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Introduction Gastein Valley with Wildkogel Salzburg City Salzburger Land: Zell am See and Kaprun

Salzburger Land Engl/Arabic
Gastein Valley, Zell am See, Salzburg City

Out and about in the SalzburgerLand

Vacation guests truly appreciate summer in the SalzburgerLand, for the air is clean and clear. The SalzburgerLand is full of fabulous sights to see – and Salzburg City is a baroque jewel. Embark on a journey of discovery and you will be amazed.

Sumer in the mountains

Relax in a splendid mountain world, surrounded by lush meadows and green forests, and you will understand why the SalzburgerLand is the perfect destination for your vacation. The SalzburgerLand is also a region of lakes. No matter how young or old, when you take a dip in one of our clear lakes - be that the Wolfgangsee, Fuschlsee, Wallersee, Zeller See or Trumer lakes – you are guaranteed to feel on top of the world. Unforgettable times, walking and shopping in Salzburg City, sitting in one of the traditional coffee shops – wonderful moments and memorable vacations await you during a Salzburg summer.

Alpine Wellness

Alpine Wellness Hotels are extraordinary oases of well-being in the midst of the SalzburgerLand’s mountains. Their special alpine health & wellness programs are based on centuries-old knowledge. In addition to the ambience of the hotels, food is a major factor in enhancing well-being. Which is why Salzburg specialties take their place alongside vegetarian, light and whole-foods cuisine. When it comes to keeping in shape, the mountains are the world’s biggest open-air fitness center.



An excursion through the SalzburgerLand

“A piece of paradise” – thus it was that author, Carl Zuckmayer, described his adopted homeland, the SalzburgerLand. If you know this region, you cannot fail to agree. This land is marked by an imposing combination of mountains and lakes, rivers and forests, pretty villages and prosperous cities. Every region – from the Salzburg Lake District to the Hohe Tauern National Park – has something unique to offer. Join us now on a short tour.

Beautiful countryside | The facts and figures are as attractive as they are impressive. With a population of only some 147,000, Salzburg has more than 4,000 cultural events per year and some 20 baroque churches. The city‘s silhouette is unparalleled: Hohensalzburg Fortress, the baroque Cathedral, the Franciscan and Collegiate Church at the foot of the Mönchsberg and the mighty, legendary Untersberg in the distance. A few of the many “musts” on a visit to Salzburg are described below. Splashing in the Water | Longing for the Lakes I 185 lakes adorn the City of Salzburg’s environs, the Salzkammergut region, the mountain valleys, and even the mountaintops themselves. The summer sun turns many of them into colourful playgrounds for all who long for fun in and around the water. Nature | Nature & Conservation I So that nature can continue to thrive unabated, many spots have set their focus squarely on conservation efforts. The Hohe Tauern National Park – the largest in all the Alps – is but one example.




Three multi-faceted towns

The richness of the Gasteinertal area goes back to several centuries due to its gold mines. It became famous worldwide because of the healing thermal springs. Over 5 million litres of fresh thermal water bubble up each day from the healing springs of Gastein. Rich with the natural element Radon, thermal water of Gastein has a vitalising effect on the human organism and its ability of self-healing. The combination of thermal water and the Alpine atmosphere makes Gastein the Mecca for nature-lovers and those seeking relaxation. Even dignitaries from the Arab region like the Saudi kings and Iran’s Shah have known and valued Gastein.

The Gasteinertal Valley has three places with three different characters. Bad Gastein pampers its guests with complete comfort, unique Belle-Époque romance, the flair of an internationally famous casino as well as various cultural and entertainment possibilities. In the sports-oriented and modern Bad Hofgastein, guests find vitality and openness expressed in a charming way at a place for leisure and relaxation in the middle of the Gastein mountain area. Dorfgastein is a symbol of mountain romanticism, friendly habits, indigenous hospitality, fun, entertainment for whole family. Gasteinertal Tourismus GmbH Tauernplatz 1 | A-5630 Bad Hofgastein P. +43/6432/33 93 | F. +43/6432/33 93-120 |



Ski-Arena Wildkogel

Neukirchen and Bramberg are the appropriate home for various kinds of vacations to those who carve for winter. In addition to the caring hospitality, there is a wide range of winter sports and entertainment facilities and the well-prepared ski tracks and tracks. Skiing, carving, snow-boarding, hitch-hiking , sledging, snowwalking accompanied by National Park guides or igloo building in the Ski area Wildkogel, one can feel winter with all senses. You can ski, carve and snow-board up to the doorsteps of your hotel. The best snow conditions are available in the probably friendliest skiing areas of Austria, the Wildkogel area, from December to spring time. You can reach a height of 2100 m in Wildkogel in the shortest time using a top modern six-seater ski-lift. There are 55 km of well-prepared tracks, well-overlooked slopes for families and physically demanding slopes to Neukirchen (5 km) and Bramberg (14 km). More than 1300 different heights excite the young and old. Tip: The 14 km slope leading to Bramberg is probably the longest sledging track that is lighted throughout the evening.

TVB A-5741 Neukirchen am Großvenediger P. +43/6565/62 56 | TVB A-5733 Bramberg am Wildkogel P. +43/6566/72 51 |

Wildkogel Holiday Region, Neukirchen & Bramberg

In the middle of the Kitzbüheler Alps and in the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park: Features of this location are enough expression of what tourists can expect in the vacation area of Wildkogel in summer and winter.

Mountain area Vacation Delight

Around the Wildkogel, the mountain with the most beautiful views in Oberpinzgau, are the highest mountaintops of the Austrian Alps: Großvenediger (3.674 m), Großglockner ((3.798 m) and the beauties of the Hohe Tauern National Park with its 1800 sq m, Europe’s second largest wildlife sanctuary. Enjoying pure nature in Neukirchen and Bramberg, the two hospitable places in the vacation area of Wildkogel offer you a six-day variating program for children as well as for sport activists, wellness enthusiasts, hitch kickers, Alpinists and bikers. The background comprises of Austria’s glaciers at 3000 m high, green Alpine meadows and rich plains in addition to the highest waterfalls in Europe and beautiful mountain lakes.

Enjoy the original hospitality and culture

Vacation area Wildkogel is located at the gate of the Hohe Tauern National Park, one of the most pristine landscapes of the eastern Alps. Here the four seasons of the year are displayed in full originality, diversity and harmony. In the vast archaic nature, an original lifestyle is still preserved. Large numbers of old structure are put under preservation order. Daily life is outlined by traditions and hospitality has a special natural value.



Mozart and Salzburg

Mozart and Salzburg - although Mozart‘s music has captured the hearts of music lovers around the world, Salzburg is the city most closely associated with the great composer. 350 of his loveliest works were composed in Salzburg, laying the cornerstone for his unique career and making Mozart what he has undisputedly been to this day: the world‘s most important and most often played composer. His memory is preserved in Salzburg with great love and expertise. Visitors from around the world will find traces of Mozart in Salzburg: Mozart‘s Birthplace, the Mozart Residence, the Mozart Monument, etc.

Salzburg Festival

Salzburg Festival – Music has a very high standing in Salzburg, which is not remarkable considering that over 4,000 music and theater events in a variety of genres are held throughout the year. In addition to such highlights as the summer Festival, the Jazz Festival in November or Mozart Week in January, a cache of orchestral and chamber music concerts, serenades, soloist concerts, concerts in the loveliest concert halls in Salzburg‘s palaces, pop and rock concerts, performances at the Landestheater, intimate theater, the Marionette Theater, Advent and New Year‘s Eve events, the Sound of SalzburgShow, Mozart Dinner Concerts, etc. are also available.



Salzburg – Stage of the World

Salzburg combines a magnificent past with an active present. The great heritage left by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the powerful prince archbishops is just as omnipresent in Salzburg as a contemporary culture and convention program.


Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, winning international acclaim in 1997 upon being designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The historic city center with its variety of structural styles is a rare architectural treasure. Strolling through the narrow streets one can find buildings dating from the Middle Ages, the Romantic Age, the Renaissance, Baroque and elegant, classic burgher houses from the monarchy in close proximity. No historical age failed to leave its architectural mark on Salzburg. With a city so rich in visual attractions, guests are encouraged to plan enough time for a visit to Salzburg to capture some of the city‘s unique atmosphere and join in the lively urban bustle. Whether you‘re coming to enjoy the culture, go shopping, take a stroll, stop at a café or simply spend a day in town, Salzburg has many charming facets. Highlights: Hohensalzburg Fortress, Cathedral, Residenz, Getreidegasse, Mirabell Gardens, Hellbrunn Palace and Trick Fountains, Klessheim Palace (houses the Salzburg Casino in an elegant, baroque ambiance), and many other attractions.

Sound of Music

Sound of Music fans must use the opportunity to visit the famous film locations on a trip to Salzburg and its environs. The movie has become a cult film overseas and many fans have always dreamed of seeing where Maria once lived. Locations: Nonnberg Convent – Mirabell Gardens – Residenz Square – Mönchsberg-Terrace – Horse pond – Frohnburg and Leopoldskron Palace – Mondsee Church (wedding chapel in the movie) – the Sound of Music gazebo in Hellbrunn.

Tourismus Salzburg GmbH Auerspergstraße 6 A-5020 Salzburg Tel: +43/662/88987- 0 Fax: +43/662/88987-32


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The SalzburgerLand is, without doubt, Austria’s premier gourmet destination. Its exceptionally high density of award-winning restaurants is the best proof of all. This year, 65 restaurants in Salzburg city and state were recipients of 99 awards from the internationally renowned Gault Millau Guide.

SalzburgerLand capital of culture and fine dining

Salzburg brimming with atmosphere

Salzburg is a town described by many names. “City of Mozart” is probably its best known. The “Festival City” is its most prestigious. And for many it is the “Baroque City” – a city with a splendid past, once ruled by powerful archbishops. It is the city of top-notch cultural events and, at the same time, a city with an eye to the future, nestled in the heart of Europe. A stroll down its Getreidegasse, a famous shopping street decorated with the signs of various guilds, suffices to give you a sense of this city’s flair. Countless coffee shops between Mozart’s birthplace and the Residenzplatz invite you to rest and savor the moment.



The Kitzsteinhorn

Austria’s oldest glacier skiing region. An eldorado for all snow-seeking sportsmen in winter, the ideal terrain for hiking or climbing in summer: Kitzsteinhorn right in the middle of the ‘Europa-Sportregion Zell am See-Kaprun’ is a synonym of an active, but relaxing holiday in the mountains. The skiing area on the glacier is now celebrating its birthday. For 40 long years the ‘Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG’ has been taking skiing fans, sun worshippers, and mountain lovers up to the top of the mountain, up to a height of 3.029 metres. Europa Sportregion Zell am See – Kaprun Brucker Bundesstrasse 1a | A-5700 Zell am See P. +43/6542/770-0 | F. +43/6542/720-32 |

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Europa-Sportregion Zell am See – Kaprun

With 13,500 beds and two million overnight stays per year, the Europa-Sportregion Zell am See - Kaprun is one of the most important tourism centres in Austria.

The right offer for everyone.

Summer delights between valleys and mountains: There is a lot of action in the Europa-Sportregion. When the temperatures rise, an entirely new summer world opens up among the mountains and valleys: there are all sorts of things to be discovered by land, by water and by air. Schmittenhöhe and Kitzsteinhorn offer ideal conditions for hikes through the untouched countryside. The professional mountain guides of the area know all the best paths like the back of their hands. Exploring the region by bike is another option for tourists. Twelve different tours offer the right choice for everyone, from a leisurely ride along the ‚Romantikweg‘ cycle track to the challenge of 80 kilometres of mountain roads up towards Grossglockner. Windsurfing, sailing, diving or water skiing: when the sun is burning hot, Lake Zell provides a very welcome cooling. Water sports experts hold special courses in which they teach interested tourists the right tricks and techniques. The internationally recognized sailing licence, which can be acquired in the Europa-Sportregion, enables its holders to sail always ‘close to the wind’. Rafting or kayaking is even more exciting than sailing. The rapid currents of the Salzach and Saalach Rivers guarantee for lots of fun. All those who like things to move a little more slowly, but still want to enjoy the cooling liquid, can go for a pleasure trip on the lake on one of the boat of ‚Schmittenhöhebahn AG‘. And if you would like to be the skipper of your own small craft, there are rowing or electric boats for hire. The high-ropes-course guarantees a fair amount of thrills when you balance along some narrow beams or climb ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ at a dizzy height. Canyoning is quite exciting, too. Gorges, water falls and rock pools turn this trip into a wet, but wonderful pleasure. A glider or hang glider flight as part of an ‘active holiday’ will provide glorious views from high above the idyllic towns of Zell am See and Kaprun. A game of golf, on the other hand, offers relaxation. The ball can either be holed in on the two renowned championship courses or, alternatively, across the loops and obstacles of one of the three miniature golf courses.