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House of Lavation - Bungdons

Candlemaker - Hadleys

Leech Master - Lodeman

Emporium of Miracles - Beethons

Taxidermy & Museum - Kyberstones

Hall of the Scryers - kettlefish

Mudarse Tattoo Parlor

Clayfoots - Pottery

Sage works & Rumors

Deepwell Court & Justice

The Well of Justice

Bron Arvo’s Armory

Torr Akelberries Blades

Bowery - Longshaft

Leatherworks - Wissman

Fashion’s Pets

Findar’s Stable & Smithy

The Undercity
The Sewers

Big Fish Gang

Hogarfolk - Magic potions & Odd Jobs

Butcher - Rumsteak

Clocktower - The Crunge

Bellmans Guild - Dinglehoo

The Temple of Putexia

The Cock & Bull Gabling House

Bachelors Tower

Barracks - Skinflint

Jail - Bummington

Jimminies Gambling House

The Gateway Maps & Charts

Warehouse - Sardinio

Sailmakers - Windfoot

Wood & Bone workers - Old Foot

The Customs House

Bogs Bait shop

Jensens Exchange & Sporting house

Robbars Fish Market

Woodcock Fishery

The Temple of Fishrampartha

Clathcombs Lite

The Fellowship House

The Winterhill Gang

The Muckfoot Gang

Garsons Tower

The Mansion of Endless Dreaming

Domdaniel’s Gate - Bar & Poisoners shop

The Broken Poppy

Gratan’s Beasts & Beauties

The Halfling house

Dimensions Unlimited - Travel services

CSI - Murkwell

The Oldman - tower

Burrock People - People of the standing stone

The Gaggle - Ostrum - Owl folk who watch from the roof

Wilkins Specialties & Esoterica

Fennel stock _ General Goods

Brumar’s Workshop

The Fixer - Fixers things

Kraners Hospitaler

Claksum Necropolis

The Panther Club

The Bottomless Bung

The Silver Pelt

Mailed Rose Conservatorium

Old Tooth Financial Services

The Pillow Theatre

Harrowing Downs

The Aerial Palladium

Ingram Antiques Emporium

The Golden Scissors

Bungohole Liqueurs
Gang's Fine Jewelry & Explosives

Tax collector
Rat Catching Guild

Messangers Guild

Street Cleaners

Poets & Bard Guild

Sweeties Meat & Pie Shop

The Fellowship of the Mud

Rat on a stick

The Chat & Chew

The Gargoyle Brewery

Haggles Fine Time pieces

Tunni’s Disguises

Blind Rotman’s Dentistry and Barber

Feeble’s Found Goods

Silkies Fine Clothes

Neela’s Flower shop