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This FUEL SUPPLY AGREEMENT is entered into this

_____________ (date) by and between
____________________ (company name) with office address at
___________ represented by its ___________ (position), ____________
(name of officer), hereinafter referred to as _____________ (company
____________________ (purchaser), __________________ (nature of
business), with office address at ______________ represented by its
______________ (position), ___________ (name of officer), hereinafter
referred to as _______________ (company acronym).
Whereas, the supplier is a competent supplier of _______________,
owning, controlling, registered or having the right to offer a fuel
Whereas, the purchaser is an end user of the fuel and has a larger than
usual demand for individual fuel consumption;
Whereas, in its operation, the purchaser requires a dependable and
high quality Fuel source with the experience and capability which is
necessary to supply purchaser’s fuel requirements;
Whereas, supplier is competent to sell fuel which is sufficient to meet
the requirements of the purchaser, and desires to supply fuel to the
Whereas, purchaser wishes to purchase fuel from the supplier and
supplier wishes to cater to the wish of the purchaser;
Whereas, the purchaser and the supplier shall be referred hereto as
Therefore, in consideration of the mutual agreement contained herein,
and such other good and valuable consideration the receipt thereof
being hereby acknowledged, the Supplier agrees to supply fuel to the
purchaser which in return will pay the agreed consideration and
within the terms and conditions set forth herein.
By signing this Agreement, the Purchaser is placing reliance upon the
Supplier to furnish the needed quantity of its fuel supply at a
competitive price to meet its fuel supply needs.
1. That the Agreement shall come into force immediately and shall
remain valid for the _______ (year/month)
2. That the needed supplies shall be supplied by THE SUPPLIER
3. That the quality and quantity of the materials shall be as per
specification given by THE PURCHASER as well as samples
submitted by THE SUPPLIER and approved by THE PURCHASER.
4. That THE SUPPLIER shall be fully responsible for delivery of
the product in good condition to THE PURCHASER through delivery
dockets in triplicate.
5. That THE PURCHASER's representative(s) shall inspect the
products at __________________ and reserves the right to reject any
products if the representative(s) considers those to be inferior quality
to the approved samples.
6. That the goods rejected by the representative(s) of THE
PURCHASER shall be replaced by THE SUPPLIER and THE
SUPPLIER shall bear all risks/costs of the materials rejected by THE
7. That the supply of fuel shall be made by THE SUPPLIER on the
same day as the quality control check by the representative(s) of THE
8. That the cost of supply of fuel will be _________(enter amount
and currency) until and unless both parties will come into agreement
of a new purchase price and payable by THE PURCHASER.
9. That THE PURCHASER reserves the right to change the quantity
of items if they feel necessary during the validity of this Agreement.
10. That THE SUPPLIER shall not without the consent in writing of
THE PURCHASER assign or sub-let the contract or any part thereof,
or make any agreement with any person/company for the execution
of any portion of the supply. In this regard consent by THE
PURCHASER will not relieve THE SUPPLIER from full and entire
responsibility for this Agreement.
11.That THE SUPPLIER shall indemnify THE PURCHASER in respect
of all claims, damages, compensation or expenses payable in
consequence of any injury or accident caused by them ie. THE
12. That the custom duty, VAT or other Taxes and cost of
transportation, or any other incidental charges, if required in
connection of the delivery of products shall be borne by THE
13. That the Payment shall be made by THE PURCHASER from
_______________ office in Currency (______) through ____________
with confirming receipt of products by THE PURCHASER's
14. That THE PURCHASER may allow Part Payment for running
bill on the request in writing of THE SUPPLIER.
15. That if THE SUPPLIER shall in any manner neglect or fail to
carry on the work or performance of the terms of the Agreement with
due diligence or violates any of the terms of this Agreement THE
PURCHASER shall be entitled to cancel The Agreement and demand
16. That the terms of this Agreement shall be GOVERNED by the
Laws of ________________________.
17. That if any dispute arises in connection with or under this
Agreement between the Parties hereto, the matter shall be referred to
the _______________________________.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto sign this _____ of
________ in _________________.
Company Name

Signatory Signatory

Signed in the presence of:

Witness Witness
Republic of the Philippines |S.S.
City of ______________ |

On this _____ day of ____ , 20__ personally appeared before me,

a Notary Public in and for the ____________, the following persons:
Name ID Number Date Issued Place Issued

all known to me to be the same persons who executed the foregoing

document and acknowledgement that the same is an act of their free
and voluntary will and deed.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto sign this document and
affix my seal of office on this date and place aforementioned.

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