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An Introduction to Our Company and Services

About Us

Ant Colony Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a technology savvy software company

providing solutions to commercial and service industries, with corporate offices
at Ravipuram, Kochi.

Our software applications and custom solutions can redefine your operations by
converting your systematic work flow into an integrated end to end software
application. It reduces manual intervention and automatically organizes your
daily tasks into separate functional modules using the cloud computing

We organize your business at the tip of your fingertips!

So Look Ahead and Move Forward…
Why we call us “Ant Colony” and how it relates to our product and
our philosophy

An ant colony is a closed life support system with every function to support life,
hidden in the subtleties of daily tasks. The keywords that come to our mind
when we study a group of ants are – organized, sticking together, busy,
meticulous, fast, hardworking, “never give up!” attitude and so on…

Our online applications are designed as a holistic system to track, organize,

distribute, document, delegate and mobilize and digitize all operations of a
company functioning in a service oriented environment.
Our Vision
To be a solution provider using contemporary technology to redefine business processes with
cost effective, user friendly platforms to support commercial and managerial functions

Core Values
 WE believe in treating our customers with respect and honesty
 WE focus on imagination, inspiration and innovation
 WE do everything with integrity, timeliness, openness and sincerity
Our Mission
To build long term trustworthy relationships with our customers, by providing customized software
applications to support e-commerce, marketing and managerial responsibilities

Industry Focus:
 Education – Educational Consultancies, Schools, Colleges, Academic Institutions
 Health Care – Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Gyms, Health clubs and Spas
 Retail/Shops – Supermarket Chains, Online Food and Vegetable Sales, DIY Shops, Tools and
Hardware Outlets, Malls and Cinemas
 Tax/Finance Consultants
 Travel and Tourism Agencies
Location and Infrastructure
We are located at Kelmers Complex, Sreekandath Road, Ravipuram, Kochi.
We have a 2400 sq. ft. Office premises, that includes our software development zone.
- High End Workstations with File Sharing
- High Speed 4G network and seamless internet
- Complete Power Backup
- Windows enabled workstations
- Remote servers for disaster recovery and backup
- Data Security and Firewalls
- Network Audit conducted at regular intervals
Areas of Expertise
Ant Colony employs experts who are thorough in technical knowledge and are familiar with
various contemporary software applications. The company has appropriate infrastructure and
hardware for seamless services and for responding to technical queries.

Software: PHP, Java SE, J2EE, ASP. NET, Python, PHP, jQuery, Web Services, RESTful services, Struts
Databases:Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL
Operating Systems :
all Windows and Linux, Solaris, BSD
Consultancy/Business Consulting:
IT/Professional Services:
Industry Knowledge Solutions:
We also have specific products, that are ready to implement software applications for tracking leads and
enquiries, monitoring and managing multiple branches and tools for supervising and allocating resources and
funds. These applications are built with capacity to customize and adapt to suit your business.

FitTracer is an online
A tailor made application for gyms, health
application for educational clubs, aerobics clubs, yoga “Train Anywhere” is a
consultancies to digitize studios, spas, saloons and software application which
their operations. It is a community clubs. Designed can be used to create e-
quality driven and activity to save all types of records learning modules and
oriented information system - leads and enquiries, examinations , that can
for marketing, finance member profiles, fitness be accessed through
documentation, team and progress, fee laptop, Smartphone or
management, work-flow collections, attendance, any other internet
monitoring and branch by bookings and sales enabled gadget.
branch coordination. information.

LeadsTracer for FitTracer for Train Anywhere

Educational Health Clubs and Gyms An Online Examination Tool
Custom Solutions

An application to
applications to
create multiple
convert your
document vaults to
marketing process Team
CRM/ERP store, edit and
into a connected Management
Solutions retrieve various
network of activities Solutions kinds of documents
that can be reviewed
Software Apps focusing on team in an organized
from end to end
applications for communication for pattern
developing a bond initiating roles and
with customers and Mobile Learning responsibilities. E-Commerce
maintaining Tools Solutions for Solutions
efficiency driven networking and
resource planning Making the learning implementing An innovative set of
process easy and decisions software applications
responsive with using contemporary
intelligently designed technology to
learning software, mobilize your
noted for its user- e-commerce
friendly features platform
Value Additions and Cost Savings
How our software application can save your costs and add value to your enterprise!

A pattern of work flow emerges

20 – 30% Savings in
Overall Working Costs
Easily point out flaws in manual

Team decisions become proactive

and timely

Quickly monitor cash flow and

working capital

Improves quality and effectiveness

of responses
Typical Work Flow for Software Development & Implementation

Development of
design and
A Business confirmation
show interest in Analyst meets A second round
our s/w apps you at your of discussion for
location to customization
understand and inclusion
your of relevant
requirements design elements
A S/W engineer
works on the

S/W Implementation
and after sales
Quality Assurance & Testing
Our software development team carries out a stringent quality
Requirements Analysis assurance cycle, in order to remove any type of flaw or procedural
errors that might pop up during initial software development.

After study of the requirements, testers work with software

Design Analysis developers during the design phase to determine the
parameters that can be tested. Testers develop a strategy to
conduct testing and plan the schedules. After developing a
Test Planning scenario for testing the scripts, testers execute the software to
identify the errors. Testers generate metrics and make final
reports on their testing pointing out relevant errors and plans
for modification. Retesting the defects is finally carried out to
Test Development study all the functionalities and hidden errors.

An acceptance testing is done to ensure whether the end user

Test Execution or customer can finally start using the software applications
without errors.

Test Reporting

Retesting The Defects

Contact Us

Antcolony Technologies PVT LTD

2nd floor, Kelmers Complex (Near V.G Saraf
Hospital), Sreekandath Rd, Ravipuram,
Perumanoor, Ernakulam, Kerala 682016
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