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Academic Standards for Visual Art- 6th Grade

Create Present Respond Connect

Foundation Cr1 Generate and Foundation P1 Select, Foundation Cn1 Synthesize

conceptualize artistic ideas analyze, and interpret artistic Foundation R1 Perceive and and relate knowledge and
and work. work for presentation. analyze artistic work. personal experiences to
artistic endeavors.
6.VA.Cr1.A Combine concepts 6.VA.P1.A Analyze similarities 6.VA.R1.A Analyze how 6.VA.Cn1.A Generate and
collaboratively to generate and differences associated images and cultural investigate a collection of
innovative ideas for creating with preserving and associations influence ideas that reflect awareness
art. presenting traditional and ideas, emotions, and of current interests and
emerging media. actions. concerns through art-
Foundation P2 making.
Develop and refine artistic
techniques and work for
6.VA.Cr1.B Investigate 6.VA.P2.A Individually or 6.VA.R1.B Identify and
personally relevant content for collaboratively, develop a interpret works of art that Foundation Cn2 Relate
creating art. plan to display works of art reveal a variety of world artistic ideas and works
that includes analyzing the cultures and values. with societal, cultural, and
exhibit space, while historical context.
considering the audience.
Foundation Cr2 Organize and Foundation P3 Convey and Foundation: R2 Interpret 6.VA.Cn2.A Analyze how
develop artistic ideas and express meaning through the intent and meaning in art reflects changing times,
work. presentation of artistic work. artistic work. traditions resources, and
6.VA.Cr2.A Experiment with 6.VA.P3.A Explain how an 6.VA.R2.A Interpret art to cultural uses.
new ideas, materials, exhibition in a traditional or identify ideas and mood
methods, and approaches in emerging presentation space conveyed by determining
making works of art and reflects the history and relevant context and
design, using course specific values of a community. analyzing use of media and
craftsmanship. subject matter while using
appropriate art vocabulary.
6.VA.Cr2.B Explain Foundation R3 Apply
environmental implications of criteria to evaluate artistic
conservation, care, and clean- work.
up of art materials, tools, and 6.VA.R3.A Develop and
equipment.. apply relevant criteria to
evaluate a work of art.
6.VA.Cr2.C Design or redesign
objects, places, or systems
that meet the identified needs
of diverse users.
Foundation Cr3 Refine and
complete artistic work.
6.VA.Cr3.A Reflect on and
revise personal artwork to
convey intended meaning.