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Irem Ulutas iremulutas1995@gmail.

HackerRank LinkedIn Mobile : +90-554-436-3610
Software Engineering Intern Google Japan G.K. Jun 2017-Sep 2017
Google Maps
• Built the pipeline for Google Maps Android App which provided user interaction on location items for the first time.
• Used ProtocolBuffers, C++ and Java on the server side.
• Implemented the Client part of the project , Google Maps Android App.
• Presented the project at the end of the internship to the Maps team in Tokyo (∼ 80 people of audience).
• Further details are subject to NDA.
Software Engineering Intern Inomera Research Jun 2016-Feb 2017
• Worked on the main project, netmera, a B2B service for mobile application’s push notifications to millions of users.
• Designed pages using HTML/CSS and AngularJS for front-end, Java Spring and MongoDB for back-end.
• Got a return offer at the end.
Digital Marketing Apprentice Jan 2016-Oct 2016
• Evbana is a web-based startup that gathers real estate-seekers with agencies for a better house seeking experience.
• Joined the team to increase its recognition among potential users.
• Increased the visibility by %300 and the Internet traffic by %200 of the web application.
Student Assistant Bogazici University Sep 2016-Jan 2017
Data Structures and Algorithms Course
• Revised the course material -e.g. C++ Basics, STL, Heap, Graph Algorithms, Dynamic Programming- during lab
sessions for approximately 100 students enrolled in the class.
Participant ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Oct 2016
South Eastern European Regional Contest, Romania Branch
• Formed the team of 3, with which attended the contest.
• Participated as one of the very few female contestants among 92 teams.
• Received Honorable Mention Certificate of Bucharest part of SEERC.

Computer Engineering Bogazici University Sep 2014-Jan 2019
Bachelor of Science
Computer Science and Engineering IIT Bombay Jan 2018-Jun 2018
Bachelor of Science

• Smoothing and Line Detection: Reduced time to process large data by %80 by parallel programming techniques.
Message Passing Interface Library of C Language was used for communication between master and slave processes.
• Interpreter from MatLang to C: Generates the corresponding C File and makefile to run it. Java
• OS Scheduler: Organizes processes with given arrival and execution time data according to round robin scheduler.C+

Languages & Technologies

• Coding:
◦ Confident:
∗ C++, Java
◦ Experienced:
∗ Python, C, Assembly, Haskell, Prolog, SmallTalk (Projects with each)
∗ SQL, MongoDB
∗ Django, Django REST, Java Spring, AngularJS, PHP
• Languages: Turkish(Native), English(Academic Proficiency), Russian(Daily Communication)

• Ranking: 1282nd in Yandex Algorithm 2016, 1835th in Google Hash Code 2017,
403rd among ∼ 2 million participants in University Entrance Exam.
• Organizer: Bogazici Unviersity ACM Winter Camp 2017, IP Conference 2016&2017
• Member: Bogazici University Student Council, Bogazici University ACM Community