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GOOECEPEROEEP ES "be f a 110 ff THE ROCK BOOK 7 j 10. Why isthe riff so important to the success ofthis song? « See 1 iz 11, Which word best describes the speed of this song? a A {@) Allegro (fast) (b) Andante (walking pace) © Adagio (iow) ” 4 12. At the end of the song there is a long improvised solo for which instruments? (1 io tg 13. How would you describe these solos? @ | e a é 14. How does the song finish? a ee “b Total: 20 marks | fre E r4 DID YOU KNOW? pe ei “smoke on the Water’ is a description of a fire at the Montreaux Casino in Switzerland, & £ & Teh Deep PURPLE d =e RE-CREATING ‘SMOKE ON THE WATER’ SS ‘Smoke on the Water’ is based on a very simple idea. Look at the riff below and learn it. J=90 “S ys & & & & ‘h be COPE PPE REE E y