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Women Empowerment

Empowerment is all about development. Dictionary meaning of empowerment

is to give or delegate power or authority. To give power to women so that they can take decisions for
their betterment can be called women empowerment or it can be defined as a process of capacity
building leading to greater participation, effective decision-making power and control leading to
transformative action.

There are several reasons that why women empowerment is important, women
are around 50% of the population means their share in development is approximately 50% so ignoring
them will hinder nation's growth. Besides this aspect of development, women are human beings.
Violation of woman's rights is violation of human rights. There has been gender discrimination in India
so in order to reduce it women empowerment is very important. Gender equality and women
empowerment are the two sides of the same coin. Women empowerment will contribute to the gender

In order to empower women firstly it is important to make them aware of their

rights. Because unless and until an individual want to improve or empowerd nobody can make that
happen for them,others can just facilitate to empower. Pillars of empowerment are 1)Education 2)Better
health facilities 3)Political representation 4)Legal rights 5)Financial security through self-employment
6)Nutrition. All the above factors listed are crucial to women empowerment.

Education should be considered first in case of women empowerment.

Education is important for every individual. Education enables women to realize the potential they
have in them. Education improves self esteem,self confidence which are one of the main factors in
empowerment. Education makes them aware about their rights,gives opportunity to use their potential
for their welfare. Education gives more employment opportunities which in return gives them financial
stability and improves self confidence and improves their status in the society.

Legal rights has been given to women by Constitution of India. But the problem
is with the enforcement. Though 'The Dowry Prohibition Act,1961' has been passed but still the evil
tradition of dowry is going on. Everyday in the newspaper there is at least one case of domestic
violence or dowry death. The same is the condition of 'The Pre-Natal Diagnostic Technique(Regulation
and Prevention of Misuse) Act,1994'.Instead of this act female foeticide is going on and sex-ratio has
become unequal which is of greater concern.

All other factors listed earlier are also crucial to women empowerment. I think
women empowerment can be achieved through working on all these factors as well as by changing
mindset of the men. If they will start taking women as human being like them and respect them then the
women empowerment will not be a difficult task.