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Please keep this important document for your records.

This is only an order acknowledgment and is not a bill
Thanks for your order.
Visit us on the web at
Thank you for choosing Sprint ! To activate your new phone, please refer to the enclosed yellow bordered instructions. If
you purchased a wireless modem, refer to the instructions included with the device to activate and program it. To view or
download Sprint Customer Agreement Terms and Conditions, Return Policy, or brochures describing our products and
services, please visit If you have any concerns regarding your order, visit or call
customer service at 1-866-866-7509, Monday thru Sunday 6 AM to 11 PM.

Ship To:
ATTN MARK LOARD Order No : 103125470956
MARK LOARD Location Code : 0725621
134 JEFFERSON BVRD Order Date :24/02/2014
CA 90291-2561
 Ship Date : 24/02/2014
Wrhs Order No:100287

Item Item Description Retail Price/ Ship Unit Price Extended

Inventory Cost* Qty $599.99 Price
IPHONE5C IPHONE 5C 16GO PINK $649.99 1 Disc - $599.99
NO.F73M43EPFFHR $50.00
Mobile No: - NO CONTRACT $0.00
ESN/MEID: 358541057393556 1 $0.00


NO. HHX9473Q

Payment Info. CR
 Order Subtotal $829.98
Sales Tax $60.01
Order Total $889.99

* In California, sales tax is calculated on the full retail price of the device, not the discounted price you pay. In Nevada
sales tax is calculated on the inventory cost of the device. Your sales tax was bases on $928.98
Sprint SIM may only be used with devices certified for use on Sprint network. You can check if your device is certified at

Return/Exchange Policy : New and Certified Pre-Owned merchandise may only be returned or exchanged within 14
days of purchase. You are permitted to make on exchange. A restocking fee of $35 ($70 for netbooks and tablets) applies
to any return or exchange of a wireless device (excluding Hawaii). See for complete
To receive a credit for the activation fee, cancellations must occur within 3 days of activation of service. Returning
equipment does not terminate your service - please call Customer Service at the number above. If you received a
replacement device under the Certified Like-New Replacement program, you must return your original device within 10
days. BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT CUSTOMERS: The terms and conditions for return and exchange, including the
return period, may vary by contract. Please contact your Sprint Account Manager or refer to your contract to determine
the terms and conditions of your Sprint contract.

Return Instructions: (1) Place all contents and copy receipt in shipping box. (2) complete the return-shipping label and
affix to the outside of the box - keep copies of receipt and la bel (3) arrange pickup with original shipping carrier, (4)
contact us at the phone number on the receipt for device exchange or cancel service

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