To simulate a filter frequency response using MATLAB and Pspice software 2. To verify the mathematical characteristics of different types of passive filters with electronic simulation software like Orcad·s Capture and Pspice. 3. To derive the frequency response using transfer function. II. PROCEDURE 1. The formula for calculating the parameters like cutoff frequencies, center frequency, bandwidth and the quality (Q) factor for series band-reject filter are as follows:       


3. 4.

With values R = 260 , L = 3.166 mH, and C = 500 F, make a MATLAB script showing the frequency response of the series resonant of Figure 1. In your script, include calculation of the following parameters: the resonant frequency o, fo, c1 (lower cutoff frequency, actually derived from a HPF), c2 (higher cutoff frequency, from a LPF), bandwidth (BW), and quality factor (Q). Also, calculate the transfer function at cutoff frequencies. o = ______________ c1 (fc1) = ______________ c2 (fc2) = __________________ BW = ______________ Q = ________________ |H(j c)| = ______________ Run the script file. Copy the frequency response of circuit of Figure 1 on your semilog paper. Note: You may run with an ORCAD capture to see if your program display a correct or similar response.

8. Make a MATLAB script and append it to your previous program and re-run it and observe the response. Load ( ) BW Quality Factor (Q) 10 100 1000 10 k 10. Make a comparison between your unloaded and loaded filter responses. The purpose of this section is to investigate how a resistive load connected across the output terminals of the BRF affects its behavior. Name 2 applications where a band-reject filter is being employed. . Perform Table 1. (a) _____________________________________________________________________________ (b) _____________________________________________________________________________ 7. better sensitivity b. Sketch the response on your semilog paper. Connect a load of RL = 10 ohms on your BRF as shown in Figure 2. linear response d. Name the other two circuits referring to a band-reject filter or showing the same frequency response: (a) _______________________ (b) _______________________ 6. A higher Q indicates that a circuit has ______________ a.The circuit of Figure 1 is a band-reject filter. 9. State in your own word the effect of loading in a BRF. high gain 11. ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ 5. better selectivity c.

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