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Non Neurogenic CUR Treatment Algorithm

History, physical exam, urine analysis/culture, GFR, renal ultrasound

High-risk variable Treatment of Risk

High-risk chronic urinary 1. Initiate bladder drainage with
retention? catheterization
Yes NO YES 2. Start medications targeted reducing risk
No (e.g. antibiotics for UTI), consider surgical
3. Consider UDS if identifying BOO, low
bladder compliance, VUR would impact
Symptomatic? management
Surveillance (Mod/severe on questionnaire)
 Periodic NO YES
assessment with
H/P, QOL Repeat Risk Assessment
questionnaire 1. Repeat physical exam, renal
 Repeat renal ultrasound, urine culture and/or eGFR
ultrasound/eGFR to determine effectiveness of chosen
if history of high- Treatment of Symptoms treatment
risk 1. Initiate treatment with 2. Consider UDS to assess effectiveness of
medication or catheterization intervention on BOO, bladder
2. Behavioural management compliance, vesicoureteral reflux
3. Consider UDS if differential
includes bladder outlet
obstruction vs low detrusor
4. Consider Surgical Intervention