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Task 2


Every year several languages die out. Some people think that this is not important
because life will be easier if there are fewer languages in the world.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Some people argue that the growth number of languages, which die every year, is Commented [SP1]: Thath the growth in the number of
not important, in other words they believe that life could be much easier if there languages disappearing each year is….
are leastless number of languages in the planet. I agree with this point to some Commented [SP2]: Less lo usas comparativamente.
extent and in this essay I will give my opinion and support it with examples. Least lo usas como determinante y acá estas comparando
con los lenguajes actuales, entonces usas less.

As we can appreciate globalization has produced a massive amount of changes in Commented [SP3]: Vas mejorando, recuerda tratar de
pensar en inglés.
our way of living it includes communications changes, for example we are now
allowed to work with people from 3 different countries at the same time, that is Commented [SP4]: Si dices qque cambios masivos en
nuestra forma d vida, no menciones sólo un tipo de
also due to technology. As a consequence it is possible to think about having a cambio. O si vas a mencionar un solo tipo de cambio,
unique language, so everyone will have the right to understand and be understood. acláralo, por ejemploe “One of these changes is regarded
Certainly it is the English language the one that is more popular all around the to the way we communicate..”
globe. It has been becoming very popular, is the second languages in almost every
western country, that is to say, in the near future almost everyone will speak
English that means other languages will die because none will be interested in
knowing it, as an illustration here is this case: A lot of people whose parents came
to London from different places in the other, where they speak other languages Commented [SP5]: In the other what?
such as Nigerian, Russian, Greek, Norman and so many others, were born here and
these new Londoners don’t want to speak their parents languages, because is not
useful anymore, which allows English to become their first language and the same
thing happens within the USA, those two nations are the most powerful in the
world. As a result the world will become an English speaker. Commented [SP6]: UK is not among the two more
powerful nations in the world. It is China and USA.
Nevertheless the language is the highest manifestation of a culture, that is to say, if
the language dies, so the culture will. For example in Africa lots of languages will
be unspoken soon, because the are only 2 person who know it, so if one of them Commented [SP7]: There are
dies none will be available to speak the language anymore, and it happens
frequently in many places. The dialects from tribes and indigenous people are tend
to die relatively soon. For an instance, many of them are located in Asia and South
America and are also expectedin the line to die because they can not be spread Commented [SP8]: Cannot
easily. In consequence a lot of cultures have to mix with the new trends and their
traditions and values are propense to be alternated or disappear complety, Commented [SP9]: Prone
including their languages. Commented [SP10]: Completely

In conclusion, although life can become easier if everyone speaks the same
language I believe that the language is an essential tool to keep a culture alive, so
the modern society shall prevent the disaparience of old languages, preserving Commented [SP11]: Disappearance
them such as a work of art is within a museum. Language is heritage so we cannot
let them die.
(The image is attached)

The graph below gives information from a 2008 report about consumption of energy
in the USA since 1980 with projections until 2030.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make
comparisons where relevant.

The graph presents data about the energy consumption within the USA since 1980
with a diagnostic until 2030. The information is taken from a report made in 2008.

Overall, what stands out from the graph is that the most popular source since 1980
is petrol and oil and it will be increasing its popularity until 2030, whereas the
least popular is the Hydropower.

Looking closely at details there is an upward trend on the consumption of petrol

and oil from 1985 in projection until 2030, it will rise to almost 50 quadrillions of
the USA energy expenditure. Equally important is the use of coal, there will be a
significantly rise from 15 qd in 1980 up to almot 30 qd in 2030. As a matter of fact Commented [SP12]: Normalmente solo se usa para
the natural gas has been changing from 1980 until 2015 and will remain steady enfatizar o ejemplificar un argumento.
from the next 15 years.

Comparatively, resources such as nuclear, solar/wind and Hydropower are not

very popular and will remain almost the same until 2030.While nuclear energy has
been increasing for 5qd to almost 10 qd, the Hydropower is been decreasing from Commented [SP13]: Cuando uses “Has been” trata
almost 5 qd to about 2 qd and last but not least solar/wind will have a slightly siempre de cerrar el periodo de tiempo. “has been
increasing from 5qd to almosst 10qd in the last X
growthn by 2013 it will be around 3 qd. years”
Commented [SP14]: All in all! Very good work! Gratz!