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It pays to be in control.

A higher level of XtendFRESH can benefit most respiring cargoes*, such as:

atmosphere control.
Apple Broccoli Lemon Pear
Apricot Cantaloupe Lime Pineapple
Artichoke Cherry Lychee Plum
Asparagus Durian Mango Pomegranate
The XtendFRESH™ atmosphere control Avocado Fig Nectarine Rambutan
Banana Grape Olive Raspberry
system offers enhanced functionality Bean Snap Grapefruit Papaya Strawberry
Blackberry Kiwifruit Peach Tomato
to help slow the ripening process by Blueberry
removing ethylene and simultaneously * Some cargoes may require
additional CO2 beyond respiration

controlling CO2 and O2 levels in multiple

combinations, enabling the fresh transport
of perishables on longer voyages.

Controlled Atmosphere Optimum Transport Conditions

Avocado XtendFRESH Benefits

• Longer transit life
Banana • Slower ripening
• Reach new destinations
Mango • Maintain optimum quality
• Higher premiums per
Asparagus shipment
0 2 4 6 8 10

Est. weeks in non-controlled atmosphere Est. weeks in controlled atmosphere

Transit life potentials shown above can vary based on postharvest handling practices being followed for various types of cargo.
Source: USDA Agriculture Handbook, University of California, Davis. Postharvest Center.
Transit life potentials shown above can vary based on postharvest handling practices being followed.

With the ability to freshly andSource:

safelyUSDA Agriculture Handbook, University of California, Davis. Postharvest Center.
transport goods on voyages spanning thousands of miles
and more than 40 days, XtendFRESH can expand your business opportunities by allowing you to
move a broader range of perishables to new destinations in all corners of the globe.
A Constant Balance
1. Cargo respiration will 2. When CO2 levels reach the
cause the CO2 levels inside setpoint, XtendFRESH will
the container to increase activate and capture both
and O2 to decrease. CO2 and ethylene in the
carbon scrubber.
4. Carbon is continuously 3. The appropriate levels of
regenerated to actively CO2 and O2 are managed
scrub the CO2 when inside the container.

CO2 Scrubber CO2 Scrubber Blower

Fresh Air

• Contains activated
• Draws air into
carbon that manages
the scrubber to
CO2 and ethylene at
regenerate the
optimal levels
activated carbon
• Exclusive design
• Allows for automated
fresh air ventilation
upon demand

System Cargo Temperatures -2 to 16º C

Specifications* Ambient Operational Temperatures -30 to 50º C
Ambient Storage Temperatures -40 to 70º C
CO2 Settings 1 to 19%
O2 Settings 3 to 21%

*Dependent upon cargo respiration and container leak rate.

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