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Daily Lesson Plan/Learning Guide

Course, Unit Theme and Grade Physical Education

Level Tchoukball Day 2

Utah State Core Standard and Standard 1: Students will achieve a level of competency in mo-
Objective tor skills and movement patterns

Standard 4: Students will develop cooperative skills and posi-

tive personal behavior through communication and respect
for self and others
Lesson Objective Students will be able to become comfortable passing, shooting,
and rebounding the ball off of the rebounder.
Students will begin to understand 3 pass rule and no defense
How do activities, materials etc. • Interpersonal learning will be used while passing with team-
connect to students’ prior mates
knowledge? • Kinesthetic learning will be used during the activities/drills
• Students will draw from their knowledge regarding our pre-
vious day of instruction regarding tchoukball

Assessments • Participation points

• Following of rules and procedures
Learning Activities: • Roll call
(Include description and time • Wake up call warm up. (Students will imagine they are
frame for each activity) sleeping and wake up late for school. They will run to the
bathroom, brush their teeth, wash their face, get dressed,
run downstairs, run back upstairs, grab backpack, run to
school and leap over objects)
• Discuss goals for the day in roll call lines (new freeze, criss
cross with ball in lap and arms extended behind)
• Instruct students to break into teams based on color paper
drawn and sit behind cones
• Use one group as an example and Instruct students on the
human rebounder drill while ensuring back is never to-
wards students
• Instruct students on what rebounder to go to and 3 students
will put on pennies
• Allow students to practice the human rebounder drill and
focus on catching and accuracy
• Freeze students in criss cross position with eyes on me.
• Instruct students on 3 vs 3 movement drill with three passes
being required before a shot on goal. There is no defense
allowed in tchoukball (intercepting, batting ball)
there is also no running with the ball Defenders will
try to rebound ball and make three passes before shooting
on goal
• Freeze students in criss cross position with eyes on me.
• Instruct students to place tchoukball back inside rebounder
• Demonstrate final shooting drill along black lines shooting
at wall with mats. (left foot forward for right handed, right
foot forward for left handed)
• Instruct students to pair up with one of their teammates at
their station and line up along black line
• Each student will make 5 throws against wall pretending re-
bounder is in place
• Freeze students
• Instruct students to take two steps before leaping over black
line (this will symbolize forbidden zone) and throwing ball
at wall (teammate will be recovering ball)
• Students will conduct this drill 5 times each
• Freeze students and instruct them to place tchoukballs back
in synch bag and line up in role call
• Students will sit down in role call to debrief the daily lesson,
ensure the goal was reached, and clarify any questions they
may have

Accommodations made for strug- • Grouping strategies will be utilized by creating even teams
gling and accelerated learners based on ability and skill levels.
• Team captains will be selected based on observed skill levels
(captains role for tournament will be to report scores and
make sure team is on correct court)

How has the prior day’s assess- • The prior days have supplied the knowledge of some of the
ment shaped your instruction? basic rules of tchokball
• Students will “Freeze” when teachable and correctable mo-
ments present themselves