Part Time Full Time Work A Tract Book Essay By Anthony J. Fejfar, J.D., Esq.

, Coif © Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar

I have heard in Germany that they are going to a part time work week for everyone, required by law. In the United States there is, for some reason, the rather idiotic idea that if you do not work a 40 hour work week, or longer, that you are somehow mentally ill. In fact, in some law firms,

attorneys work 80 hour work weeks. I know of one guy who worked in a big firm who supposedly was pulling down a big salary, and, do you know what? When you looked at the huge amount of hours he was required to work and divided that by his salary, you found out that he was only making around $5.50 an hour, about minimum wage at that time. It is completely

absurd that a person goes to school for four years undergraduate studies, three years of law school, and then ends up making the same hourly rate as a kid right out of highschool who is sacking groceries at the local grocery store.


But the problem is even deeper than what I have discussed. Somehow we have found ourselves in a workaholic culture. It is so bad that some lawyers will even brag that they missed their son’s baseball game because they were putting in hard hitting hours. It is sad. I argue that the normal work schedule for a human being, especially on doing intellectual work, should be around 20 hours per week or less. Intellectual people perform best in an environment where there is little stress. Long hours produces stress. Long hours and stress produces mistakes. Human beings evolved from tribal culture. In tribal culture the male spent most of his time at home relaxing or doing odd jobs such as repairing a bow or sharpening an arrowhead. Work was hunting. If the tribe lived in the right area a warrior hunter might go out and hunt for two or three hours once every two or three days, and that was it. In medieval culture it was the same way. People were layed back. They took time to talk to each other and took rest breaks. There was typically one religious holiday a week where no one was allowed to work. Most jobs were part time. Finally, in science fiction and in the new age literature there are discussions of highly evolved societies on other planets. In these societies people work part time. Part time is full time. Part time pays full time. If in


a law firm for example, the senior partners would accept a sensible salary cap in instead of maxing out profit, then the money saved could be distributed throughout the firm and everyone could work fewer hours. In my own case, I worked at a large law firm for two years and then left to go into the Jesuit Novitiate. For me, full time legal practice was not a satisfying lifestyle. I left the Novitiate and went into legal academia. As a law professor I had flexible hours and could excel. Because I was not required to work a 40 hour week in the office I could spend time at home reading or meditating or later spend time with my kids. While some people took 4 hours to prepare for a one hour class, it took me just 45 minutes to prepare once I had taught the class a few times. Now I work part time as an attorney and I write. I am basically poor. I am saving money to buy a car. could never do it full time. I enjoy my law practice, but I know I

I live in a one bedroom apartment by myself.

Even though I do not make much money I am basically happy. I like my clients. I have basically a street law plaintiff’s practice. I have time to meditate and to write. Although Divine Providence dealt me this hand, it is working out just fine. I suggest part time full time work for everyone.


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