) comply
(C} provide
(D} register

regulations when they are on the assembly line.

Please contact Daniel Tang, the manager of the Edmonton plant, as soon as possible to discuss
the next steps you must take. In addition, I encourage you to complete any unfinished business
at your current job and to help train your -- before you leave your position at the end of

149. (A) recipient

(B) occupant
(C) replacement
(D) attendant

the year.

Congratulations. I wish you all the best.


Alex Collins

206 TOEIC Tra1nrng ReJuing Comprehension 860 1a 11 t

Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter.

June 28

Ms. Rebecca Winston

2595 Dewdrop Circle
Unit No. 29
Birmingham, AL 35233

Dear Ms. Winston:

The purpose of this letter is to convey to you my sincere apologies for any inconveniences you
may have experienced last month with respect to the installation of your Internet high-speed

I just returned from vacation this week and found your file in my in-basket. As soon as I reviewed
your case, it was clear that your May 20 request for a change in service had slipped
150. (A) already
(B) even
(C) somehow
(D) yet

through the cracks.

The only possible explanation I can give is that we have recently had a number of key staff changes
which might have resulted in your letter being overlooked.

- , I have directed our installation group to contact you by the end of this week to set up a

151. (A) Relatively

(B) Correspondently
(C) Consequently
(D) Alternatively

time convenient to you when they can go to your house and install your new router and make
the necessary adjustments to your software.

Because of this serious oversight and as a testament to our appreciation of you as our customer,
we are going to provide you with your first three months of high-speed service free of charge.
Therefore, your account will not be - · until October of this year.
152. (A) balanced
(B) billed
(C) calculated
(D) estimated

We continue to be committed to providing you and all of our customers with the highest standards
of service in the industry.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me at 754-9785.


Robert l<arlson
Mega Speed, Inc.

www.nh;int1ivii>t .corn ACl UAL TEST 2 207

Questions 153-154 refer to the following announcement.
~ ..................J·...............................................,,........ol'a""" ........."'"

-: Murata's Books
:·-: A new bookshop with an exceptional inventory
~~ Located on 121h Street between 111 and 2"d Avenues ~
.._ ,,n
~ We are open from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. from Monday to Friday, ••
~ ~
•" from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. on Saturday, and from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. on Sunday. 90
;:. We specialize in rare items, used books, beloved classics, first editions, •:
and signed books. AJI of our books are in excellent condition. ~.
~ ~
'!J. Present this announcement to receive a 5% discount on one item of your choice. ~
• nu
Ma a
• ••
u0n•a•a•a•a•a•w•u•a•a•.•.•u0a•a•a•a-.0u~••a8a9a9a•a•o•a•alila•a"••a"\i-,,_•aa •.•.•u•a9rJ•.•auo•u•a1'u•M'\JDa•a"u•aA~

153. What is being announced?

(A) A change in a company's business hours
(B) A weeklong sale
(C) The opening of a new s tore
(0) A book-signing event

154. What time does Murata's Books open on Saturday?

(B) 10A.M.
(C) 11 A.M.
(0) 2 P.M.

208 TOEIC Tra1111ng Reading Cornprehens1on 860 \'l'

Questions 155-156 refer to the following announcement.


The Wayfarer Boat Company is pleased to announce som e ch :rn g es in it s fe rry

services from Batam Isla nd to Singa pore. We are confiden t that the ch<rnges w ill be an
_improvement and will satisfy our many customers. As of Augus t 1 of this year:

• There w ill be 25 daily depa rtures from Batarn Island, an im provement from the
original 15.
• There will be more freque nt departures during rush hour times in the morning
and evening.
• There will be two new ferries helping to transport passengers.
• Both new ferries have a seating capacity of 200 passengers, not 150 li ke the old
ferries. I
• Both new ferries will have larger s nack bars, better seating, a nd sever.J I su ites.
We would like everyone to know that, for the rest of the yea r, indi vi rlua l fores w ill I
rem ain unchanged. Our ho urs of o pe ration will also rem ain from 6 A.M. to 9 P.l'vJ.
every day. Please check our webs ite any time after July 1 fo r the new ferry schedule.

155. Whal is the subject of the announcement?

(A) The opening of a new ferry company
(8) Changes in the ferry departure limes
(C) Improvements in the ferry service
(D) The lov1ering of prices for the ferry

156. Which of the following is NOT true about the ferries?

(A) They are all the same size.
(8) They run every day.
(C) l hey travel hetwcen Batam and Singapore.
(0) They have places to purchase food . ACTlJAL TEST 2 209

Questions 157-159 refer to the following information.

The Wide Ocean Corporation

Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping: The Wide Ocean Corporation now ships its high-quality fi shing gear
everywhere in the world. Customers can choose many delivery options, including
overnight, two-day, and Saturday delivery. Contact a sales representative for more
information on our rates. Or shop at our online store and have your shipping rate
automatically calculated and charged along with your payment at the time of your

Return: Customers may return most items for a full refund within 90 days of purchasing
them. However, we do not refund items without a receipt. In addition, customers can
return items purchased at one store to a ditterent one. Purchases made by telephone
or online can be returned to any store or may simply be mailed back to the company.
Please note that items specially wrapped will only be refunded in full if they are still in
their original packaging. Also, we will not refund customers the shipping costs involved
in sending them items.

157. What does the Wide Ocean Corporation do?

(A) It sells fishing produc ts.
(B) It transports packages by ship.
(C) It processes seafood.
(D) It construc ts ships.

158. What delivery option is NOT mentioned ?

(A) Overnight delivery
(B) Two-day d elivery
(C) Saturday delivery
(D) Same- day delivery

159. Which of the following is a part of the Wide Ocean Corporation's return policy?
(A) Customers returning items for a refund do not need their receipt.
(8) Refunds will not cover the cost of delivering an item .
(C) Items bought on the Internet can only be returned through the mail.
(D) The company will not refund <iny item once it has been opened.

210 TOErC Training Reading Coinprehens!On 860 ww1 ian triviet.con 1
Questions 160-161 refer to the following notice.

Atte ntion Alasda ir Inn Guests

O n account of our upco ming renovolions, !here may be changes tha t w ill oflecl you during
your stay with us. To begin wi lh, fro rn July 10 lo 12, !he main lobby w ill be closed . You musl
g o lo the secondary lobby on the wesl side o f the build ing (lhe Elm Slreel enlronce) in order
lo get access lo front d esk, conc ierge, a nd other lobby services. During the week o f July 10,
there w ill be periodic shutdow ns of !he ho tel's elevators because of upg rades being mode
lo them. M o re specific information o n them w ill be posted th ro ughout !he holel. In ca se an
eleva tor is no t operolionol, you may sea rch for ano ther nea rby o ne to loke o r simply use the
sta irs. Fina lly, o n July 12, !here w ill be no hot w aler from 2 A M . until 4 A. M.

iI Please d o not hesitale lo ta lk to ihe concierge if you hove any queslio ns or concern s a bo ut ou1
j. renova tio ns. W e will be posti ng exlra hotel employees throughout the ho lel lo assist you wi th
any thing you need . We w ill also be o ffering free po rter services w hile the eleva tors are being
w o rked o n.

W e apologize in advance fo r a ny inconveniences you mig ht suffer, bul please undersla nd tha t
w e o re merely tr ying to upgrad e ond beoulify our facilities to better serve our guests.

160. What will be available for use at all times?

(A) The elevato1s
(8) The stairs
(C) Hot water
(D) Tile main lobby

161 . What is the purpose of the notice?

(A) To ale1I ~J u ests nllout some upco1ning consllllction
(8) To explain how tiw l1otel is going to be 1cpaired
(Cl T0 mtve;lisc tl1" 1w'.vesl ~e 1vi" e>s av.1ilnblc at tile hokl
(D) To notify n11ests nf hov.i lhe hotel will p1nviclR 11rn in11!; free .,, l'.tit.e:;

\\'W\V 11fi,111l1 i•!it•l .i 0111 ACTUAL TE ~ T 2 211

Questions 162-164 refer to the following email.

To: Brad Frankli11

From: Arnold Westin
Date: Tuesday, December 12 9: 18 AM
Subject: Purchase Order #77624 - Sentinel Business Machines

I'm writing with regard to an order that I recently placed with Sentinel Business Machines.
Unfortunately, the Shipping and Receiving Department imprope rly handled my order. One
week ago, I made an order (#77624) with your company for both a facsimile machine and
a computer monitor. You can find the exact details by checking the order number on your
records. I requested that both items be delivered to Mr. Tim Powell's office, which is on the
third floor of my building. When the order arrived, the deliveryman brought a computer
printer, which I did not order. I alerted your company to the mistake, but no one has come
to pick up the printer yet. This is the second time I have told someone at your company
about what has happened. Until someone from your firm co mes to pick up the printer, it
will remain in Mr. Powell's office.

In addition, Mr. Powell has not received either the facsimile machine or the compute r
monitor which I ordered. I contacted your company to find out if the items had been
shipped, and Ms. Sally Wilson in the Shipping and Receiving· Department assured me
they had both left the warehouse. She stated that ·they had both b een removed from the
warehouse on Friday, December 8, at 10 Aivl. The confirmation number she gave me is
#475064. I have no idea why the package has not arrived yet when it was supposed to be
shipped next-day air.

I would like for you to investigate why the items have not arrived . For your conve ni e nce, I
have attached a copy of the original purchase order along with th e delivery instructions. l
hope that we can quickly solve this problem.

Arnold Westin
Administrative Assistant
Accounting Department

212 TO~IC T1airnng Reading Comprehension 860 Vv1wi1.nha11l11viet.cor n

162. What is the purpose of the email?
(A) To order some o ff ice supply equipment
(8) To complain about a delivery problem
(C) To explain a new shipping policy
(D) To cancel a rec:ent pwc hase

163. According to the email, where is the printer currently?

(A) In Mr. Westin's office
(8) In Sentinel Business Machines' wa1ehouse
(C) In Mr. Powell's o tfic:e
(D) In ti 1e Shippinn ond Receiving Deprirtment

164. What does Mr. Westin request that Mr. Franklin do?
(A) Apologize lo Sentinel Busi11ess Mar.hines for the erro1
(8) Confirm that the order was shipped to Mr. Powell's office
(C) Provide n full refund on t he items that never arrived
(0) Have the ordered items delivered to Mr. Powell

\'!\\''!.' 11'1;111!11111 i.Clllll ACTUAi TEST 2 213

Questions 165-168 refer to the following advertisement.

Do you spend too much of your day driving to worl<?

Are you tired of being held up in traffic every day?
Wheelies Bicycle Shop has the perfect solution: a bicycle.

From now until July 15, all of our models are being offered for 20% off their regular
prices. We are also offering bicycle equipment and tools at discounts of 40%. Finally,
get the finest name· brands in biking apparel for 50% off and purchase tires and bicycle
seats for 60% off their sticker prices.

Wheelies has been in the business of selling bicycles for over 30 years. It w as our
founder's b~lief that "There's no better way to get there than on a bicycle."

Wheelies makes sure to hire only the most knowledgeable staff members. Our
employees are here to serve your needs. Thanks to our loyal customers, we're the
most popular bicycle shop in the state. Come down to 142 Berkeley Street and check
us out. We'll find the perfect bike for you in no time.

At Wheelies, you're guaranteed a good set of wheels!

165. What advantage o f bicycling is mentioned in this advertisement?

(A) H aving shorter commuting lime
(B) Becoming healthier
(C) Being able to enjoy natu1 e
(0) Saving money by not driving

166. The phrase "held up" in line 2 is c losest in meaning to

(A) raised
(B) advanced
(C) d elayed
(D) exa mined

167. What is stated about Wheelies Bicycle Shop?

(A) II has a convenient location downtown.
(B) It has just opened a store in a new location.
(C) II always sells its products at d iscounted prices.
(D) ll s em ployees l<nov1 much about their products.

168. How much of a discount is b eing offered on clothing?

(8) 40%
(C) 50%

214 TOEIC T1ainin<J Re.1ding Comp1ehens1on 860 wwv.i.nhanl1ivil't.LOl11

Questions 169-171 refer to the following letter.
r~·~----·'-~-S._a~t·::1::;;;;:~-.~------- -

l Ms. Claudia Ramirez


~ November 13
Ms. Ramirez: .it
Thank you for your recent interest In applying for a job at Satron Industries. I would like to confirm my !
• receipt of your resume, cover letter, and list of references. Unfortunately, I regret to inform you that the ~
computer analyst position which you applied for was filled earlier in the week. l

I must admit that I was quite impressed by your credentials. I firmly b elieve YOl.l are well qualified for i\
a website designer position that Satron is going to advertise for next week. Your extensive experience
in creating websites makes you an ideal candidate for that position. If you do not mind, I would like
to forward your application to Richard Stanton, the Information Systems Supervisor, and suggest to
him that he invite you for an interview. Let me advise you that you will need to bring a portfolio of your
work to the interview. If you do not already.have one, please create one immediately. ' i
I will wait to contact Mr. Stanton until I hear from you first. You can call .me or send me an email at !
anytime you like. Let me know whether or not you are interested in the alternative position and would
like to meet Mr. Stanton. It

Debora Metzger I
Director of Personnel I
Satron Industries I

169. What can b e inferred from the letter?

(A) Ms. Metzger is going to hire several new employees.
(B) Ms. Ramirez has already interviewed at Satron Industries.
(C) M s. Ramirez has a background in website design.
(D) Mr. Stanton has reviewed Ms. Ramirez's resume.

170. What position did Ms. Ramirez apply for?

(A) Graphic designer
(B) Computer analyst
(C) Website designer
(D) Director o f personnel

171. Which of the following did Ms. Ramirez NOT send to Ms. Metzger?
(A) Her portfolio
(B) Her resume
(C) A cover letter
(D) A list of references ACTUAL TEST 2 215

Questions 172-175 refer to the following notice.

Highlnnd Villn Apnrtments

From : Hee Jin Kim

To: Irina Danilova

Dear Ms. Danilova,

I am writing this letter because of your recent conversation with me in which you decided to
vacate your aparlment. This is to confirm thal you will leave your unit, Apartmcnl 7G, by no
later than 9 A.M. on September I.

As soon as you tum in both sets of keys to your apartment, signaling that you have completely
moved out, I will conduct a thorough inspection of it. By September 3, I will send you a detailed
description of the condition in which I found your apartment by registered mail. You must sign
this report and return it to me whenever you have the oppommity. If I find no problems with
your apartment and it is tell in a clean and satisfactory state, l will return to you in full your
security deposit. However, per your request to have your check ser.1t to you by express mail, I
will deduct $ I0 from your S 1,000 security deposit.

If you sign and return the inspection report to me within one day, I guarantee that you will
receive your check before September 15, the date you arc planning to depart Lo~ Angeles.

On a personal note, I would like to add that you have been a model tenant, and I wish you the
best of luck at your new job in Vladivostok.

Best regards,

Hee Jin Kim, Manager

Highland Villa Apartments

216 l O FIC Training Rc>ading Cornpre he n~ion 860 vvww.nhanu iviet.ro111

172. Why was this notice written?
(A) To inform the tenant of a rent increase
(B) To advertise a new cleaning ser-1ice
(C) To report a change in the apar tment's management
(D) To confirm how a tenant's departure will be har1dled

173. On what date will Ms. Kim inspect the apartment?

(A) August 8
(B) September 1
(C) September 3
(D) September t 5

174. Why will the tenant NOT receive a full refund?

(A) She did not give advance notice of lle1 intention to move.
(B) She is having her check sent by express mail.
(C) She must pay for the damage she did to the apartment.
(D) She failed lo clean hei apartment well enough.

175. What is suggested about Ms. Danilova?

(A) She is leaving Iler apartment because of her work.
(B) She bas lived at Highland Villa Apartments for several years.
(C) She will continue to live in Los Angeles.
(D) She will move into Iler new apar1men t b efore September 15.

ACTUfll TEST 2 217

Questions 176-180 refer to the following advertisement.

: Bondham International

Bondham International, one of the world's leading real estate firms, has been in the

: business of buying and selling properties for over half a century. At first, we specialized
: almost exclusively in selling residential properties, most of which were in Australia.
However, over the years, we have expanded so that now we have a global presence
: and also rent properties and provide management services. We currently rent or

: manage over 15,000 commercial and residential properties in a number of different
• countries, including Australia, Canada, England, Kenya, and Mexico. Our outstanding

: business practices have garnered numerous awards in the industry, and the World •

• Association of Property Management recently named us one of the top ten real estate
agencies in the world .

Our goal as a company is to provide our clients with the best possible service. One
way we do that is by investing heavily in staff training. E_very staff member goes
through a rigorous course before he or she can work with our customers. And our
employees constantly take classes to improve their knowledge. As a result, our agents
can dispense practical advice which our clients know they can rely upon. In addition,
we make use of market research, customer satisfaction surveys, and client interviews
to determine how we can better serve the needs of our clients. ••

• If you are interested in buying, selling, or renting a house or commercial property, or if •
• •
: you simply want to learn about the real estate m~rket, then please visit our website at •

.• ........................................................................ .

218 TOEIC Training Reading Co1 np rehen~1on 860 W\VW.nhantriviet.corn

176. What is the purpose of the advertisement?
(A) To explain how the company became a global leader
(B) To d escribe the services a company provides
(C) To announce the company's intention to hire more agents
(D) To explain why the company's agents sell so many properties

177. What is stated about Bondharn International?

(A) Its prices are the lowest worldwide.
(B) Its statf works only in Austral ia.
(C) It makes excessive use of the Internet.
(D) II has expanded over thP. years.

178. The word "dispense" in paragraph 2, line 5 is closest in meaning to

(A) portray
(B) provi de
(C) choose
(D) determine

179. What is NOT somethi ng that Bondham International does?

(A) It conducts research.
(B) It manages properties.
(C) It offers expert advice.
(D) It constructs private houses.

180. What does the advertisement encourage people to do?

(A) Obtai n info1mation online
(B) Visit a local office
(C) Have an interview with an agent
(D) Fill out one of the company's surveys

ACTUAi. TEST 2 219

Questions 181-185 refer to the following memo and email.

To: The Fiji Office Building Tenants

From: Ms. Eileen Hales, Corwin llill Company
Date: March I

The Corwin Hill Company is pleased to announce that, as of today, we have assumed the mnnagement
of the Fiji O!lice Building. We look forward to working wi1h all of you and addressing any problems.
complaints, or suggestions that you may have.

The following is a list of important contacts in our company.

Legal Department
Administrative Assistant, Mr. Damian Perry <>

Building l\lainlenancc
Maintenance Coordi1rntor, Ms. Callie Wnller <>
(For probh:ms with telephone lines and Internet access, please co11tae1 Mr. Zack Laurel of Beam Win: &
Cable directly at

G eneral Management
Ofl1ce Manager, Ms. Eileen Hales <>

Corwin Hill Company


Frorn: Nancy Abbot <>

To: Callie Waller <>
Date: March 31
Subject: Lock Installation

My name is Nancy Abbot, and I work at Quigley Consulting, which is located on the
second floor of the Fiji Office Building. Due to the number of break-ins that have been
occurring in this building and in others nearby, we are concerned about our company's
security. We therefore request that you install an additional lock on the front door of
the office. As there are five employees here, we will need that many keys as well as the
original. I would appreciate your sending me an estimate of how much this will cost
before the end of the business week.


Nancy Abbot

220 TOEIC Training Reading Comprehension 860 'A"A'W.nhantrivici.( 1>111

181 . What kind of business is the Corwin Hill Company?
(A) A property m;111anc1nent comµany
(B) A security fu Ill
(C) /\n Internet accesc; provider
(D)Alaw firm

182. What is indicated in the memo?

(1\) Tile Fiji Office Building is rcc1uilinq nm·.' [(!1la1 it,;.
(13) file buildinn's teleµh one lin e~ will lie reµ aired ::;0 0 11.
(C) Tile Crnwin Hill Company v: ill liire new s taff m P111br>rs.
(D) \l;i1io11s i11dividuals 111av b e crn1tacted for assisl. 111c1!.

183. To what office did Ms. Abbot send her email?

(A) The Legal Depo1 lrnent
(B) The Building Maintenance Dep;:u In ient
(C) The Technical Support Depn1 lme11t
(D) ·ri1e General M anagement Deprn1mcnl

184. What is the purpose of Ms. Abbot's em ail?

(A) To notify the co111pany tho! sh e has lost llc1 key
(B) To d c te1mine h ow 111uch a 1ww lock will cost
(C) lo Het advice on how to 1nal<E" her f'omp;:iny 1nor<' 8ec1irc)
(D) To request i11fo1 nration on how to lease an office

185. In the memo, the word " assumed" in paragraph 1, line 1 is closes t in meaning to
(/\) contacted
(13) s upposed
(C) l n ke11 o v01
(0) d ecided aq<1111st

\ '1 1.\·'.' 1i:r 1<1 ,,.;l t < 011 ACl UAL fESr 2 221
Questions 186-190 refer to the following email and its response.

•I ······-·--·-·--·-------------------------· •
To: Aiko Mori <aiko@planet.ncl>
I From: Ben Hugh <>
Subject: Acknowledgement
Date: February 2
I This is to acknowledge receipt for the following submissions, which we intend to publish in the next four
I issues of Travel Professional Afonthly. Please note that the a mount you will be paid - which we have already
I agreed upon - is indicated below. You will receive a check for each article no later than two weeks from the
date of publication of the article.

1>:>··= ..
· .· ·.·:•-.;·"'."~-
_:. .. ...
I Amou'iit ~. .·. - Date ~...
. ~

O nline Resources for Planning Tours $180 March 5

Family-friendly Destinatio ns $ 165 April 5

Understanding Airfare Pricing $220 Mays
Tips for C hoosing the Best Hote l $ 190 June 5

I would li ke to tha nk you for your writing contributions. Our publication is widely read primar ily by
professionals involved in a ll aspects of the tourism industry. \Ve have been in print continuously for over two
dec ades. Thanks to writers like yourself, you have enabled our continued success. Jn the future, p lease fee l
free to submit proposals for any future articles you would like to write. \Ve accept proposals both by post and
email. You may also contact me at any time with questions about a proposal you are working on.


Ben Hugh, Assistant Editor

1im•el Professional Mo111h/y 1-800-555-5656


\~ To: Ben Hugh <>

From: Aiko Mori <>
Subject: Payment
Date: April 18


I regret writing this email, but nearly two weeks have passed since the publication of
your April S issue, yet I have still not received payment for my article which appeared
in that magazine. Would you please check on what is happening and then let me know
when I can expect to be paid/

Thank you.

Aiko Mori

222 TOEIC Training Reading Comprehe1111on 860 www.nh il11tliviel.l 01 11

186. What did Mr. Hugh receive from Ms. Mori?
(A) Some receipts
(8) Some magazines
(C) Some artic les
(0) Some proposals

187. Whal is indicated about Travel Professional M ont/1ly?

(A) It is translated into several foreign languages.
(8) It llas been µublished !or 20 years.
(C) It is vuillen exclusively for tourists.
(0) It does no t accept submissions from freelance w1 iters.

188. The word "primarily" in paragraph 2, line 1 of the first email is closest in meaning to
(A) solely
(8) regularly
(C) m ainly
(0) originally

189. What is the purpose of the second email?

(A) To request a refund
(8) To cancel a subscription
(C) To ask about an o ffered price
(0) To inquire about a missing payment

190. What amount of money does M s. Mori request?

(/\) $165
(8) $180
(C) $190
(0) $220

www.11l1tmi1iviPl roin ACTUAL TEST 2 223

Questions 191-195 refer to the following business card and email.

HeinJich Public Relations Company

Dmitri Mandelker
Vice President

I lcinc Huilding Phone: 49 2 11 527056

Goutae Strasse E-mail: mandelker@
I0924 Dusscldorf Web:

From (_N~~n-~~g@~~z-~
To · [ Dmitri Mandelker <> _

Subject r My Information
Date "( January 12

It was a pleasure meeting you at the media conference in Geneva, Swi tzerland, on January 8.
Thank you for informing me about the opening for an international medi~ liaison at your company.
I strongly believe I am an ideal candidate for the position. I am currently employed as the public
relations director of the Schuyler Business School in New York City. At my job, I work very closely
wit h journalists from print, broadcast, and online media outlets. During the cours"e of my job
duties, I provide news leads and also answer numerous questions. I also have a second job: I am
the technology director at Schuyler's student radio station. My work there has enabled me to attain
a certain level of expertise in radio.

As you can see on my resume, I spent several yea rs living in Berlin. I first lived there when I was
studying marketing at Lang Polytechnic University, and then I later worked at the Berlin Media
Relation Group as an intern. Both institutions trained me quite thoroughly, and I also was able to
become fluent in German while living there. I have focused very much on languages, so I am now
fluent in German as well as English, French and Mandarin Chinese. I find that my language skills
have helped me in comm unicating with international media.

Please find attached both my resume and several writing samples, as you requested. I will be
visiting your city next month and can arrange to go to your office for an interview if you are
available and wish to speak with me further.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Nan Ying

224 TOEIC. Tr <tining Reading Comµrehens;on 860

191. Why was the email written?
(A) To follow up o n a previous conversation
(8) To recommend a colleague for a job
(C) To let someone know about a job position
(D) To confirm an appointment for an interview

192. What is indicated about Mr. Mandelker?

(A) He has worked for several different media corporations.
(8) He 1ece11lly attended a conference in Geneva.
(C) He has never met Ms. Ying in person .
(D) He cur rently works in New York City.

193. What does Ms. Ying express an interest in doing?

(A) reaching at Lang Polytechnic University
(8) Dir ecting the Schuyler radio broadcast
(C) Training al lhe Berlin Media flelatio n Group
(D) Working for lhe Heim ich Public Relations Company

194. What is NOT mentioned as one of M s. Ying's strengths?

(A) Fluency in foreign languages
(B) Expertise in media technology
(C) Experience as a print journalist
(D) Training on media relations

195. In which country does Ms. Ying want to meet Mr. Mandelker?
(A) The United States
(B) Germany
(C) Switzerland
(D) China

~'/\\l\\l.nh,111\11'/lf'I ((JI 11 A CTUAL TEST 2 225

Questions 196-200 refer to the following memorandum and table.
r ~-------------------- - ------------~-----~


From: Ann Heller

To: Marketing Division
Date: May 8
Re: Advertising Campaign

During our next meeti ng, we need to discuss in which magazines we plan to place advertise-
ments for Aromaxima Coffee. As you should all know, we considered promoting Aromaxima
on both radio and outdoor billboards, but we ultimately decided to abandon them in favor of
purchasing ads in magazines. To prepare for the meeting, I would like for you all to look at the
list of five magazines I have attached. I initially considered 26 magazines. However, I eliminated
10 because of their limited circulation and disqualified another 11 because their advertising
rates are too excessive. Please consider the information on the chart, which I feel is crucial to
helping us make our final selection.

Since coffee is not a niche product, we are not interested in appealing to just one or two
segments of the population: As a result, all 5 of these magazines have a broad rea dership.
Some have suggested that we choose the second least expensive option. While its circulation
of 45,000 is less than most of the other magazines, it limits how many inserts ap pear in each
issue. Thus, s hould we choose that magazine, our ad will not have to compete with many other
inserts to get the readers' attention.

-------- - --- - --------- - ------------- - ---~

Complimentary magazine on
120,000 Quarterly No limit $ 131, 150
five large air carriers

80,000 Monthly No limit $ 125,000

50,000 Monthly No limit S l 35,850 Targets upscale consumers

45,000 Monthly 3 $85,000

Aimed at fami lies with

35,000 Quarterly 2 $75, 135

226 TOEIC Training Read111q Compreh~nsion 860 www.nh<rn triviel.co1n

196. What does the memo discuss?
(A) Changing the date o f a meeting
(8) Increasing the circulation of a magazine
(C) Purchasing advertising space
(D) Subscribing to a magazine

197. How many magazines did the company originally consider?

(/\) 5
(B) 10
(C) 11
(D) 26

198. According to Ms. Heller, what information w ill be of limited use in selecting a magazine?
(A) Its target audience
(8) Its total circulation
(C) Its price
(D) Its frequency of publication

199. Which magazine is recommended in the memo?

(A) Euro Summe1
(B) Liy/1/ Speed
(C) Rcvi:ed Up
(Q) falllify 7rd\IC/er

200. W hat is indicated abou t Flash World magazine?

(1\) Adv€1 lif.ernc11b lor /\ro1 riaxi11t<1 Coff1't> I1avu 1HP\1 11111'.;ly ;ippP<-tr• :d 1r1 il.
(B) II limits the 11u1111Je 1 of ;:idverlising inserts in t:ilCh rs'..;ue.
(C) It publishes two 1~.s11cs pt>r rno1tl11.
(0) It is nvailnlilc for fine on son111 :-iirlinP. fliqh1·

\ '-IV\"' 1l , 1i f1'. l l •t ll /\CTU/\L TESl 2 227

101. This new laptop computer is much larger 104. Both Ms. ·Hurst Ms. Lewis are
the other one. attending the international technology
conference in Sweden next month.
(8) than (A) either
(C) of (B)or
(D) \"lilh (C) and
(D) nor
102. All employees are always encouraged to
wear their identification badges 105. Due to unexpectedly high shipping costs,
on duty. the company has decided to the
prices of its products.
(O)whilc (/\) increc1sc
(C) cturinQ (0) remain
(f1) for (C) commenl
(D) const1ur.t
103. Tickets sold at this station carry no
of a seat on any particular train. 106. As a DDS Club member, you may have
indicated your special meal to us
(A) assurnnce
on the registration form .
(l3) ncceptrn1ce
(q location (/\)prefers
(D) confidence (n) p1 elere11ces
(C) pref1'rr1119
(0) rirefP.1 cnthl

228 \ !\\'\V nh.11111i\'rCl.tor11

107. Children will only be admitted into the 113. the national holiday, our store will
stadium if accompanied - an adult. be closed on Friday.
(/\)by (A) According to
(8) for (B) Due lo
(C) in (C) Hov1ever
(D) along (D) Thererore

108. For a time only, new c ustomers 114. Without the of the exceptional
can receive a 10-percent-off discount designer Shiho Oyama, the last-minute
coupon when they purchase our problems with the design of the new air
products. conditioner could not have been solved.
(A) limtt (/\) con tr i!Jutions
(B) limits (8) contribute
(C) limited (C) contributed
(IJ) limitation (D) contributes

109. Read the instruction manual 115. BB Brothers Restaurant has just added
when installing the new laser printer. several new items to its - popular
breakfast menu.
(/\) carefully
(8) harmlessly (A) along
(C) extremely (B) already
(IJ) ha1dly (C) before
(D) yet
110. On Friday, a major advertising campaign
will begin in the United Stales for The 116. Joe Durant won his fifth
Firm, a highly new novel from international tennis tournament by
Britain. defeating Greg !<raft last Sunday.
(A) anxious (A) constant
(8) introduced (B) following
(C) rencwablu (C) c onsec11tive
(D) anticipated (D) imn 10cfiale

111. ComTex Computer added some 117. Managers on eac h shift should refer
interesting features to its CC2 line of to the safety checklist to ensure that
computers. steps have been carried out
(A) rnote recent appropriately.
(B) recently (A) most o f
(C) recent (£3) all
(n) rncP-nl ness (C) m11cl1
(D) almost
112. Several leading companies have joined
together the enforcement of 118. As in our s ervice contract, our
online security laws. dedicated staff will handle all service
(/\) pro1note requests within 24 hours.
(0) prrn no led (/\) nolH
(C) to promote (B) notation
(()) pt 0111Qles (C) noll~d
(n) notes


119. you have finished calculating 125. One of the important duties of the quality
your travel expenses, please notify Ms. assurance team is to - - - monitor all
Wallace by phone. manufacturing processes.
{A) In addition to (A) approximately
(B) Neve11heless (B) finally
(C) As well as (C) closely
(D) After (D) nearly

120. Incoming shipments from overseas must 126. Instead of buying the main parts, whic h
be stored workers can find some are extremely expensive, from Japan, the
extra space. Co-way Company decided to produce
parts of
(A) v1hoever
(B) wherever (A) their
(C) \'thntever (8) they
(D) whic hever (C) their o wn
(D) themselves
121. A number of unexpected obstacles are
the merger with the Boston 127. Because of our advertisements,
Telecom Corporation from taking place. our latest d igital music players have sold
a record number of units this year.
(A) withholdi11g
(8) preventi11g (A) loyal
(C) inte1iering (8) amazed
(D) decreasing (C) entertaining
(D) recreational
122. Mr. Axley's flight from Singapore was
delayed for tw o hours. 128. The North American and Asian markets
have grown stronger since the
(A) now thflt
(B) willlin company's launch a year ago.
(C) more than (A) considerntion
(IJ) still (B) consider ate
(C) r.onsiclPral •le
123. The business development office will (D) r.onsidc1 ubly
accept ideas for any new projects you
wo uld like to for next year. 129. Salary increases will be five percent
to just one percent last year.
(A) propose
(B) acqunint (A) 1claled
(C) piartice (B) comprned
(D) employ (C) refc11 ecl
(D) solved
124. The computer technicians at our
pharmaceutical company sales 130. The apartment on Robson Street has
representatives with d etailed instructions been for three months due to a
for accessing the client d atabase. delay in construction work.
(A) o fft'I (J\) vm:antly
(13) m ranqe (1:3) V<IC"Hlll
(C) 1_:011!1ilJllltc (C) V<ICilll(.y
(fl) p1 n11idf! (D) vac.atin~J

230 \'\.1\'J'.HI ll lcil 11 I iVit>\ (011)

131. The media coverage surrounding the 136. Job seekers taking courses in the Manaus
appointment o f Verimax's new chief training program are convinced that their
executive officer is - in the history employment prospects are more
of this city. than before.
(A) impenetrable (A) applicable
(B) immovable (B) promising
(C) unprecedented (C) obtained
(D) unimpressed (D) submissive

132. The Maxten graphics software has a 137. Questions to med ical insurance
new feature - -- users to include should be directed to the Human
up to seven animated elements in a Resources Department.
(A) pertained
(A) d emonstrating (8) pertain
(B) concerning (C) pe11ainin9
(C) allowing (D) periains
(D) preventing
138. , the company expected
133. By approving the partnership agreement, customers to take advantage o f its
Jim Furick, the senior vice president, extended customer service hours, but
expressed his full to our it discovered that most people actually
organization. preferred to use the service before noon.
(A) assessri1ent (A) At first
(B) reference (B) Although
(C) selection (C) In light o f
(D) commitment (D) Despite

134. Employees have worked for the 139. Despite the economic crisis, Best
company for three or more years are Academy Ltd. recently released figures
entitled to apply for the position of sales showing a budget during the last
manager. quarter.
(A) who (A) surplus
(B) whose (S) reward
(C) which (C) price
(D) what (D) substitute

135. The managerial position will offer 140. Mr. Norman, a famous computer
flexibility in scheduling and a higher programmer, has b een w ith
salary. updating our new security system.
(A) fixed (A) appointed
(B) multiple (B) hired
(C) hopeful (C) oblrgated
(D) adclitiorml (D) charged

'vww.11ho11trivir>t .tom ACTUAL TEST 3 231

Questions 141-143 refer to the following memorandum.

To: All New Employees

This memo is to let you know that the orientation for new employees - - - on Thursday,

141. (A) holds

(B) was held
(C) will be held
{D) is holding

September 11 . All recently hired employees are - to attend unless they have made other

142. (A) encouraged

(B) favored
(C) included
(0) reported

arrangements. The orientation will - - -- topics such as medical benefits, the performance

143. (A) speak

(8) account
{C) talk
(0) address

appraisal process, and safety precautions.

Please come to Conference Room 10 on the tenth floor in the BCC building by 9 A.M. Be sure
to bring a copy of the employee handbook to the session.


Katherine Sears
Human Resources

232 TOEIC Training Reading Cornprehen>ion 860 \ vww.nhan t1 iviet .com

Questions 144-146 refer to the following memorandum.

To: Ryan Moore

From: Brian Gay
Date: Wednesday, September 19
Subject: Phone Question

Dear Mr. Moore,

I'm writing to notify you of my recent move to Room 405. I've taken over Nicholas Thompson's
old office and phone number - - he just left the company a week ago.

144. (A) because of

(B) however
(C) as
(D) although

Unfortunately, his customers were not informed this, so, consequently, I have received ,

145. (A) to
(B) of
(C) for
(D) in

on average, over fifteen calls a day for him. I think the reason why I \]el a lot of calls for him is
that the employee directory has not yet been changed . It's so time-consuming and - - to

146. (A) distract

(B) distracting
(C) distracted
(D) distraction

have to take so many calls that are not intended for me.

Would it be possible to change the extension number or connect my old extension number,
3-6655, to Room 405?

I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you very much.

Brian Gay

www.nhdnl1iviet.rorn ACTUAL TEST 3 233

Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter.

Dear Mr. Glover,

Having broken sales records and sales quotas in all of my previous positions and having

147. (A) exceed

(8) exceeding
(C) exceeded
(D) have exceeded

recently received my MBA in marketing from the Stern School of Managerial Leadership at
Florida State University, I am an ideal candidate for the regional sales manager position at
Dream Vacation Club International.

As the leading sales representative at Destiny Vacation Club, I developed key sales material,
trained new sales representatives, and reinven ted the way club memberships are sold. My
team's was more than double the average for the entire operation. The vacation club

148. (A) revenue

(8) money
(C) charge
(D) fund

industry is a dynamic and growing industry, and I am convinced I can help Dream Vacation Club
International improve its reputation and dominant position in the industry.

We should meet to discuss the position. I will contact you within the next 10 days to arrange an

you have any questions regarding my qualifications, don't hesitate to call me at

149. (A) Did

(B) Sho uld
(C) Had
(D) Could

904 -555-2341 or email me. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Webb Simpson

234 TOUC lra111111g Readin9 Coro1p1ehens1u11 RGO ww\· 1.11hil11l1

Questions 150-152 refer to the following email.

Date: Wednesday, June 6

Re: Good News

Dear Dustin,

We are so pleased to say that we won the account for the city c omplex building project starting
in September. We could not have been without your exceptional support and

150. (A) succeed

(B) successfully
(C) successful
(D) success

contribution to the project.

Your suggestion to make a large public garden on the top of the building was particularly outstand-
ing among all of the and made it possible for us to win the bid.

151. (A) submissions

(B) submits
(C) sub mitting
(D) submitted

To celebrate our succ ess, we will have a. reception at the WY Hotel on Friday, August 10. The
hotel is easy to find. Its address is 789 Robson Street, nnd it is located a post office
152. (A) for
(B) about
(C) betweP11
(0) into

and d epartment s to re.

We hope lo see you there. If you have any questions, please call m e a l 654-0979.


Steve Wilson

' N/l\'.1l h-111!111'il't .1.0111 ACT U/11. Tr. Sl ~ 235

Questions 153-154 refer to the following document.
l'W I
t.. "'lo.
I I .
•a Our mission is to prnvictc our customers with electricity and natural gas in a manner
that is safe, reliable, efficient, and environmentally sound. \.Ve inteud to be the leader in
the power supply industry. In order to do so, we are committed to achieving high levels
of operational excclJencc and custom er satisfaction as well as attaining a significant
return on investment for our shareholders.

Elenga Incorporated

153. What is Elenga Incorporated?

(A) A consulting firm
(B) A power company
(C) An accounting firm
(0) An investment bank

154. Which of the following is NOT indicated as a goal of Elenga Incorporated?

(A) Expanding into in terr 1ationnl m::irkets
(B) Making its customers happy
(C) Taking care of the environment
(0) Making profits for its investors

236 TOEIC fra 1111ng Headn19 ComprPhEnsit"' 8ti0 1,·.;1•.11'! .11hantriviPI .con i
Questions 155-156 refer to the following advertisement.
=- r==-==-==----=~~---- -----

Luna's Mexican Grill has opened a new restamant in Roberts vi lle

ao·oss the s treet from the university books tore.
Mention this ad when you eat at Luna's and receive 10% off the price of yam total



Luna's Mexican Grill

l525 West Lowry Sh·cel
Mesa, AZ, 85202

155. What is indicated about Luna's Mexican Grill?

(A) It is localed next to a uool1sto1e.
(8) It does not req ui1 e rese1vations.
(C) It has recently hired a new chef.
(D) It has more than one restaurant.

156. Whal can customers receive al the restaurant?

(A) A free cookbook
(B) A cliscounl on food
(C) A cornplimentrny desse1i
(D) /\ coupon for Ir ee delivtHy

vVW\V.11l 1a11i1 l\'iPl.t< •I 1 ACTUA i. TES I 3 237

Questions 157-158 refer to the following email.

To: Sanjay Kumar

From: Megan Savino
Subject: Position at the Hallington Hotel

Thank you for the application you recently submitted. From the looks of your resume,
it seems that you are an ideal candidate for the position of head chef at the Hallington
Hotel. We would therefore like for you to come in for an interview with us. We have
scheduled you for an interview on Wednesday, June 18, at 10:30 a.m. in room 213. We
request that you bring all relevant documents, including letters of recommendation
from your previous employers, along with you to the hotel.

I have included directions to the hotel down below. Should you have any questions or
should you need to reschedule your interview time, please feel free to contact me at
(312) 500 - 01 23.

Megan Savino
Personnel Manager
Hallington Hotel

Directions to the Hallington Hotel: Take Route 75 north to Redtree Boulevard, and then
turn right. Proceed 1.5 miles, and then turn left onto Tamsworth Avenue. (The Ashton
Footwear store will be on your right.) Proceed 3 miles, going past the University of
Hallington on your right, until you get to Beaver Road, where you should take a left. Go
straight three blocks, and you will see the hotel on your left, just across from Elmer's
Breads and Pastries.

157. Why is Ms. Savino w riting to Mr. Kumar?

(A) To invite him to a job interview
(8) Tu <lSk hilll to ~ ub r ni l l1is resume
(C) To request Ile send her a letter of iecomrnendation
(D) To ;:ipply for a job as a cook

158. What is NOT mentioned in the directions?

(A) A brtkc1y
(B) A riublic park
(Cl An P.ducalional institute
(D) A shoe strn e

238 TOE IC Training Read111g Co111prehen>1011 860 \' '1\'•N.nliar111ivi1 t .1 111

Questions 159-161 refer to the following notice.

Tl,e Novotrnck Bioteclmology Co111p1111y

Please read the following.

As an employee of the Novotrack Bio rechnolog}' Compan)'. you qualify to subscribe co a large number of various
trade publications at high!)' discounted rates. Many of these publications are ones which can help )' OU in your
career, as they are fi lled with numerous educational articles and other valuable information.

V./c invite )'OU to take a look ~t che list ofjournals below. If anr of them appeal to you, simpl)' check che box on the
order form which has been attached to rhis notice. Then, submir rhc order form co Susan Sadler in the Human
Resources Dcparcrncnt. Susan will collecti\·cly turn in all of our orders on Ma)' 15. After that date, )'OU can still
subscribe ro the journals at the discounted rates, bur you will ha\'C to do all of the paperwork br yourself. If you
d1uosc to subscribe by yoursrlr, you must contact Ms. Sadler for the company code chat enables )'OU to subscribe
to the journals ar the discounrcd races. \Ve hope that many of you will rake the opportunity to subscribe to some
of these journals. Doing so will improve rour knowledge base and let you perform your j obs better.

::r , ..
~~ : Regular Price Discounted Price
Journal of Biotulmology $1351}-ear $106/rear
Biotccl> Weekly $118/year $86/year
Biotcclmology Magm::inr $56/year $48/year
1lie Bio Talk Rei•iew $56/year $48/year
Quality Co111rol $48/year $36/year
Applird BiotrclmC1logy $36/year $241}-ear

159. What is the purpose of the notice?

(/\) To extend an offer to ttw company's ernployees
(11) lo 1erninri thP nrnploym~s of their 1cquirocl rcmding
(<:) It>cxpla111 a IJrm u I tlP.\'/ r.ompany polic~'
(fl) In cllllrt •llllC.t.. 111• pulll,·~lillll:J of :,01110 1 tt}\"/ jot1111<1ls

160. How can an employee receive a discount when individually ordering journals?
(/\) P.y :;0nding tire oicl<?r form to Ms. Sndlor
(ll) fly ordednq L•::c1 or 111nrc journals from th e li•,t
(C' I { 'pr:wi11u ~111 ord, r <'V1 r llw t<!le>pltorm
(I J) l !y ,,!J1<1111i11g a SJW< colle fo1 the co1nprn1y

161 . How much will a Novot1ack employee most likely pay for a subscript ion to The Bio Talk Review?
(A) .1o:Hi
(r1) :., m
(l :) :.,f,fj
(D) ~.!)H

\ "\ ' .J I t II 'I" It ; ' on I ACTUAL TEST 3 239

Questions 162-164 refer to the following email.

To: Barry Weinstein (

From: Andrew Kim (akim@celg<
Subject: Next Month
Date: August 3


I'd like to thank you once again for the work you did in arranging the videoconference
last week. You did a truly magnificenl job.

By the way, Maxine Dawson, the person managing the Johnson Company account, just
told me that our next product trial is going to be held on September 8. It's going to be at
the Johnson Company's production plant in Denver. Maxine wants me to fly there with
her to watch the trial.. But don't worry. I'm still going to attend the Society of Electrical ~
Engineers' awards dinner in San Francisco on September 9. I've cleared it with Maxine, _
and rve already booked 111y flight there. I,11 be arriving in the rnorning. Let 1ne kno'" =
when you're getting there, and perhaps we can arrange to meet b efore the event starts.

I can't wait to see you get honored in San Francisco. You really deserve it! ·


Andrew Ki m
Celgar Associates

240 TOElf Training Reading Co111prehen~inn 8GO www.1)

162. What is the purpose of the email?
(A) To announce the winner o f an award
(B) To request some help in dealing with a colleague
(C) To propose a meeting in Denver
(0) To d escribe some travel plans

163. Who is Maxine Dawson?

(A) An employee at Celgar Associates
(B) A m anager at the Johnson Company
(C) Mr. l<im's travel agent
(0) A present er at an awa1ds ceremony

164. What is the purpose of Mr. Weinstein's trip to San Francisco?

(A) H e is going to celebrate his promotion.
(8) He is transferring to a new office there.
(C) He is going to receive an aw ard .
(D) He is attending a product trial.

WVJW.nll . 111t1 iviPt .( Olll ACTUAL TE ST 3 241

Questions 165-167 refer to the following letter.
lia· n
a.c,t~u. /r·i~nJg~~1

88/F Luijin Plaza

Shanghai 2000 11 , PRS ~

July I )

Ms. Janaliyah Bakar

9 Nanais Road
93400 Kuching
l I

Dear Ms. Bakar:

l )

Hongliang Manufacturing is pleased to offer you a position of employment at our
plant in Shanghai. If you choose to accept our offer, you will be employed as a senior ~
vehicle technician, and you will directly report to John Wiener, the plant's manage r of
operations. We would like for you to begin working on August 5 although you may
start at a later date if you desire. You will work a standard 6 a.m. to 8 p.m . shift, and \ll
you will be paid biweekly at the salary we me ntioned at you r interview. You will not
immediately be eligible for time off, but you will get two weeks of paid vacation as
soon as you begin your sixth month of e mployment with us. Y~u will also receive our ~
standard em ployee package with regard to medical care and retirement benefits. l
If you agree to the above-stated terms, sign the e nclosed contract and send it
. by registered mail to Mr. Liang Jin, my administrative assistant, by Jl!IY 15. We have ~
e nclosed an addressed envelope for your convenience. We request that you make a ~
photocopy of the contract for your personal files before sending it to us. I

Please be aware of the fact that o ur company does not cove r its employees' housing
expenses. However, we have a relocation specialist, Ms. Mei Xu, who will not o nly help
you find affordable housing but will also assist you in getting comfortable in your new
environment.Yo u may contact Ms. Xu at if you have any questions )

or concerns about moving to a new country. ~

Finally, if you are curio us about any of the te rms of your e mployme nt, please call me
anytime at (86) 25-5972-8888, and I will do my best to provide you with answers. )
We look forward to having you work with us and contributing to the success of our ?
company. I

Sincere ly,

Jianning Wang
Director of Hu man Resources ')

l...._-""-/,,,...../ ,· '-~-----------~'~' ~' .-~~~. . . ,... . . ~.-...._, \


242 TOEIC Training RC'ad1ny Comp1t>hens1on 860 www nh.:llltnvit·l.1 C•111

165. Why was the letter written?
(A) To instruct Ms. Bakar !hat she mus! contact Ms. Xu
(B) To case Ms. Bakar's concerns about living in a foreign country
(C) 10 niake an offer of e1nployment to Ms. Bakar
(D) To confir m when Ms. Bakar will have her interview

166. What does Mr. Wang recommend that Ms. Bakar do?
(A) l<ecp a copy of all of her documents
(B) Schedule an appointment with Mr. W1eno1
(C) l ake a tour o f the plont in Shanghai
(0) Tell hinr hoV/ much she expects lo get paid

167. What is suggested about Ms. Xu?

(A) She is Mr. Wiener's ad1ninist1ative assistant.
(B) She is not di1ectly employed by I longliang Manufacturing.
(C) She is familiar with tl 1e housing market in Shanghai.
(D) She pays for \he 111oving expenses of the company's new employees.

A CTUAL Tf.ST 3 243

Questions 168-172 refer to the following guidelines.

' ,"' ·- .___ . • .,. .... ~,_,_.~.w-. · c..e.. ._... - -~~~·..._ ......... ~ •

Making a Su<m<IUI Pmontation

.....,,. ~.->~-~~'-'-
· ......:...-.-s'6·-·,..
.__..__ ,f


. .../Know Your Audience ·

J As you arc writing your presentation, imagine that you will be sitting in the audience. Consider what f

~ yo u, as an attendee at the presentation, would like to learn from it. By thinking about the needs and ,
desires of your audience, you will be able to craft an cffeccivc and memorable presentation .

YPrepare Youl'self
i Be sure to rehearse )•Our presentation at least a couple of times. It is always helpful to record your voice
..J and then Hsten to it while you are practicing. This should help )'OU determine if you are speaking too
1 quickly or too slowly, and you can also figure out where and for how' long you should pause at certain
l points.
1 I
J -../Relax
Take a deep breath to relax right before you give your presentation. D o some stretches to get rid of ~
I unwanted tension. Try to focus on what you are going to do and Sa)'· And always make sure you have a t
glass of water that you can sip from for those times when your mouth starts to get d ry. I
l./ De Self-assui·ed
B< rnnfidom in you< •hHi<y <o gi" you< P""n"don in <h< bm po,.iblo m•nw. You <hould not only
feel confident but look confident as well: Stand up straight, keep )'Our shoulders back, and hold )'Our ~·
head up high. Don't slouch or mumble when you speak. The audience responds much more positively
to secure presenters than to ones who look sh)'• nervous, or even frightened.
l .../De Aware of Body Language t
1 Remt mbcr t hat more than half of all interpersona l communication is of th e nonverbal ty pe.
1 According!)'• your body la1iguage - particularly your gestures and facial expressions - needs to reflect
1 I
{ ::~t;:0~~:~~~!s.:~:r::u~ 1::~~;a:~i:cc;:ui:1::;;~a~i:::;co~:· :.::~u:::~: ~::::~::1!,>~:~: ~::s:1i~:t>'.::: )[
I feedback as to which gestm cs and expressions arc eftective and which are not.
- ·· - ... .. .- .....,.-.._ ~ ·~ · - .·-· ..- ~p'""••~ -., •• - ...-.-.-· · ~'V"' . . ._-.,..._- - · --..-- l'T"'•--C.--P-,....•••:,...u - - - ··- '""' ~ ' ·- ·

244 l OEIC Training Reading Cornprehension 860 www.n l1il1

168. What is the topic of the guidelines?
(A) How to learn a foreign language
(8) H ow to interview a job candidate
(C) How to make a sp eech in public
(D) How to be an effective team member

169. Which technique is NOT mentioned in the guidelines?

(A) Mal<ing lists
(8) Rehearsing
(C) D eep breathing
(D) Stretching

170. For what problem is p racticing recommended as a solution?

(A) The malfunctioning of audio equiprnent
(B) Speaking at an inappro priate speed
(C) The inability to foc us one's attention
(0) A lac k o f par1icipation by the audience

171. The word " secure" in paragraph 4, line 4 is c losest in meaning to

(A) confident
(8) sale
(C) attached
(D) quiet

172. What is indicated about nonverbal communication?

(A) It is c1uc ial \'Jhcn speal(ing to o ther people.
(13) It is less effective when speal<ing l o large audiences.
(C) It is not often used when s pHaking a forni9n lrn1guage.
(0) It is something that cannot be unproved w ith practir.c.

\'.'•,'!\'J .fli lrllltli'Jil ..C 01 11

Questions 173-176 refer to the following information.

Cascade Falls General Information

Aquatic Club Swimming Pools
Tuesday - Friday 6 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday I p.m. - 5 p.m.
C losed every ~fonday
Membership Information
Welcome to the Cascade Falls Aquatic Club. This
Office Hours
Monday - Friday 9 a. m. - 5 p.m.
leaflet explains many of the policies that you, as a
member, should know about.
Exe. I I 0 for hours and closures
\V/e arc a nonprofit organization located on the
Ext. 111 for the club o ffice
campus of Cascad e Falls University. \Y/c enable 1
Exe. 11 2 for thc swimming school
members of the local community ro gain access to
Exe. 113 for prerecorded general information
two of 1he school's three swimming pools.

We periodically hold lifeguard certification classes. The

Thanks to the services tha1 we provide, we are able
times depend upon the schedules of the instructors.
co effectively promote both good flmess and aquatic
Comact cJ1e club olt!ce to learn when classes arc being
education for the Cascade Falls community.
held and also to register for the classes.

173. For whom is the document intended ?

(A) Swimming instructors
(B) Employees of the club
(C) New c lub members
(D) Cascade Fnlls University students

174. Which extension should a person call to regi ster for lifeguard training?
(A) 11 0
(B) 111
(C) 112
(D) 113

175. The word "promote" in paragraph 3, line 2 is closest in meaning to

(A) advance
(8) commend
(C) advertise
(D) disturb

176. What is NOT mentioned about the swimming pools in the leaflet?
(A) M embers 111ay use tho111 six driy::; a wc•PI<
{B) There are chang i n~J roo111s next to tlte111.
(C) Special classes nrc so11 1P.t irncs hold in lltem.
(D) There are three of them nt the university

246 TOUC Tra1n1ng Rrad11 1~1 um1prelrc1won 860 1.i11lriviet.corn

Questions 177-180 refer to the following memorandum.
From: Mike Thereaux, Director of Operations
To: Ballard Corporation Construction Managers .•
Date: January 22
Because of several reports I have received lately, I have rewritten parts of the company's quality :
and safety standards. I have done so in order to clarify certai n aspects of them. You and the
employees under your supervision need to become familiar with them and follow them lo the
letter. I have included the changes below, but I will also send copies of them to all employees by •
the end of the month. Please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that the regulations
are followed so that Ballard can continue making high-quality cement in as safe a manner as

The following are the amended passages:

Storage: To ensure that the quality of the cement remains high, the. cement should be fresh,
not dried, which will allow ii to dry smoothly and be of high quality. Cement bags should remain •
unopened until immediately prior to being used.

Safety: All employees should wear protective gloves and boots as well as long-sleeved shirts
and pants al all times whenever they are working with wet cement. Employees should wear
masks when they are working with dry cement. Whenever an exposed part of an employee's
body comes into contact with wet cement, the employee must immediately wash the area with
soap and warm water in order to prevent any harm from occurring to him or herself .
177. Why was the memo sent?
(A) To announce some upcoming safety inspections
(B) To 1ecommend a new r.011rse on snfety proccuures
(C) To show some revisions in lhe company's quidelincs
(0) To explain the company's current position in the marl<et

178. What is suggested about the Ballard Corporation?

(/\) It recently hired several construction 1nanagers.
(B) It is rnal<ing plans to change its suppliers.
(C) It manufactures sto1age containers.
(0) It has had problems with the quality of its cement.

179. Which of the following practices is NOT mentioned?

(A) /\voiding the 11sage of cement that is dry
(8) Using cement that lias not aged beyond a r.ertflin time
(C) Keeping l>ags closecl until they are ready to be used
(0) Limiting the ti111e that the cement rema ins in bags

180. What safety precaution is discussed in the memo?

(A) /\voiding injuries when polll ing ce111e11t
(B) Wearing the proper clothes
(C) Disposing of paper bags
(D) How to handle cement with one's bare hands

www.n h;int1iv1et.crn11 ACTUAL TEST 3 247

Questions 181-185 refer to the following advertisement and catalog pages.

40 Cloverd11le Ro11d, A11g11st111 GA 30101
(705) 555-0132

Happy New Year! Even though it's winter now, it's time for you to begin thinking about what you're going co
plant this spring and summer. At Arista's Garden, we cry to provide you with the biggest selection of planes and
flowers in the ciry. So we've added a wide selection of plants from Holland, France, Greece, and Spain for you
to plant in your garden. W e h ave two new types of roses - Blue Rio and Palau Queen - which, thanks co their
wonderful aromas, are sure to delight every gardener. We've also got Royal Red strawberries and seedless grapes
that we've imported from Spain. Take a look at page 2 of our newest catalog to learn how you can cake advantage
of our early bird promotion. All of che plants listed there will be sold at 15% discounts for che first two months
afrer they become available.

Arista's Garden
Winter Catalog •• Arista's Garden
Winter Catalog

Upcoming additions to
our selection of plants Fruits
seedless grapes
Bulbs Royal Red strawberries
Sun set Glow tulips Herbs
Roses thyme
Blue Rio
Palau Queen Shrubs
Meillandine witch hazel
More upcoming additions appear
011 the next page.

Page2 Pagc3

248 v1ww.11h.111tiivi<'l c0111

181 . What is mentioned in this advertisement?
(A) A d elivety service
(8) New plant varieties
(C) Gatdening seminars
(D) Landscape n1aintenance

182. What is suggested about the roses?

(A) They are somewhat ,rare.
(B) They come in many diHerent colo1 s.
(C) They have a pleasant scent.
(D) They are from France.

183. From what country do the fruit plants come?

(A) Holland
(B) Fr ance
(C) G1eece
(0) Spain

184. Which o f the following will be offered at a discount?

(A) Royal Red strnwben ies
(B) Basjl
(C) Lilacs
(D) Dcittodils

185. What is indicated about some of the items in the catalog?

(A) rhey are 110 1 yet available for delivery.
(B) They c an only be shipped to local d estinations.
(C) They cannot be ordered in lcirge q1mnlities.
(D) They must be planted in tile winier.

www.nh;:inlfiviet.\0111 ACTUl\l TEST 3 249

Questions 186-190 refer to the followi ng flight itinerary and email.

•·-------·····-------·--·-···············-· •
Kirby Air
Flight Itinerary January 11
Reservation Code: GHG 26276
Title First Name Last Name

Flight No. Departing Cabin Deparrure Time Arriving Arrival Time

WD159 Overre COACH Feb. 24, 1:00 p.m. Rio Pallaiio Feb. 24, 2:50 p.m.

Flight Connecting layover of 40 minutes

WD236 Rio Pallario COACH Feb. 24, 3:30 p.m Nasanta Feb. 24, 4:30 p.m.

WD472 Nasania COACH Mar. 3, 3:00 p.m. Rio Pallatio Mar. 3, 4:50 p.m.

Flight Connecting la)'ovcr of 40 minutes

WD845 Rio Pallaiio COACH Mar, 3, 5:30 p.m. Overre Mar. 3, 6:30 p.m.

This itinerary is confirmation of your reservation. Please print this document and present it 10 the emploree at 1he
check-in coumer.

Notice: The passenger must pay a $50 proc~ssing fee for any changes made to chis itinerary by the passenger.
Addirionall)'. as ofJanuary 1 of this year, Kirby Air has implemented a $25 fee per bag for all passengers checking in
more 1han one piece of luggage. There is a 20-kg weight limit on each bag. Passengers must pay $10 per kilogram for
exceeding the weight limit,

Dace: February J
Subject: Flight co Nasanta

Dear Mr. Evans,

I am wricing to inform you that your flight from Overre, which is set to depart on February 24 at
I p.m.. will now depart at J p.m. instead.This has you leaving two hours after you were previously
scheduled co depart. However, your new flight will take you directly to Nasanca, so you will not
have a layover in Rio Pallatio. The reason for this change is that the connecting flight from Rio
Pallatio to Nasanta has been canceled for that day. Please note that your arrival time in Nasanta
remains the same and chat your return flight home remains unchanged.

Please respond to this email as soon as you get the opporcunity so that you may confirm your
acceptance of this change. If I do not hear from you within 24 hours of sending this email, I
will actempt to contact you by telephone. I want to make sure we can receive your approval
for these changes and then finalize your travel plans. On behalf of Kirby Air, I apologize for any
inconvenience this may cause you.


Erica Andrews
Kirby Air Customer Service Representative

250 TOEIC Trainmg Reading Coinprehen11011 8&0 \·vww.11 hant1 iviet.crn n

186. At what time is Mr. Evans scheduled to arrive in Nasanta?
(A) 2:50
(C) 4:30

187. What is the basic fee to check in a second piece of luggage?

(A) $ 10
(C) $25

188. Why d id Ms. Andrews send an email to Mr. Evans?

(A) To notify him of a schedule change
(8) To apologize for an error on his ticket
(C) To find out if he received his updated itinerary
(0) To remind him lo make a copy of his itineraiy

189. Which flight was canceled?

(A) W0159
(8) \1\/0236
(C) W0472
(0) WD845

190. What does Ms. Andrews ask Mr. Evans to do?

(A) Select another flight to Ove1re
(8) Inform her o f his telephone 1111mber
(C) Pi:ty an addilionn l fee
(0) Acknowledge receivino lite email

Wl/,".'·.'.lll l dlll 11\'ll. l.< 0111 ACTUAL TEST 3 251

Questions 191-195 refer to the following letter and information.
r--------------------------------------- -~
Dear Ms. Cohen,

Your former colleague, Dinah Smithers, suggested that I should get in contact with you regarding an
exhibit which I shall be in charge of at the N ew York Fashion Museum. I am sure )'OU are well aware
chat Dinah is the curator at the museum. She is helping me categorize and display the various items
in my exhibit. The main features will be costumes worn by actors in movies from around rhc world
during the l 970's.

It is for this reason that l am contacting you. I am a huge fan of the movie T/Jc Secret Lift· of Eilrrn
Dm•is, which was released by the Coastal Film Stttdio in 1978 and which won an award for the best
costume des ign at the International Movie Awards chat same )'Car. If it is acceptable to you, I would
love to include in the exhibit an outfit worn by the leading actress. lf you consent, I can arrange to
have the outfit picked up by courier. I will make sure to displa)' the costume in the proper cond itions
so that no harm comes to it. At the end of the exhibition's threl>-month period, I will have the outfit
cleaned b)' a professional and then returned to you.

Please let me know )'Ollr opinion regarding this matter. I look forward to a favorable response.

'Nith best regards,

David Alexander

Glitz and Glamour: Mo\ie Costumes from around the World in the Se\·entics. p. 23
The costume shown in the photo was worn by ac tress Stacy Smith in the 1978 blockbuster
film The Secret L(fe of Eileen Daris. This handmade embro idered ·outfit MIS made by Susan
Cohen, who was responsible for film cost umes for the Coastal Film Studio for two decades.
While retired from making costumes, she continues to work for the studio as a co nsultan t.
For this o ut fit, she embellished a traditionally styled blouse with glittery sil ver embroide ry.
The wide-legged trousers added a modern touch to t he ensemble - perfect fo r Ms. Smith, who
danced the night away in the movie.

252 10EIC Training Re~ umg Comprehension 860 wv1w.nhn11t1 h·iel .c ut 11

191 . Why was the letter written?
(A) To promote some new exhibits at a mus eum
(8) To praise a film from the 1970's
(C) To inquire about an actor's availability
(D) To ask lo borrov1 an item

192. Who will help .Mr. Alexander arrange the exhibit?

(A) Slacy Smith
(B) Dinah Smithers
(C) Susan Cohen
(D) Eileen Davis

193. What does Mr. Alexander offer to do?

(A) Provide more information about the exhibit
(B) Pay M s. Cohen to create an identical outfit
(C) Ensure that the outfit is carefully c leaned
(D) A1 range for Ms. Coli en to visit the exhibil

194. Which of the following is NOT indicated about Th e Secret Life of Eileen Davis?
(A) It won an award.
(B) It will be shovm al the museum.
(C) It mad e a lot o f money.
(D) Its outfits v1ere d esigned by M s. Cohen.

195. What is indicated about Ms. Cohen?

(A) She has heen associated w ith the Co.-istal Film Studio for a long time.
(B) She stopped making movie co stumes clw ing Ille 1970s.
(C) She is the owner o f the Coas tal Film Studio.
(D) She mad e <111 nppearance in The Secret Life o f Eileen D<wis.


Questions 196-200 refer to the following advertisement and email.

•··---------------------------------····-- • • I
Situated on a hill overlooking the ocean, t he Westview Center combines the luxuries that I
you expect at a world-class resort with all of the professional services you need to conduct I
business. Not only do we have three conference rooms that can handle large groups of people.
but the Dolphin Room and Sand Castle Room have all of the necessary amenities for groups of up I

to fifteen. The Westview Center also has a forma l dining room as well as a more relaxed cafe. Our
one-and two-bedroom suites are equipped with wireless Internet, and we have both fax machines
and coffeemakers In every room. We have indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a state-of-

, the-art fitness center that all of our guests a re welcome to use. For reservations or more 1
I information, contact or call us at 5 5 5-2000.
• •
·---····-···-···------------------------ -·
TO: Martha Jackson <> . l
FROM: Daniel Pleet <>
DATE:January 17
SUBJECT: Reservation I
Dear Ms. Jackson:

I would like to confirm receipt of your deposit in the amount of $225. You have
reserved a one-bedroom suite for the nights of March 15 and 16. In addition, we have
reserved the Dolphin Room for you from 11 AM to 4 PM for your March 16 meeting.
However, you must pay a deposit of $300 by February I, or we will not be able to i
guarantee you access to the room on that date. I

Wh en you submit your deposit, pleas e let me know what kind of equipment you
require for the presentation. This will enable us to prepare the room in a manner that f
best serves your needs and ensures that your meeting flows as smoothly as possible.

Finally, you indicated that you wanted us to provide a buffet luncheon for your group.
Please contact Janet Philips, our catering manager, at 555-2000, extension 444, and she
will be able to handle whatever requests you make of her:
Sincerely, l
Daniel Pleet
Reservations Manager, W estview Center

254 TOEIC Training Reading Comprchens,on 860 www.nh;int1 iviPl.1 ,11 11

196. For whom is the advertisement most likely intended?
(A) Families
(8) Hotel managers
(C) Students
(D) Business professionals

197. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a feature of the West view Center?
(A) Exercise paths
(8) Restaurants
(C) An indoor pool
(D) Facsimile machines

198. What is suggested about Ms. Jac kson?

(A) She is the president o f her company.
(8) She has stayed at the Westview Center b efore.
(C) She is going to host an event.
(0) She is getting a discount on her room rate.

199. Which of the following is correct about the m eeting?

(A) Partial payment for the meeting space has been made.
(8) No more tlwn fifteen people are going lo attend it.
(C) Participants will receive a discount on their ho tel rooms.
(0) It will lake pince on February 1.

200. What will M s. Jackson ask Ms. Philips l o do?

(A) Provide Iler with a refund
(B) Change her room assignment
(C) Arrange for food service
(0) Make a d eposit

W\\•\ v.11l 1antr ivin.c 1>r11 ACTUA L TEST 3 255