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Mission: that meets international standards in order to represents, desire, energy, warmth and pleasure.

We are a company dedicated to the production develop new products and achieve the Is a short word or phrase easy to remember, an
and commercialization of a wide range of Positioning of the Entity in the liquor markets, original and striking slogan, often used in
industrial products in which we will use and improve its corporate image and be highly advertising, political, religious propaganda.
implement our economic resources, in the use of competitive, so that its growth results in the Logo
products and high quality inputs to achieve the generation of greater resources for the financing The logo is defined as a symbol formed by
positioning of our brand in the national market as of health, images or letters that serves to identify a
also the international market, all this for the sole education and social development, both company, brand, institution or society and the
purpose of obtaining the satisfaction of our operative and administrative; counting on a things that are related to them. The most
customers and consumers. modern physical and technological infrastructure important thing about a logo is that it is legible,
that meets national standards in order to develop reproducible in any material and that generates
Vision: new products and achieve the entity's positioning visual impact.
Converting LICORMIX Liqueur Company to in the liquor markets, improve its corporate
2018 in one of the leading industries nationwide image and be highly competitive, so that its
in the production and commercialization of growth results in the generation of greater
liquors and their derivatives, through the resources for the financing of health, education
implementation and development of and social development.
management schemes that guarantee the quality Definition of colors
of their products and its processes, both Meaning of the color yellow: means fun,
operational and administrative; counting on a intelligence, youth, beauty, betrayal, sensuality,
modern physical and technological infrastructure creativity. Meaning of the color red: means
attraction, strength, life, courage, also
ADDRESS: Avenue legarda N65 B

PHONE: 3445879