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Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.)

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  Dhaka Ahsania Mission Skills Development Training for Garments Worker

Skills Development Training for Garments Worker

Project Introduction:Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) a leading national NGO in Bangladesh. It has been working since 1985 with the

poor and disadvantaged people for livelihood training and employment support. From 2006 DAM has taken initiatives to develop

skilled workers of Ready Made Garment sector in Dhaka and Gazipur districts. Under the financial and technical support of

Güldenpfennig GmbH DAM has started a project named “Skills Development training for Garment Workers” from February 2010. The

skills development training program has been well appreciated by the employers of the RMG sector as well as the community people

for giving a viable training support to the poor and disadvantaged adolescents and youths who never could have such opportunity.

DAM has successfully completed the program in January 2011 and provided skills training of 630 targeted people where 625 were

placed in job directly as RMG Machine operators. As a continuation DAM under taken this project for training to 630 disadvantaged

people on RMG operator courses and to place them job in RMG factories as skilled RMG machine operators at different Garment and

Sweater Industries. The project is aimed at empowering especially the young and underprivileged women by providing technical and

social skills to improve their employment opportunity, income and upgrade social status as well as to benefit employers through

improved performance by creating 630 skilled operators for Ready Made Garment sector in the project period February 2013 to

January 2014. The project targeted and given priorities to the unemployed and underemployed adolescents and youths between the

age group 18 to 25 years who are from ultra poor, disadvantaged, disabled and women headed families, many of who are  unskilled

or retrenched garment workers living in urban slums came from remote coastal  and rural areas. The project activities are

implementing through 2 (two) vocational training centers of DAM located at Dhaka City and Gazipur district. These two centers are

well furnished, decorated and equipped with necessary modern machineries and tools. DAM ensured one machine to each

participant to develop skills as competitive and quality garment operators. The project offers 3 (three) training courses designed for

3 types of garment manufacturing industries (garment trades): (1) Knitwear Garment (Sweater Knitting), (2) Knitwear Garment

(Sweater Linking) and (3) Garment Machine Operation (Woven and knit Garment). The duration of the course is 384 contact hours

spread over two months (8 weeks), Technical training 282 hours, Life skills and social compliances training 102 hours. The project

appointed total 15 staffs (male 13 & female 2) as per project plan. It is observed that the RMG sector has been able to bring a

tremendous success in the employment of the poor and low literate men and women in Bangladesh.  At present over 3 million

people are working in the garment industries of whom two-third are women. The demand for skilled garment workers is increasing

day by day. If the project activities are continued it is predicted that the unskilled, underemployed, socially, economically and

physically handicapped adolescent and youths would be able to develop their living and social status. As a result the garment

industries can also increase productivity with quality products. Goal and Objective: Project: Skills Development training for Garment

Workers Project Goal: To empower especially the young and under-privileged women by providing technical and social skills, which

enabled them to improve their employment opportunity, income level and social standing. And to benefit employers through

improved work performance by creating 630 skilled operators for RMG sectors during the project period. Objectives: (a) To empower

630 young, underprivileged men and women to operate and maintain sewing and knitting machines by providing technical and social

skills, which enable them to find employment and income to deal better with general, social and livelihood issues. (b) To provide

skilled sewing and knitting machine operators in the RMG sector which will  meet the demand in industry and help improve social,

environmental and production standards. (c) To improve the institutional and organizational capacity of DAM in order to respond

more adequately to the training needs  of the RMG sector and to develop more market  oriented services. Overall Project Activities

Identification survey of the potential trainees, recruitment and finalize selection of the participants, provide skills training to the

selected participants for garment operators, ensure supply of required materials and logistics, appraisal of the trainees progress,

provide technical services and ensure quality of training, provide job placement support, motivate and mobilize employers to

contribute in training of operators, distribution of certificates to the graduated trainees. Outputsà Resultsà Outcome: Identification

of the potential trainees : The project will conduct identification survey at Dhaka and Gazipur sites to identify 630 potential trainees

and operators for recruitment and to provide skills development training according to the need and aspirations. Selection and

finalization of the trainees : Admission tests are conducting both in written and oral form for enrollment in the particular trade to
test their eligibility, vulnerability and aspiration. Moreover, the selection procedure is finalized through consultation with their parents

and guardians. About 1000-1200 people will be identified for attend in the selection board of skilled operators training courses where

about two third will be female candidates,  a total of  630 people of age group range  18 - 25 will finally be  selected. Prioritization:

Vulnerability (social & economic), Age between 18 to 25 years, Choice & aspiration on training and employment, People with

disability, Divorced or separated, Women headed family members, Under employed & retrenched garment workers are getting priority.

Name  and quantity of the Machines used in the RMG skills development training (108): Sweater Knitting Machine- 32, Sweater

Knitting Machine- 32,  Wool Winding Machine- 02, Garment  Sewing Machine (Single Needle)-24, Garments Single needle lock stitch

Computerized auto thread cutting machine-4, Garment  Sewing Machine (Double Needle)-04, Over lock Machine- 06, Button Hole

Machine- 02, Button stitch-02.   Profile of the selected participants : The project prepared profile of the selected trainees to know the

demographic, financial and vulnerability status like - no earning source  divorced, Garments helper, disabled, separated, Widow ,

women headed or single earner family member, Natural disaster effected (SIDR/AILA), Trafficking  Victim  etc. Training provision &

scope of training: The project developed basic skills of the trainees to build them as skilled operator for sweater knitting, sweater

linking and woven and knit garments. Skills development training helps the participants to enhance self confidence and

empowerment both socially and economically. Practical training always given emphasis more than 80% time is allocated for

practical training. Course duration is 48 days day long training spread over two months, Total training time-384 Hrs, 336 hours

allocated for training purpose and 48 hours ie one hour daily for lunch and prayer time. Graduation & job placement : During the

project period total 630 trainees will be graduated from the 3 said courses- sweater knitting (180), Sweater linking (180) and woven

garment (270). All 630 graduates trainees will be placed in job in the garment and sweater and garments factories in Dhaka Gazipur

after completion of the training. 630 under privileged young unemployed unskilled men and women 300 – 350 family can be

established through receiving training for creating skilled hand to operate and maintain garment machines as perfect skilled garment

operators. 630 unemployed and under employed poor youths and workers will enter in the world of work and involved in economic

activities. They are directly contributing in their families for increasing family income. Living standards of the under privileged and

poor families can be developed. Many of them will be being changing their residence to better places and houses rather than living in

the slums. At least 65% trained female participants will become empower socially and economically. Who the project will serve/is

serving (gender disaggregated data if possible by category of recipients): The project will serve for 630 people Age between 18 to

25 years, Vulnerable (social & economic), People with disability, divorced or separated, Women headed family members, Under

employed & retrenched garment workers where 70% would be female are the recipients.                                        Project Duration: One

Year Start date: February 01, 2013 Financial partner (Donor): Gueldenpfennig GmbH Project Location/s and number of Field offices:

Dhaka City and Gazipur District Budget with annual breakup: BDT 4,545,600 (USD 55,434) Number of project staffs and volunteers:

15 Contact Person    : Mr. Md. Shahjahan Mian, Director, TVET Email                      :


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