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NUMBER: SB-221-020
DATE: 6/11/02
MODEL: E-Tech™,
(Also applies to Mack Trucks Australia)
(Supersedes bulletin SB-221-020 dated 3/19/02)


Improper removal of an electronic unit pump (EUP) from an engine, or certain failures such
as broken EUP hold-down bolts, will result in a rapid pop-up of the pump from the bore.
Should this occur, the unit pump tappet spring seat can dislodge from the plunger foot. The
plunger, however, is retained by a retaining clip, so it will remain in place. Should a spring
seat dislodge, no damage occurs to any of the parts involved, and the unit pump may be
reassembled as described below.

Figure 1 — Electronic Unit Pump

When removing an EUP from an engine, use the proper

service procedures as described in the applicable engine
service manual to avoid the possibility of serious injury.

When servicing a unit pump, take care not to damage any

machined or threaded surfaces. Work should be performed on a
clean, non-metallic surface.

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1. Remove the plunger retaining clip.

Figure 2 — Removing Plunger Retaining Clip

2. Pull the plunger out of the unit pump bore until the gold portion of the plunger is visible
through the retaining clip slot. The shoulder of the plunger (where the silver colored
and gold colored areas meet), will just align with the bottom of the unit pump housing.

Figure 3 — Gold Portion of Plunger Visible Behind Retaining Clip Slot

To avoid possible contamination or damage to the plunger, do

not remove the plunger completely from the unit pump. If the
plunger is inadvertently removed, dip it in clean fuel, carefully
reinstall into the unit pump bore, then check for smooth, free
movement in the unit pump bore.

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3. With the plunger pulled from the unit pump bore as described in step 2, slide the
retaining clip into place. The flat side of the clip goes into the retaining clip slot.

Figure 4 — Installing Plunger Retaining Clip

The plunger must be positioned as described in step 2 when the

clip is installed, or reassembling the unit pump spring and spring
seat will be difficult, if not impossible.

If the retaining clip is damaged or severely worn, it should be

replaced with a new clip (part No. 935-5235960). These
retaining clips are available through the MACK Parts System.

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4. Place the spring onto the unit pump body.

Figure 5 — Installing Plunger Spring

REV If the plunger spring is broken or damaged, new springs (part

No. 935-5236614) are available through the MACK Parts

5. Install the spring seat (flat side against the spring) with the larger hole of the spring
seat keyhole opening over the plunger foot.
6. Slide the spring seat so that the plunger foot goes into the smaller, center hole of the
keyhole slot.

Figure 6 — Installing Spring Seat

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7. Using the heel of the hand, press down on the plunger and spring seat until a click is
heard. The click indicates that the plunger has been pushed down, and the retaining
clip has seated to hold the plunger, spring and spring seat in place.

Figure 7 — Seating Plunger and Spring Seat

REV 8. Install new o-rings (o-ring kit part No. 8609-EHL243) and lubricate with clean engine
9. Reinstall the unit pump into the engine using the procedures as outlined in the
applicable engine service manual.

The labor code and maximum labor allowance for this operation is as follows:

Labor Code/Allowance — 221 2A 01 20 — 0.2 hr., Time to assemble unit pump spring to

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