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Mi Familia y Yo!

Introduccion al Clase de Espanol Unit Plan

Senora Shealeigh Brandford

Oilfields High School - Black Diamond Alberta
Junior Spanish Culture and Language
Semester 1 - 2017/2018

Unit Summary and Purpose

Mi Familia y Yo is Junior Spanish student’s first introduction to Spanish Language and

Culture. Introducing students to a new language can be difficult, so while introducing new
concepts and semantics, it is important to have a concept that is familiar to them. Students will
explore different words, phrases, and vocabulary associated with family in the Spanish
language. Students will also learn adjectives and verbs that will help them to construct basic
introductory sentences in the Spanish language.
Students will be exposed to a variety of different learning opportunities in this unit.
Students will be reading, writing, speaking, viewing, and representing a number of different texts
during this beginning unit. Students are encouraged to be open minded during this first unit of
study. The ultimate purpose of this first unit is to allow students to become comfortable in the
Spanish classroom; creating relationships and learning about their families!

Curricular Outcomes Spanish Language and Culture 7-8-9:

The following curricular outcomes from Spanish Language and Culture (Alberta
Education) will be assessed during this unit of study:

Applications Students will use Spanish in a variety of situations and for a variety of
A–1 to receive and impart information
A–2 to express emotions and personal perspectives
A–6 for imaginative purposes and personal enjoyment

Language Students will use Spanish effectively and competently.

Competence LC–2 interpret and produce texts
LC–4 apply knowledge of how text is organized, structured and
sequenced in Spanish

Global Citizenship Students will acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be effective
global citizens, through the exploration of the cultures of the Spanish
speaking world.
GC–1 historical and contemporary elements of Spanish-speaking

Strategies Students will know and use various strategies to maximize the
effectiveness of learning and communication.
S–1 language learning
S–2 language use
S–3 general learning

Unit Assessments
- Daily word work - formative practice and exercises.
- Que Dia es Hoy y Como Estas - daily speaking practice.
- Los adjectivos de Ser y Estar posters - formative poster project.
- Mi Familia group skit - formative group skit exercise.
- Visible Thinking Routines
- El Arbol de Geneologica - Family Tree Project
- Examen de Unidad Uno - Family unit quiz
Self and Peer Assessments:
- Self assessments - mid semester self assessment and Spanish language goals.
- CORL self-assessments for Spanish
- Group assessment of skits and projects

Unit Calendar
Lunes Martes Miercoles Jueves Viernes
6 7 8
Introduction to Introduction to Gracias a Dios
Spanish Spanish que Viernes!
- Introducing - Introducing - Spanish games
yourself yourself - Bingo practice
- Spanish - Spanish - Perform Nos
speaking introduction skit - Vemos! Spanish
practice Nos Vemos! skits.
- Meeting - Formative
classmates Spanish
Inventory DUE

11 12 13 14 15
El Alphabeto Los Numeros Saludos Los Colores Gracias a Dios
- Introduction to - Spanish - Introductory - Introduction to que Viernes!
Spanish numbers spanish phrases Spanish colours - Veo al
alphabet - Number games - Practice work - Color game - Madagascar
- Spanish - Spanish and group work SMARTIES - Practicamos
alphabet daily BINGO to candy game to
practice practice practice

18 19 20 21 22
El Verbo de Ser El Verbo de Ser El Verbo de El Verbo de EL DIA de PD
- Learning the - Learning the Estar Estar
verb SER verb SER - Learning the - Learning the
- Speaking and - Listening and verb ESTAR very ESTAR
writing practice reading practice - Speaking and - Listening and
writing practice reading practice
- Introduce SER
adjective project

25 26 27 28 29
Los Adjectivos Los Adjectivos El Arbol El Arbol Gracias a Dios
de SER de ESTAR Genologica Genologica a Viernes!
- Adjectives of - Adjectives of - Adjective - Self - Bingo practice
SER vocab ESTAR vocab Posters DUE assessment on - Veo al
- SER adjective - ESTAR - SER and goals in Spanish Madagascar
practice adjective pract. ESTAR practice - Introduce
- SER adjective - ESTAR adject - Introduce El Family Tree
poster project poster project Arbol Project

2 3 4 5 6
El Arbol Practicamos! Practicamos! Practicamos! NO ESCUELA
Geneologica - Spanish - Spanish - Practice
- Spanish family speaking literacy speaking games centres
tree DUE game - KAHOOT! - Visible
- Word Work and - Overview of the - Cue Card Thinking
practice study guide Games Routines
- Studying

9 10 New Unit - La
Examen de la Comida!
NO ESCUELA Unidad - Unit